Review Lenovo Legion 7i Gaming Laptop

hey everybody it’s la inside and we’re taking a look today at the new legion 7i from lenovo this is their compact 15-inch gaming laptop the flagship model it’s got the fancy keyboard and a lot of horsepower and we’re going to be taking a closer look at this one in just a second but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure this is on loan from lenovo so we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about now the price point on this one starts at around thirteen hundred dollars or so and then goes up from there depending on configuration you’ve got a lot of different display choices a lot of different processor choices and a lot of different gpu choices as well now the review unit we got in has an i7 10 750 h processor that’s a six quart chip but there is an i9 version available we’ve got a 15 inch 1080p display ips at 240 hertz and i do believe all of the models have the 1080p display just that different refresh rates this one runs at about 500 nits and it supports dolby vision now this one does not have a g-sync display and at the moment it does not appear that lenovo is offering one with g-sync so if you’re looking for g-sync on your laptop here it is not available at the time i’m shooting this video this one has a rtx 2070 gpu from nvidia but this is the max-q version of it given that this is a smaller

compact laptop and what that means is that you do get a nice powerful gpu here but it won’t be as powerful as its desktop equivalent there are gaming laptops that are larger heavier and noisier that can give you that performance but this one has to make some compromises and that’s one of the areas where you’ll see a little less performance against the desktop version of it our review unit here has 32 gigabytes of ram and one terabyte of hard drive storage it is upgradable from the standpoint of storage and memory so we’ll pop the lid off of here this is a video we did on the extras channel the other day so the ram is in that square in the middle there it’s got a shield over it and there are two modules there two are occupied right now for dual channel mode and then there are two nvme drive slots on this so this one has a one terabyte drive installed there on the right but there’s a slot on here for an additional nvme if you want to add that now as we work our way through the review you’re going to hear me mention the legion 5 which is the mid-range version of this laptop you’re also going to hear me talk about last year’s model which was the y-740 because i’ve owned one for almost a year now and i have a lot of experience with it and you might have an opportunity to buy a similarly equipped version from last year at a

lower price and i’ll point out what some of the differences are here so you can figure out exactly what you’re looking for the bottom line here is that last year’s model will perform very close to this year’s model if not identically depending on configuration but they have made some improvements in the creature comfort area that might be enough to tilt you one way or the other and again we’ll talk about those differences as we work our way through the review now the reason why i bought one of these last year is that i like its compact size and the amount of performance you get out of it this one is a little bit lighter than the one i have about 4.6 pounds or 2.1 kilograms but of course you do have to account for the size of the power adapter that goes with it like before it’s got a big 230 watt power supply that you need to charge it battery life on these is never all that great although they’ve improved it a bit this year i would say you probably will get about five or six hours of use out of it doing the basics like web browsing and email and that sort of thing if you keep the display brightness down maybe shut off the keyboard backlighting here but really these things are meant for performance and are meant to be plugged in to get the best performance out of it but it was nice to see a nice bump in the battery life another improvement over last year that i’m quite happy with is that they have moved the webcam to the top of the display last year was on the bottom and it would kind of shoot up your nostrils essentially this one is in a better spot you have a physical shutter on it as well so if you want to block the camera you can just flick this little switch here to put that shutter in place like most laptops it’s just a 720p camera not the best visual quality but it gets the job done and you can get on zoom calls and all that stuff

when you are doing work and not gaming so that was nice to see they’ve made some improvements to the keyboard as well let’s have a look at that on my overhead view now you’ll notice they have a number pad on here now and that’s a big change from last year so let me get out last year’s keyboard and you can get a sense as to what it looked like before so there was a lot of unused space here on the keyboard deck and you had a bunch of macro keys they’ve gotten rid of all of those and are now just running with a larger keyboard with the number pad on it now and of course larger arrow keys you’ll find a similar keyboard layout on the new legion 5 but i did find the keyboard to be a little more comfortable on this more premium model you also have the ability to change all of the colors of the keys the legion 5 has a zoned system available that lets you set different colors based on different regions of the keyboard this one allows you to change key color on each individual key if you want right now i’ve got it kind of running around in a little rotation pattern here the trackpad has been improved quite a bit as well it’s now a click pad versus a mouse with buttons so before we had to push buttons physically here on the old version right there but now it is just a standard click pad and i did find it to be a bit of an improvement i am having to get used to the fact that my keyboard is now off center because of the number pad here but i think for most folks it should be pretty easy to get used to and up and running so really nice improvements here with the overall fit and finish it is all metal for the most part so it’s got a nice premium feel the legion 5 is mostly plastic now for ports they’ve added a couple so here on the left-hand side we have the thunderbolt port that was on before this is a four-lane thunderbolt port running at 40 gigabits per second they have now also a usb type-c port next to it this is a gen 1 port though it runs at 5 gigabits per second so it’s not the faster speed but it does support video out so you can do video out of this one and out of this one if you want but of course power needs to go in with that big power supply so keep that around you have a headphone

microphone jack here for plugging in your gaming headsets on the other side we have a usb 3 port here and your bios reset button and then on the back you’ve got a bunch of additional ports which i like having on the back because they’re easier to get to so you have an hdmi output here so you can output your video through that if you want you have a usb 3 port here and the two on the back here are the gen 2 ports on this laptop so these will run at the faster 10 gigabit speed you have gigabit ethernet right here your power goes in there and then of course you have your kensington lock for locking it down on your desk and like last year i’m very pleased with how thin it is so again very portable and attractive and i’ve been using these laptops for more than just gaming in fact we use these out in the field when we’re doing live video production because you have the powerful gpu on board you’re able to essentially turn this into a broadcast video switcher we were able to broadcast a seven hour high school graduation uh with just a single laptop so these things can be really useful for gaming for video editing for live production and that’s because you’ve got the nvidia gpu on board paired up with a very high performing intel processor now one feature they added this year that’s super convenient is the ability to switch through its performance profiles with a key press so if you hit function q here you can cycle through three different performance profiles i suggest you leave it in the red mode here and you’ll know what mode you’re in just by looking at the color of the power button as you cycle through things the red mode is the performance profile and that’s going to deliver the top performance that your laptop is capable of delivering and if you’re playing a lot of games or doing some high-end video stuff use that mode and make sure it’s plugged in you’re going to hear a lot of fan noise but again you’re going to get the potential of the laptop white mode here is kind of the balance between fan noise and performance it will still perform very nicely

but again it’ll do better when you’ve got that red mode on and it can run its fans as fast as it wants but if you’re trying to get some work done and don’t want the distraction of the fans kicking on switching it into the blue mode here will quiet the laptop quite a bit but it will though adjust its performance to a lower level so that’s something i would use if you’re browsing the web or doing your email or word processing and then when you switch back over to gaming or video editing put that red mode back on and you’ll get the max potential out of this now to get the red mode activated you do need to have it plugged into power but again that’s the mode that you’ll get the advertised performance out of and speaking of performance we ran a bunch of games at 1080p on the laptop to see how they performed we’ll start off here with call of duty warzone 1080p high settings we were getting between 90 and 120 frames per second not bad we also took a look of course at apex legends and there we were getting at 1080p ultra settings between 120 and 180 frames per second again great performance at high settings here out of the 2070 max q so that was good we also took a look at gta 5 there we were running at the highest settings and we were getting between 45 and 80 frames per second but typically in the 60 frames per second territory at those highest settings again we’ve got the max q on here and not the full desktop gpu the witcher 3 which is always a challenging game on laptops there we were getting at 1080p ultra settings with high post processing between 80 and 90 frames per second it looked great and performed great so that was a good experience now the laptop will really shine with older games like rocket league here this is running at its highest settings 1080p and as you can see we’re pretty much maxing out at 250 frames per second there this would be one game that would probably run very nicely in 4k if you attach it up to an external display

the 2016 version of doom also runs pretty well uh there on its ultra settings we were getting between 80 and 135 frames per second so that was a nice experience and again another one that could probably do well in 4k on an external display and then of course we loaded up fortnite because what review would be complete without fortnite and there we were getting at 1080p ultra settings about 80 to 120 frames per second depending on what was going on in the game and on the 3dmark time spy benchmark test i got a score of 7110 and as you can see that’s pretty close to what i got out of last year’s model which was running with a 20 80 max q and that comes back to what i said earlier which is that if you can find last year’s model and some of the little improvements they’ve made this year are not important to you you might be able to save a little bit of money and get the same performance it’s all a matter of what you’re looking for here now if you put the chart back up you can see that the lenovo legion 5 that we looked at a few weeks ago which is kind of the mid-range one scored a bit lower but you could probably deck that one out with similar specs to this one and pay a little bit less there as well and the big differences here are more display options faster display options the thunderbolt port the better build quality but again if you want performance you can get it for less money it’s just a matter of what you want in the physical package here that makes the difference in price and on the 3d mark stress test we got a passing score of 98.2 percent you can also see the temperature of the cpu and gpu when it was running there now that test will run one of these benchmarks over and over again to see how well the computer can maintain its performance under sustained load and this test is an indicator that the laptop here should perform consistently even over extended periods of time that was our experience with the games that we were playing and we were running the laptop in that performance mode which allows the fans to run at their full rate so if you’re noticing things aren’t working as expected make sure that little power button there is lit up red now that will of course result in

some noisy fans which is par for the course on gaming laptops the smaller they are the louder they tend to get but this one is not as loud as some other gaming laptops i have looked at over the years so although you will hear those fans and they’ll be quite audible it has been worse in my experience and this one is pretty close in its sound to the one that i have from last year and again you can switch into that blue mode if you want those fans off for doing work that doesn’t require the utmost in performance but just know when you are running in performance mode you’re going to hear the fans it’s just a fact of life here now in addition to that gigabit ethernet in the back it supports wi-fi 6 so you can get super fast network connections if you have one of those newfangled routers the speakers like last year are on the bottom they’re downward firing on the left and right here but they actually sound pretty good for downward firing speakers good stereo separation and this year’s model supports atmos sound as well you don’t get a lot of bass out of them but it’s nice and crisp and clear and it’s not bad actually again for something that’s firing into whatever it is sitting on they also added some nice accent lighting here too that you can adjust using the corsair app that is included for controlling all the lights on the device including the keyboard and all in it’s a nice package here this is certainly a premium device you can spend less within lenovo’s line and get similar performance but i think if you want something that is the most portable the most rugged and the best looking this one is

certainly the one to consider and i’ve been very pleased with the one that i got last year i’m using it a lot more than i thought i would and again these things are great for more than just gaming and if you do want to use it in a work environment it’s not going to be something that people are going to be staring at you about you can turn off the keyboard back lighting if you want and have a more staid experience here and really just a great laptop for a whole bunch of uses that go well beyond gaming and i like how portable it is given how much power it has inside that’s going to do it for now until next time this is lon seidman thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the london tv supporters including gold level supporters tom albrecht chris allegretta mike patterson and bill pomerantz if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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