Review CORSAIR 4000X RGB Case They’re BACK

excellent people i’m dmitry i got ta be truthful i was not expecting to such as the brand-new situation launches from corsair and also they’re going via a little bit of a brand redesign the typeface on the corsair is various the sales have actually transformed a little and also the new yellow not a fan of the brand-new yellow i like the older a little more lively yellow while the new yellow is muted but leaning towards the eco-friendlies it is truly interesting though that with this new brand direction the case direction really feels fresher it really feels like the old corsair that we used to understand in terms of delivering stunning quality and sort of wishing to stick out as well as so this is where the brand-new 4000 series of situations enters into play we have three designs the 4000d the 4000d air flow as well as the one that i have right here the 4000 x rgb price-wise you’re considering 79 for the 4000 d and also the 4000 the airflow which is okay whatsoever since you’re competing in the air flow section and also the case itself is rather superb however the 4000x rgb that 40 premium obtains you the 3 rgb followers at the corsair as well as the front lighting node core if you were to buy that independently the comparable thing is the sp 120 rgb package which has the three fans as well as the lights note core so the 40 premium isn’t as well poor however as the situation itself 119 bucks it isn’t extremely affordable at least i do not expect it to be one of the most prominent within the 4000 series i anticipate the 4000d air movement to be the sellout since at 79 dollars it is completing directly versus the be peaceful 500dx as well as also the p400a from pantex so allow’s see precisely what this brand-new 4000 series of cases deals and whether it ought to be your following mid tower situation right after this the new gala had all-in-one coolers by liam lee integrating costs products for a stunning

plan to cool your intel or amd cpu with black or white color choices readily available both with tasteful aluminum real estate as well as matching 120mm argb high fixed pressure fans and also you got ta value appropriate size fan screws the water pump is exceptional with very easy installment great pattern with vibrant illumination control with the center or via your motherboard and rotatable housing to match your orientation and also do not fail to remember the aluminum magnetic cap for a different look check out the new galahad all-in-one coolers by liam lee down below good so first off i want to say that dealing with the 4000 x rgb reminded me of the very early days of corsair like with their obsidian collection and also clearly this case sort of follows in the footprints of the obsidian in terms of tidy lines those instance feet the the front paneling right here too size-wise i would consider this to be a standard mid tower essentially the same to the be silent 500dx normal size nothing as well large nothing too little all models will certainly be available in both black and white and i truly like the white approach right here with the gray accents so you don’t have black and white you have white and also gray so not just the pci ports however that entire front panel and also the feet as well as now they’re adding their brand name color into it too with small yellow slivers on the corsair text on the top dirt filter for instance and also tiny rubber grommets around the side panel thumb screws it’s not my preferred shade i’m gon na be honest with you but i value the consistency and i also appreciate the consistency of all the ventilation patterns so not just the pci slots on top of the power supply shroud but the bottom leading as well as everything kind of feels cohesive and also it feels like all the teams speak to each various other as well as this instance really feels strong from both a style viewpoint and a develop top quality point of view too the black design is all black with really colored glass side panels for that dark out result to make sure that’s why i truly went in advance with the white version because not just does the rgb aid to splash on the interior however i seem like the white and gray appearance a lot additional

fresh i’m sick of just black boxes the brand name shades proceed right into the top io as the usb port is colored in yellow that’s a first for me but why did they have to follow the pattern of offering us just the single usb type a port it’s excellent that we have a gen 2 type c in there i’m not going to complain regarding that yet we have that complete adapter for the motherboard and also just a solitary usb kind an at the leading the front glass panel on the xrgb design merely pops off behind it we have an actually fine dirt filter with 4000 x model name which i’m rather satisfied to see just because we do not typically locate the version name of the case somewhere on the case as well as behind it we find the triple rgb fan selection which are the brand-new sp rgb elite followers as you can see they’re beautiful and also can be configured to whatever color or effect you like because they are connected into the lighting note core which i thought initially was a follower controller which as you can see kind of looks like one however no it’s a lights note core that is single purpose to regulate rgb so you do need to connect the followers all three of them by means of the four pin pwm ports into your motherboard to make sure that is up to you and the note core links to your motherboard with a usb 2 cord and also then you mount the intelligence software program and from there you have all the control the followers are qualified with max rpm of around 1400 with a pleasurable sound account at full force take a pay attention the power supply dirt filter eliminates from the back nice as well as simple the top dirt filter is your common magnetic adaptable one that you can get rid of and right here we have the area for a 280 mm radiator and their particular followers or a 241 with the twin 120 fencing too and also as for the inside we have actually seen this type of layout prior to it’s extremely secure atx motherboard assistance or eatx if you relocate the wire cover somewhat forward which is incredibly very easy to do now the corsair rapid route cable television monitoring system is simply an elegant advertising term for that rounded plastic bit that collects all the io wires at the leading as well as simply

your standard typical velcro straps the whole time the means it’s a good system yet with a fancy name the twin ssd braces at the back can be carried on top of the power supply shadow rather standard stuff you want to showcase your ssds and also the bottom hard drive cage with 2 slots can be moved slightly forward to give you more clearance for the power supply or removed totally if you’re not using any kind of three as well as a fifty percent inch drives currently what i find odd is the power and also the intermediary supply shroud for the front radiator so it’s only enough to house like a straightforward 25mm radiator and a collection of fans nothing and also press pull specifically if you’re doing 360 at the front the setting up procedure was flawless as well as took around 10 minutes to finish the entire system including cable administration and also by the method the side panels are interchangeable so if you desire to showcase your lovely wire collaborate with that glass panel you can do so and when it comes to the indoor i like the wire bar and also i like just how high it is so your usb cables your sata cable televisions are not touching it so they just leave openly very same thing with a 24-pin wire there’s an optional vertical pci place with twin ports but it’s rather near the side panel as well as no riser cable television is included for the price of the xrgb version it would have been wonderful for corsair to a minimum of include the upright installing plate that you install in addition to the power supply shadow simply to have some worth include for the more expensive version and lastly the temperature levels for the x rgb version are not wonderful just because we have that glass side panel obstructing air movement even though it’s spaced out from the

followers i suggest still not suitable so the 4000 the airflow design is probably going to be an actually great entertainer due to the fact that when i eliminate the front glass panel we do drop both the cpu and gpu temperature levels quite significantly and after that even more when i got rid of the dust filter that in fact drops our gpu temperatures also better so the instance has cooling down possible as long as you eliminate the front glass panel barrier as well as if you’re using the 4000 the air flow that will certainly be a totally different tale when we compare the 4000x rgb versus my whole instance tag uh in its supply configuration it’s at the bottom of the chart nothing unique there yet i anticipate the 4000 the air movement to do likewise as this instance without the front glass panel which would certainly bring the 4000 collection situations into an actually affordable room temperature level as lengthy yet smart as you have 2 fans in the front for consumption and also possibly one for exhaust since that does aid with gpu cooling for my wrapping up comments the 4000 x rgb is a truly pretty unit i suggest glass at the front what do you expect ideal temperature levels will certainly experience yet the 4000 the airflow which was supposed to find as opposed to my black 4000 x rgb so i’ll be checking that later on see to it to remain tuned for that sort of evaluation and see what sort of temperature levels we get versus whatever else that is available on the market for 79 dollars that is airflow concentrated however i will certainly provide corsair a thumbs up on the 4000 series release since style sensible it really feels regular build quality is superb as well as the structure assembly experience is flawless plus i really like what they finished with the white model integrating some grey accents which i assume would certainly have looked truly cool on the black design also my only grievance below with the price is that the x rgb appears a little bit expensive when contrasted versus the p 500 a argb design which is just 10 dollars a lot more however seems to offer a lot a lot more in terms of airflow and you can locate the p400a with the triple fans under 100 so not only does this instance not do well thermally to what you must anticipate for 120 dollars for three-way fan configuration however other instances on the market that are pushing towards air flow like beat this case out of the water in regards to gpu and also cpu temperature levels now of corsair had released the 4000x air flow edition where the front can be simply changed with something or an airflow panel ought to be consisted of with the xrgb design after that you ‘d have a lovely value include of having either something that looks really rather and also sort of common with the glass or swap it out if you desire high efficiency yet we do not have that here to make sure that’s sort of actually regrettable but stay tuned for my upgrade when the 4000d air movement enters into the workshop i’m dimitri thanks so a lot for viewing check out this other appropriate material let me recognize what you consider this 4 000 collection launch in the lineup from corsair i like the new naming plan i assume it will certainly streamline things due to the fact that the eclipse the obsidian the graphite collection from corsair that was a little bit also complicated so ideally the number system moving on need to please great men see

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