HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset Unboxing

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the hyperx cloud alpha pro gaming headset this retails for a little under 100 us dollars i’ll include a link in the description and this was sent over by the manufacturer for review purposes essentially as a package centered around the brand new hp omen 45l which is a simply amazing pre-configured gaming beast but that’ll be a video for another day in the interim this is a four-year-old gaming headset that i would say is probably just as relevant as when it originally launched which is why i’m sharing it with all of you today it is wired modular and essentially will allow you to use it with anything you see pc they’re showing of course older consoles ps4 xbox one nintendo switch and of course mobile handsets but because it is wired you’re going to be able to use this with anything and if you’re not familiar with it now you will be this has been well reviewed over the years and the reason it’s still being manufactured and still holding its original retail price is because it really is just that good especially if you’re looking for something wired and again that is what i would call affordable considering the wireless headset i use retails for roughly 300 us dollars so something you have to take into account so let’s go ahead and pop this out

and take a look at the hyperx cloud alpha and you know if this is something that appeals to all of you then i’ll likely end up covering more hyperx accessories since uh they do make quality peripherals they have for a very long time and now that they are under hp’s uh umbrella you know i’ll have access to more to share with all of you so first thing out of the gate hyperx support and then of course a quick start guide just taking you through everything you need to know about the modular mic that you can pop off of course the actual cord the wired cord that you can also remove we’ve got what appears to be a carrying case right here let’s see what’s inside it comes with quite a bit of kit here so we’ve got an extension cable it appears yep so three and a half mil that’s what it looks like but you know i’m not going to get ahead of myself let’s go ahead and get this out and here are here is the actual headset itself as well as the modular mic that i mentioned before i don’t think there’s anything else in here so let’s go ahead and get that out of the way all together and really this is i think probably a solid consideration again for anyone looking for a wired headset that you know is really well reviewed well received and you know there aren’t many headsets these days that are still out there so many years later and that is telling i mean it’s just a fact of life when it comes to accessories like this they tend to go away um even if they’re excellent you know to make it two years is a long time four years i’m not gonna call it a record but it’s getting there so we’ve got metal construction here in conjunction with what

appear to be comfortable pads you know i don’t they look like they’re going to do a solid job when it comes to you know audio leakage making sure that you only hear the audio you’re looking for and then here is the actual cable that i mentioned uh the wire that you can disconnect so when you want to strip this down pack it up and travel with it it stays clean you don’t have to worry about a cable ripping breaking and if these cables go the mic or the audio cable you know that you can always just get a replacement which i think is really nice you know i haven’t used wired headphones in a long time and who knows once i start using this i may be drawn in especially now that i’m i’m demoing more sound card mixing decks this is definitely something that makes using them more complete than using a wireless solution where monitoring is less than ideal after all it’s wireless right but yeah pretty straightforward and i believe we have the extension cable that i showed you earlier in order to give you more slack when you need it and then we’ve got controls here for muting as well as volume so pretty straightforward some hyperx branding there the microphone as i showed you out of the box flexible and again modular this is something that back when this launched in uh roughly what was it 2018 ish this was a brand spanking new concept that most headsets quality headsets did not employ now on the other hand more and more are using this in fact my last two wireless headsets both use modular mics that you can of course remove just like this in favor of having a dedicated microphone as opposed to a built-in after all you know once you know the limitations of a built-in microphone that’s when you start to

consider other options so they look good in terms of on the headphones really nothing to show of course adjustable and that is still a metal frame here feels like aluminum and you know the accents the hyperx branding i think is fairly nice but if you’re not a fan of the red and black they do have some other color variations i know they have a blackout version so that’s an easy way to get away from this color scheme if it’s not for you and hyperx of course has some wireless options as well i know that they introduced recently some latest and greatest stuff but again this is to appeal to the pro gaming segment and anyone who is not interested in the compromise generally offered by wireless options so looks good i’m excited to test it out again it’s been a long time since i’ve used something wired and i’ll be able to tell whether or not my corsair virtuoso rgb xt is really doing uh the sound stage justice when gaming and also for general content consumption i mean this looks comfortable i’m going to try it on right now even though it’s going to be off camera and it is comfortable and i can tell you right now it seems like it’s more comfortable than the corsair headset i’m using now but that’s not really surprising the corsair as i mentioned is a compromise still really good but a compromise so we’ll see how this works out if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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