Review Its a BEAST – AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPU w/ Gaming Benchmarks & Real World Performance

all right so i wish to resolve something prior to getting involved in this video clip which is this lights setup a great deal of you people have been asking concerning that in our previous video clips so we’ll make sure to leave links to pretty much whatever that we utilize in the description down below it’s all down there you rate currently amd’s ryzen 5000 collection of desktop cpus have gone beyond every person’s expectations as to what it can provide to the desktop platform as a matter of fact we did a total performance evaluation on the ryzen 5 5600x the ryzen 750 800x as well as the ryzen 9 5900x if you lost out on that you can inspect it out right over here one of the important things that was brought up in the comments from our previous review video clip was the reality that nobody had the ability to really get among these new cpus as well as the truth is from all the stores that we have actually been speaking with they seem to be obtaining a great deal of them in stock in the following few weeks so there’s nothing to stress over that it’s not like the rtx you recognize 30 series launch where basically locating one is actually difficult however this seems to be taken care of the only point you need to

remember is that cpus like the 5900x and 5950x were introduced with limited availability uh than the 5600x and the 5800x with that being claimed today i wanted to concentrate on this guy the ryzen 9 5950x this cpu deserves its own committed video since it resides in a course of its very own as well as if you wish to discover more concerning the design in the ryzen 5000 collection lineup make sure to look into our other video so the 5950x it’s the fastest zen3 cpu that amd has actually introduced until now as well as its primary focus is to provide the finest multi-core performance in practically every application that can benefit from that attribute so allow’s figure out how it compares to its predecessor the ryzen 9 3950x and we’ll likewise include some intel cpus just for enjoyable so allow’s dive in right hereafter the new pureloop all one coolers from be quiet have a twice as decoupled pump near the radiator for quiet operation and flexibility for placing a stylish cooling block with pure white illumination and accessible fill port on the radiator with liquid for future proofing and pure wings 2 followers on the trip examine it out below alright prior to i look at our test system and criteria i do intend to promptly speak about the specifications of the 5950x it includes 16 cores and 32 strings a base clock of 3.4 gigahertz which is 100 megahertz less than the 3950x however the increase clocks is 200 megahertz higher so 4.9 gigahertz which is simply insane amd has actually likewise taken care of to provide the 5950x within the very same 105 watt tdp spec similar to the 3950x so they haven’t sacrificed on power efficiency yet this thing is priced at eight hundred dollars which is not

inexpensive by any stretch of the imagination in fact it’s a fifty buck premium over the 3950x when it was launched and also you can select up that cpu for around 700 nowadays now look if you’re a typical customer or allow’s just state a typical player you could not be considering a cpu like this since it’s most likely way also effective and certainly means also expensive for your respective demands but when you start looking or chatting to experts that spend hrs assembling code providing tasks or just depending on a cpu that needs to flex its muscles full time all day long then spending 800 on something like the 5950x can be money well invested plus there is the included bonus of pc gaming too if that’s something that you do delicately on the side when it comes to the test system absolutely nothing has actually really altered considering that the launch day ryzen 5000 series review other than the reality that we’re adding the 3950x and also the 5950x along with intel’s highest possible end workstation cpu the core i9 10980xc remember that processor costs around a thousand bucks versus 800 for the 5950x cinebench as soon as possible reveals the toughness of the ryzen 9 5950x and it’s really the first non-workstation cpu to pass the 10 000 mark in r20 that’s simply extraordinary solitary core numbers are incredible also but that’s pretty a lot what we expected for the program with zen 3. The real efficiency raises revealed by cinebench don’t make their method right into every real globe application for instance numerous video clip rendering tasks are now shared in between the gpu and also the cpu so while you’ll see a speed boost by relocating to zen 3 from zen 2 it’s in fact quite minimal also with the 3950x versus 5950x situation relocating on to computer animation making in autodesk maya and also that’s where some of the benefits from zen3 start to reveal themselves in a little bit more meaningful means yet would certainly i upgrade from a 3950x to a 5950x for pure making jobs probably not zen 3 does offer a performance rise in multi-threaded apps like these on the other hand the 5950x is an incredible option for a person upgrading a rendering workstation or efficiency device that’s a couple of years old in that instance it provides a large rate up and also quite budget friendly rate for that market the exact same point can be stated regarding handbrake where it looks like tossing much more cores at the issue does not provide enormously various outcomes from the 5900x however it’s still amazing to see what the 5950x can supply versus the previous generation program assembling though this this is one location where the ryzen 9 5950x really truly beams here it simply demolishes practically every little thing in its previous i said almost because the only exception in this is the 10980xc which really obtains its initial and just win below metashape reveals some actual improvements too as well as i assume this highlights where the toughness of zen 3 are whenever a work’s purely multicore driven like maya or

blender or food processor these new cpus supply an excellent generational uplift over the previous generation button over to something like this program that combines lightly threaded and also complete multi-core rendering in a solitary result and also the architecture alterations truly start to shine reality capture is primarily the exact same point our scene outcome involves various scan devs and make outputs which are combined to create a made picture which enables the 5950x’s brand-new ccx design to bend its muscular tissues while additionally working out multi-threaded loads i know while a min distinction in between the 5950x and 3950x might not look like much you have to bear in mind a creator would be working with dozens or even numerous these outcomes for a solitary job so that single minute could amount to hrs of time saved over the long run okay going on to gaming and before jumping on to the results i intend to point out once again that the 5950x isn’t indicated as a gaming cpu it’s kind of a hybrid workstation cpu that is suggested to tear through imaginative work without compromising the capacity to deliver high in-game frame rates as you can see that’s precisely the case as we go with our aaa video game charts in many cases the higher single core frequencies are really useful however, for one of the most component the 5950x doesn’t offer any type of concrete benefits over the various other ryzen 5000 collection cpus in the majority of video games if i had to consider why this holds true let me refer back to what we stated in our launch day material basically cpus like the 5800x and 5600x have the advantage of having a solitary ccx so all interactions take place within a solitary eight-core die which leads to extremely reduced latency which games in specifically like generally the

5900x and 5950x spread their cores over 2 ccx’s which suggests specific cores could need data from the cache of one more core residing in the opposite ccx if that occurs additional latency gets included since interaction gets done with the infinity fabric as opposed to locally it likewise resembles the relocation from 12 cores to the 5950x is 16 includes some even more overhead too i imply certain the greater clocks make up however not in every scenario on the various other hand when a title like horizon zero dawn can leverage added course there is a mostly undetectable however small benefit esports titles like rainbow 6 and also a few other mirror the various other results but in some situations you’ll see the 5950x does provide a little bit greater one percent lows it isn’t noticeable in video games yet it exists even after 3 successive runs it turned up in our graphes the only real exemption to all of this was valorent which saw absurd structure rates it truly appears like the designers are a few of the couple of that are making use of all the cores as well as appear present gen cpus power usage is another among zen 3’s toughness considering that amd has been able to achieve what looked like something difficult they have actually given it a large generational performance rise higher sustained clock speeds much better lightly threaded efficiency and actually the same power envelope all without transforming to a brand-new production procedure or giving up in any other areas it’s quite extraordinary men to make sure that basically completes this evaluation as well as all i have to claim is that the ryzen 9 5950x is one hell of a cpu for basically any multi-threaded productivity application

it’s a monster as well as even at 800 it can actually offer an actually great value for somebody who might be rocking a workstation that’s perhaps two or 3 years of ages on the various other hand if you’re someone that’s rocking a 3950x the benefits of moving to this tpu would be very little in many scenarios despite the fact that that zen 3 is merely a decrease in upgrade on existing x570 or b550 motherboards after a bios upgrade however keeping that being stated there are some expert programs out there which integrate partial and also complete core tons that do make sense for an upgrade today when it comes to gaming well allowed’s just place it this means most individuals shouldn’t and also i mean should not purchase the 5950x as a pure gaming cpu unless you have the cash to burn on boasting rights from a video gaming viewpoint you’re in fact far better off picking up one of the more economical 5000 series cpus like the 5600x or the 5800x and after that conserve that additional money for maybe a better gpu or perhaps also more storage space because video games nowadays they simply eat a piece of your storage to ensure that’s certainly an excellent way of investing your hard-earned money and also intel it’s just actually difficult to advise anything at this point unless if you require it for an extremely specific task i suggest sure the 5950x is 800 which is almost near the thousand dollar price factor on the 1080xc however there’s simply no competitors in between these two cpus guys since amd takes it 9 out of 10. Now if you don’t fit right into that classification and want a multi-functional cpu that can provide like no one’s organization throughout the day and game at high frame rates at night the 5950x is where it goes to currently there’s one last point that i swiftly wish to touch base on you see you can actually conserve a great deal of money and go with the ryzen 9 5900x due to the fact that if you consider the distinctions between those 2 cpus it’s actually not a lot and also it’s practically like a 250 distinction between the 2 uh as well as you can save that perhaps towards like i stated a much better storage space solution or possibly a greater end gpu to make sure that’s one more way of looking at points due to the fact that like i said if you’re purely like editing and enhancing videos in best pro as well as davinci settle you’re a lot far better off with something like the 5900x because the 5950x it’s just it doesn’t truly give you that a lot in regards to performance so in that note thank you so a lot for seeing invest sensibly my friends and also i’ll speak to you guys in the next one you

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