Motorola Moto Edge 30 (Global Launch)

hello you aesthetically pleasing people you and welcome to another bewitched episode of tech spurt weekly the weekly tech news show equivalent of a startled ferret actually kind of looks a bit like nadine doris when she’s asked any kind of question at all this week we’ve got big launches from motorola poco and virgin media as well as shock and surprise as some knob with far too much money buys expensive stuff and after all that fun and joy we’ll be pinching our noses and weighed an armpit deep into a veritable bog of viewer comments so it’s an action-packed show all around in fact it’s a lot bigger than i expected exactly what your mom said to me last night so enough waffle let’s crack on can you please serve me a jingle sir expert weekly poco they launched stuff this week and they’ve also got a brilliant name haven’t they poco poco poco seriously even if you’re in an absolutely bollocks mood just say that over and over and over again and either it will cheer you right up or eventually some will bring you one or the other launch item number one was the poco f4 gt a budget friendly game and blower bust and some crotch thrust in the powerful specs and some pretty nifty features for a price that won’t drain those valuable booze funds the near 6.7 inch amoled screen is very pleasing to the peepers despite the cut out selfie cam orifice while the snapdragon 8 gen 1 ably handles the most memory guzzling games out there helped by an effective coolant system which stops the whole lot from spontaneously combusting in your hands battery life is pretty decent too

and you’ve got jazzy extras like proper pop-out triggers and the obligatory bit of led nonsense around back so not a bad weed package at all for 599 euros or just 499 if you get in there quick snap for that early bird deal and launch item number two was the imaginatively titled poco watch a super skinny smartwatch which again packs some pretty decent smarts for the low sum of just 79 euros you’ve got another amoled display here which is bright enough to use outdoors without any serious squinting action while the fitness features include 24 hour heart rate tracking and support for over a hundred types of something called exercise which frankly looks more bothered than it’s worth sadly however that generous selection doesn’t include internet porn my own preferred method of calorie burn and if the sound of either of those has seriously polished your trench in well definitely check out my full hands-on action with both the pocket watch and the poco f4 gt right here on the tech spurts and also to celebrate the launch paco kindly sent me this in the post it’s like a uh a poco light basically it’s lovely and all but i can’t drink it can i also in a laundry kind of mood this week was our great mate motorola whipped off its velvet dressing gown to impress us all with a good hard look at its fresh edge 30 flagship this global model hits the uk in early may for 380 quid and hopes to impress with its 50-man camera tech and its 6.5 inch p-o-led panel with hdr 10 plus support and up to 144 hertz refresh as well as its rather skinny design just like the old edge 20.

And also not sure what’s going on with this fella here everything seems normal for the first few press photos but after that it’s non-stop shots of him clutching the edge 30 in the immediate vicinity of his own crotch gotta say finding it rather difficult to concentrate just on the phone and it’s not because the lads wearing some pretty outlandish pants possibly mode rollers attempt to sex up its flagship smartphones a bit not really sure has it worked definitely let me know in the comments down below if you’re feeling particularly aroused by that edge 30. the rest of the specs on particularly trouser tickling you’ve got the snapdragon 778g plus which is basically just an overclocked 778g backed by the six or eight gigs of ram you’ve got 128 or 256 gigs of storage and you’ve got a decidedly dinky 4020 milliamp hour battery no doubt because of that slender chassis although the snapdragon 778g plus should be pretty energy efficient just like the original 778g so hopefully the moto x30 should still last a full day also this week virgin media unveiled its very own roku style tv streaming box for its broadband customers known simply as stream bang it in a spare hdmi port on any old tele and you can dull the pain of everyday existence with your favorite shows on netflix disney plus etc with full 4k hdr support while

stream also adds a clever bit of voice activation and as an added incentive virgin is offering 10 of the cost of every service you’re subscribed to although the stream box does come with a 35 quid activation fee and another tech story that seemed to fuel a lot of hot internet debate this week for no good reason whatsoever could be summed up in one short and pleasingly alliterative expression twitter take over and frankly too much has already been said about elon musk wanted to buy twitter who really gives a sh but frankly if i had 44 billion dollars i certainly wouldn’t spend it on twitter no offense twitter now i’d probably bang myself one of those awesome volcanic layers that all the jim’s born baddies had back in the day except instead of packing it full of missiles and minions i just fill it to the brim with ill and then spend the rest of my days splashing around inside of it either that or i just buy an enormous rocket and use it to fire gyms caught in directly into the sun tough choice anyway bloody hell that’s more than enough of all of that so let’s swiftly move on to the part of the show that’s permanently repeated on loop on every single channel down in hell it’s fewer comments fewer comments so judging from the comments last week it seems that google’s pixel watch is something that a lot of people are actually looking forward to so for instance george says can’t

wait for the pixel smartwatch i’m probably buying the pixel 7 and it will be very interesting to see how the ecosystem compares to the apple one yeah 100 yeah really intriguing to see if google packs any sort of exclusive features into the watch that you can’t get another werewest watchers and also any exclusive features for any pixel smartphone owners i’m sure that two will pair up and do some very funky jazzy yeah certainly if it wants to stand out against the crowd you know the fossil watchers and the galaxy watchers and all that it’s got to do something special and certainly they wouldn’t be taking this amount of time unless they had something up their sleeve and personally back on that jim’s bond vibe a feature that i would really like in a smart watch is just a built-in bomb and then if you’re in any kind of awkward social situation like you bump into your ex at a party or at a wedding you’re stuck on a table with all of your racist uncles you can just press a little side button and boom blow the whole room to bits next up kyron says the thing i really want to know is will the rohan watch tell you where you can get some horse paste in case you get covered i mean is this just a case of some seriously dodgy autocorrect or is horse paste a scientifically proven cure and also because i obviously really need to clear this up are we talking about paste made from horses or are we talking about the other kind horse pissed on toast my favorite yum moving swiftly on seth says i’ve been wearing an analog watch most of my life but i’m considering a smartwatch i’m not an oligarch so apple is right out what should i look for in a smartwatch well for me a big one is certainly battery life because i can’t be hacking charging more than one thing every single ruddy night especially after a skin fall let’s face it all the time i just forget to plug in my

smartphone let alone watches and other crap that’s why i do like a good watch from like some huawei xiaomi do uh some watches with good battery life uh maze fit things like that also like to have an oled screen on there which you can get on a lot of smart which is under 100 quid now as well if budget is an issue it’s just nice to have that always on display options you’re not constantly having to jerk your arm up in an exaggerated motion like this just to wake the bloody thing up and see what the friggin time is and pop my shoulder out a good few times that way because one of the most handy features of a small watch for me at least is the notification support now i’m to you know pull out your phone every time you want to respond to a message or delete a message or whatever if you want dedicated notification support you’re gonna have to go for wear os most likely but you know the likes of take watch and stuff like that offer more reasonably priced wear os watches and of course fitness tools as well a lot of people buy a watch based on you know all the exercise based shenanigans on there which personally i can’t really be having much to do with but you know it depends what your level of commitment is do you want a watch that’s gonna you know track your stats over time show you how much less of a flabby git you are or if like me you literally just need a watch that’s gonna warn you if you’re about to keel over from a heart attack from one deep-fried cornish pasty binge session too many anyway that could be

like a whole other video so i’ll leave it there and i might actually do that video at some point thanks for the idea uh next up dermot says i’m watching your show on an s22 galaxy s22 from samsung the battery lasts me a day and a half i don’t think that is too bad hang on are we are we definitely talking about a samsung galaxy s22 here a day and a half what kind of crazy voodoo is this so i just finished uh testing it this week and literally i can’t get a full dear battery out of this thing even if i’m really really gentle with it it’s always dead by like 9 10 p.m and that’s with like four or five hours of screen on time they have a spoiler alert for the full review there i mean if you’re literally just using it to wear down a stack of papers or something i can see how it could just about last over a day but apart from that unless you happen to have the snapdragon model rather than the exodus because i’ve heard that’s a bit better when it comes to the battery life still not great because it is still a small 3 700 milliamp hour capacity cell but um yeah not as awfully bad as the exodus endemic continues as well uh also i have made love to craig david not on a sunday though it was proper bo idoli and war craig um yeah randomly saw him about five years ago i think it was at one of the google pixel launchers of all things and sunny looks like he still had it in him to perform full penetration on a lady several days a week no idea if he’s still putting out the the garage bangers or indeed if anyone still listens to garage i’m assuming

so i still listen to all kinds of happy hardcore and everything from back in the 90s uh next up jay says hey from ontorio canada having moved here in december last year from the uk what the uk wasn’t enough of a frozen tundra for you although to be fair actually it doesn’t ontario stretch like all the way across the entire height of canada doesn’t so i guess it depends which bit you’re in oh my god apparently right now in ottawa people are celebrating poutine fest i mean that is my kind of fest right there look at this absolute filth christ i’ll bung it up here somewhere i can get right in my face and i never knew this apparently poutine is known as canadian salad fair play canada you have nailed salad not even a hint of the green stuff but anyway next up donald says sunderland isn’t as bad as i thought it was going to be over there for a degree course some decent boozers and the locals aren’t a hateful shower of bastards which is nice yeah i do love a night out on the town gotta say i haven’t been for a while but um at least i think i enjoy a night out in sunderland because it all tends to get a bit fuzzy after the second bottle of red pig and next up io says i am looking forward to the event that google named after me yeah that was really nice of them you should get free tickets for that surely guest of honor uh continues i showed my dad the video of you warning me about becoming middle-aged and he pissed himself laughing and echoed your warnings about hangovers yeah nature is a exceptionally cruel beast let me tell you that first time you have to spend all day long in bed because the night before you foolishly

had a bit of red wine before dinner who am i trying to get red wine me yeah sure what i actually meant was half a bottle of absinthe before dinner next up mike says greetings uncle spurt from sunny wigan bit of an oxymoron right there mike which makes me think you’re either being deeply sarcastic or you’ve never actually been to wigan in your life uh mike continues after a long day’s work i’m watching this textbook weekly episode whilst eating a kebab king’s special and drinking peroni does life get any better than this a man of refined taste sir i approve and mike also asks just wondering if you watched any of the kevin smith he-man reboot i have actually yeah i’ve watched the uh the first few episodes of it i haven’t watched the uh the rest of it yet not gonna lie after about sort of episode four or five i had absolutely no clue what on earth was going on in any of it never thought i’d be that bamboozled by you know a kiddies tv show but yeah i mean that’s my mental faculties for you they’re switching off faster than viewers of a james corden tv special next cf542 says curious to ask do you have any siblings if so what do they think of you and if not why did your

parents stop after you were born i do have a sibling i’ve got a little sister actually who lives in canada right now and as for what she thinks of me well you’ll have to ask her that i guess i mean i’ll tell you what i will message her right now and see if we get a response before the end of the night so if she’s got any opinions she would like to share with everyone uh next up will hat says wasn’t basilis legolas’s brother right you see the mistake you’ve made there is that you’ve asked me a question about lord of the rings you might as well ask me a question about tech stuff you’ll get just as nonsensical a response i quite remember which one legolas was was that orlando bloom it’s been it’s been a long time since i’ve seen those films uh moving on to something i do actually kind of uh consume occasionally gj wright is back with some more anime recommendations he says ottamir gamez sekai one mob nakibi shi sekai desu is quite good it reminds me of ottoman gamino flag hang on is this the longest anime name of all time or are you you’re just doing this on bloody purpose aren’t you is this some

made up i’m calling shenanigans this is just bollocks i mean i’m googling uh no no apparently it is a thing what what is this apparently the uh the title translates in english to my next life as a villainous call on all roots lead to doom exclamation mark i love it i i’ll give that a go next up aviation offshore court in solutions says if you’re from sunderland as well we must be related somewhere down the line with a name like mine baroclough yeah it’s certainly more than possible sir i’ve got about a dozen aunts and uncles and about 12 dozen cousins so there’s a pretty bloody good chance you know if you have to be bold and also incredibly well hung then yeah we’re probably related next up need more coffee 92 says as hungary just got mentioned i have to insert here the mandatory boy boiler a lot oh god more come on man i can barely speak english on other languages so uh this is how it’s supposed to be pronounced [Music] just sitting there in the sun recording studio with a bottle of snaps i swear and apparently according to google translate in english that means boiler for sale boiler for sale all right well as

always greetings to all my hungarian chums out there and uh and also if the 92 and your username need more coffee 92 refers to the year you’re born then believe me you don’t need more coffee just yet just wait till you hit those late 30s then you’ll be sustained by coffee mate the old brain synapses don’t even begin to spark up until i’ve had at least a pint of the stuff and so that’s as much time as we’ve got for the comments i’ve actually heard back from my sister as well let’s see what she says she says or you’re just bloody brilliant gotta say though much like myself she does like a drink so chances are she’s absolutely plastered that she’s tight than this anyway a massive thank you to everyone who commented last week been fantastic reading through those as always please do smash your comments down below and unfortunately next week we won’t be able to smash through as many of those as possible because i’m actually going to take a short break from the texpert weeklies because dun dun duh after two long years being cooped up in these four walls due to a great mate covers i am actually finally fulfilling my dream of getting out of here and getting blind stinking drunk in an entirely different country so there won’t be a show next week probably not the week after either depending on how crazy things get uh but certainly you smash your comments down below and we will cover those all again in the grand return in about sort of two three weeks time i do however have lots more hot text shenanigans lined up for the next week or two so definitely stay tuned for more on that have yourselves a bloody wonderful week or so and be lovely to each other and i will see you all laters love you

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