Best macOS Monterey Features! // Complete Walkthrough

so yesterday was wwdc 2021 keynote and there was a ton of stuff announced nothing like in-your-face earth-changing stuff but a lot of little things to glue everything across the entire platform better continuity better ease of use across the entire ecosystem i have a lot of thoughts about ipad os which i’ll talk about in another video but the one area that got me the most excited was mac os i actually installed the developer preview on my computer the next version is called monterey if you haven’t heard already and i want to walk you through some of my favorite things that i think you guys are going to find super interesting the first thing is shortcuts and you’ve seen this with ios 14 basically you can create these little automated tasks to help further improve your life if you go into the shortcuts app it looks a lot like the version that’s on ios but you have some pre-installed shortcuts that you can begin to use right away apple for example installs one for photos where you can take a bunch of your favorite photos and turn it into a gif if you don’t like any of the pre-installed ones you can create your own you can get like super detailed with this and create some crazy stuff you can automate your calendar you can automate your lights to do things that the app itself doesn’t have the functionality to do that’s the beauty of this you can get super crazy depending on how much time you want to invest in this the next cool feature is quick note and this is available across the iphone ipad os and even mac os but i was using it on mac os and it works very well you bring your mouse to the bottom right hand corner of

the screen a little box pops up black if you’re using dark mode and white if you’re using light mode it’s really handy because it’s quick you know let’s say you’re on a phone call and you want to quickly jot something down you can do it right away before that i had to like look for some sort of area on my screen to quickly write down some text and usually it’s like in the browser bar because i’m like right in the heat of the call with that being available right there it just makes your life a lot easier it’s cool because like you can be looking at a website copying some text you put into quick note then open up your iphone and continue where you left off all these notes are saved inside of apple notes so no matter which device you’re using you can always access it the next one is focus and again this too is across the board doesn’t matter which device you’re using and this is basically notification triage when you first tap on focus it gives you some pre-defined use cases personal do not disturb and work and you can fine-tune these to basically allow certain types of notifications coming in so for personal maybe i want to block out all my work notifications because it’s the weekend if it’s work maybe i want to block out anything that’s personally related maybe i don’t want my friends to be able to message me during work hours and do not

disturb you can block out whatever you want you can block out everybody but maybe only allow emergency contacts now you don’t have to do this by contact you can do this by app you can do this by location so if you really want to be truly crazy with it you can set it up so that when the phone knows you’re at your office it’ll automatically switch to the focus work profile and then when you’re back at home it’ll automatically switch to the focus personal profile facetime got some big improvements they’re making a lot more like zoom and look if you’re in the ios world and you use facetime a lot you’re gonna like this because they’re introducing a new feature called shareplay shareplay is cool because you can share a video with someone and watch together you can share a website with someone and look at that together same with photos and music the list goes on now you both need to be subscribed to the same service so if i want to share a disney video with you let’s say we want to watch a movie together on disney plus they too have to be subscribed to disney plus so for those of you out there thinking you can start pirating movies and letting your friends watch it that ain’t gonna happen the other thing is anyone can join the facetime call they no longer need to be specific to iphones so if your buddies on an android device they can get a created link from your facetime app and they can click on it and they can be loaded up in a web browser it’s not as fancy or

as nice looking as using the facetime app but at least other individuals who are not part of the apple ecosystem can can join in and take part in what’s being shared then there’s airplay finally coming to the macbook pro macbook air imac all those devices you can never airplay to they could air play to other things but you can finally airplay to them and that’s huge right maybe you’re someone doesn’t have an apple tv you’re doing the little apple fitness at home you’re losing the weight and you’ve been watching on your tiny little phone screen well now you can airplay it to your macbook pro or imac and use that bigger screen to do do your apple fitness now i did try this with disney plus to see if it would work and it doesn’t not because i don’t think the feature is broken or anything just probably because disney plus hasn’t updated their code whereas apple has updated their own personal apps live text is another cool feature and again yes this is available across the board but it’s pretty cool you know think google lens but for your mac right you have a picture there’s a lot of text on it and you want to be able to copy and paste it into your document you use the live text feature it will take all of that text and you can copy and paste it into that document you could even do things like visually look it up so if it’s some sort of image of relevance or if it’s a street name in a city you can visually look it up and

it’ll tell you exactly where that picture was taken or where that restaurant is located and if there’s any other similar restaurants in your neighborhood it’s also compiled with a translate feature so if you’re reading a picture that has spanish in it or any other language you can use the translate feature to basically break it down in english so you can figure out exactly what it says now my favorite feature the one i was most excited about is universal control and unfortunately it’s not available to review in the first developer preview that it’s available it’s coming out on a later date but my god that thing looks awesome basically you can use your imac or macbook pro or macbook air keyboard and mouse to control your ipad if you put your ipad beside your desktop computer or macbook pro it will know that it’s there and if you move your mouse over past the macbook pro screen it’ll automatically go on the ipad screen and you can control the desktop same with typing too this is a great way to use your ipad if you don’t have a keyboard connected to it but it doesn’t end there you can also do other stuff like if you want to transfer a file between your ipad and your macbook usually you have to do it through airdrop well you can just drag it now right so if there’s a file in your ipad that you want to put on your macbook pro desktop you can just drag it across screens which is super powerful now i know there’s other applications out there that have done this already like synergy but again this is baked right into the operating system it’s not something you have to download install and it’s just ready to go and the last big update is to safari personally i don’t use it just because i need those

extensions that chrome and microsoft edge provide but if you are a safari user you will appreciate the visual updates it just looks really good you know like i love the way safari looks the tabs are nice and rounded it looks minimalistic there’s less bloat on the top you can kind of preview each tab by moving your mouse over but the big introduction this year was the ability to do groups of tabs or tab groups so for example if i’m visiting the same three news websites every single morning instead of manually typing them in i can just go to the tab group that i created and it’ll automatically pop them up this saves you time and it also reduces the amount of tabs that you always have open the visual changes are nice for example if you’re on twitter which is more of a blue themed website the top pane of safari will change the color of bluetooth to match the website this just gives your eyes a better focus and it makes the experience feel more twitter-like rather than let’s say twitter inside of a browser so that wraps up my first look at mac os monterey if i missed anything or you think there’s anything else cool that you want me to visit let me know in the comment section down below but i’m mostly excited for universal control like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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