Review Razer Viper 8K – The Gaming Mouse from the Future!

great individuals the viper 8k guy this thing is amazing oh wait a second this is the wrong one there we go the power of the viper all right so this entire conversation concerning the viper 8k it requires to happen since we can approach it from numerous angles right like it’s the following development of modern technology for video gaming peripherals you recognize we saw the 4 000 hertz pulling with the corsair k100 keyboard as well as currently ultimately that’s mosting likely to equate into a little greater hertz on a computer mouse and i imply that’s sort of the future right like we’ve gone through numerous steps of models of technological improvements with sensors like we have 20 000 dpi sensors that don’t truly make any type of feeling for the individual but they’re there since technology enables it to be implemented and also rolled out at an inexpensive cost factor i likewise feel like we’ve gone via a bunch of iterations of the light-weight style and just how business approach creating the covering with openings or without and it’s really awesome to see other business like extra 5 with the m42 rgb really offer you personalization in regards to shape so being able to exchange out the back plate to fit your grasp style far better as well as so when razer approached us and also claimed hey we’re releasing an 8 000 hertz computer mouse i obtain delighted because i most definitely wished to see if you can really feel the distinction and i’ve had the model for several months now i ultimately have actually the ended up product in my hand and incidentally that comes with stickers i’ll leave web links below for the ak yet this is an outstanding relocation so allow’s speak about specifically what is the modern technology what’s my experience like and also does this modification the industry at all right hereafter the new corsair vital 100 rgb is a true front runner key-board with 4 000 hertz pulling price and also brand-new opx optical mechanical switches high quality pvt keycaps a lovely redesign all around and the brand-new intelligence wheel that has a great deal of capability check out the k100 rgb down below i make sure much of you are unconvinced and also at the extremely first rundown i was as well i have a question really um why does 8k issue truthfully i maintained asking the exact same

inquiry over and also over once again because from an advertising point of view it’s so fluff right you can say you have the fastest computer mouse on the planet it has eight times decreased latency versus your standard 1000 hertz mouse yet for the general consumer that doesn’t matter what really is vital though is the technological structure that presses this whole point ahead and also in truth you do have these benefits of reduced input latency from from the click from movement of the mouse uh which all include up to a bit extra regular experience maybe except me possibly not for 90 of you but also for esports level like really high affordable players this is an amazing thing right and after that of training course i had my second concern alright so from a technological point of view it makes good sense however it matters not truly for completion user unless the cost is ideal which brings us to this next point and this is a dazzling relocation by razer launching the razer viper 8k at the very same price of 79 as the original razer viper with this price i think it’s an excellent means to kind of strength your method right into the marketplace especially because the original viper is being discontinued so it’s not like you have the choices in between both and this is clearly razer’s uh trying to capitalize on the situation not giving you a price markup for embracing this innovation for like the lovers yet actually requiring you right into it rather so allow’s speak about what’s different between the 2 computer mice so first the razer viper ak is 2 grams heavier at 71 grams versus 69 we have second gen razer optical mouse switches which are the fastest buttons on the marketplace again one of those marketing things that does not really matter but it makes good sense that they would certainly place an optical switch right into this computer mouse as well as not the mechanical since from our conversation with the razer engineers if you have a mechanical switch it kind of defeats the

purpose of that instantaneous reaction due to d-balance hold-up and also other factors so an optical button on the fastest computer mouse on the planet i mean those 2 align the sensing unit is improved with higher resolution so as much as 20 000 dpi versus 16 000 api on the initial now of course we have real 8 000 hertz drawing versus 1000 hertz the wire is somewhat thicker to suit extra circuitry to carry that signal although it is still usb 2 compatible so you don’t need a usb 3 port to have this computer mouse performing at 8 000 hertz and also we additionally have smoother move due to the fact that of 100 ptfe feet as for the remainder of the body it corresponds the initial so real ambidextrous design with side web browser buttons on both the left and the appropriate side with nice texture grip the razer logo is illuminated as well as it goes entirely offline when the rgb is handicapped and also at the end of the computer mouse we have a dpi switch button that is shade coded with as much as 5 accounts shape smart it fits my hybrid style perfectly it’s most definitely in my top 5 for pc gaming smart and also if you intend to see our leading 10 collection take a look right over present moment i seem like we’re keyed to discuss this entire hyper pulling of 8 000 hertz which in fact provides us 8 000 one-of-a-kind specific records per 2nd now ballot rate is the number of times a 2nd the computer mouse sends its information to the computer in

both its area as well as clicks as well which is reported in hertz so a traditional mouse of a thousand hertz will report its location as well as its clicks a thousand times per 2nd back to the computer so if we were to draw a best curved line it would look something similar to this yet on a micro 2nd level 1000 hertz it’s gon na look something like this right it’s not going to be this ideal line and also these rooms are going to represent our latency of one millisecond feedback time between each post so this is what it looks like at the thousand hertz at 8 000 hertz we have eight little dashboards in between the very same quantity of space so this additionally stands for one nanosecond of area in time yet uh we have point one 2 5 milliseconds between each polling rate so our line our rounded line is mosting likely to look a lot much smoother without any kind of mini stutters and also so this is 8 000 hertz unsure why those nos are so beefy yet you can clearly see the distinction right this chart is likewise extremely interesting because it clearly reveals exactly how superior much faster pulling is when it concerns micro stutters shown as the delay in between the frame rendering as well as when the drawing takes place for instance if this polling area stands for a mouse click you do not in fact see it till a new framework starts to provide and also that hold-up is substantially reduced with faster polling also an intriguing observation is that i’ve seen cpu use in my circumstance with 8 000 hertz to be somewhat higher versus when i’m utilizing a 1000 hertz mouse

and also that cpu use virtually doubled went from four percent to 8 percent when i’m relocating the mouse intermittently and so that is something to maintain in mind which is why razer actually supplied us with the minimum screening specifications for equipment due to the fact that this 8000 hertz drawing you understand it needs to be refined somehow which raises one more question around will usb controllers be bottlenecking and presenting anymore latency right into the formula when you’re taking care of such large transmission capacities therefore i hunch we’ll have to discover therefore far i imply i’ve just seen greater cpu usage yet when i make certain this technology obtains into many more technical hands we’ll figure out and this is where the conversation may be comparable to two gamers reviewing uh rejuvenate rates on displays like 148 hertz versus 240hz 240hz is certainly faster and also better yet can you notice the distinction right in between hertz which is currently incredibly quick and so this is where this conversation with computer mice drawing price 1000 hertz versus 8 000 hertz you understand like it’s certainly 8 times quicker so 0.125 millisecond reaction time versus 1 millisecond action time as well as that offers you simply generally more consistent registration and smoother tracking with actual mouse cursor not just clicking on the computer mouse but moving the computer mouse on screen too it is

fascinating to see this graph provided by razer so contending computer mice versus what we see with razer 8k in regards to real millisecond action time for input latency and so technically razer became this market leader for computer mice and the viper ak ends up being an extension of your purpose not simply for clicks but also for computer mouse activity also razer told us that they wish to go up as monitor refresh rate increases so like today i’m making use of a 360 hertz display screen as well as i’m they’re not becoming very common now still it’s very expensive however it’s excellent that peripherals are catching up and ultimately other equipment will certainly too as well as so that brings me to the conversation about the whole input latency ecosystem right so it’s not simply the computer mouse yet it’s everything from the monitor side from your hardware from your cpu so having the finest efficiency possible from this click latency example is not simply reliant on the peripherals but the entire pipe of click that signal obtains refined and also gets you know presented on your screen today as an example am i at a disadvantage by utilizing a 1 000 hertz key-board yet an 8 000 hertz mouse i do not think so since my level of fps video gaming isn’t really up below yet and also i really feel like many other pc gaming brand names will try and sell you greater drawing peripherals so that you can have an extra natural collection of peripherals that can support anything above a thousand hertz ballot rate as well as additionally framework rate is essential right framework price in your games and revitalize price of your

screen if you have a 60 hertz display and also you have a thousand 8 thousand hertz mouse those 2 don’t align appropriate so the 8 000 hertz is going to be appealing for any person that’s attempting to truly make the most of performance uh in terms of hardware display revitalize price the finest fps possible when it comes to my gaming experience with the vipria cavers the initial this is where we move right into the subjective territory due to the fact that like i’m not an extreme pro gamer right so i could not truly feel the difference and i tried to do such as a b screening not recognizing which mouse was plugged in i suggest as long as my dpi is correct and i fit to form i feel like you can do extremely well but 8k offers you that little bit of a confidence boost of having simply more precise and smooth monitoring of the mouse specifically when you’re managing anything that’s above 144 hertz and freshen price also so for cs go it’s been fantastic delving into call of obligation i mean one faucets are super simple and i’m uncertain if this is 8k speaking or simply a computer mouse in basic is great sufficient for what it does and your dpi certainly is really comfy for your purpose style practically it’s intended to provide a much more superior experience right and also i believe i arrived yet i can’t claim 100 certain what i can’t claim is that the cost coincides as the initial so it doesn’t make a difference since

now it coincides computer mouse with simply far better technology which presses the industry onward okay so for my conclusion i wish to say that it’s excellent that this technology is being pushed onward to the market and also we our individuals are going to embrace it since you have no option you understand the initial viper is being stopped and they’re playing it smart of maintaining the cost the very same because otherwise why would certainly i recommend it if i can not subjectively discriminate you understand i recognize all the technological advantages however from a subjective possibly i’m not the appropriate target market like i’m not because pro player that spends 8 hours as well as knowing specifically how my computer mouse acts today we’ll we’ll see software and hardware attempting to catch up to these faster ballot rates and also ideally not present any other latency in the pipe yet i’m really interested to hear what you think of 8k polling allow me recognize in the remarks i’m wondering if we’re gon na stumble upon the exact same circumstance similar to apple stop shipping battery chargers with their mobile phones like will certainly all outer makers currently begin providing us higher pulling peripherals as a you recognize method to kind of like push the market forward as well as so i think that’s coming for certain yet i’m duichi many thanks so much for enjoying check out this other appropriate content subscribe for even more i’ll talk with you in the next video

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