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hello gorgeous peeps i’m chris from texpert and finally after what feels like ready months since the official galaxy unpacked launch i’ve actually got my mitts on the regular sized samsung galaxy s22 now the galaxy s22 is a might smaller than its predecessor last year’s s21 at just 6.1 inches making it one of the most compact phones of 2022. one disadvantage of this is the smaller battery that’s stuffed inside but on the flip side of this you’ve also got hopefully stronger performance as well as fresh camera hardware sexier display tech and some other upgrades and it should be a hell of a lot easier to stash in your shorts compared with the plus and ultra sized models so let’s whip the galaxy s22 and out of the box take you on a full on tour of the hardware and the software ahead of my in-depth review and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do pog subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so as usual it’s a pretty skinny box from samsung what do you actually get in there besides the galaxy s22 well inside of this td box you get an even tinier box and this has stashed inside of it a porky pin device usual quick start guide shenanigans and a type c to type c usb cable and that is your whack as usual no adapter no protective cover none of that so that’s the box done in record time should have talked a bit slower maybe but now let’s move on to the actual galaxy s22 okay so the samsung galaxy s22 regular edition all set up and ready for action and i’ve got to say it’s been that long since my hands-on review of this bad boy i forgot just how hand friendly it really is samsung has gone for flatter edges for this year’s s22 series versus last year’s s21 which seems to be on trend for 2022.

A lot of other manufacturers like xiaomi for instance have copied this formula i’m hoping it’s not an iphone thing otherwise we’re going to see big fat mustache notches on all of our phones soon but despite those flat edges still very comfortable to clutch and one-handed use nice and simple of course it’s still not super easy to reach up to the very top end of that 6.1 inch display at least not if you’ve got stubby fingers and thumbs like myself but thankfully samsung’s usual one-handed mode is in effect helping out wherever needed pretty skinny bezels there surrounding the display which is always good to see it is a completely flat display as well no curvature around the edges to speak of and you’ve actually got the latest gorilla glass victus plating at the front end of the galaxy s22 and that’s also what the ascend is constructed of so gone is that glastic finish of yesteryear feels a lot more premium as a result and hopefully means the galaxy s22 will survive and incongruous tumble onto a hard floor as well because gorilla glass victor’s tends to be more shatter resistant compared with earlier versions that said it does also scratch up more easily than the likes of gorilla glass 6 however so you might want to slap a case on it and a screen protector as well if you want to keep it in good nick and then sandwiched between those two plates of gorilla glass here in the middle you’ve got samsung’s fresh new armor aluminium engine supposed to be tougher than ever though i’ve got to admit i did accidentally drop one of the galaxy s22

samples in my hands-on session back in the day and i did leave a bit of a chip in one of the corners just don’t tell samsung that was me now you’ve got a small selection of colors to choose from as well including your standard phantom white and phantom black this here is the moody green model which i actually really like that’s probably my favorite of the bunch you can also grab the samsung s22 with a bright pink gold finish if you want something with a bit more flair and yes the phone is ip68 water and dust resistant so no worries if you want to take it into a bubbly bath into the shower rocket in the swim pool the jacuzzi whatever you fancy got that added bit of peace of mind which is typical for a premium flagship around this price point so let’s have a gander at the software and it’s pretty much exactly what you’d predict here on the galaxy s22 you’ve got the latest freshest android 12 with samsung’s one ui version 4.

1 slapped on top so all those fantastic standard android 12 features are present and correct including the great privacy features which alert you whenever your smartphone’s camera or mics or being used by any apps and if you are feeling particularly paranoid you can just flip the switch and completely kill all access to the camera and the mic for all apps plenty of ways to customize your galaxy s22 as well including changing up the color palette of the ui based on the wallpaper you’ve got installed and then as usual you’ve got all those one ui bonus bits so for instance the first you device care feature which shows you exactly how your smartphone is toddling along just helps you to optimize the performance as well clearing

up the clutter working out if there’s any issues lurking in the background all of that and a cheery smiley face to brighten up your day there is also an always on display feature though this is tap to show by default which isn’t always on obviously so uh let’s just schedule that instead you can also create your own ar emoji thing to appear on you’re always on display although for me this makes me look like some sort of project you tree special and there we have the final result but anyhow if you would like to know more about one ui for all the fresh new features that samsung has chucked in there etc we’ll definitely go check out my dedicated video and all of that stuff as usual with samsung blows the galaxy s22 comes stuffed with a bunch of samsung extra bonus bits most of which are simple duplicates of google’s own services so you’ve got bixby yet another assistance stuffed on there you’ve got likes of samsung health you’ve got smart things which is like google home and a few other cheeky bits chucked on here as well from the likes of tick tock and spotify but thankfully any that you don’t want can be quickly and easily uninstalled hippie pizza and of course sami always takes security very seriously indeed the galaxy s22 once again comes packed with great security features from likes the knox security suite you’ve got that ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor as well so far touchwood seems responsive and highly dependable i’m going to double tap my digit once since i set up this smartphone boom you’ve also got face unlock on here if you want it and samsung has promised years of os and security updates as well so you’re good for the foreseeable as for the storage when it’s a choice of 128 gigs or 256 if you want to double that up by throwing a bit more cash samsung’s way and there’s no micro sd memory card support here so if you do take a lot of

photos and shoot a lot of video in particular i would recommend getting a higher storage model if possible now with samsung you can always count on that display tech being on point and even though this 6.1 inch dynamic amoled display is a lot smaller than a lot of the competition i still find it absolutely brilliant for just kicking back with some disney plus netflix youtube whatever kind of entertainment you fancy the reasonably compact design of this smartphone combined with a full hd plus resolution of that panel means lots of fine detail packed into your photos and every frame when you’re watching a movie or a tv show you’ve got sharp contrast you’ve got wide viewing angles you’ve got nice poppy colors as well and you can fully play around with the color output reduce the vibrancy a bit if you fancy just to make a more natural realistic looking output and the s22 screen can reach a i sear in maximum brightness as well you just have to remember to toggle the extra brightness option in the settings though if you want to make full use of that gotta say though it’s been sunny here in blighty uh these past couple of days and i haven’t had any issues seeing the s22s display so that’s not strictly necessary as for the motion smoothness while the refresh rate here on the s22 dips as low as one hertz when you want to save on power and can scale up to 120 hertz with supported content and that’s all actually controlled by the galaxy s22 so you don’t even need to worry your pretty little head about it and like most flagship android smartphones out there you do get a full stereo speaker set up here on the galaxy s22 so let’s check it out in action personally gotta say it

couldn’t really give any proper ships until they finally figure out a way for me to endlessly slap mark zuckerberg’s eminently smackable face and i even though it is rather dinky certainly do not judge the s22 on its size because that audio output pretty strong on the top volume decent quality too certainly doesn’t suffer i obviously wouldn’t recommend listening to music via the smartphone speakers but you do have full bluetooth 5.2 output if you want to get connected to a wireless pair of headphones unfortunately bugger all headphone jack like most premium smartphones out there if you happen to live here and blighty with my good self well that means that your galaxy s22 will come packing the four nanometer samsung exynos 2200 chipset rather than a qualcomm snapdragon effort that’s backed here on the galaxy s 22 by eight gigs of ram and weirdly i found that it did perform better in the benchmarking scores than its bigger brother the galaxy s22 plus despite the fact that it’s rocking the same chipset and memory because what does that actually prove other than benchmarking is at best a ropey practice well not much really but i’ve got my sim slapped in there gonna use it as my full-time smartphone for a week or so so stay tuned for my in-depth review for a full analysis on the performance and for now it’s a short term test let’s get organization on now as usual with samsung’s smartphones when you are playing a game you can drag down the notifications bar and tap here to open the game booster feature not exactly the most elegant way of getting into your gaming tools but whatever serves up some simple features such as the ability to record the action you

can monitor your memory usage the temperature of the phone get a rough indicator of how much battery life you’ve got remaining and then tap in to the priority mode as well this basically shuts down some background shades to give your game a number one priority as the name kind of suggests also blocks all notifications you’re not pestered by anyone well the good news is that even after the best part of an hour of gentian impact action the galaxy s 22 was actually holding up pretty well it wasn’t getting too toasty around back just a little bit warm is all the actual performance stayed pretty fluid i didn’t really notice any proper dips in that frame rate at all even when i boosted up the detail settings to the highest levels with 60 frames per second that flat display proved perfectly responsive to all my porks and swipes and the flat finish is well suited to gaming so even though it’s not the biggest panel around i certainly didn’t struggle at all or at least what i mean is i didn’t really struggle beyond my general usual cackhandness when it comes to gaming abilities and hopefully the gaming experience on the galaxy s22 will only get better over time thanks to the x-clips gpu which supports all kinds of clever graphical shenanigans like rear tracing and variable rage shading and hopefully there’ll be bug roll complaints when it comes to the networking side of things of course you’ve got the usual 5g and wi-fi 6 support here in the samsung galaxy s22 i’ll be fully testing that out for my in-depth review something else i’ll be fully tested out is the battery life and this is one of the areas where i’m most concerned with the samsung galaxy s 22 as it does have a very dinky 3700 milliamp cell crammed inside of that compact chassis one of the smallest batteries you’ll find on any flagship smartphone in 2022.

Of course the thing that really killed last year’s samsung galaxy s21 for me was the mediocre battery life i’m really hoping that history is not going to repeat itself here and if the battery life does prove to be warfall here on the s22 well that’s a problem that will then be further compounded by the fact that the charging support isn’t exactly super nippy wired it tops off at 25 watts which is pretty mediocre compared with even quite budget smartphones which now support you know 33 50 60 watt charging but at least you do get wireless charging support on here as well which tops off at 15 watts of course you will have to provide your own power adapter your own wireless charging pad and so on so another piece of hardware that samsung has upgraded for the galaxy s22 series is that camera tech and now you’ve got a new 50 megapixel primary sensor with built-in optical image stabilization and as ever that samsung camera app is absolutely stuffed to the gills with various modes and features to play around with all kinds of different stuff you can activate so again like the google end you’ve got bixby vision not quite as nuanced as google’s versions are they do also have the ar zone naturally so you can turn yourself into your very own bubble headed demonic creation and you’ve also got a pro mode if you want to manually mess around with all kinds of different features including the shutter speed the white balance the focus level but of course one of the reasons you grab a samsung flagship smartphone with its high price tag and all is because the autoboard is generally pretty dependable and here’s just a few quick sample shots that i snapped around the homestead in the first

24-48 hours with the samsung galaxy s22 just to give you an idea a flavor of what it is capable of ahead of my in-depth review but definitely stay tuned for that review for a full in-depth analysis and i’ll be testing out all the other various bonus mods as well including the food mods yeah get some snaps on my greg’s steak bake tomorrow before i shove it into my face if you do require an alternative viewpoint you’ve always got the 12 megapixel ultra wide angle shooter here on the samsung galaxy s22 that should be quite good for your more dramatic shots as well as trying to snap a more sizable scene and you do also now get an actual dedicated telephoto lens as well with a three times optical zoom quick and easy to swap to just like that ultra wide angle shooter and if you want to you can continue to pinch in as well well beyond that three times level all the way up to 30 times you’re gonna get really close to the action but as always of course the harder you push that digital zoom with the grainier the results so you might not want to get too carried away samsung’s flagship’s usually pretty bloody goods when it comes to the video smart as well and as you can see here once again you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage at 30 or 60 frames per second or even bumping all the way up to 8k resolution here’s some 4k footage that i shot around the home and again stay tuned for my in-depth review for more hot

video action but not that kind of hot video action you perv and i was just about to tell you about the 10 megapixel selfie camera except my neighbors decided to suddenly start chin sawing his tree apparently so uh hopefully you can still hear this over the hat and 10 megapixels may not seem like much compared with some rivals but it’s probably picking up on my distress levels quite clearly right now yep certainly seems to do the bloody job and if you’d like to shoot some video of your face doing stuff where you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage using that front facing selfie cam at either 30 or 60 frames per second so it is super flexible so there you have it my lovelies that in a brief nutshell is the fresh new samsung galaxy s22 flagship smartphone doesn’t feel so fresh anymore because it’s been what a month two months since it launched but here it is finally outlast my sims already inside so i’m hoping to spaff out a full in-depth review in about a week’s time once i’ve spent some proper time with the s22 and really got to know it in the meantime if you’ve got any burn-in questions or bits that you would like me to cover in the review definitely let me know in the comments down below please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech and have yourselves a bloody lovely rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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