Review Lenovo A940 Desktop All-in-One – 4k Touch Display, AMD GPU, and Pen Support

hey everybody its line Seidman and we’re taking a look today at the Lenovo yoga a 9:40 this is a large all-in-one PC it’s got a 27 inch 4k display and it’s got some neat features to it including the ability to put it down in this large tablet mode and of course it has pen and touch support as part of the deal as well and we’re going to be taking a closer look at this machine and what it is capable of here in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure this is on loan from Lenovo so we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this computer is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware this is going to be one of these machines that has a lot of different configurations but the one that’s available at the time I’m recording this video costs about $2,600 but I suspect they’ll have less expensive versions as well it’s got a 27 inch IPS 4k touch display and as you can see here you’ve got a lot of variability as to where that display sits so you can have it go down pretty much to this angle here for drawing but you can also move it all the way up like so it doesn’t have a straight vertical

control on it but I think you can probably get it to a point that will work pretty nicely all the guts of the computer are in this portion here now this one comes equipped for this price point with an i7 8,700 processor that’s a 6 quart ship it also has 16 gigabytes of RAM although the one on lenovo’s website has 32 gigs of ram available you can upgrade the storage and the RAM but not the processor it also has an AMD Radeon Art x5 60 GPU with 4 gigabytes of video memory this lines up roughly with what you might see out of a GTX 1050 from Nvidia so the graphics performance isn’t blockbuster outstanding here but it is better than what you would get out of a computer that has no GPU at all and you can run some games on here that you might not be able to run on a computer that doesn’t have one of those discrete graphics chips on board now it’s also neat about the is that there’s a little charging pad here on the right hand side that you can put your phone down on and charge the phone while you’re working on it throughout the day and they also have a spot here for the pen to go so you have a place to put it but you can’t take this off if this is too wide for you so just bear that in mind but it is nice to have this space not go waste it and you can again charge up your phone with a Qi charger and keep your pen secure in the little pen holder here depend us require a battery one of those quadruple a batteries I believe so it won’t be charging while it’s in here but again at least you have a place to put it and they’ve got a bunch of ports on this one as well so on the left-hand side we’ve got a Thunderbolt three port it’s also functional as a USB type-c port that is a four lane Thunderbolt port so you can use some of the higher speed devices you can even get an

external GPU if you wanted more graphical horsepower that’s something you could attach to it if you wanted to it also has a USB 3.1 gen2 port for 10 gigabits per second of data performance out of that second port you have the power switch and the headphone jack as well and I almost forgot the full-size SD card reader there on the side now on the back you have your power connector for USB 3.0 ports and then you’ll notice there’s an hdmi port on there and that ports rather interesting because you can use it as an output but you can also use it as an input and let me switch camera angles here there’s a button in the back here right next to that port and if I push that it’ll put the monitor into input mode and as you can see here I’ve got a Nintendo switch already hooked up to it and I can use this monitor as a monitor and then when I’m done I can switch back to the computer by pushing the button here to go back to that now note that that this is not going to be something you can capture footage with but it does give you the ability to use the display as a display as well as having it work with the computer component too and that’s always been a neat little feature of these Lenovo all-in-one that they do give you a monitor that can be used for more than just the PC it is attached to and also back there you get a Gigabit Ethernet port for connecting up to your network if you choose to do that they also have wire Acey built-in so you can get high-speed wireless working on this as well there’s also two additional USB ports on the side of the display and these ports are designed to work with this little dial

connector that they include in the box we’re gonna cover this in a little bit more detail in a minute and you can place this on either side and there are USB ports on both sides of the display to accommodate that and I’ll put that back in in a second here so overall not too bad on the port selection and I really like that flexibility with the HDMI port now the display itself as you can see is very very shiny it also picks up fingerprints quite readily and because it has a touch layer to it the actual display is set back a bit from the glass versus what a non touch 4k display might have so be prepared for that there’s going to be a layer between the image and what you’re seeing and as a result of that sometimes the display might look a little bit cloudy it’s not bad in fact it’s better than I’ve seen on Prior versions of Lenovo’s all-in-ones but it’s definitely going to be something that won’t look as nice as a true 4k non-touch display or something you might see on an iMac where that display surface is very close to the glass on the front another issue we encountered with it is that when you do plug in devices you can get 4k devices to work with it but only at 30 Hertz and it doesn’t look like it supports any HDR modes for devices you’re plugging in it does those support Dolby vision 4k when you’re using the computer with the display here it also supports 60 Hertz at 4k again on the computer but not on the HDMI input so there are some limitations to the 4k display here if you’re planning to plug things in and I want you all to be aware of that before you get into it but on the computer side the 4k is not hindered at all now a few other things to note on here it does have a manual shutter for the web camera if you are concerned about people peeking on you it also supports Windows hello so you can use the webcam to unlock the computer to get into it the speakers on it are not bad they’ve got Dolby Atmos speakers

decent range of sound to it a little bit better than what you typically see with an all-in-one and it really does sound pretty decent you can of course hookup Lu tooth headphones or plug something into the headphone jack on the side to get better audio as well and the overall fit and finish here feels really nice on this it’s got a nice sturdy metal arm here for adjusting the display it stays put it doesn’t bounce around all that much while you’re using it the base here is also very sturdy and does not slide around all that much either unless you really put some effort into it the whole package overall weighs about 32 pounds or 14.5 kilograms so it’s got a decent weight to it and overall a nice premium build quality to it let’s now see how it performs we’ll begin with web browsing and a few other things then we’ll get into gaming so let’s kick things off with some web browsing we’ve got a 4k 60 frames per second video playing back here on the browser and it looks like it’s able to keep up with that just fine we did see a few drop frames when it started but overall it’s been able to keep everything flowing nicely here and I would expect nothing less out of a 6 core i7 machine at this price point so I was pleased with that performance we also took a look at to do some web browsing and that sprung to life very quickly as expected again we’ve got a pretty high-end chip in here that should be able to do all of the basics quite well and on the browser bench or expand ometer test we got a score of 200 and 15.6 on version 1.0 of that test and 123 on version 2.0 that is now the top score we have ever seen on the speedometer benchmark from any of the

machines we have ever tested here on the channel and that of course is due to the fact that it has a faster processor than just about everything else we have looked at in the past from a desktop computing standpoint so I think you’ll have a very good experience doing the basics on this machine in fact in some cases it might be overkill for some of the basic tasks but there is more to this machine than just browsing the web so let’s take a look now and see how the pen works on this one and then we’ll look at some higher end stuff like gaming so I’ve loaded up the Microsoft sketch application here to start with and I’ve got the pen out here of course this is the pen that it comes with and it feels pretty decent it’s got good wrist detection here one thing I’m noticing though is that the pen is slipping as its working its way across the display here so it’s not a consistent feel as your and I think that might be an issue for some artists who want precision it will slip and slide a little bit as it makes its way across the display here I’m not sure if maybe the tip of the pen here is to blame or maybe the coating on the display isn’t consistent from a texture standpoint but you’ll definitely feel it’s slipping a little bit as you’re drawing lines across it does have pressure detection so you can do light lines or push down and get harder lines there and it’s kind of nice to have a big high-resolution display here to work with now as I mentioned there is a dial control that can be placed on either side of the computer it has two independent dials here along with a button and they have an app that you can use to configure all of this stuff with supported applications right now it looks like it works with the Adobe applications like Photoshop it also works with the Microsoft Office apps and Autodesk SketchBook which is what I am using right now not a lot of apps supported by it right now but I’m guessing they’ll probably add

support down the road what I’m gonna do first here is have the large dial be my brush size control so I can change the size of my brush by turning the dial I’m going to have the smaller dial here be my undo and redo control and then I’m going to have the tools be hidden or shown based on when I pushed the button on the end of the dial there so if we go over to the button first you can see that when I push it the controls disappear if I use the large dial here you can see that my brush size will get smaller as I turn things looks like I have to take the pen off of there first but you can see now as I turn the dial down the pen gets smaller and smaller and then if I want to do the undo and redo here I can just turn the dial to add or take away things that I have put on screen it feels ok it doesn’t feel very polished in fact the entire pen experience here doesn’t feel spectacular and professional but it feels like it’s fun for maybe a kid or somebody who’s not all that serious about their art there is some tactile feedback here on the dial as you’re using it so you can kind of feel it a little bit pushing back as you turn things but again I wasn’t all that impressed by this and I think it might just be easier in some cases just to touch the screen given that the screen is a lot closer to your hands then the dial is you have to reach over across the screen to get to it and perhaps maybe that’s why they’ve got two different places to put the dial depending on what you’re doing with it so let’s move on now to gaming and we didn’t have any expectations for 4k here but you can see fortnight getting about 30 frames per second at the absolute

lowest 4k settings we were rendering the 3d graphics at 4k here so it’s passable but of course you probably want higher frame rates we found that you can get about 60 frames per second at 1080 P if you set everything to about medium rocket league we were able to get 4k to run with max settings at around 30 frames per second when we went down to the low settings we got around 90 to 110 frames per second so again 1080p will probably be the sweet spot for image quality and frame rate there GTA 5 surprisingly we didn’t get the game to work around the low 30 frames per second point with low settings at 4k again 1080p will be a better place to go to get that trade-off of image quality and frame rate The Witcher 3 ran terribly on the 4k mode we barely got 10 frames per second at Ultra settings even low settings were 16 frames per second 1080p we got around 40 to 50 frames per second at the lowest settings and I think this is where you’re seeing kind of the limitations of the GPU that’s in here now one thing you could do of course is plug in an external GPU to this with that Thunderbolt port but you’re going to be spending a fortune on trying to bring this computer up to a gaming computer specification it would just be cheaper to buy a gaming computer in the end and Lenovo has got a bunch they could sell you along with a number of other manufacturers too so overall though not bad for gaming because it does have a GPU that is functional but she’ll probably be running those games at lower settings to get the frame rate that you’re after for the best experience and on the

3dmark time spy benchmark test we got a score of 1774 that lines up very closely with machines powered by an NVIDIA GTX 1050 GPU so that should give you some idea of what this is capable of but check out the CPU score on the physics test twenty two point six five frames per second thanks to the fact that that ship has six cores on board and it can really crunch a lot of data once but again this is not going to be a spectacular gaming machine but it will be better than many computers that lack the discrete graphics processor and on the 3d mark stress test we got a score of 99.40% that test measures how well the computer can keep itself cool when it’s under constant load like it might be while you’re playing games it looks like it’s going to do just fine there you won’t see too much variation of performance even when you are putting the computer under load for extended periods of time like you might do in a game or something similar when it is under load though that fans going to kick on inside of the case you will hear it it’s not a quiet fan but it’s also not a very high-pitched one it’s more of a lower tone to it but nonetheless you will be hearing that fan running when you are gaming on this device it sounds actually very similar to my iMac when it’s under extreme load so don’t expect quiet running when you are stressing the computer but the good news is is that the performance will remain consistent and one last thing to check out on here and that is its high-end video performance we’ve got Kodi running here with a 140 megabit per second file 10 bit 4k and it’s playing that back just fine with no drop frames and I would expect that out of a processor of this classification so overall it seems to be a decently performing computer I do wish the pen feature felt a little bit more polished to me again I’m feeling it kind of just slipping a little bit across the screen here the dial doesn’t feel

all that great either so that would be the one thing I would improve on this but if you are looking for an all-in-one that has decent performance it doesn’t take up too much room that has the ability to charge your phone and everything else it’s kind of a nice little package that they’ve put together here they’ve been making computers like this for probably five or six years now in fact when I first started the channel one of the first Lenovo products I looked at was something very similar to this and it’s nice to see that Windows is catching up and providing some usability in this form factor now so if you are looking for something that cost less than the Microsoft Surface device that does a very similar function this might be worth considering just know though that the pen experience isn’t fantastic on it but the performance definitely is pretty good here that’ll do it for this one let me know what you thought down below in the video comments and until next time this is Lyon Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold level supporters the four guys with quarters podcast Tom Albrecht Brian Parker and Kellyanne Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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