Best 14-inch Laptops of 2021!

The 14 inch laptop computer room has quickly become one of my preferred laptop computer classifications to evaluate ever considering that the asus g14 hit the market in 2020 it confirmed that you don’t require to acquire a 15 or 17 inch laptop to obtain the most powerful laptop computer experience currently i understand there’s constantly been 14 inch laptop computers with some kind of nvidia mx card or if you were fortunate a gtx 1650 but this tablets in contrast to what you can obtain today currently i have a few demands for this ultra portable 14 inch category they have to have great battery life the gpu has to be an rtx 30 series or comparable and also the laptop has to be under 4 extra pounds with that being claimed my leading picks are the acer swift x asus g14 razer blade 14 and also the macbook pro 14. The rates of these laptops vary from 1 000 usd as much as every kidney you have in your body one tiny note you’ll see me reveal the macbook professional 16 in most of these shots however i have actually examined the 14 inch version i just had to send it back because i maintained the 16 rather layout is subjective but if i had to select it would

certainly be a toss-up between the macbook pro and also the razer blade 14. They feel one of the most rigid and also sturdy with the least amount of flex and also sporting activity the nicest style the acer swift x really feels the cheapest with one of the most amount of flex as well as least rigidity as well as the zephyrus someplace in the center all of these laptop computers come with its very own type of billing adapters apple’s mac secure connector is the most instinctive billing approach it breaks on easily comes off quickly so you don’t knock your laptop off the table and also it can fast charge the macbook professional razer has its own proprietary port but it’s not as one-of-a-kind the breezes g14 as well as the swift x both use a barrel adapter yet each and every single laptop right here can be charged making use of usb kind c now these are all under 4 pounds the lightest being the swift x and also the heaviest the razer blade 14. on paper it’s small once you include the billing bricks to the equation the blade 14 starts to really feel much heavier it has a 230 watt charging block which is greater than increase the dimension of the macbook pro 14 as well as triple the size of the swift x as for ports they all have a terrific choice with each laptop computer having several usb type-c port and also an hdmi connection to

attach a display screen the macbook pro is the only one with an sd card port and also 3 thunderbolt 4 ports but unlike the others does not have a usb a port acer swift x has the least quantity of ports with the zephyrus g14 having one of the most now if all you appreciate is the very best display after that you want the macbook professional 14. It has a taller 16 by 10 aspect ratio however it utilizes mini led innovation obtains the brightest has the highest color accuracy as well as sustains true hdr it’s the finest laptop computer display screen i’ve laid my eyes upon all the displays are color exact sufficient for any kind of kind of style work yet the speedy x is the just one without a high refresh show it’s 60 hertz which is a drag but the price point reflects its noninclusion the razer blade and also zephyrus g14 are both 144hz as well as have qhd options but the blade 14 has a faster action time for video gaming all these laptops have a fingerprint scanner except for the razer blade 14 that makes use of face recognition of course the macbook pro has a notch however much like an iphone you’ll learn to quit seeing it ideally but if having an amazing cam is necessary the macbook professional 14 victories by far with the very best high quality the zephyr’s g14 sheds since it doesn’t also have one which is quite absurd in 2021 while the other two rests someplace in the center efficiency in all these laptop computers are amazing every home windows device is making use of an amd cpu with the razer blade 14 having actually the unlocked 5900 hx

the swift makes use of amd’s lower power to utilize series chip yet it still carries out incredibly the most effective way to place this is the quick x is qualified however not the fastest yet it does every little thing decently if your major objective is content development whether it be video clip production style job or development none of these laptops will come close to the macbook pro 14. It’s the brand-new king in the creative globe however do not allow the high scores trick you the blade 14 and also breeze’s g14 run perfectly but if gaming is the major objective the razer blade 14 triumphes given that it can be specked with an rtx 3080 at 100 watts as well as can crush any type of video game you toss at it when it comes to the macbook pro forget about it as effective as the equipment has become it’s still not a video gaming laptop computer given that a lot of games are made offered for windows only sure there’s some video games like world of warcraft that run well but you’ll never ever play telephone call of duty or pinnacle legends battery life is the ideal on the acer swift x it netted me the longest battery life out of the number if you’re primarily utilizing it for basic performance however if you intend on working in much more intense applications the macbook professional 14 with m1 pro is the very best choice it drinks the much less power and out of all these laptop computers it does not need to be plugged in to get full efficiency currently when it concerns follower noise there is no contest the macbook pro 14 remains the quietest the lengthiest with the acer swift x adhering to in a close 2nd no matter of what you’re doing fan sound will generally stay at 43 decibels or reduced with either of these laptop computers but if you offer the blade 14 or zephyrs g14 these points can get loud i’m chatting like jet

engine loud currently these are video gaming laptops after all as well as the chips inside of them do run rather hot talking of hot the macbook pro 14 runs the coolest adhered to by the speedy x acer is conservative with the thermals which means you’ll lose out on a little performance for a cooler and also quieter experience the razer blade maintains temps around 80 levels celsius whereas the g14 runs the best with temperatures hovering in the 90s it certainly had the most popular keyboard deck to touch ultimately upgradeability is non-existent with the macbook pro 14. What you buy is what you get until you determine to change the laptop computer the remainder can have their storage space upgraded yet the acer swift x has area for two drives as opposed to one you can just have up to 16 gigabytes of ram in the blade 14 or quick x since it’s soldered onto the motherboard the breeze’s g14 has eight gigabytes soldered on or 16 depending on your area yet the various other port is upgradable bringing the total to 40 or 48 gigabytes so here’s what i believe if you are on a tighter budget simply get the acer swift x it’s priced very strongly as well as also though it’s not the fastest out of the lot it’s quick enough that it can rather a lot handle any type of work conveniently yet if all you care about is video gaming then the razer blade 14 is the one you need to go all out has one of the most powerful gpu options it can manage all the most recent titles comfortably over settings simply note you will certainly be compromising battery life and also paying a higher price when it comes to the asus g14 i personally

seem like it’s the sweet spot it typically retails for concerning 1500 bucks however i always see it on sale at best purchase for regarding 13.50 it’s ideal for 1080p gaming and it’s quick enough for many imaginative work plus ram can be upgraded as well as has fantastic battery life you simply do not get a webcam you’ll possibly need to use your phone finally the macbook pro 14 it’s one of the most pricey if you spec it out however it has the best equipment design audio speakers thermals cam and also also follower sound this is the very best alternative if you’re a video clip designer developer or songs manufacturer as well as uncommitted regarding video gaming in any way simply note that i feel like you should intend for the m1 pro as the performance is still outrageous and also you get the very best battery life compared to the m1 max to make sure that’s it these are the very best 14 inch laptops you can acquire and i wish this video aided web links to all the laptops are in the description down listed below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t currently and i’ll see you people in the next one

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