10 Amazing iOS 15 Features – Complete Walkthrough!

so yesterday i did a video on mac os monterey i installed the developer preview on my mac and i walked you through some of the best features that are coming out to the next version i’m doing the same thing today we’re talking ios 15. i’ve installed it on my iphone 12 pro max and i want to talk some about the best features that are coming out and some small ones that i noticed after installing the developer preview the first one is facetime and i showed this off in my mac os video you can do things like share videos watch them together share files while you’re inside of a phone call but the one feature that the iphone is getting that the mac is not is portrait mode so if you’re in a call and you don’t like your background you can completely blur it out and it works as you think it’s not perfect as it shouldn’t be it’s very hard to do portrait mode with video but at least the entire background will be blurred if you look around the edges of my face and my body it’s very soft and it’s not consistent but if you’re some sort of maniac who’s taken his meetings inside of a bathroom at least you can block off that location the next cool feature is notifications if you look at the notifications now compared to how they looked before there is a big difference as you

can see here they’re more visually appealing they’re bigger they’re easier to look at and because you have these new focus profiles you get them grouped so depending on what apps you’re using the ones you use the most those notifications will always be at the top since i have a do not disturb profile activated in my focus group all the notifications that i’m allowing to come in will sit inside of that bubble if you take a look at the old iphone you don’t have that kind of manipulation it’s just like your your simple text being shown across the screen now you can manipulate each notification like if i long press let’s say on this youtube video i’ll see an actual thumbnail pop up and then of course i can go into the youtube settings and manipulate anything i want the other thing is focus groups i kind of just talked about it but focus groups allow you to be very granular with what notifications come in right now i have a do not disturb profile activated but there’s tons of ones you can set up these are the ones that are personally installed when you update to ios 15 but you can make your own

right the beauty about these focus groups is you can go into the settings and you can create permissions so if you want notifications to be time sensitive you can set that up if you want them to be smart like turn on when you get to a certain location let’s say you’re setting up a group of notifications for work for example as soon as you get to your office the focus work profile kicks in and the same can be done too if you if you wanted to activate when you get home for your personal focus group live text is also new to the iphone ideally before to do this you’d have to download a third-party app like google lens but now it’s baked directly into the camera app for example i have a wonderful spanish poem right here that i printed out and if i open up my camera and have the lens look at it i’ll get this little box around it and then this little thing will pop up i press that and then it will take the text from the picture and kind of downsize it for me i have a couple of options i can copy it and paste it into another application or i can translate it right on the spot this little poem that i printed out has now been translated into english so that i can understand what’s going on

now this also holds true if you just have a photo inside of your camera like for example this is a photo i took which is a thumbnail from my previous video if i just select the title and hit look up it’s going to give me some suggestions so it’s going to give me some suggestions from the news it’s going to bring up siri or it’s going to allow me to manually do a web search myself now because of all this live text and lookup there is a translate section under your settings which allows you to download languages onto your phone so if you’re constantly translating between english and russian you can download the language pack for russian the cool thing though is if you have an ipad there’s a specific app that’s automatically installed like you can load up this app copy and paste whatever you want and it will translate it for you there’s a brand new app called the magnifier they didn’t really talk about this on stage during the keynote but it’s exclusive to the iphone and ipad it does exactly what you think it does you open up the app and basically you can magnify the object basically creating a macro shot so if i zoom all the way in i can get super duper close to my finger and then take a picture and then a little bit of ai magic and it cleans it up i can then go ahead and zoom in and out so i can see the full process and either i can

save it to my photos app or i can share it with someone let’s send my hand to justin there you go buddy and there’s also a tiny thing beside it which is called people detection so if i put this in front of me right i don’t know if you guys can see this but it will tell me exactly how far away that person is now if you’re a notes user you’re going to absolutely love this because there’s now tags available inside of notes so if you’re someone who has like hundreds of notes you can create tags to quickly reference certain things that you want to get to quickly as possible so for example i have a shopping list here and i wrote hashtag shopping list as soon as you put that hashtag down the notes app knows to make a tag for it so if i’m in the main screen and i will quickly want to get to my shopping list without going through all my notes i can just select the tag on the bottom and it will quickly take me there you can do as many hashtags as you want you can place them way inside a note if it’s something specific you want to reference later but it just makes organization a bit better the other thing is the magnifying glass this should have been here the entire time i don’t know why apple took it away but they brought it back if i’m scanning through text it’s a lot easier for me now because if i press down on a portion and i want to like select exactly where where i want to delete or backspace a magnifier pops up and it

allows you to do that with precision the next little update comes to the find my app and right off the bat you can tell that the visual look of the map is nicer on the new version of ios 15 it’s brighter it’s more colorful and more enjoyable to look at for example i’m going to select my air tags which are connected to my keys and with the new version of ios you have an extra feature that you don’t have on the previous one you can now be notified when you leave that item behind so if i walk away and i pass a certain distance my phone is going to let me know that i left my keys behind and kind of page me to go back and get them something you really couldn’t do before even the health app got an update if you look at it now the previous version of ios doesn’t have a sharing function whereas the new health app on ios 15 does this enables you to share all your health data with someone whether it’s let’s say your spouse a doctor you have the ability to pass that information on so that that professional can better service your needs safari also got a big update it’s more visually appealing it looks better it’s cleaner this is the old version of it this is the new one you can see it doesn’t take up as much space on the top of the device giving you more vertical space to

look at no longer do you have that like standard way of switching between tabs you can now just scroll to the right or left if you want to move between tabs on your device you also get access to tab groups which i talked about in my monterey video but basically if i want to create a group all i have to do is click on these two little windows click on the tab groups button and i can either create a new tab group or use the current web pages that i’m looking at and create a tab group surrounding that now the cool thing is when you’re scrolling the web page down everything gets moved out of the way if you want to access your tabs again you can either scroll up and then swipe to whatever tab you want to look at or you can tap on the bottom here and it will pop up the next tab or the current tab that you’re looking at now apple also announced state id digital cards this is not coming to canada i don’t know if it ever will come to canada but i hope it does because i would like to digitize my license but if you’re in the states certain states there will

be getting the ability to add their driver’s license and other government-based ids to the wallet app allowing you to carry less cards around and the final thing i want to talk about is spotlight it now uses intelligence by taking your location it looks through your photos and peoples and scenes and objects to provide you with better context so for example i just searched dogs on ios 14 and 15 and right off the bat it pulled all my dog photos from the photo album some things are still the same like siri is going to look up what a dog is and you can still get text with the word dog from your icloud account but even here as you can see it’s pulling it from my imessages context to the search itself which is something that couldn’t be done before with ios 14. so that wraps up some of the best features and new apps that are coming out to ios 50 and i hope i provided some value if you have any more questions or if there’s something you found that was super cool let me know in the comment section down below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one .

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