Review Surface Laptop Studio – It’s Beautiful But Not Perfect!

so today i’m reviewing the surface laptop studio i’ve been using it for a few weeks and look this thing is absolutely gorgeous but i will say straight up just like the surface pro a you are paying a microsoft tax you’re paying a lot of money for premium looking hardware with performance that is not up to the competition okay let’s just keep that in mind but i want microsoft to keep pushing and i think the problem right now is that the chips they have access to like from intel and amd just require too much cooling for the type of form factor that microsoft is going for like if this thing had a m1 pro from apple then this thing would be an absolute monster because this sort of style would be able to cool it efficiently instead microsoft is still stuck using these power hungry cpus from intel and amd and it’s going to take some time for them to catch up with that being said if you’re looking at this this specific skew i have here it costs 2100 and if you compare that to a surface pro 8 it’s only 200 more now i’m not saying that’s a deal because it’s absolutely not this is an expensive product and i feel like this is only for a specific niche which i’ll get to in a second i do want to take the time to say that carrying this thing around is super light it’s not a heavy laptop it’s about four pounds a little bit less if you go for the i5 and when you open up the display considering how top heavy it is it wobbles a little bit and i mean ever so slightly now with the surface book the previous generation you can rip off the display and use it as a tablet and walk around this is keeping everything connected there’s a few different positions you can work in for example this is the traditional laptop position and when you look down on it like this you wouldn’t realize that there’s a base underneath now if you

disconnect the monitor you can push it forward which i call a touching experience because it’s right front and center and then if you bend it down even further you can use it as a regular tablet if you bring it back up you can flip it backwards if you want to use it as like a regular display or if you have someone behind you and you want to show them what you’re looking at and then of course you can flip it back in traditional laptop mode and use it like you’d use a normal laptop now if you were to look at the design of this and flip it around it literally looks like there’s a tablet on the bottom and it was pasted or glued to a macbook pro in fact the ports are very similar to a macbook air and macbook pro with only two thunderbolt 4 ports on the left hand side and then on the right hand side you have your surface connect port your audio jack and then on the power connector there is a usb charging port now if you decide to buy the slim pen 2 there’s a perfect spot for it in front of the laptop there’s a very strong magnet there that connects the pen and charges it at the same time the magnet is super strong like you could literally shake this all day and the pen is not going anywhere now personally i’m a bigger fan of the slim pen 2 compared to the apple pencil 2.

The apple pencil 2 is probably better for professional artists like the ones that are drawing really intense intricate pictures but for simple note taking and sketches i think this offers a more natural experience not only to me does this feel more comfortable in the hand they’ve also added a few features to make it feel more like you’re writing with a real pencil for example whenever you write on the display there’s a tiny little vibrating mechanism inside of the pen that makes it feel like you’re scratching the surface with an actual pencil it’s slight but i do notice it on top of that there is a soft rubber tip so when you’re pressing down on the display it feels like you’re pushing your pencil into soft paper now just based on my experience the 120 hertz lowers that latency compared to the surface book so writing feels a bit more natural compared to its predecessor now this display is absolutely gorgeous it’s 14 inches or 14.4 to be exact it has that 3×2 aspect ratio it’s qhd plus it has great color accuracy it has fantastic brightness it’s a beautiful display but i know some people are gonna complain about these bezels they are quite chunky for this style of laptop but i think they had to do it right like look at this thing you know you have this very thick display

because of the back panel that allows you to flip it in different portions they needed some sort of holding mechanism to keep this thing secure i think if they made the bezels any thinner the display would feel a bit more flimsy and would kind of reduce your confidence in using this product of course you log in with windows 10 hello it’s super fast and it gets it every single time and just like the surface pro 8 you have that beautiful 1080p webcam which is probably the best you can get on a windows laptop right now as for the keyboard this thing is a joy to type on it’s not the best keyboard i’ve used but it’s really good one of the better ones you can get on a windows laptop it’s a little mushy maybe not as tactile as the new macbook pros that i recently reviewed and the only thing i don’t like is the function row on top like these keys have been reduced to half the size of the normal keys and it makes it a bit difficult sometimes to to press on them however the touchpad this thing is awesome you know windows always gets a little bit of shame

with their touchpad to use because the macbook pro has been the gold standard i honestly think this is neck and neck with the macbook pros like moving your fingers around with it with the windows precision drivers the fact when you click on it there’s a like a forced touch or 3d touch effect which vibrates just makes it feel more realistic i love this touchpad but its biggest problem is the performance i have the i7 model which is one of the faster models you can choose from today with 16 gigabytes of ram and an i7 11 370 h processor this is an h processor from intel but it’s only a four core processor and for microsoft’s fastest laptop it’s kind of frustrating you know the problem is they couldn’t really go with anything faster because if they did it would require a bigger chassis and a lot more cooling to keep this thing under low and microsoft wants to create a product that is not only cool and geared towards creators but they want it to be quiet so they’re kind of in a pickle right now the performance overall is very mid-range like it doesn’t run as fast as a dell xps 15 but it sits somewhere between a surface pro 8 and an xps 15 if you want some context it’s not going to be the best product for video editing for sure you could edit video on this but i wouldn’t make it my main device i feel like this is a device really geared towards the person who wants to use the screen to take notes draw and sketch but also needs the extra juice not a lot more juice but the extra juice to do some design work if you’re an architect perhaps some autocad but

they don’t need the full-fledged capabilities of a gaming laptop the cool thing though is heat is under control like this thing never gets insanely hot and even when it does the fans kick on to keep it cool if you have this on performance mode the fans will get up to about 45 decibels but the fans don’t activate right away like they do on other intel and amd laptops it takes some time or sustained performance to get there surface temperatures are also great overall pretty good thermal management quick interruption one thing i forgot in the video is that when this thing is venting air it’s doing it on the front sides of the laptop most laptops do it back here they do it on the back sides or on the back of the laptop the surface laptop studio is doing it on the front which is kind of annoying because when you’re holding your mouse here you can literally feel the heat coming out and it intensifies if you’re pushing the laptop under load now it’s not intensely hot where it’s going to burn your hand or anything but if you’re in a hot climate it’s going to feel uncomfortable after a while and it doesn’t matter if you’re left-handed or right-handed as for battery life amazing i got 12 hours of use before needing to charge which is very impressive unfortunately you can’t open it up and upgrade anything there’s not even a slot on the bottom to

upgrade the ssd and one thing that microsoft does need to change is the ssds like these nvme ssds they’re using are super slow compared to the competition so here’s the bottom line i truly have a soft spot for this laptop i would love to use this for everything because it’s like the jack of all trades but it’s really expensive and the performance you’re getting out of this doesn’t compare to similar competing products at this price point now i’m not saying you shouldn’t buy it what i am saying is it’s for a very specific use case if you’re the individual that wants something this beautiful and needs the extra power over a regular surface pro 8 but doesn’t need the crazy gaming performance of a gaming laptop or the performance creator laptops like the dell xps 15 i think this is a device you should probably look at but if you care about bang for your buck there’s obviously better alternatives out there that’s it for this review i hope you guys enjoyed it if you have any more questions let me know in the comment section down below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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