Review Lenovo Ideapad 530S – 15″ 1080p Midrange Laptop

hey everybody its lon Simon we’ve got another Lenovo laptop to take a look at this is their idea pad five 30s they sent in the 15 inch version for us to look at today and we’re going to be seeing what this laptop is all about in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure if this came in on loan from Lenovo so when we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions are about to hear our might own nobody is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about so it’s take a closer look now at the hardware again a 15.6 inch display on this one running at 1080p it’s an IPS display so it looks nice and sharp pretty decent viewing angles and it’s also got a glare free finish on it it is not a touchscreen though so you’ll have to be using the trackpad down here the display has a good amount of range to it here as you can see you can have it go almost flat to just about any other position you want good amount of tightness to the hinge here it feels pretty nice overall inside it has an Intel i5 8250 you processor this is a quad core chip that is pretty much running at the same power levels as last year’s dual core chip so it should give you a nice bump over a laptop that’s at about this price point in classification it has eight gigabytes of ddr4 ram the ram is upgradable but there’s only one RAM slot inside we took it apart on the

extras channel to show you that so the ram is running in single channel configuration which might impact a little bit of performance which we’ll get into in a few minutes this one is configured with a 256 gigabyte solid state drive that is a PCIe drive so you’ll get decent performance out of it and you can also upgrade that if you want you can again just take it apart here from the bottom and have at it now this one as configured at the moment is 8:49 but a couple of days ago it costs less than that I think it was around $7.99 or so so you might want to shop around a little bit for this when you are looking because I think this will likely be available at a number of different price points with a number of different configurations they even have one that has a GPU built in it looks like there’s a choice between an MX 150 or MX 130 GPU this one we’re looking at today does not have a GPU onboard it’s strictly Intel based graphics it weighs 3.6 pounds or 1.6 kilograms a little bit heavy but it is a 15-inch device it’s all aluminum so it’s got a very nice fit and finish to it it feels pretty kind of premium actually in its overall build quality and I was pleased with how it felt in the hand this part here around the screen is plastic but the rest of it is all metal it’s got a little webcam up here at the top bezel 720p nothing spectacular but good enough for getting the job done there’s also a number of ports on here including your power port right here this is a full size HDMI output you can go out to 4k on these devices I think it’ll run a 4k sixty Hertz display actually right here you’ve got a USB 3.0 port a full-size port and next to that is a

USB type-c port however this USB C port does not support power delivery nor video output a lot of laptops now support all of those functions through their USB C ports this one is data only and it is the slower Gen 1 speed out of it as well so just bear that in mind this is not a multifunction port right here you’ve got a combo headphone microphone jack on the other side you’ve got a full size SD card reader but your SD cards will stick out quite a bit when they go into it there so you’ll probably want to not walk around with those in there too much and you’ve got another full size USB 3 port over there keyboard is very nice as most of these lenovo laptops are this is their standard IdeaPad layout nice size keys really nice travel to them very pleased with the keyboard I’m also pleased with the trackpad it’s a click pad very accurate and feels very premium there and you also have a fingerprint reader on it as well there is a fan built into this because this is a regular i5 processor the fan is a little bit on the noisier side to us at least from our testing it’s got a bit of a high-pitched sound to you’ll hear from time to time when it kicks on generally it doesn’t kick on until it’s really under load but you will be hearing the fan on this one while you are using it and again a little bit of a high-pitched noise to it that some folks may not like will cover some of the thermals in a little bit so that’s the overall

hardware let’s take a look now and see how it performs we’re gonna kick things off with some web browsing we went over to my youtube channel first and watched a 1080p 60 frames per second video we had a couple of skip frames when it first got started using the edge browser I think it might have just had a little bit of a bump or something it was fine after that so I don’t think you’re going to have any issues playing back video from any popular website on this device websites themselves also ran very nicely on here too you can see we went over to the page and browsed around this was on Wi-Fi it has AC Wireless built in with a 2 by 2 radio so you’ll get really decent performance out of this if your Wi-Fi is running on the modern AC standard we also ran the browser bench org speedometer test and there we got a score of 143 on the version one test and about seventy eight point four on the version 2 test this puts it right in line with what we’ve seen on other eighth generation I 5 processors like this so I think all the things that you might do browsing the web should be perfectly fine on here as they should be with a modern Intel i5 chip we also ran Microsoft Word and did a little desktop publishing that was also effortless on here too so all in that quad core processor is going to do I think quite well for you battery life doing those kinds of tasks should get you about 6 and a half hours or so so you’re not going to get a full workday perhaps out of this device so you’ll want to probably keep some power outlets nearby

just to give it a boost every once in a while so again about six and a half hours doing that kind of stuff you’ll see less than that gaming in other activities that might stress the processor more and speaking of gaming let’s take a look at that now we’re going to kick things off with the Java version of Minecraft the one that most people still run they were getting frame rates between 85 and 100 frames per second running at 1080p with the Optifine performance enhancer plugged in not too bad there at all and we also booted up for at night and we’re seeing about 25 to 40 frames per second with that game of course if you had the GPU you would probably do a little better both in framerate and graphical quality but if you want to play a quick game or something every once in a while casually this is probably not a bad way to do it and we tried out rocket League lowest settings at 1080p and there we got frame rates between 40 and 55 frames per second and on the 3dmark cloud gate benchmark test we got a score of seven thousand three hundred and forty five which puts it pretty much where we expected it to fall given what it has inside for a processor but we’ve seen a big leap over the last year or two with its CPU performance on that test just given that the prior generation of this chip had two less cores than this one does so it’s able to process more things simultaneously than you could in the past and that will of course show up on tests like this so not bad but I think if you are looking for a laptop to play games on choosing one with a discrete GPU is going to be the better pick and on the 3dmark stress test

which measures how well the laptop does under load we got a passing score of 97.5% that means that the fan on board is able to keep the processor cool enough under load so it doesn’t slow down when it does have a lot going on so it was good to see it passed that test with that score so even though that fan will be noisy it will keep the computer cool which is very important for consistent performance and we also stressed its video playback capabilities running a 140 megabit per second 4k h EVC file on cody and it was able to decode that video just fine with no dropped frames or anything else again another advancement of Intel chips over the last couple of years is putting more advanced video decoding capabilities into their processors and here it’s running just fine and I know for some folks that Windows just doesn’t cut it anymore you want to go to something else like in Mbutu and we’ve got them boon to 18.04 running here with everything appearing to work as you would hope it would so video is working sound is working Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also working to hear so I think this could be a pretty decent Linux vais if you are looking to run an operating system other than windows on it it had no trouble getting this going for us so overall I think it’s a nice mid-range laptop the price swings on this are pretty crazy so I think you want to shop around a little bit again right now we saw this at 8:49 on the lenovo website but it was much less just a couple of days ago so be on the lookout for that I think you will be

able to get a good value if you shop around so definitely do your research and I would suggest looking at a number of different retailers including some brick-and-mortar ones to see which versions of this laptop they’re getting so you can get the best price with the best configuration my only gripe with it is just the USB C port on here I think they I really need to get consistent across their product line in providing a USB C port that does everything the technology has to offer there are some great docking stations that we’ve looked at here on the channel where you can take a single cable get power in and video and data out and unfortunately this port is not going to work with a docking station given it doesn’t support all the functions that USB type-c supports but otherwise I think it’s a pretty solid offering with a decent Intel processor from the current generation installed until next time this is LAN Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold-level supporters Chris Allegretto the four guys with quarters podcast Tom Albrecht bill Reiner and Kellyanne Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to land TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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