Anker Nebula Cosmos Laser 4k Projector Review Brightness for a Price

hey everybody it’s lon zyben we’ve looked at a lot of compact projectors here on the channel over the years they are very convenient because they’re lightweight and portable but they’re not very bright so you really have to get the lights down significantly to get a usable image out of them this new one from anker’s nebula brand is relatively lightweight and portable but is much much brighter and that’s thanks to its laser that it has inside for its lamp and this one is called the nebula cosmos laser 4k there’s also a 1080p version available and we’re going to take a closer look at this device in just a second but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that i paid for this with my own funds all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own no one is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approve what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this projector is all about now the price point on this projector is rather steep the 1080p version sells for about 1700.

the 4k version sells for 2200. i ended up getting a really good deal on this 4k version because i did their early bird kickstarter that they do whenever they roll out a new projection product and i paid 999 dollars for the 1080p version and they made a mistake and a 4k one showed up so at some point they might ask for this back and i’ll swap it out for the 1080p version but what you’re going to see today is the 4k version of the projector there is not much of a difference in overall specifications between this and the 1080p version beyond the resolution so a lot of the experience that you’ll see with the 4k here today will be identical on the 1080p minus the fact that one can do 4k and the other one is just at the lower 1080p resolution they rate the brightness on this one as 2400 iso lumens and i will largely agree with that assessment it is quite bright it is as bright as my old projector that this is replacing from about 10 or 15 years ago which is rated at a similar lumen level so this is going to be significantly brighter than what you may have seen with other projectors like it out there now these projectors are designed to be taken places which is why they design a handle right into the top of it it is a bit bulky though it weighs 10.7 pounds or 4.85 kilograms it is much larger than some of the other nebula projectors that we have looked at recently this is their mars ii and you can see there is a pretty big size difference between these two although this one is almost five times as bright as this little one here which is why it is larger this is really not

designed i think as a home theater device it certainly has the image quality for a home theater use but it really is something that isn’t well suited for being mounted somewhere given that it is so tall vertically and a lot of these home theater projectors are more horizontally designed so you can mount them in the ceiling and keep them out of sight so this is something you’re going to bring out and then put away when you’re done with it there is no lens cover here on the front so you’re going to want to keep this clean and maybe find a carrying bag for it or something like that just to prevent its safety sensor from getting tripped by dirt on the glass and i’ll show you that safety sensor in a little bit unlike the other nebula projectors this one does not have a battery on board so you do need to plug it in when it’s at full brightness it’s going to be drawing about 150 watts of power so you will definitely need a pretty big battery to plug it into if you do plan to go without grid power now this is not a short throw projector so you’re going to have to move it pretty far back from your projection screen to get the maximum image they recommend a max image of 150 inches which requires you to move the projector back about 14 feet from the screen or 4.

2 meters when we hook it up in a few minutes the example images you’ll see are at about half of that distance so we’re going to have about a 75 inch screen at approximately seven feet from the wall that we’re projecting on now like other nebula projectors this does integrate an android tv but you have to install it first before you get up and running see what you do is you take off the back panel here you will find this little nebula dongle in the box and you just have to plug it in and insert it if you forget to insert it you will be given a reminder to do so which tells you to please insert your dongle and explore all entertainments the translations are as good as always there this dongle by the way they sell separately and i tested it a little while back but never got around to reviewing it it’s a very low end android tv experience it’s not a great android tv but i think for a projector it’s fine this does support netflix many projectors don’t and you will get 4k hdr on netflix and other apps that support it on this device on the 1080p one of course you don’t get 4k but you do get the hdr so it is a very full functioning android tv complete with chromecasting and that was nice to see on here and i also like that there’s an upgrade path down the road so at some point if this one goes obsolete you can swap it out and stick in another one it is running android 10.

I have no idea if they will go to android 11 so just bear that in mind but it does have that fully functional android tv in there now for a premium projector i was kind of disappointed with its lack of connectivity so all you’ve got here is an hdmi input that is it you can use it as a bluetooth speaker if you want but beyond that the only video input is through this hdmi connector or perhaps through the micro hdmi that that dongle uses inside of the panel here your power goes in here so the power supply is integrated so that’s one less thing to carry around there’s no power brick the usb port here is for the android tv this is basically an on-the-go port so you can plug in memory cards and other things that have media on them for playback one thing that does not work with the dongle and i found this out when i tested it is that it doesn’t support ethernet so it’s really just there for maybe a keyboard or a mouse or plugging in some usb memory stick you also have an auxiliary audio output here if you don’t want to use its internal speakers now it does come with a remote control this works mostly though with the built-in android tv on board but it’s your basic kind of cheap feeling android tv remote it does support voice control for the google assistant and whatnot and of course you’ve got their sold real estate here at the bottom for popular apps there’s also a control panel on the top here that will illuminate when you touch it and this is how you get into the projector settings to manage the projector settings remotely there is an app you can download for your phone but you don’t get all of the projector controls on the remote because again this is tied in with the android tv now this has a great set of speakers on board it has two five watt tweeters and two 10 watt drivers they’re located on each side of the unit so everybody’s sitting around this thing outside is going to hear it quite well it’s got a good range of sound it carries it’s got some decent bass to it as well so you’re likely not going to have to hook up any additional speakers for an outdoor movie night and because it’s so bright and the image is so clear as you’ll

see in a minute i think it does really well for that activity and i think that’s largely what they designed this for it’s not surround sound though so if you are looking for atmos audio or something this is not your product and again i think for home theater usage there are better projectors that would integrate with a home theater receiver but for outdoor movie nights or setting up something in a gymnasium or something this will i think do a great job of that there is a fan on board of course because it does have to keep that laser cool and for its brightness it doesn’t generate all that much heat and the fan is not very loud so the laser does consume more power than an led but far less than a traditional lamp might at the same brightness you’re going to get a great image without a lot of energy consumption and not a lot of heat generated and they rate the laser here for 25 000 hours which is significantly more than what you’ll get out of a traditional lamp let’s take a look now and see what this looks like under a couple of different lighting conditions so we’re going to begin with a bright room with the lights on projecting against just a white painted wall this again is about seven feet away from that wall so we’ve got about a 75 inch image here this is a rather large wall and as you can see we’re getting a lot of detail out of the video here even though we have all the lights on and that’s one of the advantages of having a projector this bright you do lose some contrast because of the nature of things here but we’ve got a very visible image and if you were to walk into an office with this thing to do a powerpoint presentation or something you’re going to be able to see it without having to mess around with the blinds or the lights but things get a lot better when you turn the lights off let’s take a look at that okay so here we have the lights on as we saw a minute or two ago and here goes the light switch look at that and that’s where the contrast comes into play now i set up my camera to get as close to as what i saw with my eyes as i could so this is pretty much what i was seeing with my eyes as i was experimenting with the projector here i was really impressed with its contrast ratio it just looks

spectacular and i think you’ll get a very similar image out of the 1080p version of course with just a little less resolution the video we’re playing here is a 4k 60 frames per second video and i think if i were to show this to people they’d have a hard time differentiating this projected image to what you might get from a television so it just looks great and of course the quality of the screen that you’re projecting onto will also have an impact here but the image quality the brightness all of it made me very happy with my purchase now this is the first laser projector that i have tested here on the channel i would imagine that other laser projectors out there will deliver very similar quality images this is using dlp technology similar to those other projectors but those other projectors tend to be a little bit larger and less portable than this one and i was really looking for something similar to the other nebula projectors that had the brightness and this one definitely does now there is a 24p mode on the projector so it will play back movies at their native frame rate on the android dongle that’s built in though you do have to set that frame rate manually every time you want to use it i did try to use plex and have plex auto adjust the frame rate but unfortunately the dongle just doesn’t support that you can though plug in an apple tv or an nvidia shield or something that does support that frame rate switching but it is able to play back just fine once you get that mode set now for gaming you can plug in a game console into the hdmi port here in the back by the way whenever you connect something over hdmi it automatically switches from the android tv to the hdmi port and then it’ll switch back to the android tv when you unplug that device and you can also use the remote to do that games look great on this this is my nintendo switch running fast rmx which is a game that runs at a nice 60 frames per second on the switch and as you can see it is looking great the maximum frame rate is 60 frames per second on the projector so most game consoles should look nice on it the only

thing that i encountered with this is a good amount of input lag you will feel it there is a game mode in fact there are two game modes and neither one of them did a very good job of reducing the overall input lag so the best i could get out of it was about 116 milliseconds now my methodology is to shoot a controller and the screen with my ipad that can shoot video at frames per second and then we’re able to count the frames out to get a rough idea as to what the lag is now on a good gaming monitor uh we’ll see about 60 milliseconds here it’s just about double so it’s not going to be the best gaming experience especially if you are looking for precision but the games sure do look nice on this projector i hooked up my mr fpga console a little bit earlier that’s also how i did the input lag testing because the mister allows you to directly connect nes controllers to it for the least amount of lag and as you can see here it’s looking great but what you don’t see is the input lag that i was experiencing playing mario 3 here so if you are looking for precise movements a projector is rarely a good way to go for gaming because most of these projectors have input lag issues this one though is on the higher end of what i have tested the lowest input lag projector that i’ve looked at is another nebula called the capsule ii it’s about the size of a soda can it is much much dimmer than this one is but it does have the least amount of lag that i have tested and again this one is a bit higher than some of the others out there now it also has an auto keystoning feature so if you are projecting at an angle it will make the image straight as you’ll see here in a second so it’ll do it vertically like this there it goes and it will also do it horizontally too so here you can see that image de-distorting as we move things around so you can generally get a pretty square image here and every time you move the projector it’s going to adjust it also has an auto

focus on board you can do these things manually but i found the automatic modes have been working really well in my testing now on the bottom here there is a tripod mount so you can put it on a camera tripod to get it exactly at the height that you want just make sure that the tripod you’re looking at can handle the weight because remember this thing weighs almost 11 pounds and not all camera tripods out there these days are rated for that kind of weight they do make a special stand for this as well but any tripod that can support 11 pounds or more will do now there is a safety feature built into this so if somebody walks in front of the projector it will dim the image automatically until that person walks away and i would imagine that would include pets and other things that might have their eyes damaged by a projector this bright so it was nice to see that safety feature built in so overall what i needed in a projector was something portable that had decent speakers and video playback capabilities integrated i do a lot of presentations locally for different volunteer organizations that i’m involved with and i’m also the guy that people go to when they need to borrow a projector for their organization or something else that’s going on and you never know what kind of lighting you’re walking into and what i like about this big projector versus some of these little ones that i’ve been playing with over the last couple of years is that it’s bright enough to work even in a pretty decently lit room and that’s often what i’m walking into so to know i have something that’s just going to work regardless of environment is really useful for me and the speakers are great the android tv that’s integrated while not great for a home theater system is actually really good for this particular device and that is why i am happy with my purchase that said at the 1080p level there are a ton of projectors out there now that are just as bright that will cost less than this one they’re not as portable they don’t have a decent android tv built in they don’t have very good speakers but they will project an image in a bright room but for me i really wanted that portability and ease of use because i’m not the only one that’s going to use this and i think that is why this one is driving the higher premium is all the integration of features but at 1080p you can certainly get something just as bright if not brighter for less money on the home theater side i think this is going to be a tougher sell because for me i only needed a 1080p projector i ended up with the 4k one because they shipped me the wrong one by accident and in many cases you can find a home theater short throw 4k

projector powered by a laser that’s just as bright that will come in at around this price point and it’s just not practical as a statically placed home theater projector but if you want the best of the best in portability i think this one is probably the one to get right now in its 4k variation and i was very very pleased with how great the images look coming out of it at all resolutions so definitely shop around a bit and figure out what your use case is if your use case matches mine i think the 1080p version of this projector is going to do quite well for you and although it might cost more than a projector with a standard bulb you don’t have the consumable cost of a bulb that has to be replaced every couple hundred hours this one they claim will go for 25 000 hours which is a good long time so that is going to do it for this look at the nebula cosmos laser 4k and until next time this is lon simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the london tv supporters including gold level supporters jim tannis and tom albrecht hot sauce and video games and eric’s variety channel brian parker and frank goldman amda brown and matt zagaya and chris alegretta if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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