Original Gameboy & NES Manual Estate Auction Mini Haul !

hey everybody isla inside then the other day i posted this up on my blog about an impulse buy that i made on a bunch of old nintendo stuff there is a estate auction website that has a lot of local estate auctions near me and every once in a while one of these lots comes up and they email me and i can’t resist and actually this time i really couldn’t resist because i really wanted an original game boy box to put in the set behind me here and i put in a bid totally forgot about it and what do you know i ended up winning the lot and it was more than just the box there’s a game boy in here which we’re going to look at in a minute there was a bunch of game boy games and a whole bunch of nes game manuals all in really good condition so what i thought i would do is step through all the stuff that i won in this auction i actually think i ended up ahead of the game on what i paid versus the value of everything and if there’s anything you see here beyond the box and a few of the things that i’ll point out as we work our way through the video today that you’re interested in leave me an email at make an offer on what you’re looking for maybe i will sell those things to you because i’m probably going to sell off most of the lot that i acquired because again i was really just looking for the box here so we’re going to get into this in just a second and i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that i paid for all the stuff of my own funds probably more than i should have all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own no one is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what i got at this auction all right we’re going to start off with a few of the

doodads here that came with this so this was kind of neat and it looks like it is new but not in the box this is a game boy four player adapter i didn’t even remember this thing existing but it looks as though it’s never been used it’s still wrapped up in the plastic here and this is what you would use to have a four-way game boy session but you would each need the game because the game boys didn’t transfer games to each other so that could be a very expensive proposition back in the day but that was one of the things it came with oddly it came with an rf adapter for the original nes and at the auction site there was a boxed nes that looked beautiful but i didn’t want to get too much stuff and that box was rather large so i think this might have gone with that and it ended up in this lot i also got a bunch of games here a couple of them or most of them are actually pretty common games so of course we have tetris which was the pack in title and we got all of the original cases here too we got super mario land another game that just about everybody bought this was also a launch title this game i already have this is paperboy and i remember buying this back about 30 years ago at my local mall and i love paperboy and it’s a great port on the game boy it is in black and white of course this is a game i didn’t own this is super scrabble and it is exactly as its name implies it is a scrabble game and then they had baseball this i think was also a launch title i owned this at one

point and i don’t remember what happened to it i must have lent it to a friend and never got it back but now i’ve got a copy again this is f1 race i don’t think i’ve played this game before so we’ll have to try this one out and see how it is and then this one i was pretty excited to get this one in the mix this is teenage mutant ninja turtles fall of the foot clan and all these games are in really good shape the labels look pretty good on them it’s coming up a little bit here on the corner but looks like they were stored someplace without a lot of moisture and it looks like they kept them in the case here so these were all in really good shape next up are the nes manuals and some of these are actually worth some money i think based on what i looked up online a lot of them are just commons but most of these manuals even are going for five bucks a piece and they’re all in really good condition this is for anticipation on the nes i never owned this game but my sister whenever we would go to the video store would rent it and i used to yell at her like why don’t we just buy the game versus renting it every weekend but that was each got a game and that was what she rented it was a word game that you would play on the nes this is the original legend of zelda map this one is not as in good a shape as some of the other manuals in the mix it feels a

little brittle but this was one of the things that came packed in with the original legend of zelda game it gave you a map of the overworld as you can see what a great game this was one of my favorites an ljn game who framed roger rabbit again these are all just the instruction manuals maniac mansion this was a classic computer game and again all these manuals are just in perfect pristine condition here let me flip this over because everything is upside down this is a manual for fall of the foot clan so we have the game and the manual here along with the paperboy manual we have the tetris manual again this was the pack in game super mario land’s manual and all these look great they’re not too they’re not yellowed at all they really feel brand new it was like they looked at them once and put them away here is the manual for golf which i did not get as part of the lot here’s the scrabble manual f1 race a manual for the four player adapter the baseball manual now this is the manual for the game boy itself and it looks like at least on some of the auction sites this is selling for like 50 so i don’t know if it’s worth that much but i might put it out there just to see what it’s worth and it is in excellent condition here and then here’s all the nes stuff we have a tengan pac-man i am pretty sure that this one was from the gray cartridge version and the reason is is that it has the nintendo seal of quality so

remember tengin which was owned by atari went rogue and they started making their own cartridges that bypassed the nintendo copy protection and there was a whole big lawsuit about it and everything else so this one was an officially licensed nintendo game but they also had a version that was in one of the black cartridges that was not this is game game tax jeopardy again just the manual of the all new junior edition perfect pristine condition this one is a little more beat up you can see there’s some folds on it this is castlevania ii simon’s quest here is a manual for the original legend of zelda also in great shape and you can see they had a little comic book here it was interesting they really tried to sell you on this game that you bought and i think it’s because it was such a different type of game than what had typically been on game consoles up until then so there was a lot of i think effort to get you into it because it takes a while to figure it out and explore and that’s the whole point of the game and i think they really wanted to get your imagination going so you wouldn’t have buyer’s remorse on it i think it was really a effort on nintendo’s part to expand the types of games that people played here in the us here is a manual for wheel of fortune super mario brothers 2.

This one’s a little more beat up not too ragged though looks like it’s in pretty good shape we have a manual for a double dragon also in excellent condition here i owned this game briefly i think i beat it in a weekend and i ended up returning it to the store because i didn’t i wasn’t pleased having such a expensive game i think it was like 50 bucks at the time completing it so quickly so i returned it i remember doing that this is the manual for super mario brothers 3 also in great shape so i have this game actually i have two copies of this game right now but not the manual so this looks great and you get all the different moves here pretty cool here is a manual for legend of zelda 2.

equally neat artwork inside of this one again great condition this is a manual for a solar jet man game i don’t think i’ve ever played before and then we have a book for the nes version of tetris cool stuff all right so now it’s time for the main event which is my game boy box here and this was again the real reason i wanted to go after this lot i’ve wanted a game boy box for a long time and i was at one of the retro game conventions that they have in my home state of connecticut it’s called retro world expo and i saw one for sale it must have been a complete inbox set and it was more than i wanted to pay but i was just really getting a real rush of nostalgia over this box because i was a probably 13 years old when this came out and it was so exciting to get this and open it up and the box itself just made you excited to get at it and one of the things about the game boy is that for its time it was quite innovative because you had all these game cartridges that you could swap in and out and get an experience on the road very similar to an experience you’d have with a game console hooked up to a television and at the time the only alternative for portable gaming were those tiger handhelds which weren’t all that great and a friend of mine bought this literally the week it came out or maybe the day it came out he found this mail order place out in washington state and they fedexed it to him back in 1989 we were waiting at his house all day for the fedex truck to show up

and then it appeared and we were all excited to get at it and what’s great about these boxes is back then they really were selling the product more than game consoles do now because now these things sit behind cages or they’re you know ordered online they don’t need to market as much but here you got a sense as to what games were coming out for it you would see something similar on all of the television based consoles also like the nes and the sega’s and everything as well so you had a couple of the games that were launching with it over here you had some of the accessories you could buy and i actually had both of these this was a rechargeable battery that you could use also as a power adapter and the game boy was pretty good on battery consumption but it was a lot less expensive to operate with this rechargeable battery especially because it would work as an ac adapter and then here is the back of the box here look how pristine this is it is a little crushed here at the top not bad though um but the the quality of the printing and the the varnish coat on it it almost looks like a recreation it’s so fresh looking i was really the picture looked great but i was really surprised to see how good this looked when i picked it up the game boy however is not in as good of a shape or as condition as the box is this game boy was loved and you can see already a part of it is loose there so the adhesive on

the display has come off the game boy itself is a little dusty and i haven’t yet put batteries in it to see if it works but the controls feel pretty good i did check the battery compartment here and there’s no battery acid leaking so it wasn’t stored with batteries so what i am going to do is plug in a few batteries now and we’ll see if this thing works all right so i got some of my rechargeable eneloops in here we’re going to close up the battery compartment and hold our screen together and i guess i’ll i’ll put in super mario land this is actually the first game that i played on my game boy when i got my own i got mine a few months after my friend did for a birthday present and it looks like it’s working but like many of these game boys and i’ll turn up the contrast here so you can see they develop these lines on the screen as you can see and so i think what i’m going to do with this one let’s see if it works here yeah it seems to be working fine i think what i’m going to do with this one is actually replace the screen they’ve got some really cool modern displays that are backlit that you can put inside the original hardware and i think that’s what i’m going to do with this one but it is in better condition than i expected because a lot of these game boys just don’t hold up well over time but this one speaker works the display you know has its lines but still very playable here so good stuff and i think i did

okay on this lot i would love to hear from you about uh the value of this so i pay i bid 185 dollars for the set and then of course they have sales tax and a buyer’s premium so i ended up paying over 200 here but by my count i think if i you know factor in the box value the game boy the manuals all the stuff i think i’m over 300 bucks in value if i were to sell all this stuff back out individually so let me know how i did in the comment section below because i do hope to recover some of the cost here because again my mission was the box and the game boy here was a nice bonus because i am going to modify this and that will be a future video so if you also have some suggestions on a good display to swap into this one i’d love to hear that as well so just a fun little video here just to show you what i picked up over the weekend i like to do these every once in a while and i look forward to hearing from all of you in the comments section about my haul that’s going to do it for now until next time this is lon seidman thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by supporters including gold level supporters jim tannis and tom albrecht hot sauce and video games and eric’s variety channel brian parker and frank goldman i’m the brown and matt zagaya and chris allegretta if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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