14l n-atx A TINY ATX Case with NO Compromises!

you know what time it is sff time well good people both mike and eber were so impressed by the previous iteration of this case from sff time the patx that when they announced the slightly bigger version i was really excited and it’s my turn to experience something like this it’s basically the same concept of that really slim enclosure but now it’s slightly bigger to still accommodate an atx motherboard and limit the amount of compromises you’ll stumble upon and i feel that they’ve achieved that perfectly with the natx but as with any non-standard enclosure of course there are still plenty of challenges when it comes to building assembly when it comes to hardware compatibility and sff time notice which is why they have a really fantastic and extensive compatibility list on their website which you 100 should check out before you know making your journey towards building in something like this or the previous patx so let’s begin this fantastic gundam natx journey right after this play your games the right way with a much improved virtuoso rgb wireless xt with bluetooth support fantastic swivel hinges deeper ear cushions tactile controls with usbc charging a beefy

microphone to step up your comms game and awesome wireless sound reproduction check it out below yeah so i am really excited to finally do a themed pc build i haven’t done one in a while and using gundam hardware which is it’s so gorgeous i feel like it deserves that proper showcase you may be wondering what are the difference between the previous patx and the new natx so basically it has gone up in size and price while still supporting atx motherboards uh and more and larger hardware but still it’s impressively thin and can tuck away on your desk without issues and the whole footprint of this enclosure is fairly compact because it’s so thin it doesn’t occupy much space in terms of build quality so for the price point of 229 and 239 i mean it’s a little steep because it’s just power coated steel so it’s not aluminum it’s like an itx almost size enclosure that can fit atx motherboards and can do so very well without you know stumbling upon too many challenges so on that side sff time have uh established a really good niche market for themselves but it’s also yeah it is a little pricey and by a little i mean it’s pricey it’s still a very minimalist approach to a case design as here are all the accessories that are included with the enclosure plus a gen 3 riser cable i found this hex tool pretty unique as it unlocks the storage bracket that is at the front of the enclosure and can accommodate both two and a half and three and a half inch drives throughout the entire thickness of the case which is important in case your graphics card is a chunky one but if m.2 is an option for you i would highly recommend even with the itx build you still gravitate towards m.2 storage on your

motherboard to just avoid cable clutter and avoid unnecessary things of like plugging things in in the assembly this tool is also used to install the motherboard standoffs because you secure them with screws from the other side to avoid stuff poking through and the steel is also fairly thin so that might not actually support your standard standoff so probably the most interesting and important thing for me is the support for the full-size atx motherboard with an atx power supply or an eatx motherboard with an sfx power supply so you have those two options but of course you still have options for water cooling like a 360 radiator at the bottom which is pretty impressive considering the thickness of the case but you will need to use an itx motherboard and a single slot gpu for this configuration to work because the 25mm fans overlap with a dual slot gpu space you can still use an atx power supply tow and you know if this is how you jam and if this is what you crave i mean good on you and respect to you but you’re insane using 15 millimeter fans instead on the radiator will open up clearance for a dual slot gpu with this setup which is appreciated also there’s another trick up at sleeve where you can utilize a four slot gpu uh and an itx motherboard which is why they’re slightly offset motherboard standoffs for the itx build and this little sliver that you have to remove uh for the motherboard io

basically shifting the entire itx motherboard slightly higher to give you additional clearance at the bottom for a four slot gpu sounds pretty cool by the way below the power supply you can install a 120 or 140 ml fan for extra cooling and even tow the case is fine with an itx motherboard i don’t think there are advantages of using this case versus any other itx focused enclosure because this side 240 mil radiator mount is somewhat value-added with an sfx power supply at the bottom but you still need to buy the sfx kit separately which seems like a kind of big compromise anyway due to gpu length limitations and height of your water block so in my eyes both the natx and the p80x really shine when you utilize them for their name installing an atx motherboard inside and calling it a day which is what i’m doing in gundam style [Music] [Music] [Music] so everything was going smoothly i spent two hours building this system making sure everything is properly working the one thing i did not check over and i should have was the riser cable there was no vga signal even though i had set to gen 3 pci signal in the bios and my rtx 2060 work no problem my 2080 ti work no problem but no gen 4 graphics card works with this riser cable and this motherboard combo it is really unfortunate that the cable doesn’t work with this motherboard combo not sure why the bios is updated everything has been set to gen 3 but it worked just fine with my other b550 gen4 motherboard as well when i set the pci signal to gen 3.

so for my editing computer everything is fine so just keep that in mind also sff time tell us these are high quality cables with over 500 sold without any issues so that gives me more confidence and the only thing that saved the day was me to swap out the ryzer cable from this b20 from fractal design which is also a gen 3 cable but it powered on no problem the only issue with that b20 riser cable is it’s slightly thicker than the one that is supplied by the sff time and you need to really compress it really close to the motherboard which is something that i cannot do with the riser cable from fractal design therefore i cannot actually mount the bottom of the riser cable to the case and therefore the graphics card is just kind of floating in case and attached only with a single screw not ideal but at least we have a system and which leads me to my overall experience right so the assembly procedure when it comes to your standard atx components is pretty flawless like you put in the the motherboard you put in the gpu you slide in the power supply on the side it’s only when it comes to cable management where things become a little bit tricky because the gpu and the power supply they meet very close to each other so that is why that 160 millimeter length for the power supply is there to avoid unnecessary wiggle room when it comes to doing cable management and so here i kind of embraced it and my cpu cable is one meter in length which is insane i don’t know why asus does that but it allowed me to create this intentionally busy look beside the components with all the cables which are sleeved thank god i also swapped out the cpu cooler fan for a white fan just so it can tie in with the aesthetic i can put in all my orange color that is the accent color for this build because i’ve got them in the end i think the system came out looking really nice in terms of color combination all white components that do match each other as well which is appreciated it doesn’t happen often but seeing that all these components are from asus uh it makes sense right i also love how we intentionally chose this memory for this build but how the red like this dark rich red matches perfectly to the red on the gpu it’s

perfect to finalize the look of the case we need to attach the stand luckily it’s a completely tool-less procedure for the stand itself but you need to first secure the side panels and then only attach the stand and the system is complete because the stand is not secured by anything there is a bit of a wiggle going on but the enclosure itself is also fairly thin so without the side panels there’s actually quite a lot of play overall though i’m very happy with the turnout the system is super quiet even though it only has that single cpu fan but no gpu the cooler here is absolutely massive that it doesn’t really need much at idle of course when we get into the game the cpu temperature rises but we’re using the 11400 which is totally capable as a as a gaming processor while not outputting that much heat and this low profile cpu cooler being within the spec of what can fit inside this case i would say is really capable so well done skype the big sure shuriken 3 is a really nice cooler for low profile design also of course you don’t get any dust filtration on either side because that would significantly hinder your airflow performance so you just have to get into a habit of opening this thing up and cleaning it once in a while so guys let me know what you think of this gundam build all the parts will be listed in the description below if you want to potentially go ahead and use some of them in your future build as well i’m dmitry thanks so much for watching and i’ll talk to you in the next

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