Mi Mix 3 vs PocoPhone Best Xiaomi phones compared!

hello you ravishing people this is Chris from tech spurt and I’m here with two of the very best jammy phones that you can buy here in the UK in early 2019 here on the left you’ve got the me mix three freshly launched and on the right the pakka fawn f1 which got a lot of attention last year the meme exceed cost $4.99 here in the UK if you’re gonna buy it sim free and the POC off whenever you can generally pick up for around the 350 pound price point let’s do a side-by-side on the camera tech the speed battery knife everything you need to know to see which one might be best for you and don’t forget to poke subscribe and thing that notifications bail form on the latest and greatest textures now first of all stick them side by side like so and you’ll notice that the Xiaomi me mix three is ever so slightly bigger than the pocke fawn f1 not a massive amount and it’s a six point three nine inch smartphone compared with a six point one eight inch pakka phone f1 as you can see here though the me mix three being the more premium smartphone has a more front villain displays here very skinny bezels surrounding the screen there compared with the paga for an f1 slightly chunky lip down below and of course you’ve got that big fat notch action up top as well the mimics three manages to completely eliminate that notch by actually hides in a way the camera in a slide e out panel like so the mimics three definitely has a bit more heft to it as well it’s almost 220 grams compared with the 180 gram popcorn f1 something feels like the more premium handset to the reason that extra heft is pretty obvious if you flip these phones around you see the mimics three has this nice glossy finish it’s actually a ceramic surface and and it is rugged as heck try bashing this thing around chucking about really punishing it and so far no scratches or scuffs as you can see the pocket for an f1 not quite as durable got a few scuffs here and there on that plastic surface already it definitely feels like a much more budget-friendly handset that’s said the paga for an f1 does at

least post a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack which is missing on the me mix so you’ll have to use the bundled dongle if you want to actually plug in your 3.5 mils maybe up the handsets in a couple of different hues I’m neither phone is water-resistant either so you’ll definitely wanna be careful if you are doing the dishes around them something like that both of these yummy phones also Rock a rear-mounted fingerprint sounds a bit tricky to make out there on the me mix 3 but thankfully it’s slightly indented so it is quite obvious when you pick up the phone and your finger just falls naturally on it to unlock it here on the pakka phone f1 it’s kind of built into this camera not massive funds like God may keep on accidentally finger and the camera lenses or by mistake when we go for the fingerprint sensor so we don’t preferred a bit more distance we leave the pocket for an f-1 fingerprint sensor seems to actually be nippy er than the mEEMIC see if we give them a tap at the same time you’ll see the pogo fall and beats the mimics a pretty much every time but the good news is they’re both pretty accurate so you’ll rarely get a miss Reed now onto the display technology for the mimics three sports the slightly larger display is a six point three nine inch Cod compared with the six point one eight inch pakka fawn f1 it’s different screen tech as well you get a nice AMOLED panel here on the me mix three nice punchy bright colors and strong contrast as well whereas here on the

pocket for an f1 is you can probably tell from the lack of flickering it is a bog-standard IPS panel but you thought I go on into the display section of the settings you’ll see that you basically get the same modes you get the likes of the reads and modes the ambient display modes and you can clear round with the colors and the contrast levels as well because it’s no surprise to see the more vibrant vivid hues really pop in here on the me mix three they stand out a lot more than they do here on the pocke phone that likes the oranges the Pink’s really really nice and punching in your face because if you prefer more realistic images then the pocket form will probably suit your eyes best both are powerfully brighter though as mentioned before the OLED screen does offer slightly better contrast especially of those brighter levels that’s for the actual detail levels it’s they’re both full HD panel so as you can see if you get in there nice and close you see some pretty crisp detail on both screens when it comes to the built-in speakers the me mix 3 definitely boss the more powerful audio compared with a pocke phone just play the same clip side-by-sides [Applause] nothing to see the pocket phone sounds really quite a really tinny Inc about and they both put out their audio via the bottom mounted speaker although you do get a little bit of audio out of the top speaker as well here on the pocke phone not that it seems to make much difference so what about the actual software running on these smartphones well it is of course a nice slice of Android pie in both cases but you do get a bit of me UI slapped on top as well as you can see it’s very similar version 10.2 here on the me mix 3 and 10.1 here on the pocke phone expand let’s get

updated anytime soon I’m generally user interface experience is basically the same on both these smartphones as you can see it’s your typical Android setup you swipe across you do get to the app vault as well which is a me UI special that’s busy just shortcuts to some of your favorite apps and contacts as you can see you can scribble a quick note access your calendar events things like that you actually set up your own launch on both these smartphones as well unfortunately the default launcher here on the Xiaomi mEEMIC so it doesn’t come with an apps tray which means you’re basically stuck with all of your apps slaps there on your desktops it’s a messy horrible experience thank God for folders is all I can say no other bloggers phone you do at least get the Paco launcher so they’re by default and this actually adds an apps drawer so as you can see there you can tidy all your apps away and it’s got various tabs you can fast access particular ones as well great stuff you dive on into the for the settings you’ll notice that they both have a very similar set up as well the citizens and generally the seeming at the like solve the second space diamond some additional send you’ll see they both have a 100 mode so just a quick swipe along the navigation dock and that just whoops let’s try that again just minimizes everything down so as you can see you can then use it nice and easily definitely makes a good difference now you can also set up a nice bit of fullscreen gesture and navigation as well what this just allows you to do is basically gets rid of that navigation dr.

Slider to swipe up in order to go back home and if you’re already in an app you can just swipe across to go back and square it stuff another great feature added by me UI is fierce unlock of course this is all well and done Theon the poke of one f1 whether selfie camera is just there exposed all of the times quick tap and the power button it recognizes your mogan as you can see straight into your desktops and for see there’s a bit more cumbersome here on the mean mix three as of course you have to slide out the camera first it can be a bit slippery as well as become a bit tricky at times to sort of possibly get it out and then there you go up boom into your desktops it does take a little bit longer frankly you’re best off just using that fingerprint sensor so when it comes to the performance they are basically evenly matched yet Snapdragon 805 chipset and both these smartphones backed by six gigs of RAM I believe you can pick up the Paco with eight gigs as well in some regions unsurprisingly tap an app and it basically lords straight up nor hanging around it’s not too surprising to see similar results turned out of course by both handsets in a bit Geekbench as you see the single core and the multi-core scores pretty much identical so if you want to be playing something like your pub G mobile you can play it with a nice gorgeous smooth frame it on both handsets on those top detail levels there is a bit difference when it comes to the battery life however you get a mighty four thousand milliamp cell packed here in the pocket for an f1 and frankly that will keep you going for a couple of days between charges if you

don’t absolutely hammer it and even if you do smash it with gaming Skype and all that sort of stuff you’re easily last of all they’re here on the music so it’s a 3200 mini amp cell so really skilled back in comparison who is that is most likely the slidy design thankfully with everyday use you will still make it through a full day and a half until the mimics so you do get a bit of extreme mode as well which basically really restricts the background activity and what you can actually do on the phone in order to preserve the battery life both phones charge up using a bit of type-c USB but you also do get wireless charging spot here on the mimics thing you actually get a wireless charger bundled in the box with the phone as well which is great to see very very rare indeed as for the storage space you get 128 gigs by default here on the me mix 3 you’ve actually got a choice here on the pocke phone between 64 128 or 256 gigs then you get a nice bit of micro SD memory card support as well so if you’re onner expands no worries so now it’s time to flip these over once again and check out that dual lens rear camera tech now here on the music so you get a 12 megapixel primary lens with an F 1.8 aperture it’s actually a 12 megapixel with an F 1.9 aperture here on the pocke for an f1 as for the backup secondary lens it’s another 12 megapixel here on mix three well as you get a more basic 5-megapixel

depth sensor here on the pocke for an f1 jump onto the camera apps and it’s a very similar experience on both of there are some differences in terms of some of the features and the settings so obviously you start off in full auto mode you do have Yami’s AI feature active on both smartphones you can disable that if you like it doesn’t seem to make a massive amount a difference default quality sometimes boosts the likes of a blue sky things like that but that’s pretty much it to be honest good with each your action of course as well you do of course got a full portrait mode because it is a dual lens setup so that just locks on to your subjects and blurs out the background to really help the subject to stand out then there’s low-light shots you follow the me mix who really excels compared with the POC or for an f1 just in standard auto mode it does a great job and it’s actually got built-in night mode as well with a long exposure effort so you just tap the button as you can see there it takes a fold over its there so a couple of seconds or so and it just really really brightens up the shot and adds a lot of detail apparently a night mode is coming to the pocke Ford f1 sometime in the next month or so so if that happens don’t worry we will do a full review

of that you do of course have a full video or controls as well dive on into the settings you’ll see that it maxes out at 4k at 30 frames per second over here on the pakka Ford f1 Raz here on the Xiaomi me mix through you can actually shoot at 60 frames per second either a full HD all the way up at that Ultra HD level again solid results from both smartphones to be fair nice crisp detail at a 4k level and some fairly decent image stabilisation you also get the option to shoot in slow motion a video on boss smartphones as well as all the mimics legals all the way up to 960 frames per second and a rather impressive Full HD resolution – the only problem being that unfortunately it only shoots the final quarter in that 960 FPS you have to get your time and just right because it’ll start shooting the slo-mo bit then so as you can see it’s quite a while after you hit the shutter there’s no way of changing that there I can find now someone’s the front-facing camera nice and easy here on the pock or f1 it’s a bit more cumbersome of course here on the meme extreme to actually slide that bad boy out like so but you’ll notice it is a dual lens snapper here on the me mix 3 you get a 24 megapixel primary lens and a 2 megapixel basic depths and since really help portrait shots keep them nice and accurate you know the problem for f1 is just a single 20 megapixel lens but both tick rather nice-looking selfies have to say the portrait mode is still active here on the pakka Ford f1 even though it doesn’t have dedicated depth sense and it still seems to do the job

absolutely fine in or something you do actually get a proper LED flash here on the me mix 3 as well Rose is just a bit screen flash action on the POC or phone f1 that said I have found that some of my night shots here on the moon mix II do come out rather soft with that LED flash active which is a real shim the screen flash feature seems to work a bit better but you’ve got all the usual beauty mode gump I always turn action Agins off I want to see every wrinkle and crease baby yeah and so that right there in a nutshell is the jammie and me mix 3 compared with jammies on pakka for f1 as you can see a bit of a golf in price 150 quid to be precise the me mix 3 does offer the more premium design we love that ceramic finish a nice heft to it and everything as well now you do get that gorgeous AMOLED panel as well which is really really striking that said the POC of my life wanders bossed better battery life and the same performance across the grid compared with the me mix 3 and yes you do actually get a nap straw array so which one are you more tempted by definitely let us know in the comments down below be very interested to hear your thoughts and don’t forget to poke some scrub and ding that notifications Bell to be the first to see it’s a more sexy mobile tech shenanigans love you bye

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