Sony 16-35mm f4 PZ G Lens First Look

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share my first look at the sony pz16 to 35 millimeter f4 g series lens priced at 11.99 this will start shipping towards the end of june of this year 2022 i’ll include a link in the description for those of you interested in picking one up and i already have that’s how excited about this lens i am now this is a loaner unit from sony that just arrived but i ordered mine as soon as this was announced because this to me represents the possibility of an ideal i won’t say perfect wide-angle power zoom lens that should have phenomenal autofocus capability with the new xd linear motors that are employed in here they’re actually it’s the first time they’re being used in any lens so that’s already impressive lightweight at 12 and a half ounces so roughly 350 some odd grams making it half the weight of its gm alternative granted it’s f4 as opposed to the faster f 2.8 but regardless you will not find anything this size and as feature rich if you care about the power zoom so build quality on here is excellent no surprise design language also sharp as expected from a g series lens essentially three rings on board you’ve got focus you or zoom focus and then of course aperture you have your power zoom control right here but you can also use of course cameras like the fx3 that i’m recording this on to control the power zoom you know and remotely you can use devices like the bluetooth commander the control rather the bluetooth grip and then any other wireless product that sony incorporates as well as third-party manufacturers make many cases that can control the zoom we have a customizable button an auto focus switch then we have the click switch and that’s what will permit you to essentially go from a smooth rotation of the aperture ring to steps so that you know where you are so

really a matter of whether you’re shooting still or video nothing new then we have an iris lock switch that will not lock the aperture in place but will lock you in the particular mode that you’re in so right now we’re in manual uh and that’s locking us out of auto if you unlock it you can step into auto if we lock it you’re now locked in auto hopefully that makes sense pretty straightforward go ahead and get rid of that but overall build quality looks great and the size i mean that’s what this is really all about now if it was the most compact power zoom uh wide-angle lens ever made but the quality wasn’t anything to talk about this would not be anything to talk about but from what i’ve seen it is sharp and again from a video perspective this is kind of like a baby cinema lens if you will because that’s what i feel like it tries to pull off by delivering this power zoom it’s something that i know i’ll use here on the channel i’ll be testing it primarily with the sony a74 simply because i think it is one of the best sweet spots when it comes to price to performance on the marketplace it’s sony’s latest and greatest in that arena and i think it’s a good pairing i do still have of course this is a loner but my a7r iv a7r ii uh and most importantly the fx3 i’m filming on now and that will be another camera that i will be testing this on after all that is what i will be primarily using with this lens but the beauty of this lens is that while i plan

to use it a ton here in the studio for work i could see myself possibly even incorporating a second one if quality is where i hope it will be because it’s just such a versatile tool because of that weight to performance ratio along with again the aggressive price because if you want to shoot on gimbals possibly use it in drone applications again nothing is going to touch this i anticipate because of its form factor especially if quality comes through and everything points to that it does as mentioned the xd linear motors along with the fact that there is really no 16 to 35 option to compare this to so let’s talk about that for a moment but of course until i use this we can’t go into anything at length or in depth but the zony or sony zeiss lens that is an old ebook goodie f4 16-35 probably the most comparable in terms of feature set does have stabilization optical steady shot no stabilization in this little what i hope to be dynamo but this is still a great lens however if this does perform as expected this lens i will probably sell since i’ve already

ordered this because there’s just an overlap this is what promises to be a better hybrid uh when it comes to video performance again better autofocus and power zoom and that doesn’t mean we’re compromising anything on the still side so that’s what’s so exciting about it and this is really where my love for what sony was doing in mirrorless really began it was phenomenal performance without having to carry around heavy gear now as sony matured as they took on the entire camera world and became essentially the most coveted forget you know number one manufacturer out there what happened through that process was that cameras inherently got larger full-frame lenses got incredibly large and that’s just you know part of the growing process now i like this focus back to giving us what hopefully should be excellent quality but in a size unlike any other manufacturer out there so we’re gonna see i’m very positive about this i’m bullish because i know sony has been hitting it out of the park lately with glass and i don’t think this is going to be an exception at 1200 us dollars you know i already bought one so if it’s anywhere near as good as i expect for both still and video work this is going to be just a fantastic experience and it doesn’t hurt that it’s easy on the eyes as i’ve mentioned clean design language is

perfect for your sony camera of choice it doesn’t matter whether it’s you know the a74 we have here the fx3 it’s going to look its part which is never a bad thing you know it’s not about what a lens looks like but when you’ve got great build quality and really nice design language it all just brings together the whole package and then most importantly the results so we’ll see what the stills are like we’ll see what the video is like and how well that power zoom performs both on body using the switch on the lens as well as my fx3 zoom rocker and remember with clear image zoom you’re going to top out at a little over 50 some odd millimeters so really versatile as a walk around lens for the average enthusiast and hobbyist and that’s what i love about glass like this it’s priced for everyone and this really has a feature set for everyone too i know even just traveling this is going to be ideal for me i’ve got some back problems that i’ve been dealing with for the last year it’s been rough and you know reducing weight without reducing quality is what i am after when it comes to brand new gear like this any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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