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hey everybody mike with hardware canucks here and here in the office in montreal we’ve been playing around with windows 11 for quite a while and it’s gone through a couple of iterations but now it’s actually starting to roll out to a bunch of you guys or it’s going to start rolling out over the next couple of days and weeks so i tasked somebody to look a little bit further into this now he is a former apple genius and i hope that he’s a windows 11 genius now too so i give you snows and there he is so say hello to knows from our boot sequence channel and also now on of course hardware canuck so tell us a little bit about what we’re doing in this video so basically i’m gonna talk to you about uh windows 11 features and as you probably know windows 11 is an iteration of windows 10 so i am a lot of these things are going to be compatible with windows 10 too i’m also going to share a lot of tips that i used in windows 10 that now still work in windows 11 and some of them are improved and the other thing that i really wanted to do is add a little bit of my experience close to the end of the video about some rants that i have that i just wish would have changed with this iteration so we’re going to get to all of that right after a message from our sponsor oh cool play your games the right way with a much improved virtuoso rgb wireless xt with bluetooth support fantastic swivel hinges deeper ear cushions tactile controls with usbc charging a beefy microphone to step up your comms game and awesome wireless sound reproduction check it out below all right so now that mike is gone let’s just steal the channel all right first tip that taskbar let’s just fix that real quick so to do that you’re just going to go ahead and right click on the taskbar go to taskbar settings and if you scroll down you can go to taskbar behavior and taskbar alignment left there you go less stress i feel better now that that’s done let’s talk about some of the obvious stuff that you might want to use that have been added or at least perfected in windows 11 like snap layouts it’s available in windows 10 but honestly it is so much better on windows 11.

In windows 10 resizing the snapped windows sometimes didn’t trigger the option to snap a second window and sometimes it would only resize one at a time it was useful but fairly wonky now with windows 11 they seamlessly resize for example i’ll open up here the file explorer let’s say microsoft edge and the windows store if you want to activate the snap layout you just hover over the little squares on the top right and there you go you got presets now the presets what’s interesting is that they change depending on what kind of display you have if you have a 4k display at 100 display resolution you might even have the option to have three vertical pages and that will be super useful if you have an ultra wide display so here i’m just going to go ahead and make it a three window so the store on the left uh let’s say a new tab on the right on the top and the file explorer at the bottom snap layouts plus you can access some more settings for snap layouts if i go right into the settings i go to multitasking which is down here and click snap windows boom you have a bunch of options to customize the way uh snapping behaves on your computer and another quick pro tip if you want to snap a window super easily just press the windows key and an arrow key to snap it to whichever side you want so for example i have the file explorer here windows key left snaps to left windows key right snaps to right windows key up it’ll go in the corner there and if you go all the way up it goes back to full screen and it always remembers what size it was before you snapped it so click boom and there you go now let’s talk about widgets you should be using them i really like it since i can keep things that i usually pull out my phone to get like stocks and coin prices weather forecasts and a task list for work for example plus there’s news in case i want to make a boot sequence about it it’s pretty useful just give it a whirl the next tip is all about that ctrl c and ctrl v aka the clipboard so you want to copy and paste stuff that’s fine but now you can have a clipboard history so if you press windows and v you can click on turn on to turn it on and this is what it looks like you can

basically have all of your control c’s saved right here and what’s more is that now this is cloud connected so if i control c here and i go on the computer over there i can control v files uh text images pretty much anything another cool feature is the common folders in the start menu if you press the start menu you can see that the bottom is a little barren next to here my logo there’s absolutely nothing so if you go to the system settings click on personalization then you go down to start you can customize the start button folders right here folders and then you can go ahead and turn some of them on so let’s say settings file explorer documents and you’ll see them pop up right here you see and you have all of those available personally i’m looking forward to when we’ll be able to add custom folders here but for now this will do something of note for some reason microsoft thought that everyone is using a touch interface so they decided that the space between files have to be huge take a look right here but come on can’t they auto detect touch input methods anyways to fix that just go to the view section right up here click on that and then you can go to compact view this will allow you to see more files at the same time another feature that i use a lot is dictation it’s activated by pressing the windows key and h but as you can see you have to be in a text box so let’s open notepad first so notepad then we press windows key and h where did the quick brown fox jump i’m not sure it did jump though see it automatically applied the question mark and the period so it’s pretty oh it’s still recording hold on so yeah as you can see it did do the punctuation correctly that wasn’t available in windows 10.

Now this next one is for slightly more power users instead of having to reboot your entire computer or open a virtual machine you now have full linux slash windows integration which includes graphics and audio in windows 10 it didn’t not natively you can enable it by going to the terminal so let’s open windows terminal boom and then i already did this but all you have to do is do wsl dash dash install and it’s already installed after that you’ll have a full linux subsystem and as you can see if i go to the start menu and i write ubuntu it is available for me right there from there you can update ubuntu do bash commands and really if you’re good with linux you can literally control your windows pc by using this subsystem you can also open programs for example here’s running in linux and windows give it a second there you go it’s set to maximize it um so this is running in linux and windows kind of that’s pretty cool now let’s move on to tips that you might not know about and that work on both windows 10 and 11.

this one is my favorite it’s basic but it’s great so let’s say you’re on youtube so i’m gonna go on on youtube.

com and you’re on the homepage and you see two or three videos that you would like to watch let’s say this one here and this one here and this one here but the problem is if you click on one of them and you open it it’s not guaranteed that the other videos will still be on the home screen when you go back so let’s go back to the youtube home screen and boom completely different videos now to fix that or just as a quick tip you can press on the middle mouse button this will allow you to open in a new tab this works in chrome edge it works on pretty much all browsers so let’s take a look i middle click i middle click i middle click and take a look at the top i got all my tabs now sure you can right click and then click on open in a new

window but the middle click trick is just so much faster the next thing is emojis now i’m aware that the windows emojis are well less than appetizing at least for now because they plan on updating them but yeah sometimes you need to use them so the shortcut is the windows key and a period so let’s go check that out and maybe talk to cleverbot why not let’s give him a smiley face uh windows key period and you can click smiley face boom press enter and it’s a smiley face cleverbot so it works pretty much anywhere but on top of that you can access special characters super easily let’s take a look here we have the emojis we have gifs then on the next thing we have some ascii art which is kind of cute and then of course we have right here special characters so general punctuation there’s currency symbols you have the latin symbols you have a lot of special characters that are accessible right here you even have your own clipboard see it’s pretty cool and i love keyboard shortcuts another shortcut that i personally use a lot let’s get rid of cleverbot here for a moment is getting to the task manager how do you open it some right click on the taskbar and choose it or in the case of windows 11 you have to right click on the windows icon and then choose the task manager right here others will go through the painful process of doing control alt delete and then clicking on task manager itself but here’s a tip all you have to do is do control shift escape and it automatically pops up it’s super quick here’s another one for you let’s talk shake if you’re a messy user with a couple of dozen things open at the same time you might like it let me give you an example i’ma have this open this open this open let’s open the microsoft store and edge and then i open up my notepad here and i want to see the notepad alone on its own i don’t want to see anything behind all i have to do is grab the title bar and boom shake it a little bit and everything goes away they automatically minimize themselves that way i only have my notepad right there but let’s say i want everything back all you have to do is just shake again so shake come on vigorous shake isn’t it working there you go uh very vigorous shakes and and it will work speaking of desktops the button on the bottom right corner that you sometimes hit by mistake and that brings you right

back to the desktop this one right here right right right here this one yeah you can disable it now which is great in my opinion all you got to do is go into your taskbar settings so right click right here taskbar settings and then you can drop down to taskbar behavior and boom and you can click on select the far corner of the taskbar to show desktop remove that and look at that i can click here and nothing happens that’s great so this next one is a sleeper i actually didn’t know about it until i looked things up for this video it’s so basic it’s just the calculator it’s a lot more powerful than i thought let’s open it up and i’ll show you exactly what i’m talking about so the calculator is a calculator and yes you can turn it into a scientific calculator which i knew what i didn’t know is how many options it has click on the little lines here and you can change it to a currency converter volume converter length weight and mass temperature energy area speed time power data this thing is a powerhouse and i used to just go on google instead i have everything right here at the tips of my fingers here’s another one don’t overlook edge now i know chrome is pretty much the de facto browser for renewal view but edge is actually great and it can work exactly the same as chrome with a little customization plus it can put tabs to sleep to save on both cpu usage and memory and we all know how much chrome based browsers love memory all you got to do is click on edge then on the little three dots right there then right into the settings and you can just type in sleep in the search settings here and there you go you can save resources while sleeping tabs personally i put inactive tabs to sleep after about 30 seconds or five minutes depending on what i want but the default is two hours i personally would uh probably lower that also you can choose some websites that you’d never want to put to sleep according to microsoft this can save you up to 37 percent in memory usage so these are a few things that i gathered with my time on windows 11.

And also a couple of tips and tricks let me know which ones you plan on using maybe on windows 11 or windows 10 or if you knew some of them that’d be pretty cool now windows 11 was fun but it also had some pretty bad stuff or things that really we should have had in windows 11 and i’m gonna bring back mike uh for that segment okay so i’m back and there’s some things that i wanted to rant about after using windows 11 for a little while and most of those have to do with the fact that a lot of the things that i didn’t like about windows 10 are still around sort of like gremlins in the system and the first of those is the hevc extensions for what is now called microsoft movies and tv yeah like you still have to pay 99 cents for these and i know there’s a licensing thing here but give me a break it’s just insane like it shouldn’t be like that and what about the sub menu you saw it oh my god okay so this sub menu this is a big thing for me so yes they wanted to simplify things microsoft wanted to make sure that it’s a little bit more touch friendly but in order to get to a lot of those options that you actually want in the right click menu you have to click more times than once you have to click once then open up more options and then this other thing sort of pops out and that’s your old windows 10 right-click menu and what’s insane to me is that it seems like they did that to save on vertical space for maybe a touch screen or a tablet but that just adds vertical space because you have the new windows 11 menu and the old windows 10 menu attached to it in the show more options it’s absolutely ridiculous it makes no sense i know that when you were researching windows 11 there was a couple of little weird things that popped up too yeah really weird one of them is the fact that uh they are moving the the update schedule so instead of twice a year uh it’s going to be once a year for windows 11 that’s compared to windows 10.

So they’re getting lazy yeah they’re pretty much getting lazy another thing is that the home version of windows you’re not going to believe that the home version requires you to have a microsoft account you cannot use it if you don’t have a microsoft i can’t do that i can’t do it that pushes people to the pro edition exactly not just that it pushes people to have to give out more to the microsoft ecosystem i guess which i really don’t like and the last thing is microsoft where is the tabs in explorer we’ve been waiting like 10 years for that and apple has had this since like os x9 but then again if it was microsoft tabs it would be a totally different ecosystem microsoft windows and there’s i guess windows yes anyways no no no no that was a good one okay so other than that i mean look we are excited that the fact that this is a quote unquote new windows but we want to know what you think about this too are you just going to stick with windows 10 are you going to take that free upgrade to windows 11 and just live with it and maybe enjoy some of these features that we were talking about yeah i mean there’s a lot of keyboard shortcuts that i showed mike and he’s been using like the middle click middle click the shake oh the shape but then again in the coffee shop that looks really weird but anyways let us know if you want a little bit more content like this i had fun with this one i know snows was actually swearing at the screen at one point in time so he maybe he didn’t have too much but like i said if you enjoy this subscribe let us know what you thought of it i’m mike with hardware canucks and i’m snows of boot sequence and hardware canucks and we’ll see you guys in the next one yeah click somewhere here for the boot sequence thing or up there yeah i’ll up here maybe up there okay all right see you guys take care

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