Oaxis Timepiece Withings Steel Rival?

hello you gorgeous beautiful people this is Chris from text birds and I’m here with the new or waxes I believe it’s a pronounces timepiece analog SmartWatch song is a SmartWatch with an emphasis on style so it’s a kind of a strong rival delights of the women’s steel H are potentially it’s gonna be available at here in the UK in March 2019 for around 125 pounds it’s available on Kickstarter right now you can do a bit of early backing and I believe you get a discounted rate with the free bonus silicon strap thrown in to boot it’s going to get it on box set up and I’ve run through all the specs the whole row the software everything else you need to know and as always don’t forget to poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest wearable tech cheers everyone so here we are here is the timepiece and all of its glory nicely presented there my simple straightforward presentation that watch yourself looks rather nifty let’s just take that out a fine timepiece is not only an accessory what else is it then a companion a friend who knows we’ll be asking or access that for sure so a pretty straightforward it’s is usually a proprietary dock for these wearables and sure enough it is here as well you’ll need to supply your on a USB power plug otherwise just plug directly into a laptop a computer whatever else has a USB port on it grand unusual design for the charger itself I guess it’s just supposed to sit there like that and then you just put that on top in order to charge it up hopefully this thing has got some charge in the tank

already yeah there we go looks like it is booting up we’ll just have a quick flick around the actual design I’ll win it for it to power up so as you can see it’s got lovely stainless steel body and I sort of Chrome a shiny chrome effect to it it’s quite a chunky monkey not denying that but then most modern smartwatches still are to be honest and there’s probably helped know the fact that it’s got this domed glass on the face as well so it adds a little bit of extra bulk to it just a single dial over here on the right edge so pretty simple as far as the controls are concerned the tile itself looks like it should twist but it doesn’t it’s basically just a single button by the looks of it unless I have incredibly weak fingers of course you can pick it up with either a black or a white face and it’s available in two sizes as well in the 38 mils or 41 Mills the forty one millimeter version I have quite spindly wrists and this forty one Milverton just about fits it does feel a little bit loose so I probably got for the 38 Miller feels actually gonna buy it myself nice bit of access Brandon right there on the buckle as well as you can see they’re sort of reasonably chunky but not excessively so on it’s got a decent weight to it as well certainly a bit heavier than usual fitness bands and trackers and things like that feels more like a sort of a proper watch Super cotton straps to of course feel quite basic in comparison to the the love least in the steel finish of the watch piece itself but you can snap them off nice and easily if you want to stick on a more fashionable like leather band or something like that instead unfortunate there’s no quick release catch or anything that you see on a lot of small watches is just kind of a case of kind of yanking it up until it’s it comes loose from the hold in there we got like so and then you

can stick another one in so a little bit awkward but nothing too unmanageable and now the fun begins of trying to get it back in its little hole said the actress to the bishop come on yellow bugger this is really not easy if you don’t have fingernails as I don’t hey there we go expert I said the course job will be good at least if you are doing a bit of fitness monitoring with the or waxes timepiece just allow your wrist to sort of breathe if I get too sweaty or damp or moist move that bobber onto the back you will see that there is a heart rate monitor built into the base as well and it’s also water-resistant as you can see they’re up to three atmospheres of 30 meters basically so pretty good if you’re going to be doing a bit of the old snorkeling scuba diving droppings like that and to actually get the timepiece all set up you will need the axis a timepiece app I downloaded this earlier from Apple’s App Store and my iPhone is available there right now so on startup as you can see just sort of explain some of the main features sleep monitor and you got usual sports track and sort and surprisingly steps calories burned and of course your heart rate as well your foot a lot of kitchens bought direct from your smartphone so the two are paired via bluetooth or the time you’ll get all the notifications on your wrist you’re not don’t have to constantly pull your phone out of your pocket and as you can see there it gives you that look dates on how your heart rates do and your body temperature by the looks bit interesting so there’s either do a guest login or you can actually get those set up login in so I’ve logged in with my new timepiece account now I just need to actually pair the device let’s go to setup okay so press and hold the watch grunt looks like it’s detected it already anyway that’s all go write it were pressed and held in

the side button to get a cord up on the screen and hopefully uh what’s going on now okay we’ve got a tap it again bluetooth pairing request yet pair not the most intuitive of setup things but hopefully it’s worked yeah there we go it seems to be registered the watch they’re both success excellent as you can see it’s just updating at the time now that’s a nice smooth motion on the the watch face itself so of course you’ve got the usual set up shenanigans you can set which units it uses date display you can have it through four different options let’s have it with the battery enabled as well always good to see how much juice we’ve got left in the tank you can actually set the strength of the vibrations as well so it’s one week to start with us boost that up a bit that’s pretty good strong oh yeah a big strong vibration yeah that’s pretty good that’ll do the job you can also boost the brightness of the screen as well if you’re gonna be using it outdoors a lot certainly seems bright enough on that maximum setting even on the minimum setting seems to seems to be fine I think only on a very sunny day would you be struggling to see that as you can see there through the app you’ll actually see exactly how much battery life you have remaining the last time it was updated all that kind of shenanigans that’s all nice and straightforward then the rest of the app is of course dedicated to tracking your steps your calorie burn heart rate and of course it can do the old sleep monitoring as well if that’s your bag barely sort of straight forwards on the whole tracking side of things not quite as in-depth as the likes and the women’s or the Fitbit but you know often lots of little tips and tricks and

things like that but you never know the more you use it the more stuff it might pop up with diving into the settings you’ve got a quick overview there of how you’re doing so far you can set your goals it says boost it up to eight thousand steps not too bad notifications alert will have it updating us every time there’s an incoming call every time we get a text message let’s do emails as well social media a bit vague I’m not sure if that includes all of your oh here we go there we go so you can actually set exactly which apps can be your buzz let’s stick it on for whatsapp and Skype those tend to be the two that I use for staying in touch with peeps heart-rates alert setting so this will actually give you a bit of a buzz if your heart is going absolutely nuts basically just 35 BPM chances are you either Devon brown or you’re dead so yeah I’m not sure how much good an alarm would do 150 bpm as well Christ I’m not exactly particularly fit but if I ever hit on 150 bpm I’m pretty sure my heart would explode in my chest but of course you can change the limits I would imagine yep there you go once you enable it so so I’ll give you as I say a little buzz if you’re if you’re not exactly in great shape a skin at first I thought was like gonna tell you the condition of your skin if it was a bit flaky or something like that but to drawing but it’s actually just changing the color of the the app skin so that makes a bit more sense so

there you go so a decent range of settings there as well so that is the app and then if we actually go into watch itself and we start ticking around as you can see just give a little tap and you go through all the various screens that’s number steps how far you’ve traveled number of calories burned your current BPM zero because I’m not actually wearing the thing and that’s it nice and straightforward so again pretty simple but you know I’ve got some decent little fitness bits in there doesn’t look like it does tracking for specific exercise sessions if you want to actually measure your heart rate it doesn’t do it possibly unfortunately while you’re you’re not using the watch where you have to do is you get to that heart rate section in the menu and then you just hold down at that button and then as you can see there it starts to read it your pulse and when it’s done takes a few seconds so just pop up I would value and there you go 87 BPM I’m clearly really enjoying doing this video I might have something to do with the excessive amounts of coffee I just consumed but not 0.42 inch OLED screens that Lee seems nice and bright and nice and crisp as well as you can see there a good view of everything that’s going on nice and clear and the good news is because of course it is just a dinky little display just like on the women’s steel edge are that means that the battery life is really really good oh axis reckons you’ll get a full 30 days of use from a single charge so pretty much bang on identical to the women’s which I just happen to have for I see yeah still a

big fan of the women’s I do use it pretty much every day when I’m not reviewing another wearable and as you can see it’s got a very similar sort of set up to the Iraq sitting sort of flick through yeah information on your heart rate your steps count your distance covered calorie burn all that kind of shenanigans you’ve also got an alarm feature on there too and also a few long press that button you will actually start a kind of activity tracking whichever you want even doing this bit of running also and there’s others available via the app as well so definitely very very similar in a lot respects of course you also get the bonus little ice or stopwatch timer type effort down below which also doubles as a steps count as well as you can see there I’ve only accomplished a small portion of my days step goal where it goes all the way around to the start that’s when you finish it so a couple of bonus little features in the women’s they don’t get a new axis but all the same definitely a very nice sleek finish to it so that’s not what you think down it in the comments below you tempted by the U axis timepiece of you actually backed it on Kickstarter are you gone to back it definitely let us know what you think and go check out my full review of the women’s steel HR and various other wearables as well to see how it stacks up I don’t forget to poke subscribe and do that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest wearable tech cheers everyone love you

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