Review Acer Chromebook 315 – 15″ 1080p Touch Display, AMD Processor

hey everybody is lined inside bin and we’re taking a look today at the Acer Chromebook 315 this is a 15-inch Chromebook that has a nice 1080p IPS display and it starts at around $300 and at the moment I’m seeing it for about two hundred and seventy bucks which is not a bad deal we’re gonna take a closer look at this laptop and what it can and can’t do in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure if this is on loan from Acer so we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this Chromebook is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware this is of course a little bit larger than your usual Chromebook because it is a 15.6 inch display and what’s cool about the display is that it is a touch display so you can use it to move windows around you can access the Android apps that run on this and I’ll show you a few of those working in a few minutes and it seems to work pretty nicely either with the trackpad here or with the touch display the display goes flat like this so if you have some Android apps that you want to play with on a flatter surface you can do that it does not flip around though like some of the two-in-one devices that Acer and other manufacturers make but it seems like it’s got a good range of movement here and the touch was a nice surprise now inside it has an AMD processor this is there a four nine one two zero C and this is kind of a lower-end chip it’s not all that fast so you’re not going to get any real super performance

out of this thing one of the things that I found with low-cost computers that there’s always a sacrifice to be made sometimes they have a lousy display and a better processor in this instance the processor is where the cost was cut but they did preserve the nice display and on a Chromebook you may not need all that much processing power and it really is a nice display to look at here we’ll take a look and see how that processor performs in just a minute now the one we’re looking at today has four gigs of RAM and 32 gigabytes of on-board emmc storage that is typical for Chromebooks it is on the larger side and a little bit heavier than some other tops about 3.9 7 pounds or 1.8 kilograms the casing is all plastic but it has a good feel to it you’ve got a nice texture here on the top of the display and overall it feels pretty decent for the price point I want to caution you though to make sure that you get the right one because they have some other ones that come in with a similar look and price point but don’t have the nice display so I’m gonna put a link in the video description to this particular model so you can get the right one if you are out shopping the other version with the lower

resolution display really won’t look all that great with this screen size so make sure you’re looking at the right thing while you’re shopping it is fanless so it will operate silently while it’s in use so that might be a plus to some of you you’ve got some pretty big speakers here on the top of the keyboard deck they’re nice and loud good stereo separation not a lot of audio fidelity out of these things so you won’t get a lot of bass out of them but they do sound pretty nice for doing web calls and listening to music and maybe watching some videos but if you really want better fidelity plug in some headphones or use some Bluetooth headphones with it the keyboard here isn’t bad it follows the standard chromebook layout the keys have a short travel to them so it took a little bit of getting used to when I was typing with it but overall not bad the trackpad feels very nice and responsive and really worked quite well for me so all those things were good and the battery life on this one is not bad they say about 10 hours we’re seeing about seven to eight ish depending on what you’re doing with the laptop if you are just browsing web pages and keeping the screen brightness down it’ll be probably on the higher side of eight but it will be less if you’re watching movies or doing some other things that might strain the processor a bit more certainly screen brightness will also contribute to that we did find when we pulled the power plug out of it it does reduce the screen brightness automatically to preserve battery powers so if you are just a casual user I think you’ll get through a workday with it usually I don’t talk about webcams but this one has a nice wide angle lens to it it’s only a 720p web camera but it will show you a good portion of the room that you’re in so if you have a couple of kids that are gathering around for a conference call with Grandma and Grandpa or something you got a lot more room to fit them in given the wide angle of the lens so that was a nice little touched

here on this device now I’m also pleased with the port selection on this laptop they have two USB type-c ports included on it one on each side and both of these ports are full service ports and a little bit earlier we plugged it into a docking station that we have here in the studio and we were able to charge the laptop send its video out to an external display and connect USB devices to that dock all through a single cable and that’s what’s nice about having full service USB C ports it’s actually working as they intended the standard to work so that was great now if you want to plug it into an external display on its own you’ll have to buy an adapter those are not all that expensive these days and it’s great to see a full service USB C port on a low-cost device and you get two of those ports one on each side you also have a full size USB 3 port you’ve got a micro SD card slot so if you wanted to load up some movies or something for a long flight you can load those movies on the card and augment the very limited onboard storage and you have a headphone microphone jack over here on the other side we have some more stuff another USB 3 port that second USB type-c port which is also full service so you can decide which side you want to charge the laptop from and you have a Kensington lock to lock it down on a desk a very nice selection of functional ports on here which I think will be very convenient for people that are using this maybe as a desktop and as something portable alright let’s move on now to performance and the screen is a little shiny here so you might see some reflection as we’re going through some of things here let’s load up the Chrome browser which is of course what you typically run on a Chromebook and we’ll go over to the homepage and see how fast everything renders up for us so not bad of course you’ll see faster performance out of an intel-based machine that costs more but I think for the price point here with the nice display this isn’t bad especially for the types of things people might do with a Chromebook so it’s not going to knock your socks off with performance but

I think it’s good enough to get some basic web browsing done you can also see how loud those azar as well but I think you might encounter some performance issues on YouTube in certain sets of circumstances and I’ll show you exactly what one of those circumstances are right now I am playing back a video here at 1080p at 60 frames per second now remember the display here is a 1080p display and what’s happening at this resolution and at this framerate is that we’re dropping a ton of frames as this is playing back so once we see the video move along a little bit here you’ll see a lot of jumpiness even in mostly still scenes like this one where I’m talking and you can see this scene here is just running really slow and laggy it’s just not a good experience at all this is kind of a combination of a problem one is that the processor in here isn’t all that quick to begin with but also because google hasn’t really optimized Chrome OS to take advantage of the video decoding features that are on a lot of these processors now you can go out and install a third-party plug-in to try to improve things a bit but I don’t think it’s very consumer friendly to expect customers to go out and do all of that to get a basic function like video playback to work properly and just to set your mind at ease I do have a Netflix video running here it seems to be working just fine so again I think for most of the entertainment content you’re going to watch on here like Netflix or Hulu it’ll be okay one other thing to note is that the Wi-Fi radio is actually very capable on this device it’s an 802 11 ac 2×2 radio it’s very much up to date it’s able to playback these videos I think we’re seeing here a combination of software and hardware bottlenecks that’s leading to the issue that we see on this one now in the browser benchmarks phenomena test we got a score of 24 point one on version 2.0 of that benchmark test that puts it very close to some

other Chromebooks we’ve looked at at around this price point running with different processors and you can see that it’s pretty close at least in so far as competing devices are concerned I also wanted to point out though the HP stream 14 at the top of this list that’s a Windows laptop with a Celeron n 4000 processor that’s a competing Intel chip that we often see at this price point and that Intel version does better and consumes less power so if you happen to see a Chromebook out there with that processor or something similar from Intel you might see a little better performance than what you saw out of here but it is in line with some of the ARM based competitors that are out there now another cool thing you can do on Chromebooks is run Android apps the same apps you might have bought on your phone or tablet the Google Play Store here is on this device and you can shop around and find the apps that you want to play and because you have a touchscreen here a lot of these games that are made for touch displays will also work nicely with this particular device again note that this processor is not the fastest thing out there so I think you’ll be limited mostly to some of these casual games but there is a good selection of applications available that do run pretty nice on the chrome side of things and you think you might have some fun playing around with the games and some of the other apps that you might find there one thing to notice that there is a an Android YouTube app that will run on the Chromebook it’s not an ideal thing but it’s a little better than watching YouTube on the web browser we were able to get some of those 60 frames-per-second videos to play a little better through the app versus the website so that might be something to poke around with as well if you’re not happy with the YouTube performance with it and there’s a lot of other stuff again that you can find on here that you may already be running on your phone or tablet and the Chromebook also is able to run Linux apps through the Linux feature on Chrome OS so it’s compatible with that you’ll find that in the settings screen here you just have to enable it and it will take care of getting everything started for you and I installed LibreOffice and I’m able to load up standalone applications that are running locally on this Chromebook and you can find a lot of open source Linux apps that will work on this device it’s very limited for games

and other things because they haven’t yet optimized the video drivers and everything but it’s pretty functional and I did a video on this a little while back if you want to learn more about this particular feature of Chrome OS I think it’s a very powerful feature with a lot of potential but it’s not something as very easily accessible by consumers you’ll need to read up on it and experiment with some things but the nice part about a Chromebook is it’s very hard to break them so you can start poking around and try to get it to work and learn more about it starting with the video that I did a little while ago but overall I’m pleased with what they’ve put together here it’s kind of unusual to get a really nice big 1080p touch display for under 300 bucks and get a working computer attached to it but that’s what you get here so that part is good I think the performance is fine for most casual use but again I’m going to caution folks who watch a lot of high frame rate video about some of the performance issues we encountered it did do better with the Android app which leads me to think that this is more an issue of Google not optimizing the browser for the hardware versus the hardware being too slow again it’s not a super-fast processor but I know it can do better than what we’re seeing out of the browser at the moment that’s my only major gripe but again I think if you’re watching Netflix and Hulu and some other things you’re not going to really encounter this it’s really folks that are watching 60 frames per second video on twitch and YouTube where this might show itself more but I think it’s a pretty good value for what you get out of this here and I really can’t find much to complain about it does not have a backlit keyboard some more expensive Chromebooks do but otherwise I think it’s a very well put together package here for its price point until next time this is lion Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold level supporters the four guys with quarters podcasts Chris Allegretto Tom Albrecht Mike Talbert Brian Parker in Kellyanne Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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