Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR Camera Comparison

some of Samsung and Apple have released more affordable versions of their recent full-fat flagship phones you’ve got Samsung’s Galaxy S 10 e and you’ve got the Apple iPhone 10 ah now Cantonese phone’s affordable is probably been a mighty generous kind of like : Boris Johnson a truly handsome fellow because he happens to be stood next to a blobfish at the time I’m sure the SNA is cheaper than the fully fledged S 10 but it still costs 669 quid here in the UK while the iPhone the 10r is an even more meaty 750 pounds and unfortunately on both these smartphones you don’t get the full premium camera experience that you do on the actual flagship handsets but that said but the Galaxy S Teddy and the iPhone 10 are Durak some very respectable optics indeed I’ve taken them both out and about to do a bit of a comparison and here’s how they stack up for photo and video quality and from one there’s a great small vaulteq don’t forget a postive scribe and do that notifications Bell cheers now let’s start as always with a look at those sexy specs the iPhone 10 off sports a single lens rear camera quite a rarity in 2019 it’s a 20 megapixel shooter with a fixed F 1.8 aperture and a bit of built-in optical image stabilisation and it’s important today is Samsung’s Galaxy S 10 a which was a dual lens setup you get a 12 megapixel primary lens with dynamic aperture swapping between F 1.5 and F 2.4 to suit the environmental conditions that also comes with optical image stabilization

built-in and secondly you have a 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens with 123 degree view of the world and an F 2.2 aperture now of course means that the s ‘tony is my father was flexible of these two spot phone snappers not only can that app to switch up on its own but you can also manually swap between the two lenses for a different view of the world very handy indeed when you’re trying to capture some bloody huge building like in this example here of course for shooting everyday photos you’ll get strong results from either device as you’d kind of expect and hope for at this price point you do tend to get warmer hues in general with the Galaxy S 10 e which tweaks the camera sentence to produce those more visually striking tones meanwhile the iPhone 10 R is strictly all about a natural realistic image which is better well as definitely don’t you on personal palette and my cups are shooting unnaturally vibrant subjects but more often than not actually prefer the pictures grabs on the iPhone those vivid hues really shine through while Samsung stuff occasionally seems to get wee bit confused and actually dials down the punchy colors neither device here offers a proper telephoto zoom so it’s digital zoom all the way when you want to get closer to your subject unless of course you’re actually bothered

to move your lazy ass in this test the s10 II is clearly the winner it’s naturally up lots of finer details for sharper results and the same goes for of course macro shots as well where Samsung’s brought offers crisper cleaner photos in HDR situations again both phones performed strongly it is pretty tight said the actress to the bishop but the iPhone ten-hour clause back a victory producing more natural-looking skies while also capturing a well balanced image overall and what about those night shots well remember when something used to be the ruling champion for low-light snaps and that shows how in the case anymore the iPhone 10 or consistently produced better looking photos in our tests with less green and stronger contrast the galaxy s today’s high aperture both sucks in plenty of light sure but you will need to hold your hand very still to avoid any kind of horrid blur and those cityscapes are terribly pretty either as those light bits or definitely oversaturated that’s at least you do actually get some proper perl manual controls here on the Galaxy S tourney so you can fiddle and tweak to your heart’s content whereas here on the iPhone 10 are all you can really do is piss about with the brightness levels now only the galaxy s NT has a dual lens rear camera so you would expect portrait shots to come out better with Samsung’s phone right and sure enough that pocket effect is simply sublime as well as highly accurate you also get a wider array of portrait mode features to play with on the sna otherwise usual the blackout tool

basically just looks like a squid shot it’s Lord indiscriminately all over the photo and so onto the video and both of these smartphones could shoot up to 4k resolution footage on either 30 or 60 frames per second and with the galaxy s attorney you also have the option to shoot in Samsung with HD or 10 plus mode as well which is great if you actually have an itch your 10 plus compatible TV the results with either hands that are frankly stunning and that ultra HD level we’re talking perfectly crisp detail natural-looking scenes and strong audio pickup there isn’t too startled when it gets a bit windy the full works even at that 4k level the Galaxy S 10 II works wonders with its image stabilisation went walking in shootin it’s a clear step up from the iPhone 10 R which doesn’t exactly disappoint but it’s certainly more shaky however that’s not all mechanics yestiny also boasts some you super steady software solution which can only be employed when shooting standard video at Full HD resolution you have to bump it down from 4k and you’re definitely allowed to shooter that itch to your 10 plus level but this is definitely worth slapping on when you’re moving at speed the final footage we grabbed is absolutely bloody stunning if we whip around to the front the galaxy s Tony has a 10 megapixel F 1.9 aperture selfie snapper while the iPhone toner Roxie’s 7 megapixel F 2.2 aperture lens instead both cameras do an admirable job of snapping your mug especially in tricky lighten

conditions where a bright background is involved meanwhile the iPhone is slightly more successful I capturing natural-looking skin tones the galaxy tends to capture brighter indoor selfies not too surprising given that higher aperture and then we definitely prefer the more natural finish from Apple’s shots and while both blowers serve up a portrait mode of sorts the tables have definitely been turned and a lot of Samsung’s efforts or shonky at best here on the iPhone say no you get the option as you foolish the video using that front-facing camera whereas here on samsung’s galaxy s 10 here you can shoot up to 4k resolution video using that front-facing camera right there is how the galaxy s Tony and the iPhone 10 are stack up in terms of the camera chops which one is your personal favorite if you let us know in the comments down below if there any other comparisons you’d like me to do with the galaxy s 10 e or be gritter your thoughts on that one as well and don’t forget a poke subscribe and ding that notification spell for more on the layers to great small ball sack J’s everyone love you

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