Preview Poco F4 GT Tour Budget Gaming Phone Tested!

what’s up everyone it’s your boy back again with another phone to pull out a box sorry i’ve got no idea what happened now i think i’ve been watching too much youtube this little bleeder right here is the poco f4 gt it’s a dedicated gaming smartphone to take on the red magics and the black sharks of the world it’s essentially a rebranded redmi k50 gaming edition which in turn in too far off the likes of the black shark 4s pro it’s absolutely loaded with premium specs and features including the snapdragon 8gen1 you’ve got some very clever liquid coolant tech in there an hdr 10 plus amoled display and special gaming features like pop-up triggers extra mics all kinds of shenanigans hopefully that little teaser has got the old juices floor let’s whip the poco f4 gt on out of the box take you on a full-on tour and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so first big question what do you got in the box well there’s one poco f4 gt be a bit miffed if there wasn’t you’ve got an absolute brick of an adapter 120 watts not even kidding you could use this thing to hammer in nails you’ve got a commendably sizeable type-c usb cable and it’s got a clever side porky end bit that’s the technical term obviously so you can charge the phone and still use it to game you’ve also got a type c to 3.5 mil headphone jack adapter so no jack on the pock

wherefore sadly but in better news you do get a condom case bundled in there so you can keep your shiny new game and smartphone safe from harm and that’s it nice and simple so enough piddling about let’s get on with the actual smartphone and darshi blows the poco f4 gt and all of its glory and like a lot of gaming smartphones it does sport an aluminium frame which stretches around the edges and all the way across the back as well finishing in this lovely finish which is definitely very reminiscent of those black shark smartphones this right here is the stealth black model not sure right now at the time i shot this video if it’s going to be available in different colors as well and that frame because it’s made from metal does way over 200 grams it’s got some serious heft to it but that’s pretty standard for gaming handsets it’s a 6.67 inch device are definitely quite the handful but reasonably comfortable to clutch as well it’s a gorilla glass victus display up front so even if you drop the poko f4 gt hopefully it won’t shatter on impact and while i’ve personally found that viktor’s does tend to scratch up rather easily certainly compared with earlier versions of gorilla glass you do at least have a pre-installed screen protector on here to help keep it safe from harm quick tour of the edges of the phone you got your type-c usb port down below and also a speaker grille over on this head you’ve got your volume rocker and also a secondary mic more on that in a bit you’ve also got your sim tray then on the top edge you’ve once again got another speaker grille and what looks like an ir blaster and then on the final edge you’ve got your power button with an integrated fingerprint sensor and you’ve also got the pop-out shoulder buttons here on the aluminium arch end it’s got a matte finish so it doesn’t seem to pick up smears and grime too easily which is always good and the overall design fairly subdued for a game and smartphone certainly compared with the rogs and everything of the world thankfully the camera chassis doesn’t just too far from the surface you’ve got a nifty lightning bolt design for the camera flash there and for

some reason poco has put a couple of random words here on the camera grill freezing and speediest i’m guessing speediest refers to the 120 watt fast charge and freezing to the coolant technology not really sure why they felt the need to just chuck those two random words on there though okay so that’s enough on the design let’s move on to the actual software side of things we got here is android 12 the lit’s freshest version thankfully with a bit of miui 13 chucked on top i’ve already done a full video on miui 13 so i won’t go into full details about it but you’ve got some little additions like the control center which do actually add to the overall android experience and xiaomi also adds extra customization as well so for instance you’ve got full-on always on display here by default this is set to just turn on for 10 seconds after you tap the screen which of course isn’t and always on display but you can actually turn it on always or schedule it between certain times you’ve got lots of different designs to choose from as well including more trippy efforts your standard sort of digital and analog stuff both optimistic mantras and plenty of other helpful bonus bits as well including thank god a one-handed mod which certainly comes in handy at times and because the poco f4 gt is a gaming smartphone you do have some additional bonus special features which are dedicated gaming efforts this

includes the seemingly obligatory led lighting you can have this flash on when you’re gaming also when you’re receiving a call or when a notification pops through so you can basically use it as a glorified notifications light and as you can see there you can choose what color it flashes and you can choose which apps actually use the led as a notification light as well although you can’t specify individual colors for each app in the special features section where you’ll find the led light options you’ll also find the pop-up trigger customization as well but more on that when we actually dive into the gaming drawbacks with me ui include the fact that os and security updates aren’t always the most timely i’m not sure how many guaranteed updates the f4 gt will have as i’m shooting this ahead of the official uk launch but i’ll keep you updated on that and of course as usual we get a good bit of crap where bunned on here to begin with lots of stuff i certainly did not ask to be installed on here likes of tick tock spotify amazon shopping agoda thankfully no this time though you got that fingerprint sensor built into that edge-mounted power button as well so far touchwood seems very responsive very swift to work pretty accurate despite the fact it is super skinny and you also have a bit of fierce unlock support here on the pocket f4 gt as well and because it’s android 12 of course as you can see there you get notified whenever something actually makes use of your camera or your mic you can shut that shiz down immediately if you don’t want any of that and don’t worry if you like to install lots of massive whopping great games like gentian impact because you’ve got 256 gigs of built-in storage here on the f4 gt plenty of space

probably just as well because there is bugger or room in that sim tray for a micro sd memory cards just two sim cards now the display here on the poco f4 gt is a 6.678 inch amoled banger full hd plus resolution nice and crisp despite the fact it is a spacious display and like all amoled panels out there gorgeous poppy colors you can dial it down in the display settings if you prefer but i really like it on the default visuals you’ve got all the usual benefits for an oled panel including wide viewing angles a nice sharp contrast as well you got full hdr 10 plus stream and support here and certainly pretty bright on the max levels as well i found that i could happily do a bit of gaming outdoors if needed although it is a better experience indoors you’re not squinting quite so much however unlike a lot of other gaming smartphones the f4 gt does sport a selfie camera orifice up there towards the top end does intrude slightly on the experience when you’re a gamer or when you go on full view when streaming a bit of netflix or disney plus or whatever not to a massive degree thankfully personally i never found it cause me any issues but some people i can understand might be slightly perturbed by it and as well as playing around with the the color output and everything here in the display settings you can also change up the refresh rate as well the pocket f4 gt maxes out at 120 hertz and you can have it adjust automatically if you want otherwise you can just bump it up from 60 hertz to 120 hertz full time those are only two options though it doesn’t

drop any lower and there’s no 90 hertz option well what about the audio well there’s no headphone jack here on the poc or f4 gt but thankfully when you’re gaming you don’t even need to bother with headphones because the quad speaker output here is pretty bloody good the speaker grilles are mounted on the top and bottom edges of the smartphone and let’s just bump up the volume and see exactly how good it is so if you’ve been checking out xiaomi’s a new super value redmi note 11 smartphones you might be a wee bit confused should i get the regular model or should i upgrade to that redmi note 11 pro so on that maxed out volume the audio goes ever so slightly tinny but it’s really not bad at all for a budget friendly gaming smartphone and it’ll certainly cut through any kind of background noise uh so even if you’re playing in a rather raucous family environment shall we say you’ll have no issues hearing what’s going on reasonably directional sound as well not quite as strong as some rivals like the rogue phones which cost a considerable amount more of course and as you’d expect you’ve got full dolby atmos support of course and you can play around with the various presets depending on what you’re up to otherwise leave it on dynamic and it will adjust depending on what app you’re playing around with you’ve also got a graphic equalizer again lots of presets to choose between otherwise you can manually have a bit of a fiddle and you’ve also got full bluetooth 5.2 support on here as well tried streaming

some audio to a couple of speakers and a couple of pairs of headphones no issues whatsoever all good now of course performance pretty important when it comes to gaming smartphones and no shoes here on the poco f4 gt and that department that’s for sure you got the snapdragon 81 backed by 12 gigs of ram and as you can see they’re pretty dependable solid benchmarking scores but of course what better way to test out a gaming smartphone than by doing a bit of gaming and of course the ultimate test is always gentian impact one of the most memory guzzling fun melton android titles out there now when you’re gaming you can pull out the game turbo menu at any point simply by swiping from the left or the right edges up near that top corner and this presents the usual selection of excellent gaming features that you’ll find on other xiaomi and poco smartphones as well basically anything running me ui one of the first things i did was put it into full and performance mode which is slightly awkward just gotta tap that little bit up top and this basically maxes out all of the settings to make sure you get the best possible performance out of your phone but there is a little war in there that it could also drain the battery faster and heat the bugger up did it actually do that while running gentian impact well more on that in a bit tease tease tease you’ve got some other great tools on here including do not disturb which will just basically not disturb you while you’re gaming obviously you can take a screenshot you can quickly change up the brightness if you want to boost that all the way up and then of course there’s one of my own personal game turbo favorites the voice and make you changer and it’s from within the game turbo menu that you can set up those handy shoulder buttons as well so the shoulder buttons can be popped out of the phone’s chassis simply by pushing these two little switches towards the center of the smartphone and then instead of what

they actually do all you got to do is drag these little icons to one of the on-screen buttons so for instance here on gench and impact i’m going to have the left trigger mapped to the special attack the right trigger mapped to the standard attack and those shoulder buttons are frankly fantastic especially in fast paced games like call of duty mobile where you need to aim and shoot someone within a matter of milliseconds otherwise you will get a bullet right to the mug and these are proper full on pushable shoulder buttons as well they’re definitely a step up from the touch sensitive haptic feedback efforts you get on some other gaming smartphones i thought there was absolutely zero latency whatsoever so it did actually give me a bit of an advantage in games like cod mobile which frankly i need because i’m a bit cac at it and the poco f4 gt also sports a secondary michael down here on the edge of the smartphone right there so that’s great of course if you’re going to be chatting with teammates or screaming abuse at your enemies or whatever else because when you are clutching the phone like this of course the standard mic may get muffled so i got my gention on for a considerable amount of time and thankfully the performance stayed strong i very very rarely saw any kind of dip at all in that frame rate to be perfectly honest even on the highest detail settings with the 60 fps mode activated the

gameplay adjusted beautifully fluid and no issues with the screen responsiveness either 480 hertz touch response here on the f4 so every frantic sweaty pork and swipe instantly registered by the game and packed inside of that metal frame as well as the snapdragon 8 gen 1 and a shag load of ram you’ve also got the clever liquid cool tech 3.0 as well and this definitely does its job here on the f4 gt even after gaming on genting impact for an hour plus i found the back end to get a little bit toasty but the actual performance itself there was zero throttling whatsoever i didn’t notice any dips at all so if you are looking for a gaming smartphone to keep you entertained for a full afternoon or whatever then basically job done however if you’re going to be playing the likes of gention for a good long afternoon or whatever you’re going to want to make sure the poco f4 gt is fully charged before you get going it’s got a 4 700 milliamp capacity battery stuffed inside of there not massive as far as gaming smartphones go and of course the likes of genjen do drain it pretty quick and while you do have that nifty charger which allows you to charge up the smartphone and the game at the same time i wouldn’t recommend doing so while playing the likes of gention because that’s when the phone does get proper toasty indeed i would say maybe reserve that for like a pub g or call of duty or something like that which isn’t quite so much of a strain good news is though if you do need to top it up it charges up really ruddy quick because you’ve got 120 watt wide charging support just like the xiaomi redmi note 11 pro plus so basically plug it in go for a whiz go make yourself a sandwich or whatever and by the time you get back it’ll be ready for action again however note that there is no wireless charging support here on the poco f4 gt so if that’s a bit of a deal breaker for you then bam so let’s finish as always with the squint at that camera tech so what you have here is a 64 megapixel primary shooter with optical image stabilization built in and a nice and nippy autofocus you’ve got all the usual miui camera app features including a bit of ai modes action which i tend to leave off because it tends

to produce more vivid more natural colors it seems to think that veronica is a cat as well for some reason or maybe a dog some sort of household pet here’s a sample of some photos i took in the past 24 hours around the homestead seems like a very capable camera can capture some nice crisp detail and natural looking colors in a variety of conditions does pretty good in sort more ambient light too you also have a simple eight megapixel ultra wide angle sensor that you can swap to at any time don’t expect the same natural looking colors but it’s always handy if you want a more pulled back view of the action and of course you get the usual wide selection of bonus modes as well including a portrait mode if you hit more you can actually shoot in that full on 64 megapixel resolution you also have a dedicated pro mode where again you can shoot at 64 meg you can also shoot in raw file format and then if we swap to the video mode you can capture footage at full hd or 4k resolution at 30 or 60 frames per second and again here’s some simple sample footage that i shot around the place and again those visuals nice and crisp at 4k resolution the image stabilization is alright the audio pickup is nice and clear too can and the final lens here on the back end of the pocket f4 gt is your bog standard basic macro sensor good for your extreme close-ups and then around front we have a 20 megapixel selfie

shooter which again seems pretty good for your everyday instagramable snaps you’ve got good face tracking on there to keep you in focus who’s that handsome we figure right there hey this doesn’t seem too perturbed by strong lighting seems to work well indoors as well still picks up fine details just remember to turn off that beautify bollocks which is turned on by default and if it’s video you’d be wanting uh sorry i don’t know why i turned

into a pirate all of a sudden you can shoot up to full hd resolution video with that front facing camera either 30 or 60 frames per second again with very respectable audio pickup and there you have it my lovelies that in a nutshell is a fresh new poco f4 gt gaming smartphone a hell of a gamer on a sort of a budget you’ve got some proper solid performance packed in there helped along by the excellent coolant tech some great gaming features including the dedicated shoulder triggers and poco certainly doesn’t seem to have skimmed in the other areas either but what do you think are you tempted by the poco f4 gt and hopefully our full uk pricing and release information down in the video description because i don’t know that at the time i’m shooting this video unfortunately but uh yeah definitely be great to hear your thoughts please do poke subscribe during that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest i can have yourselves a bloody wonderful rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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