Review 2022 Acer Predator Helios 300 – New Design, Better Performance!

so this is the acer predator helios 300 the 2022 model and it’s a complete redesign compared to the previous one i think it looks better it’s a step in the right direction it doesn’t look as aggressive as last year’s version it still looks like a gaming laptop but there’s a little bit of a classiness to it now especially with this two-tone finish you have a metal lid you have a metal deck and then you have this little funky design here which is like more of a glossy look with a bunch of lines going in different directions then at the top is just flat it’s just a flat black portion with a smaller version of the helios 300 logo or predator logo rather now this reminds me of a 500se combined with a legion 5i pro because at the back of the laptop they decided to put a lot of the ports it’s not a light laptop it weighs about 5.73 pounds so it’s a bit heavier than your thin and light 15-inch notebooks but there is a ton of good io to choose from for example you have a rj45 jack it also supports wi-fi 6e usb a headphone jack and then on the right hand side you have two

more usb a ports and then on the back of the laptop you have the rest so you have a mini display port which connects directly to the gpu it’s displayport 1.4 hdmi port 2.1 thunderbolt 4 port and then of course you have your power connector now acer does include a 280 watt power brick in the box and look how big this thing is it is absolutely massive definitely one of the bigger 280 watt power bricks in fact this is the exact same size as the 300 watt power brick that lenovo includes with their laptop i do like the fact that they made the edges a bit more flat because on the previous model they had these like angled edges and it just looked a little weird this looks a lot cleaner when you open it up you can do so with one hand the hinge is nice and stiff so there’s not a lot of wobble the bezels are a bit thinner on the sides but it’s still pretty thick on the bottom the keyboard has been changed it’s no longer that like rubber feeling you got with previous helios 300s this keyboard has a really nice click to it 1.8 millimeters of travel distance and the typing experience is okay and it’s not because the keys

don’t feel good it’s because they’re way too spaced out the shift key is a bit too small so it’s going to take a while to get used to it like it took me like a solid two hours to type comfortably on this thing compared to other keyboards and part of that reasoning is because they squished a numpad on here i feel like if they got rid of this i know some of you wouldn’t like that but if they did they could have had a better typing experience now the big improvement is the rgb so if you’re like head over heels over rgb it’s now using midi leds so it doesn’t spill over the keys it looks a lot crispier if that makes any sense especially when you darken the room and you see it pop out from the keys it just looks very very sharp touch pad is still over here it’s glass it’s not a good touch pad at all it’s probably one of the worst touch pads i’ve used this year so far i wish they centered it and i wish they improved the way it feels when you’re moving your finger around now sticker placement on acer laptops is always the worst like there’s stickers just everywhere like you got stickers here you got an intel sticker nvidia sticker you got a qhd sticker like do you really need this i feel like acer is the type of company that will take a discount from anyone that wants to put

their sticker on their laptops i wouldn’t be surprised if you see a sticker for five dollars off for frozen yogurt there’s also a little rgb strip at the bottom of the laptop it’s not overwhelming you barely notice it but it gives a nice glow on your desk which i think is a nice touch in a dark room the display this has been upgraded we’re now talking about a 240 hertz qhd panel there’s also a full hd version of this laptop as well but the screen brightness is very average i would have loved to have a brighter screen but the color accuracy is good and so is the color gamut so if you’re using this for design work totally okay if you’re using this for gaming it’s gonna look great but if you’re taking this thing outdoors you’re gonna wish the screen got brighter webcam at the top 1080p it’s actually a pretty good webcam so if you’re going to be using this for conference calls or if you’re using this to stream the webcam is good enough there’s also two speakers on the bottom of the laptop they are very underwhelming they don’t get loud at all but they do work and they don’t distort so i wipe this laptop down before starting this video because i want it to look clean and over the last five minutes or so you can see that there’s a lot of fingerprints on it already not a big deal this is normal for darker laptops regardless of brand but this will give you an idea of what to expect now the ski that i have is an i7 12700h 16 gigabytes of ram rtx 3070 ti with a tgp of 150 watts this is a good performer but it tends

to favor the gpu performance over the cpu doesn’t matter what laptop i put this up against other comparable i7 12700h and most applications not all this tended to perform a little worse because a lot of that performance is being shifted to the gpu and the reason why they’re doing this is because it’s a gaming laptop first and they’re keeping the cpu really cool by lowering down the clock speeds significantly lower than like base clock speed and they’re giving all that performance to the gpu again this is when it’s only under full load for a very long time if you’re just doing short burst things then don’t worry about it gaming on this is fantastic it runs very cool the fans do get very loud even on extreme mode like fans get super loud same loudness as turbo mode i didn’t see a difference switching between the two they both got up to 62 decibels heat was good the keyboard deck didn’t get too hot because they’re keeping the cpu so cool it only go up to like 40 degrees celsius which is not very high for a keyboard deck not once did i feel like my fingers were getting hot or uncomfortable but the internals look great nothing really to complain about they are using liquid metal on the cpu and gpu so that will help keep temps down a little bit you do have acer’s aeroblade fans you have two slots for storage this one is populated it gets fantastic read and write speeds and if you want to upgrade in the

future there’s another slot over here you have a swappable wi-fi 6e card and of course you have two slots where you can upgrade to 64 gigabytes of ram this is rank 16 memory not rank 8 so keep that in mind and you do have a big 90 watt hour battery and i thought i was gonna get good battery life on this guy but i put this thing on default mode optimus put the screen brightness down and i was only able to squeeze out two hours and 50 minutes which is not great at all oh and there’s also a muck switch which you can configure in the nvidia control panel and the best part is you don’t need to reboot the computer so overall i think acer is taking the right direction putting the ports on the back i know it’s very similar to what legion is doing and of course alienware but it makes a lot more sense having the cables away from you is a lot cleaner it’s a great laptop you know especially if you live in a hotter climate and you want to be very conservative with your thermals this is meant for that you know you’re going to get good gpu performance with a little bit of the cpu going on the back end so that it can push as many frames as possible i’ll leave a link to it in the description down below if you’re interested in picking it up if you have any questions let me know as well like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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