Review MacBook Pro 13 – This M1 is Insane!

so i honestly don’t know how to start off this video because i am lost four words i walked away from apple’s event thinking what are these guys talking about they just showed us a bunch of graphs that were so ambiguous they had no data on it and they didn’t talk about what pcs these m1 chips were beating out they just said it was significantly faster but i think they did it on purpose because they knew that once us reviewers would get this in our hands we could see for ourselves and not only is this a big performance jump compared to any ultrabook that’s on the market this is a big jump in tech history period this is a revolutionary jump in cpu performance using a 10 watt chip to put this in context for you most ultrabooks range from 15 to 25 watts most beefier laptops range around 45 to 50 watts the h series processors that you’re used to in gaming laptops this m1 is being them all out in single core clock speeds in fact it’s beating out my custom desktop pc which has a 3900x and my other one a 10 900k it’s completely crushing it in single core clock performance that is a huge achievement now in multicore it’s a bit of a different story my desktops have more cores there’s more power being thrown out so those will beat it out but this is crushing every single laptop on the market except for some amd h-series cpus like think about that a 10 watt cpu beating out 45 watt cpus like that is remarkable you know and it’s doing this while being almost silent in fact the only way i could get the fans going on the macbook pros if i ran a cinebench test for about 10 minutes that’s when the fans started to kick in

and i’d even noticed they were on because i couldn’t hear them i literally had to turn off everything in the room to hear the fans on this macbook and they would never surpass 35 decibels whenever it was under full load you know what happens when i update my macbook pro 13 2020 with the intel processor just updating i’m not playing any games or running any software i’m just updating it the fans kick on they literally kick on and after 10 minutes of seriously pounding the cpu they finally turn on come on that’s insane to grasp this even further i was able to game on this i played world of warcraft on high settings using the integrated gpu without any issues with my macbook pro 13 2020 i’d have to lower the settings down to medium or low to get even close to the same results if you want to talk benchmarks again the heaven benchmark 70 frames per second which is the exact same frames per second as the new intel tiger lake processor and their intel xe integrated gpu but here’s the catch this is doing it through rosetta an emulation layer that has to translate so that this macbook m1 chip can understand and that means there’s a tax to the processor because of it or attacks to the performance since it needs more resources and the fact that it’s being on par with the intel machine is unbelievable that’s double the performance of the macbook pro 13 2020.

I bet you if heaven was ever to get optimized for apple silicon you’d see over 100 frames per second now if you’re a video editor you’re going to buy a macbook pro 16 right you want the dedicated gpu and you still should but you can edit video on this specifically with final cut since it’s been optimized and it runs great like i was able to go through a 4k timeline scrubbing through it like it was nothing like it was nothing it rendered it completely fast beating out last year’s macbook pro 13 it was just remarkable now if you’re an adobe user like me it’s a bit of a different story adobe hasn’t been updated yet but it loaded up it was a bit slow to load i was still able to scrub through the timeline it was fairly smooth not as smooth as final cut but the fact that i could do this without it being optimized yet was huge now unfortunately the render times in adobe is quite long like it took me an hour to render a video but i’m expecting this kind of stuff you know but shocked that it can still do it quite comfortably now i couldn’t measure the heat of each core they’re running at about 3.2 gigahertz at least for the high power cores but i will say that the surface temperatures are good like 42 to 43 degrees celsius which is about six to seven degrees lower than most other laptops running at full load ios apps work not all of them some of them i think most manufacturers have opted

out for now until they can fully test them but i was playing among us on this and it worked great webcam is the same but it’s been improved using ai the difference is being you get better white balance and color shifting compared to the older webcam but it’s still not a great webcam battery life has been great and it’s only going to get better as more apps become optimized for apple silicon just because when rosetta has to kick into work you drain a bit more battery faster because more resources are being used i’m getting like eight hours of use actual work not just watching video actual work compared to the 405 that i got with the previous macbook pro instant on works as you’d imagine as soon as you open up the laptop it’s automatically on and just like the iphone when you have it sitting in the corner on idle it barely drains any battery which is really impressive for a

laptop so here’s the bottom line i’m blown away like this is a huge step forward for apple and this is what they’ve been waiting for for years to finally create a macbook that’s silent that has amazing battery life and has performance like nothing else out there i usually don’t recommend first generation products but i’m gonna recommend this one i think if you know what you’re getting yourself into and you’re not using any hardcore heavy applications you’re gonna absolutely love this thing but as time goes forward and more apps are optimized to work with apple silicon properly instead of using rosetta this thing is just going to get stronger and stronger and stronger i hope you guys enjoyed this review i’m going to be doing a lot more videos on this because i have a lot more testing to do and if you have any more questions let me know in the comment section down below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next

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