Full Review Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Yoga – Entry Level Thinkpad 2-in-1

hey everybody it’s lon seidman we’re taking a look today at an entry level think pad from lenovo this is their l13 yoga and when lenovo calls something a yoga that means it is a two in one so you can flip it around into display mode make it into a tablet if you want or have it work in tent mode or of course just have it work as a traditional laptop we’re going to be taking a closer look at this device and seeing what it can and can’t do in just a second but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that this is on loan from lenovo so we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about now the price point on this one is going to vary based on where you buy it from and your configuration choices uh so right now it looks like the entry point is selling for about 730 on lenovo’s site with an i3 processor and four gigs of ram uh this particular model is being sold at best buy right now for about 8.99 but you might find it for less depending on sales and promotions that might be going on so definitely shop around a little bit to see if you can get the configuration and price point that you’re looking for so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware all of them have a 13.3 inch display this is running at 300 nits so a little brighter than what we typically see on the entry level point in a particular premium product line so the display looks really nice and bright really good contrast ratio on it as well it’s not quite up to oled levels of contrast but it’s good i was really pleased with that contrast ratio these of course are touch displays if i can get my finger in the right place here given that this is a two in one convertible so that’s good to see if you want a touch screen it will have some reflectivity to it of course but it looks really really nice in my humble opinion inside of our

review unit here we have an i5 10210u processor from intel it also has 8 gigabytes of ram but the ram on all models is soldered on i believe the maximum you can get configured is 16 gigabytes and whatever you get when you buy it is what you’re going to be stuck with because again you can’t upgrade the ram i do believe you can upgrade the storage on it so you can swap out its nvme ssd if you wish this one came with 256 gigabytes of onboard storage i like the fact that it’s got one of the manual shutters here at the top like many other lenovo laptops do these days so that’s nice to see if you want some privacy on your camera there and of course this being a lenovo device lenovo thinkpad device you get the thinkpad keyboard the keys are a little smaller than your typical thinkpad but they’re not bad to type on primarily because they’re very well spaced and like all think pads you’ve got a tremendous amount of key travel here as you’re typing so super comfortable to type on a really really good keyboard on this one like all the other think pads but again the keys are just a little smaller than what i typically see on other think pads the keyboard is backlit single color but it’s good that you can see it in the dark of course so that’s on there and of course this being a thinkpad you’ve got the little nub here to use as a mouse if you want you’ve got two mouse buttons here plus the center button that you can use with that nub and you also have the built-in click pad here that you can use as well and you’ve got a fingerprint sensor right there too now the weight on this one is just over three pounds or 1.43 kilograms it’s got a good solid feel to it although most of it is made out of plastic so the top of the unit here the back of the display is metal and aluminum but the rest of it is a glass fiber infused plastic it does feel really solid it does meet some of the mil-spec guidelines for durability but it is at the end of the day mostly plastic with a nice metal cover here but it does feel pretty solid and well built like most think pads typically feel we’ve got a lot of ports on this one to take a look at so let’s switch up to our overhead view and have a look uh what you got here are two usb type-c ports these are not thunderbolt but they are full-service ports so they can take power in in addition to display output and still working with your data devices so you can use these with those docking stations that are those single cable solutions so you can get power in and video and data back and forth out of a single cable right here is lenovo’s little ethernet adapter so it does have

ethernet built in but you do need a dongle to connect to that ethernet port to get it on your network but it does have built-in ethernet if you have that adapter we did not get one in the box i do believe that is a purchased add-on but if you’ve used think pads before you have likely seen that connector before next to it we’ve got a usb 3.0 port got a headphone microphone jack over there and on the other side we’ve got the power switch you have an sd card slot here for a micro sd card so you can augment your onboard storage with a card that you put inside all the time it sits flush to it you get another usb 3 port here another display output option with an hdmi output here and a kensington lock but one of the cool things about this device given that it is a two in one is that it has a built-in pen that garages itself right inside the case here and it also charges itself inside the case too which i thought was really clever and we’ll be taking a closer look at this pen in a few minutes so let’s take a look now and see how it performs and we’ll begin with some of the basics here just going to the homepage and browsing around a bit as you can see everything renders in very quickly no problems here that i can detect and it should work this way for what it has inside so all good there and working as expected this does not have wi-fi six at least at the time i’m recording this video it’s just an ac wireless radio but for most

folks with an ac router this is going to be just fine and as you can see here all is good on my ac network i also have the 1080p 60 youtube video that i like to play back on these devices to see how they do and i’m not seeing any dropped frames i will pick up some when i go from the windowed mode here to full screen but once it starts playing it’s able to keep up with some of the higher end streaming video just fine so i think if you’re watching a lot of youtube or twitch or doing netflix or something you shouldn’t have any problems here playing back video at the full frame rate and on the speedometer test we got a score of 185 on version 1.0 of that test and 97.3 on version 2.0 and that puts this one pretty much where i thought it would land in performance on that browser-based benchmark that benchmark runs in google chrome and looks at web browsing performance but also the interactivity performance when you’re doing things like google docs and other types of productivity applications involving the web and all in this intel chip is more than capable at doing those things but definitely keep an eye on the two amd based devices on that chart because we’re going to see a very different score when we get into gaming in a few minutes now for battery life on this one if you’re doing the basics on the web or doing some word processing or excel or something and keeping the display brightness relatively down kind of at the midpoint i think you should be able to easily get through a workday with this one probably about eight to ten hours of battery life if you’re playing games or have the brightness up more that’s certainly going to impact battery life more negatively but i think you could definitely squeeze eight to ten hours if not more out of this based on the testing that we did and it also charges up very quickly over that usbc connection so it’s got a nice fast recharge time on it which was good to see here let’s take a look now at the pen and then we’ll get into some more fun stuff all right so let’s take the pen out of the garage here and start writing what’s nice about the pen is that it has a really good detection range on the display here so check it out as the pen is about a half an inch away the computer starts picking it up and that’s important because if you’re like me and you’re often lifting your pen up from the surface to go to the next letter or word your wrist is not going to get detected in between words and that’s something that’s

happened to me on a bunch of tablets in the past where you’re writing out very quickly and once the pen gets too far away it starts picking up the bottom of the wrist and the screen starts scrolling and everything on here once that pen gets within usually about a half inch of the display it’s starting to find it and ignoring any other input and that was something i noticed right away this is an active pen compatible pen so you do have the buttons here on the pen for doing the things in the apps that you would expect those buttons to do it’s fully compatible with all the microsoft pen stuff and then it also has some pressure sensitivity built in as well so if we scroll up here a little bit and i do a very light line you get one level and then i can push down a little bit further and get a darker line lenovo says you have 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and altogether this is one of the better pen experiences i’ve had on a windows two in one so let’s take a look now at its gaming performance and i was actually surprised to see that this did not do as well versus some of the other 10th generation intel based machines we’ve looked at recently and the reason is is that the processor that they picked for this one does not have the new intel gpus we are seeing on some other laptops that come in at around this price point and as a result its gaming performance is roughly where the prior generation chips were so let’s have a look at rocket league here first this is running at 1080p lowest settings and as you can see we’re in the 20 frames per second territory and this is a game with the new chipsets that we would be seeing typically in the 30 to 40 frames per second or more at the same settings another example here is gta 5.

we’re running this at 720p and here we are struggling to maintain 20 frames per second you’ll see it dipped down here quite a bit when we turn the corner there and that’s something that we would not see on a 10th generation processor with the new graphics in fact we could run this game at 1080p usually around 30 frames per second or more we also looked at the 2016 version of doom and this one fared the worst this is 720p at the lowest settings and as you can see it is running super slow here at about 20 frames per second or so again this is another game that would run much better if the chip had the new intel graphical enhancements built into it so this is definitely going to be more for business and productivity use than it will be for gaming and that’s important to know going into this because there are a lot of other 10th generation intel machines out there that will do a lot better because they have those graphics enhancements so look for a chip with the g7 at the end of it that will give you a much better gaming experience versus what you’re going to get out of this particular one and on the 3dmark cloud gate gaming benchmark test we got a score of 8429 and if you look just above the thinkpad on the chart there to the acer swift 3 it too has a 10th generation i5 processor but it has the enhanced g1 graphics on board that this one lacks and you can see that one does a little better here on the benchmark and we also found in our review that it does a little better on the games that we were playing on it as well and then if you look another notch up you’ll see a g7 equipped machine from dell that one does even better but the best performance you’ll see here is out of another lenovo machine that’s powered by one of the new amd ryzen 4000 series laptop spectacular graphics performance out of some really thin and light laptops now with those amd chips that also get good battery life so they’re good for gaming and also good for productivity and if you’re really looking to play games i would definitely point you towards a machine equipped with one of those ryzen chips lenovo makes a bunch of them and other

manufacturers are starting to do the same as well and on the 3dmark stress test we got a score of 97.3 percent that’s a passing grade and it indicates that the computer is not likely to throttle itself when it’s under sustained load you should see pretty consistent performance on this laptop again even if you’re stressing the processor you will though of course hear the fan come on and you’ll want to keep the bottom here clear to get that airflow going through the fan isn’t obnoxiously loud but you’ll definitely hear it it’s not any worse than other laptops i’ve looked at that are around this size there are some settings you can adjust to prevent that fan from coming on but of course that will result in more throttling so you have to kind of balance fan noise versus performance all the time on this but i found that generally the fan is not kicking on unless i’m doing something that’s really stressing out the processor so web browsing and other things really pretty quiet operation it’s only when you’re doing games or trying to do some video editing on it or something that you might hear the fan more frequently a lot of times too windows will update in the background that of course will kick the fan on but generally sitting on the desk here at idle or close to idle it’s been pretty quiet speaking of noise the speakers here are on the bottom decent stereo separation they’re nice and loud but because they are downward firing the audio quality will vary based on what surface they’re resting on they didn’t sound great from a range of sound perspective i didn’t get a lot of bass out of them but they’re good enough i think for a conference call or watching some videos or something but you do of course have the option to use bluetooth headphones or directly attached headphones if you want all right one last thing to check out and that is its linux performance we were able to boot umbuntu up on it as you can see i was able to detect wi-fi bluetooth audio the touch display everything seemed to work just fine as you can see there we were doing a little bit of

web browsing but when we started typing on the keyboard nothing was working it wasn’t detecting any key presses when we had ubuntu loaded up oddly enough though i could adjust the brightness of the display with the function keys it was detecting those key presses but not the actual keyboard itself the mouse was working just fine and like i said everything else worked great but the keyboard was not and this might be a very simple driver that we have to locate but out of the box it was not picking up that keyboard that’s the first time we haven’t seen a keyboard work in one of our linux tests here but i’m sure many of you out there probably know what we can do to fix that let me know down in the comment section about that but overall nice little device here from lenovo if you like think pads i think this is an affordable one at least compared to some of the more expensive thing pads that are out there even though it’s mostly plastic it still feels really rugged just a nice overall look and feel on this and every bit of thinkpad if you have been accustomed to using the unique features of these devices from a hardware standpoint i would have liked for them to have picked an intel processor with those enhanced graphics i think it would have made it a better more attractive machine for people looking for some light gaming unfortunately that was not the choice here but beyond that it is a solid device here that feels like a pretty decent entry point into the thinkpad product line that is going to do it for now until next time this is lon seidman thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the london tv supporters including gold level supporters tom albrecht chris allegretta david hochman brian parker mike patterson and bill pomerantz if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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