Ryzen 7000, X670 & More – AMD Could DOMINATE Intel in 2022!

oh i didn’t notice you here as you might know amd just had their computex presentation and okay i can’t keep doing this voice what’s going on guys snows here for hardware canucks and amd just rapid fired us with a bunch of new stuff that we need to unpack here we got smart storage mendocino zenfore x670 b650 just a bunch of stuff so let’s get into it right after a message from our sponsors i am so jealous of all who have access to micro center are you kidding me they have everything to get you in the mood laptops for days for eber in stock hardware components i mean wow and all types of gaming goodies for you know who people call it tech heaven but you don’t gotta die to visit one go on a thursday for example prices are always competitive and i’m told they have over 30 000 items in stock and i call that confidence new customers get a free ssd growing some market share i see check out micro center down below i’m gonna skip over the first half since all they talked about was how their mobile ryzen 6000 chips and notebooks are super impressive best in class and yada yada yada honestly i think they’re great the team is working on some incredible reviews so stay tuned for that but the only hiccup is that they’re just really hard to find

anyways fast forward and stop here it is codename mendocino now this might be a game changer this new lineup of laptops is for the everyday person not aimed at gaming not aimed at high compute performance just a laptop that you would buy for your kid that needs to do some homework or for someone who really just uses their laptop for everyday tasks it’s a quad-core 8-thread chip based on the zentu architecture and it has rdna 2 graphics kind of like the steam deck unfortunately we don’t know how many graphics compute units that this thing has yet but i doubt that it will have very many it’s not a workhorse chip amd did mentioned that the graphics in mendocino support all of the same features as ryzen 6000 so you get the same encoder and decoder which includes av1 decode nice you apparently get the same battery life efficiency as ryzen 6000 and all of that at the 399 to 699 price point a price point which at the low end had little to no quality offerings you were better off just getting a nice high quality tablet instead now i said a couple of seconds ago that i doubt that it will have very many compute units when it comes to rdna 2 graphics and i stand by that but the steam deck doesn’t have very many either and it runs games at a pretty low resolution but it runs a lot of them like a champ so maybe with some fsr 2.0 magic a little decrease of the resolution and a high enough compute unit count we could see an accessible affordable gaming machine here i guess we’ll have to wait until q4 to find out and trust me i expect to find out and now let’s get into the meat and potatoes now that am4 has received its last meal we have zenfore and the am5 platform zenfore has twice the l2 cash per core a single thread uplift of over 15 core clocks that are expected to go well above 5 gigahertz and has an expanded instruction set so let’s break it down first the single thread uplift it’s pretty self-explanatory all i can add here is that the test was done on cinebench r23 then the expanded instruction set for ai acceleration well if you are interested about that this is a lot like what intel is doing with their deep learning boosts on alderley it’s

an instruction set that accelerates ai workloads okay next a whopping five gigahertz plus max boost dr lisa zoo actually went ahead and showed off this insane clock speed during the stream it actually went over 5.5 gigahertz that’s crazy especially considering amd is showing this off in a gaming scenario meaning that the other cores are probably not far off that frequency with the improvements on zen 3 for clock speed distribution across the cores i wouldn’t be surprised if the all core boost was at or over 5 gigahertz seriously kudos here amd and this coupled with the two times l2 cache per core that cpu is going to stay fed with information which speaking of that more cash is great l2 even better but the frequency is what can take advantage of that and it looks like amd finally figured out how to engineer this intel kind of went the complete opposite way with super high clock speeds for a long time and low cash and they’re just now increasing their cash i mean raptor lake is rumored to have up to 68 megabytes of cash in total so yeah not bad what else well we’re looking at models up to 16 cores and the motherboards will support up to a 170 watt tdp for the cpu for those of you who thought that you could keep your ddr4 memory for the next generation bad news am5 is a ddr5 only platform but you’ll still be able to use your current am4 coolers so at least there’s that if we look at the first generation on the am5 platform we’re looking at up to 24 pcie 5.0 lanes for storage and graphics up to is important here but we’ll get back to it in a moment up to 14 usb 3 ports with some getting the usb 3.2 gen 2×2 treatment god i hate this naming scheme that’s up to 20 gigabits per second you also get wi-fi 6e support up to 4 hdmi 2.

1 and display 2 ports which brings me to the i o chiplet this little puppy has brand new rdna 2 graphics built in which means that you don’t necessarily need a gpu to get your computer to post while you wait for your next gen graphics card neat lastly let’s talk motherboards so amd revealed three new chipsets x670e or extreme x670 and b650 let’s start with the highest end extreme you get pcie gen 5 everywhere at least that’s what amd tells you it’s sort of that it will have two pcie slot and one nvme slot at pci egen 5 speeds but the rest is gen 4.

It also has the most premium chipset so extreme overclockers are going to want this model then there’s x670 still overclockable but on the pcie front this one is a little tricky the motherboard manufacturer has to have pcie gen 5 on the storage slot but for the graphics slot it’s optional and lastly there’s b650 like x670 it has to have pcie gen 5 on the storage slot but the graphics slot will always be at gen 4. it is interesting to note that they did not mention overclocking here though i hope that they don’t lock us out like intel does that’s a dangerous path to follow here amd by the way the reason why there’s such a focus on storage for pci agent 5 is simply because well we’re there we’re at the limit of gen 4 speeds on four lanes and it’s time to move up the physon controller is expected to be 60 faster in read speeds compared to gen 4. that’s very impressive am5 and ryzen 7000 by the way should be available in fall so yeah that was a lot it’s going to be interesting to see how both intel and amd compare in the next generation especially when it comes to price amd going all in for ddr5 makes the price of entry a little bit higher now at least intel and amd will be on somewhat of a level playing field what are your thoughts on this let me know down below in any case that is pretty much it for today’s video hopefully you’ve enjoyed drop a like if you liked it and comment if you want to talk about this event this incredible event as usual right here to see the latest video right here to subscribe to hardware canucks right here to subscribe to boot sequence that’s new stay frosty my dudes and i’ll see you on the next one by the way i host this fully so if you want to see more of this disgusting mug it’s right here take care

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