Lenovo YOGA X1 Gen 7

and here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga gen 7. now this refresh was introduced back at ces in january of this year and it’s significant because this is already one of the most popular two-in-ones with business users and in addition to that of course we have new 12th gen intel processors we have ddr5 ram we also have gen 4 nvme ssds but in my opinion one of the most significant new additions to this machine is that we now have an oled screen option 16 by 10 aspect ratio of course a full hd option is out there as well but if like me you prefer oled displays then you now finally have a 4k plus option it’s 3840 by a 2400 resolution we have an upgraded camera now full hd on the webcam which is i i think another great added bonus uh that storm gray color aluminum chassis let me just put that down get the rest of the contents out of the box we still have a pen in a silo so if that’s something you know you missed from the 9i doing away with it this is something where you are still going to have a legitimate option 65 watt charger to my knowledge i’m looking if there’s anything else in the box but that’s pretty much it we got a little bit of paperwork so let’s take a look at this machine in terms of pricing for anyone that’s trying to figure out if this is going to be priced right for them right now at the time of this unboxing this is just rolling out they have one model which i think is a little over 2000 which has the full hd display and an i5 processor 16 gigs of ddr5 ram and then of course actually before i open this up let’s take a look at the chassis uh they have a uh configurator so you can actually put together the system like i have here which i think has an i7 a 12th gen cpu this can be

configured up to 32 gigs of ram and the oled display is surprisingly only about 200 more so i think it’s a complete no-brainer to pick up kensington lock a type a usb port your headphone microphone combo jack that siloed pen which again as i stated if you really still love this design and appreciate the fact that you’re not going to lose the pen because it has a place to be stored this is the model for you when it comes to two and ones on the market in fact i’m not even sure how many competing models there are anymore with a siloed pen thunderbolt 4 both of these ports this is also how you’re going to charge the laptop and then a type a usb port and hdmi out on the bottom we have as you can see some speakers ventilation regular phillips head screws to open this up to my knowledge the ram is soldered so you must pick the configuration you need again starts at eight gigs goes all the way up to 32 and you can see we have um this i don’t believe that’s a sticker i think but uh they’re letting us know maybe it’s not a sticker it’s actually it is part of the the chassis if you can see that full hd quad mic array they’re just letting you know that when it comes to video conferencing you now have really a much better option and that is a big upgrade i mean having quad microphone and full hd camera is definitely a nice thing we still have a privacy shutter right there in terms of the power button it’s also a fingerprint scanner which i’m sure you can see smile style keys nice track pad physical uh left and right click buttons we still have the old school lenovo pointer which i actually appreciate having in these builds some

people don’t know what they are because they don’t remember the days where they were standard i don’t think it’s a bad thing to have of course many other people think it’s a waste i think it’s a good option if you have applicable use and this is an intel evo certified laptop which means we should have excellent battery life i know lenovo’s claiming like 18 hours with the full hd model i’m not sure how it’s going to fare with the oled model but we’re going to find out so really obviously if you want the most battery life you’re going to want to go with the full hd option again starting price around 1700 us dollars and i will include that link in the description but at present there’s only really one pre-configured model i’m assuming at some point we’re going to see this one as well and i can tell you already the display is gorgeous i’m not surprised build quality is excellent it’s going to be interesting what speaker performance is like but from a benchmarking standpoint overall performance i think this is a really significant upgrade in a single generation i mean we’re used to just getting a bump up obviously on the processor ram generally doesn’t change i mean not generation to generation so that’s a big move uh the fact that the nvme drives are now gen 4 even though gen 5 is around the corner that’s another big move and again my biggest or personal improvement of this machine that i care about is the oled display and it doesn’t hurt obviously that they’ve revamped the entire uh webcam and microphone system to me this could amount to being one of the best if not the best two in one on the market you know i thought it was easily right now the yoga 9i but in many ways i think people are going to prefer this machine i think they’re going to satisfy you know similar customers but i think they also still keep their own niche and i’ll likely compare this directly to the 9i as long as i still have it here in the studio let me go ahead and get this online so we can just take a quick look at video

performance because again i’m just really impressed with this display but that’s something lenovo’s been rolling out i like the shift to the 16 by 10 aspect ratio and the fact that now they’re finally delivering uh in my opinion the displays they should have two years ago which are oled panels we’re on to the right track in every way shape and form so we’re connected to the internet battery life again is going to be one of those questions pen input should be excellent let’s take a quick look at that charger which is just a standard 65 watt at least that’s yup there you have it 65 watt brick so pretty straightforward i’m presuming that this will get charged up in a little under two hours maybe it’s a little bit faster we’ll see as i use it but let’s go ahead and open up a just a web browser here of course i just cracked this open so everything is brand spanking new but we’re gonna see at least how it works to some degree and the touch screen of course intuitive works really well anyone wondering about that you know the two in one capability obviously every mode that you could possibly want uh tablet content consumption you can do it all and the build is excellent now this does really retain a lot of the design from the previous generation that i covered last year but that’s not a bad thing i don’t think i think it’s good that there are actually two design differences or design languages that are different for two of what at least right now are two of the best two in one options that are on the market let alone are also from lenovo and this will become affordable over time even if pricing is high now because i assume this is gonna be a little over two grand for this configuration maybe twenty two hundred dollars in time that price will go down of course so let’s go ahead and let’s just get on to youtube we’re gonna hear what audio performance is like the keyboard is

solid i expect that it’s not anything new and um let’s just see right now go ahead and dismiss that i’ll go ahead and just put in my channel and we’ll see exactly what you know video and audio performance are like at a very base level so let’s just take a look try to just jump to another lenovo video and here with the digital dimensions something like this wants to share a comparison but just uh novo c940 switch it over to 4k and scrub through it on the right trackpad is nice these are both late 29 audio performance seems good take a listen and she has used both and maybe i’ll do a dedicated inking video but again today is all about these computers and which one uh in my opinion is better than the other i’ve gone over internal specs the trackpad so audio performance seems pretty good uh by the way screen brightness i think we’re at about 400 to 500 nits i’ll have to check love the dedicated the spacing that we have on the function keys and all the dedicated controls i just think this is a really sharp machine it just it has it all you know so the 9i is a great option for the majority of consumers i feel like this is a great option for business users again a comparison will come dedicated mute button for those that quad microphone system uh when it comes to brightness so we were at 100 if i go ahead and crank that down it’s actually going to look significantly uh better for a 4k test so let’s do that right now uh just regular 4k uh content i’ll throw in hdr of course i said 4j

that doesn’t really matter too much does it youtube knows my language you don’t need a waffle maker uh yes yes you can maximize that right now high gloss display by the way uh volume just so you know pick it up flip it over now gotta have it now get it near you shop with google i’m very impressed with the audio on this again it’s only a first look but i did not expect this much power from the speaker system of course uh the speakers are on the side of the keyboard deck try to adjust this for as little glare as possible trying but it’s tough it is a high reflective high gloss display there we go i think that that’s pretty much spot-on and if you’re noticing the letterboxing again remember this is a 16 by 10 aspect ratio which i think if you have a high resolution display like this it’s better for mixed use anyway when you’re working on regular uh data and productivity you have more height browsing the web same thing and of course then when you switch over to watching content you do get letter boxing but not a big deal uh in my mind so early look this thing is really nice it will be pricey but i can’t really point you towards another machine that will directly take it on just yet gotta give it some time see what uh trixx hp has up its sleeve but right now i think for business users looking for a two in one even though this is just an unboxing knowing what the gen 6 product had to offer this is a really exciting machine like the build and i’m just ready to put it through the paces we’re going to see what battery life is like and remember it’s three pounds this is not a heavy machine it looks good professional and we’ll also see how loud it gets how hot what thermals are like but remember if you’re looking for again 12th gen cpus ddr5 ram oled display option the siloed pen gen 4 nvme ssds i think this is an ultra book to be that pretty much can do everything other than game because again no discrete graphics with this let’s we can always dream right but right now we just have uh integrated uh intel on board but it can still do a little bit but you know don’t buy this to game buy it to do basically everything else and the pen and puts a bonus we’ll see how that works too but i think it’s going to be solid like most of lenovo’s two and ones any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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