RTX 3060 vs 3070 Gaming Laptop – Worth Paying More For 3070?

Is it worth paying more money for an RTX3070 gaming laptop, or should you save thecash and get a cheaper RTX 3060? Ive comparedboth in 17 games at 2 resolutions to find out! Here are the differences in specs between thesetwo laptop GPUs. The higher tier RTX 3070 has 33%more CUDA cores, 33% more VRAM and the memory isfaster too, though the max boost clock on the 3060is higher. The 3070 has a higher possible maximumpower limit, but this will vary between laptops.

To do this testing Im using my Lenovo Legion 5for the RTX 3060 and the XMG Neo 15 for the RTX3070. Both laptops have an 8 core Ryzen 7 5800Hprocessor, a MUX switch to disable optimus andget best performance, and most importantly theyboth run their GPUs at the maximum power limitspecified by Nvidia, with 15 watts extra due todynamic boost. Ive also tested both with theexact same physical kit of memory installed, 16gigs of DDR4-3200 CL22 x8 memory in dual channel.

There might be some small differences betweenthese two laptops due to things like CPU powerlimit and laptop cooling solution,but were focusing on higher settingpresets in games which are generallymore GPU bound to help mitigate this,plus 1440p has been tested too whichis more GPU heavy compared to 1080p. So lets compare those 17 games at 2different resolutions, then afterwardswell check out pricing and availability,power draw, and content creator workloads.

Cyberpunk 2077 was tested in the same part ofthe game on both laptops. Ive got the 1080presults below and 1440p results above, with thelower tier RTX 3060 below and the higher tier RTX3070 on top. This game saw one of the smallestdifferences out of all 17 titles tested, not agreat start for the more expensive 3070, whichwas reaching a 10% higher average FPS at 1080p,and just 8% higher at 1440p, granted this wasthe smallest difference at this resolution.This game also offers DLSS support, andas both are RTX GPUs they can both takeadvantage of this feature to get a performanceboost.

The 3070 now has a slightly larger 12%lead over the 3060 at 1440p, but strangelythe 3060 system was ahead in 1% lows at 1080p,something that well see in more upcominggames but only with DLSS enabled.

Watch Dogs Legion is on the other end of thespectrum and has the biggest difference outof all 17 games tested. Even the 1% lows fromthe 3070 laptop are ahead of the average FPSthe 3060 laptop is able to produce. The 3070was reaching 52% higher average FPS at 1080p,while it was a massive 71% higher at 1440p.This games benchmark was warning that 6 gigsof VRAM wasnt enough at maximum settings,the 8 gigs on the 3070 were barely enough,so that seems to be why the difference isso big.

This game also offers DLSS support,so we can get a further performance boost byturning it on.

At 1080p the 3060s averageFPS was at least no longer behind the 3070s 1%low, but the gap is otherwise still quite large. Red Dead Redemption 2 on the other hand hadmuch smaller differences which were more inline with the 17 game average. At 1080p the 3070was around 17% faster in terms of average FPS,and then this increases to about 20% at the higher1440p resolution. This game recently added DLSSsupport, and both machines were able to get asimilar performance increase by turning this on. Ive compared Control with ray tracing and DLSS,but lets start off with neither, so just stockstandard gameplay.

This game is typically quiteGPU heavy, though at 1080p the 3070 was just 17%ahead of the 3060, an above average result, butnot by much. The difference is much larger atthe higher 1440p resolution though with the 3070now 45% ahead, the second biggest difference atthis resolution only behind Watch Dogs Legion,possibly due to the extra VRAM.

This game getsa massive performance increase by turning on DLSS.At 1440p the 3060 is now 107% higher than itselfwith DLSS off, while the 3070 was 62% higher thanitself with DLSS off, so clearly a much largerimprovement for the 3060, DLSS allows it to closethe gap, but the 3070 was still about 14% fasterthan the 3060 here. Ive also tested both withray tracing on, and while enabling DLSS would ofcourse increase performance here, I wanted to seethe differences in just straight up ray tracing.

At 1440p the 3070 was 54% ahead of the 3060,so a bigger gap compared to the 45% differencenoted at stock which seems to confirm the 3070is a fair bit better at tracing those rays. Call of Duty Warzone on the other hand had belowaverage differences compared to other games.The 3070 was 11% faster than the 3060 at 1080pin terms of average FPS, and then 15% fasterat the higher 1440p resolution. This game alsooffers DLSS support, and it seems to close thegap between the 3060 and 3070.

At 1080p the 3070is now just 4% higher in terms of average FPS,and the 1% low looks about the same on the graphbut was technically 1 FPS higher, and while Idsay thats margin of error it matches what we sawin some of the other games when enabling DLSS.

Assassins Creed Valhalla was an above averageresult for the 3070, but thats not to say the3060 was running the game poorly or anything.Ive spent over 100 hours in this game now andI dont think you need a super high framerate to enjoy it. That said, the 3070 wasreaching 18% higher average FPS compared to the3060 at 1080p, and then 19% higher at 1440p. The differences in Microsoft FlightSimulator were below average,the 3070 was just 9% higher than the3060 in average FPS though the 1%lows were about the same on both,and then 17% higher at 1440p. As an eSports title, you could argue thathigher frame rate is more important inFortnite compared to most other games thatIve covered.

At 1080p the 3070 was reaching18% higher average FPS compared to the 3060,then 19% higher at 1440p. Like most other games,the 3060 is still offering decent performanceconsidering were at max settings here,its not as if its unplayable, the 3070 is justbetter. This is another game with DLSS support,so the 3060 can surpass 100 FPS even for the1% low now even at 1440p max settings withthis simple change, though the 3070 was around15% faster when comparing average frame rate. F1 2021 was tested with the highest setting presetwhich enables some ray tracing effects by default,as denoted at the top of the graph.Despite the additional RT cores in the3070 were looking at fairly averagedifferences here with the 3070 15%ahead of the 3060 at 1080p,and 17% ahead at 1440p.

Instead of talking through the rest ofthe 8 games individually in depth, Illjust blast through them so we can get into theaverage differences as thats more interesting,even if all of this testing didtake many hours to complete.A larger selection of games is importantto help get a better rounded average.Feel free to pause the video if you wanta closer look at these additional games. On average over all 17 games tested at1080p, the RTX 3070 laptop was reaching16% higher average FPS compared to the 3060laptop. The 3070 was ahead in all games,as expected, but the margins could varysignificantly depending on the game.

Therewas basically no practical differenceseen in Shadow of the Tomb Raider,while Watch Dogs Legion at the top has hugeimprovements with the extra VRAM in the 3070. Stepping up to the higher 1440p resolutionthe 3070 pulls further ahead with a 21%average improvement now. Manygaming laptops with these twoGPUs are starting to feature 1440pscreens now, so the differences heremight be more relevant to you depending onthe screen configuration youre looking at,or if you plan on using an external monitor.Worst case Cyberpunk was just 8% higher withthe 3070, but then again Watch Dogs andControl are basically outliers here.

For the most part, I think the 6 gigs of VRAM inthe RTX 3060 is enough in most modern games evenat the higher 1440p resolution, but that saidI think some of those outlier games could begiving us a bit of a preview of what to expecta few years from now if we had the extra VRAM,as games will continue toget more demanding over time.

Just before we get into the price differencesIve got to compare both GPUs in some contentcreator workloads, its not all just about gaming! The 3070 completed the longerClassroom test in Blender 54%faster than the 3060, and the shorter BMW test 38%faster. This is a CUDA test, so Id expectthe CUDA core difference to matter more here. V-Ray was also much better with the 3070, scoring58% higher in the CUDA test. Ive also run the raytracing test which was 35% higher on the 3070,which makes sense considering the 3070 has 33%more RT cores, though we didnt see anywhere nearthat much of a difference in the games with RT.

SPECviewperf tests out variousprofessional 3D workloads,and the 3070, shown by the purplebars, was ahead in all of these tests,though the margins could vary a fairbit depending on the specific test. Ive compared the total system power draw fromthe wall with both laptops running Control at4K max settings with an external screen. The3070 machine was drawing about 42% more power,though in this game at 1440pit was also offering a 45%boost to average frame rate.

Given Controlwas more of an outlier in the FPS tests,Id expect most other games to require more powercompared to their FPS improvements on the 3070. Great, so the RTX 3070 laptop outperforms the3060 laptop, surprising no one.

But how muchmore expensive is the 3070 and is it worth it?Prices of both will of course change over time,so refer to those links in thedescription below for updates. At the time of recording, the Lenovo Legion 5 isavailable with RTX 3060 graphics for $1555 USD,though I have seen it on sale for closer to$1400, so keep an eye out on those links forsales. Lenovo wants $240 more to upgrade to the3070, which is about 15% more money in this case,but this will be less in terms of a percentageif youre buying a more expensive model.

This doesnt sound too bad, 15% more money for15% more performance in games at 1080p, kindof adds up.

If you want the extra 15% performancethen pay 15% more money. Not great, not terrible. Now that said, for a machine that youreprobably going to use for 3 plus years,I think it might make sense just to get the 3070if you can afford it and that is mainly becauseyou get the extra 2 gigs of VRAM. But as weveseen, the 3060 laptop still holds up incrediblywell today. Im a little concerned to see ifits 6 gigs of VRAM starts to be a limit in 2,3, 4, 5 years, I dont know.

Ive got no way ofseeing the future. Maybe by the time the 6 gigsof VRAM starts being a limit youd be lookingfor a laptop upgrade anyway. I dont know, itshard to predict but basically I dont think the3060 is going anywhere any time soon.

But if youare getting a laptop that has a higher resolutionscreen Id probably just go the 3070 just in case. Again you get a similar performance boost for theamount of money spent.

At least inthe examples featured in this video. Check out these videos next if you wantto see how the RTX 3060 and 3070 compareagainst older laptop GPUs, maybe youcan save some money getting a last genoption. Make sure youre subscribed for futurelaptop comparisons like this one and come andjoin me in Discord and get behind the scenesvideos by supporting the channel on Patreon..

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