Review NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti – My Experience!

so this is the rtx 3090 ti and it is just one of nvidia’s fastest gpus they have available today and also i think this is gon na be valued very high not really geared in the direction of players but even more towards web content makers even if they’re advertising this as a developer gpu and as well as look you recognize i assume gpu rates are beginning to gradually come down we’re starting to see a bit much more provide people are having an easier time obtaining their hands on them it’s not best yet however i do not believe this one will be a problem because this is really tailored in the direction of a really niche market that has bigger budgets currently this is not the founder’s edition this is msi’s supreme 24g so it’s a bigger card it has greater increase clock rates actually i have an rtx ti right below to provide you individuals an idea regarding the size distinction such as this is simply dramatically much longer actually if i take out the trusty old measuring tape we’re looking at about 13 or a little bit over 13 inches long compared to regarding 11 and a quarter on the rtx 3080 ti as well as in density this rtx 3080 ti is literally virtually half the size of this man so this is concerning nearly three inches and this one is just under two so about one and three quarters so depending on the type of system you’re building you may not also have the ability to use this especially if you’re looking at a smaller sized construct similar to this i was able to upright install in my

bigger situation as well as i can’t do it with this because this is going from a two port gpu as much as a 3 port as well as my instance only has 2 ports for upright mounts currently because this card is so large it actually features a bracket not like the plastic brackets that such as get pierced right into your instance however an actual post with a wedge to maintain this gpu from drooping i do think the design is in fact quite good they have this like silver and black theme going on you do have the msi dragon logo design in the middle you have some rgb lights in the front over here and after that if you flip it on the back you have this like clean plate with the supreme info you know a little bit of a take a look at the pcb and after that you have the msi dragon logo over right here there’s additionally a bit extra rgb on this side similar to this supreme logo brighten as well as together with these little white plastic edges over here now it is making use of a larger power supply like they suggest 850 watts at the bare minimum yet msi really sent me a thousand watt power supply to make use of with this so i personally would opt for 1000 watts due to the fact that the base power level of this point is 450 watts compared to 320 with the rtx 3080 ti that i have right here as a matter of fact it needs 3 pcie cable televisions okay so this is the proprietary connector for the rtx 3080ti it just needs 2 pcie cords and

afterwards this one requires a tremendous 3 however the something that kind of tossed me off was the performance due to the fact that i was expecting this to completely crush the rtx 3080 ti and don’t obtain me wrong like this does have faster boost speeds at 1950 megahertz it has the exact same basis speeds as the creators version which is about 1560 you do get 24 gigabytes of vram which is specifically the like the rtx 3090 it’s using gdr6x you have regarding 1008 gigabyte gigabytes a secondly of memory transmission capacity you have 400 even more cuda cores compared to the rtx 3080 ti as well as you have much more rt cores for ray mapping however the weird thing is that although it did do much better in every single game that i compared the rtx 3080 ti to it really did not crush it right it was just slightly far better like a 1080p gaming for instance like in shadow of the burial place raider and also city exodus i did see a good big jump in 1080p performance yet the majority of the various other games that i checked were only from like 6 to 9 frameworks per 2nd difference and don’t get me incorrect at 1080p gaming it’s still really cpu extensive the 12900k is certainly doing a lot of that work yet it had not been until i struck 2k and also 4k that things began to change a little bit like the void in darkness of the burial place raider obtained a bit smaller sized contrasted to 1080p however dirt 5 which is clearly more vram extensive as well as can make use of the gpu much better obtained a substantial distinction in performance compared to the rtx 3080 ti as well as the tale coincided at 4k like 4k video gaming with this individual was better yet it had not been such as an

enormous enhancement in fact i would certainly say that it’s probably really similar to the rtx 3090. Now nvidia is advertising this as a creator’s desire right like the idea is you purchase this if you’re editing like 8k video footage due to the fact that you have these huge large memory workflows that require all that vram and if you’re not that specific or you’re not that company then you possibly don’t require every one of that vram and you can entirely be great with an rtx 3080 or 3080 ti currently puget bench simply updated their plug-ins essentially a couple of days back so i needed to rerun all my examinations not just on the rtx cards however even the m1 ultra mac workshop that i have right here and the mac studio is now the king when it comes to adobe best professional it had the highest score i’ve seen and also on anything that i’ve checked lately this was available in second and after that the rtx 3080 ti came in 3rd however when it concerned photoshop or after impacts the rtx 3080 ti carried out better than the rtx 3090 ti and i located that very weird due to the fact that a program like after impacts really likes extra vram and i assume the reason that this is happening is not due to the fact that this is a slower card as a matter of fact i recognize this is a much faster card i assume because the chauffeurs haven’t actually been enhanced yet also blender or food processor which is an application tailored in the direction of producing 3d properties carried out much better on the rtx 3080ti now you do not need this card if you’re playing peak legends or fortnite or shed ark or globe of warcraft similar to this is truly implied for designers sure if you wish to like max points out in cyberpunk or or the brand-new elden ring then sure like

you will have the ability to take advantage of this at 4k and also keeping ray mapping on yet this is truly tailored in the direction of makers as a matter of fact if you want to discuss ray tracing it does perform far better it’s a mild bump up from the rtx 39d and also i saw about a 7 to 8 frames per 2nd difference at the end of the day i believe if you were getting the most effective gpu for the price for gaming and you want like as much efficiency as feasible i genuinely really feel like the rtx 3080 ti makes one of the most sense this is actually geared in the direction of that specific niche the creator particular niche that wants to make use of ak properties are are dealing with big memory workflows and require all that extra vram like if you already have an rtx 3090 then this resembles not an upgrade for you it’s extremely small and also i still think nvidia or perhaps even msi i’m uncertain who requires to upgrade these drivers so that these creative applications i’ve tested program better efficiency due to the fact that there’s no method that this card is performing worse than an rtx 3080 ti since when it concerns gaming we see that dive however i’m not seeing it in imaginative applications so anyways that is my evaluation of the rtx 3090 ti very specific niche concentrated it is pricey as well as if you’re checking out this you probably know what you need it for but yeah if you have any type of even more concerns let me recognize in the remark section down listed below like the video clip if you liked it subscribe if you have not already as well as i’ll see you guys in the following one

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