MacBook Pro 13 vs Amazing Windows Laptops – The UltraBook Buying Guide!

so over the past five to six months no matter what intel laptop that i review there’s always at least three to four comments of people saying no amd no buy or no m1 no buy i get it the m1 and these amd chips are absolutely amazing but fanboying is dangerous not only does it cloud your judgment it also makes you lose a lot of credibility because these companies are not your friends they’re corporations they want to sell you stuff and when you get attached to them you’re going to feel left behind when all of a sudden they’re not producing the products that you once loved okay you’re gonna get upset so what i wanted to do today is create a balanced fair guide on the perfect ultrabook we have two i7 intel 11th gen laptops we have a amd ideapad slim 7 with a 4800u and the m1 macbook pro this is all about ultrabooks all of these laptops have 16 gigabytes of ram now before we begin i have two things i want to say one i just updated my channel memberships so if you want to be part of the monies family hit join number two a lot of you are not subscribing to my videos and that breaks my heart you know think of the subscribe button as the opportunity to punch me in

the face click on it and take a shot so let’s start off with build quality and expandability and there was a time where windows laptops were in a terrible place they were just really poorly built but that’s changed over the past five years like you can find some really beautiful windows laptops in fact that even rival the macbook pro in terms of build quality now i will say this though the small things are still better on the macbook like these edges even though this is using cnc aluminum just like the razer book these edges are nice and smooth whereas on the razer book they’re a little bit sharp and on the yoga 9i they’re a lot sharper even simple things like screen flex and and keyboard flex are much better on the macbook pro the one thing that’s kind of squared off is keyboards you know in fact i actually find them to be better on some windows laptops like this is a great keyboard the fact that went back to scissor switches but it’s no longer the best the the the clicky tactile keys you find on a thinkpad are better the surface laptop or surface book rivals this and if you want a numpad you can’t get that on a macbook you have to buy a windows laptop instead the touchpad on the other hand though goes to the macbook like this is still the gold standard of accuracy i’ve never had a better experience on a touchpad than i have on a macbook pro the only other touchpad that comes close or if not on the same level is the touchpad on the surface laptop or surface book ports is another thing like if you value a lot of ports you’re only getting two usb type-c ports on the macbook pro 13.

these are technically thunderbolt but i don’t find them to be true thunderbolt because you can’t hook up more than one monitor it’s just very limited in terms of the bandwidth that this thing provides if you want lots of ports you got to go with windows laptops like this thing has an hdmi a type c an audio jack the list goes on this you’re stuck buying dongles so if that’s something you don’t want to have to carry around with you then a windows laptop will provide you with more io then there’s expandability you know you want to upgrade this down the road forget about it everything is soldered on to the motherboard the ram and the storage drive windows laptops are starting to solder on all the ram at least on some of the more premium ultrabooks but the storage drive is still upgradable and if you’ve checked out the pricing on each tier to upgrade a drive on an apple website it’s literally highway robbery like they charge a lot of money to go up from 512 to one terabyte whereas on a windows laptop you can buy like double the storage for the same price some of these ultrabooks also come with two storage slots so you can even have more than one and finally a variety you know this is a traditional laptop and if that’s all you need that’s great but if you’re someone who wants a convertible or a two-in-one because they want to draw and sketch and touch the display you can’t get that on a macbook you got to go with an amd laptop or an intel one now if you want to do this on the mac side you have to buy the macbook pro 13 and then go out and buy a separate ipad which means you’ll be paying a lot more money than one of these devices that have a two in one type of experience external sound has always been exceptional on the macbook pro 13.

It’s the laptop that i compare other ultrabooks to when i’m doing a sound test the razer book 13 has upward firing speakers but they’re very low and contain very little richness to it like they’re they’re just not that great the slim 7 get a bit brighter but they’re still not the best front firing speakers i’ve listened to the yoga 9i on the other hand is different you know like it has this 3d sound bar at the top and no matter which way you rotate the display the sound bar faces you plus you have bottom firing speakers to to help increase the volume now it’s hard to hear over a microphone but what you’re going to hear is the 9i get louder but i don’t know if you’re going to be able to tell the difference between the pro 13 because the pro 13 sounds a bit richer battery life is pretty good on most of these laptops like the razer book 13 got the lowest score with eight and a half hours of battery life which is still pretty good and then in second place was the lenovo yoga 9i i got 15 hours of use before needing to charge the slim 7 on the other hand rocked 19 hours and i think that’s the highest pc mark battery test i’ve ever done now unfortunately i can’t do a pc mark battery test on the macbook pro 13 but the one advantage that this thing has over all these other laptops is idle time like when this thing is idling i would only lose one to three percent you know i’d open this up days later and pretty much have the exact same battery life whereas all these other laptops would drain a lot more software is personal preference you either prefer mac over windows or vice versa and i’m not going to get too in depth in terms of features but i

will say this when i buy a mac there is zero bloatware with windows it’s random some manufacturers install lots others install very little you can expect at least one candy crush game and a trial to some virus scanner but the most important thing is performance and that’s where these laptops show their true colors if we’re talking about compile times and if you’re a developer i found the macbook pro 13 and the amd processor inside of the slim 7 to offer the best results these two processors with their eight cores were neck and neck whereas the intel laptops kind of lag behind because they’re still using only four cores and eight threads as for creative work i tested the adobe suite since i have access to it on pc and mac and the macbook pro 13 performed the best in adobe premiere pro this is quite impressive considering premiere pro has not been optimized for the m1 chip yet it’s beating out these laptops using rosetta their translation layer which is impressive amd came in last not because of the processor because of the integrated gpu the integrated gpu inside of these amd laptops are not as good or on the same level as intel’s iris xe graphics chips now in terms of adobe photoshop the intel laptops did the best that’s where the

graphic acceleration really kicked in and the processing needing that extra igpu performance when it comes to blender though that’s where amd shines like pure pounding of the cpu those eight cores being pushed to its full performance that’s where you see these amd cpus truly accelerate like this bmw example the lenovo slim 7 was able to complete it in 4 minutes and 16 seconds compared to the macbook pro 13 that did it in 5 minutes and 30 seconds now i really truly don’t suggest buying any of these laptops for gaming as these are more productivity workhorses but if you do want a game the intel laptop is going to give you the best experience no matter which game i tested the intel laptop always came out on top and if you’re wondering why the yoga 9i is beating out the razer book 13 is because of its aspect ratio it’s pushing slightly more pixels therefore the frames per second are going to be slightly lower at the end of the day you’re not buying a mac to game on and you should not be buying an ultrabook to game on either but if you wanted to these intel integrated gpus are powerful enough that you can play some games if you don’t mind dropping the settings the other thing to take in mind is external gpus if that’s something you’re super interested in you’re not going to be able to do it with an amd laptop or the macbook pro 13.

i hooked up the razer book 13 to an external gpu and i was able to significantly improve the frames per second in the games i’m playing yes i’m not utilizing the rx 6800 xt to its full potential but if you buy a weaker gpu you’re still going to get much better performance than any of these integrated gpus heat and fan noise goes to the macbook pro 13. like this thing is a champion in its own league this arm processor inside of here just doesn’t require as much power when this thing is under full load and the processors are being taxed the hottest i’d see it get is 55 degrees celsius for the cpu and about 63 degrees celsius for the gpu the amd laptop on the other hand got up to 115 degrees and then had to power throttle down to about 90. you’re getting great performance out of it but you know it was definitely getting a bit hot the intel laptops on the other hand are more conservative so you’ll see it get up to about 95 or 96 degrees celsius then it’ll power throttle down cpu temps will be about 60 to 70 degrees but the clock speeds will be a lot lower which means you’re not getting as much performance as you would on the macbook pro or amd laptop fan noise again macbook pro 13.

It took 10 minutes for the fans to even come on and when it did it stayed well below 40 decibels offering a very nice sound free experience these other laptops after a few minutes the fans are on they get loud some of them almost as loud as a gaming laptop and i feel like that’s one advantage the macbook pro has completely conquered and finally the displays and when it comes to actual bezel size and look the razer book 13 takes the cake like these bezels are super thin allowing the laptop to be a bit smaller than the macbook pro 13 even though they share the same display size these are both 16 by 10 aspect ratios and i prefer it over 16 by nine as i feel like it offers a sweet spot between productivity and media consumption now you can buy windows laptops with 3×2 or 16×9 or 16×10 but with the macbook pro you’re stuck with 16×10 quite frankly i think that’s okay as most people prefer that extra 8 to 10 percent of vertical space over the traditional 16×9 in terms of color accuracy and screen brightness a lot of these laptops are fairly close they all get very bright have good color gamut but the one area that the windows laptop excels over the macbook pro is the amount of displays you can have connected to it like this macbook pro

you’re stuck with like one display plus the display on the macbook and maybe the ipad if you use sidecar this razer book 13 you can hook it up to three or four displays you can even hook it up to an 8k display like if you’re that nerd who’s like watching gme stocks all day and have like 10 monitors in front of you you’re going to get a lot closer there with the razer book or yoga 9 than you would with the amd laptop or macbook pro so hopefully this guide helps you pick the perfect ultrabook you know amd doesn’t have a lot of premium ultrabooks right now but that’s changing this year so if you want like a more expensive amd laptop wait a few months a lot are going to be hitting the market i think this is a great option if you’re using windows to develop the cpu is just so powerful that it just crushes those compile times if you’re using the adobe suite and you’re using windows then intel makes more sense it crushes photoshop and premiere pro a bit better than amd and because it uses that intel quick sync you might get a better experience you also have the expandability of thunderbolt so if you’re hooking up tons of monitors maybe using external gpu or connecting devices that require

more bandwidth the intel laptops are the only ones that are going to do it super well macbook pro this thing is an absolute monster this is the one you go for when you value raw performance you’re working with a lot of apple apps like final cut or davinci resolve even if you’re a developer it’s a good choice because it’s built on that unix kernel so compile times are going to be a bit faster when it doesn’t have to use rosetta at the end of the day the last thing you should be doing is fanboying because i want all of these companies to survive because if they do that means more competition and more competition is better for you if you have any more questions let me know in the comment section and down below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next video

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