Razer Blade Stealth 13 (2020) – Finally Perfect!

so I’ve been up for like five nights straight because I was having troubles understanding who this laptop would be for because at $1,800 Razors asking a lot for an ultrabook then finally when I was a basket weaving because I do that on the side it finally clicked to me this laptop is for a very specific niche market it’s for someone like Tom Tom Tom is a crazy very well produced video editor he’s on the field all the time he’s went from location to location doesn’t want to carry a 15-inch laptop because it’s too heavy 13-inch is where he wants to be he sees this he’s like this is perfect to ingest footage to to quickly cut footage up at a few color Corrections and then move on to the next location someone like Ann and I wish you guys can beat Anne she’s fantastic fantastic not only is she an engineer but she’s also a medical practitioner she’s moving from one hospital to the next she’s doing data modeling she’s she’s designing creating engineer things in AutoCAD and she doesn’t wanna carry a 15 laptop because she wants to travel length but Ann she has a little quirky side to her she also likes to gain but she’s not a hardcore gamer because she doesn’t have the time to be a hardcore gamer she looks at this and sees wow I could game on this sure

I’m not gonna be able to run things at super high settings all the time I have to drop things down to medium but I can do it now if you’re someone like Jill and Jill’s a maniac she’s been gaming her entire life she’s gonna look at this and be like are you nuts this is not worth $1,800 to be a gamer and she’s right if you’re strictly a gamer for the same price you could buy the Razer Blade 15 base model pair with an RT X 26 T and the i7 10th gen CPU of H series and gets significantly better frame rates and performance plus a bigger screen than this guy but if you happen to fit in those two niche markets then this product is fantastic the build quality is exceptional it’s light it’s the same design as the previous year so I’m not going to go over through all the ports features but I will say this though on the 2020 model Razer finally fixed the thing that I had the biggest complaint last year about it was the shift key the previous 2019 right shift key was so small that if you’re a right shifter like myself you would constantly make typos this year they fixed it and typing on this keyboard is so much better it’s like night and day so I’m so glad they listen to their feedback and fix those problems I hope more companies take note of this and listen to their customers like Razer does because I promise you you’ll have significantly better products the touchpad is the same it’s a little heavy but it’s a fantastic touchpad and of course you get one zone of RGB lighting which you can change to any

color you want now the speakers are on this are fantastic they’re not going to beat out a MacBook Pro but they’re still good nonetheless so internally not much is upgradeable like you can swap out this Drive which is pretty fast but if you want something bigger you can do that Wi-Fi card is Wi-Fi six no reason to swap it out but it is replaceable 53 watt hour battery 6 hours of use before needing to charge with the screen running at 120 Hertz if you drop it down to 60 you will get better battery life if you’re looking at this computer don’t bother getting the 4k model because I think at this screen size it’s not really worth it like you really can’t take advantage of 4k but full HD 120 Hertz is more than adequate because this display is color accurate enough and has that high refresh rate for gaming it has Windows hello baked into the top and of course if you’re interested in seeing what the webcam looks like it looks like this it’s not the worst one I’ve used but it’s obviously not great now I know I spoke about gaming performance at the beginning of this video but I didn’t talk about productivity performance and this is special because razors allowing it to run at 25 watts that means

more power is being pushed in the CPU which means clock speeds should be higher for longer and most ultrabooks only run at 15 watts to keep them cooler because they don’t have the heating or cooling solution that this laptop has now there is one other ultrabook that comes to mind that has a 28 watt CPU which is exclusive to Apple and that’s the MacBook Pro 13 this I 5 MacBook Pro 13 actually runs on par in a lot of your favorite applications Cinebench the MacBook Pro i-5 beats out the razor blade stealth 13 when it comes to Photoshop they’re so close together even though the i7 is packed inside of the stealth same with Adobe Premiere Pro both laptops run very well and I think that has to do with the metal GPU acceleration and the fact that Apple tends to run their laptops harder and the base clock is higher in general and this thing is under full load it drops down to 1.7 whereas the MacBook Pro 13 stays over 2.0 now just imagine close your eyes I’m going to close mine just imagine this laptop with an AMD rise in 4,800 UCP with a Coors fan noise is also good yes it gets up to 51 or 52 decibels which is in line with the surface book 3 but it’s not nearly as loud as a gaming laptop overall this is a very solid well produced ultra book is it for Jill the hardcore gamer absolutely not Jill’s buying a razor

blade 15 she’s she’s getting the r-tx 20 70 super she’s going crazy on Twitch this is for the individual that wants as much power as they can possibly pack with a dedicated GPU in a 13 inch form factor it’s for n for sweet old N and Tom who’s constantly on the field and wants to travel as light as possible and if you think you fit in two of those niches then this laptop is definitely worth checking out anyways that wraps up this review if you have any questions let me know in the comments down below I stream every second night on Twitch so make sure to follow me there like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in the next

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