Review Razer Barracuda PRO – DON’T CHOOSE WRONG!

so this is razer’s flagship hybrid gaming headset what the is a hybrid gaming headset what it doesn’t even come with a removable boom microphone is this really a flagship has active noise cancellation tell hope that doesn’t become the next hot thing in the gaming audio you know what i mean so razer is updating their entire batter cuda lineup with the barracuda pro the high tier hero skew the middle line the barracuda and they are updating the barracuda x the entry version with double the battery life and the smart switch which i appreciate and also the included carry pouch with the pro model and anc is probably not worth the 90 premium over the middle skew barracuda i do apologize in advance for my voice still recovering from covid but my question today would be is this thing really worth it the premium over the lower tier skus and does anc matter in the gaming environment so let’s start with the design right so the looks it’s very simplified it’s the barracuda family it’s a blends between the aesthetic gaming and lifestyle so this thing will blend in within the crowd no problem it is slightly larger than the opus or the original barracuda x but still

lightweight enough not to be a nuisance even though it’s 330 grams it doesn’t feel like it on my head it still feels very well supported not just on the ear cups but on the headband as well the ear cushions are deep enough with thick interior lining for comfort they work very well with glasses and it’s definitely one of the more comfortable pairs in the wireless space and they also have slightly less clamping force versus the barracuda and the barracuda x and i prefer the pro over everything else all the controls are basic so a digital volume control a mic mute switch they charge with usbc and you can see all the exposed microphones to get that anc going so the lack of a removable dedicated boom microphone on the pro model is i would say a huge downside from razer’s point of view even though it is aimed towards that hybrid demographic who wants something more lifestyle who wants something gaming on the go come to the office to your place of gaming and also use this the microphones on here are not trash but they’re definitely not up to par for what you can get for that price point in other gaming headsets but regardless of how much anc you enable there’s no escape from today’s video sponsor so i’m supposed to just build this the new k5 customize your own with a ton of color options for the entire

assembly plus plenty of switch varieties with a hot swap body or choose the retail black or transparent white models the pcb mounted stabs are factory lubed the rgb boost mode is freaking cool and the super scan tech scans your keystrokes every half a millisecond for outstanding performance all for a quality feel the extra 5k5 compact explore your perfect 65 keyboard below which brings me to 5 annoying things about the barracuda pro the surface texture is better than gloss but with an almost sheen grain it’s great under the microscope but not good against finger oils it will get nasty pretty fast the usb receiver because of its odd l shape will definitely block one of the ports on your pc for example depending on the orientation of how you plug it in fortunately an extension is included so you can use that with the standard usb port also you cannot stash the receiver inside the earcup there’s just no room it doesn’t really hold in place like you can with basically all other wireless headsets and of course you can plug it into the usb c port on the headset itself and travel like that but that’s probably not going to be the the most safe thing to do in the long term the headset has built-in voice prompts for changing modes to changing sources but it doesn’t have a voice prompt for mic mute so unless you physically look at it and you see the green that’s how you know it is on the ear cups do not fold inwards which is weird for being a mobile centric headset they do fold flat just not the right way around your neck and of course the price point slash

the classification of this being a hybrid perhaps would indicate some more functionality for perhaps wired use wireless use used with your ps4 and everything so in a wireless space it’s fine but there’s no analog jack so you cannot plug this in and use them in wired mode you cannot even use them while they’re charging which is pretty dumb the lack of a removable microphone of course gets some points deducted and i would actually recommend maybe looking at the barracuda x or the middle barracuda because i feel like those for the price points offer a lot more value and functionality uh both of which have bluetooth 5.2 and 2.4 gigahertz functionality just like this headset does they do not have anc which this thing really tries to upsell itself for but anc for most people not necessarily that useful the pro does sound better though and it has a more comfortable earcup material versus the regular barracuda but still it’s 90 bucks man which brings us to five clever things about the barracuda pro so first of all it remembers your anc settings after a power off slash power on cycle which means that i love the ambient mode it simulates this like open back feel every time i turn them on it remembers that setting and i’m back in i appreciate the power led right beside the power button being far away so when you do cover up the power button you can still see the led the wireless range on this thing is truly impressive it is by far the best wireless headset that i have in terms of range without destroying the signal quality and still being six meters away in my kitchen with several walls in between and having absolutely no dropouts or any crackles or interference so well done also razer made it extremely simple to switch between different

modes so with a double tap you can switch between 2.4 gigahertz uh hyper speed wireless or bluetooth mode go back to your bluetooth setting with a single press you can cycle between the three different anc modes so on off for ambient all of which have audio cues when you enable them so you know exactly where you are and finally the anc so at first i thought it would be a total gimmick for gaming but it does have a specific use case in certain situations so for example anc is not necessarily needed here because the passive isolation of these ear cups is already very good but anc adds a slight dimension to that muteness that like mutes the background even further therefore it allows you to listen to music or audio or gaming at a slightly lower volume without being totally distracted by your outside environment i love that for escape from tarkov where audio cues are everything and therefore it allows me to slightly lower the volume of the headset turn on anc and being totally confident and what i’m hearing right now is all game volume and not anything from my environment and of course the biggest advantage is when you’re on the go it helps to mute the world slightly remove some of the humming in the background from the highway stuff and it’s not that aggressive and here’s my recreation on what

it sounds like nice but of course if you like to blast your ears with audio and c will be pretty useless interestingly though we have 10 levels of anc to play around with either through the razer synapse or the razer audio app anything above seven introduces white noise and hiss i do not like that setting anything below seven is kind of uh you know start to reintroduce some of the background elements that get canceled out so you either want to keep it five or seven or keep it off so this is what the microphone on the veracuta pro sounds like it is an integrated microphone which razer tells me is best in class but it does not compete versus dedicated boom arms for example but you know it sounds like it’s coming from the ear cup you know the microphone is there somewhere and therefore the sound is a little bit distant but uh it does have noise cancellation built in as well so let me know what you think of this microphone quality what you listen to now is that recorded by the cheapest in the barracuda family the updated barracuda x obviously has a dedicated boom microphone that you can remove if you don’t want to use it and therefore still have this headset as like a very good mobile bluetooth slash 2.4 gigahertz headset but in terms of microphone quality definitely i prefer this over the barracuda pro because of its integrated microphone versus dedicated boom next up we have the hyperx cloud alpha wireless the reason it’s in here is because the microphone

capsule is absolutely massive it sounds fantastic very warm lots of body in the sound and as long as the microphone is not in the position of all your plosives it would sound really decent and it has a really good like noise cancellation algorithm built in into the background well done hyperx and just for reference here’s what a proper wired microphone sounds like this is one of the latest corsair headsets and i think they done a fantastic job and making sure the sound is warm it’s clear it has just enough background compression and this is definitely one of the best in its budget class well done corsair now when it comes to audio performance i think it’s solid the pro is going to be my one of my top recommendations in the wireless audio anc surprisingly does not change the sound profile even though uh it did with the opus and it was like a totally different experience here it just mutes out the background noise i think that’s why it’s so minor anc because they don’t want to completely bash the audio fidelity of what’s coming in here so there’s a lot of clarity in the bass region which is fantastic the high end is smooth and overall there’s a lot of power uh without you know giving you bleeding gears i would say it is one of the better wireless sounding headphones and it’s even better than the middle barracuda and the barracuda x for sure there’s just more character in here even though they are using slightly different drivers same drivers slightly different tuning and uh it i can hear the difference for sure now battery life is rated at 40 hours which i think is conservative i’ve been using this headset for two weeks both on my gaming pc and with my mobile device you know switching

between bluetooth and 2.4 gigahertz i’m at around 30 right now and i’ve been using this you know fairly consistently like how i would with a normal pair of headphones and the power savings kick in after 15 minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life as it should so what we have here is a solid sounding wireless gaming headset with a pretty disappointing microphone subpar anc that in most scenarios won’t be necessarily useful if you’re at a desktop but might come in handy if you’re traveling and you want to use this whole hybrid approach between gaming on your mobile versus using it on a desktop the price of course is astronomical this is a razor tax all over again feels like we’re going in circles about razer introducing something that is fantastic value and lots of features and then spiking things back up and this is that perfect example where i don’t necessarily see how this would be a 249 headset but it’s almost clear that they’re trying to compete with the lifestyle headphone audios anc headphones of the world from sony from microsoft and yeah it clearly shows if microphone is important to you and you don’t care about anc definitely either the barracuda or the barracuda x and this if anc is like a must but just know that it’s not aggressive and it will slightly mute the background stuff and i do like the ambient node that is definitely something of a huge value add with the pro especially for my usage but let me know what you think of the new barracuda family the pro the regular or the x which one would you pick everything will be linked in description below thank you very much and uh yeah i’ll talk to you in the next

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