NITECORE BlowerBaby Cleaning Solution for Camera Sensors – Unboxing

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the nitecore blower baby now this is a air blower designed specifically for cleaning sensors on full-frame aps-c and of course micro four-thirds cameras so if you have a mirrorless camera like the ones that i review on a frequent basis uh the a7r iv uh the i have the a7r ii in house i’m filming on the fx3 this could be something you really want to look into and at roughly 80 it might sound expensive but i will tell you right now that if it works it isn’t and that’s because the majority of traditional air blowers that are similar to this but are not designed for cleaning camera sensors they’re not that far away in price for example you know i’ve got my opelr here that i use for general uh cleaning of things like keyboards and other electronic components it’s really large if you didn’t notice and then i’ve also got the kikka jet fan that i’ve covered in the past and they all work they do the job but this is definitely unique so let’s go ahead break the seal get this thing out of the package if i can even find where the seal is the packaging is actually quite nice on this so i don’t want to you know cave man it but i am not seeing a physical seal on this part so i’m gonna see yeah i was able to pop it out how do you like that and then they’ve included these additional accessories that nightcore makes which i’ll be taking a look at as well so as i stated 1500 a 1500 milliamp hour battery inside of the blower baby begin your new era of electronic air blowing well we’re going to begin that era today so first and foremost seems like we’ve got an aluminum body the power button right there your usb type c let’s see if it works it does pretty strong i have to say pretty pretty strong another thing you may notice there is a filter right here this is the air intake and of course

the air comes out of here they’ve put a silicone ring essentially around that so that if you’re cleaning out a camera sensor you know it’s not going to hit the metal frame or plastic for that matter so it’s an attempt to protect your device and what i was mentioning about this is that the filter looks like in order to lock you’ve got to turn it one of two ways i’m assuming yep so there is the filter now if you want to clean an actual sensor this is not what you would use you use this in the event you’re just using the air blower but if you want to clean a sensor we’re going to use one of the accessories they sent over but let’s see what else is in here before i get to that i’m assuming this is just a type c cable it is a type c to type a for charging and a little bit of paperwork in there i don’t think there’s anything else they’re probably just going through all the accessories and they are because you will need these in order to do the job properly so they’re noting the micro four thirds brush these are the sensor cleaning swabs series which i believe i’ve got some of here so they have one for micro four thirds they have one for full frame medium format aps-c you get the idea and of course your instructions for the blower baby but let’s get to this guy right here which is the filter for sensor cleaning because you really need to make sure that you’re not introducing things to your sensor that will harm it and that’s why devices

like this have never been ideal for sensor cleaning you always will at least i do and most people use traditional air blowers that use just air and are not powered by a motor have no electronic components components excuse me so that you’re just using a pump essentially to blow dust out of your camera you’re preferably going to do that let’s see if i can open it from the bottom without even having to cut anything you’re going to do that with the sensor facing the ground so that you know you have the assistance of gravity gonna have to cut the seal after all but you know this as soon as nightcore contacted me about this i was interested because again anyone that follows my channel knows the trouble i have opening packages but knows the that was a joke obviously but also not knows the amount of you know camera gear that i review and i’m always looking for a good way to actually clean my sensors i mean there’s nothing worse than you go to capture footage and it’s marred by dust on the sensor with a device like this in your gear bag that may actually be avoidable let’s go ahead and see if i can lock this on i’ve read no instructions because i’m a genius i’m going to try to just line it up based on not so common common sense and we’ll see if i can get it well there’s an arrow so and considering i turned the other there we go i turned the other one left uh in order to unlock it right you know righty-tighty does lock it in so now it’s locked in and i like that they color

coded this because that does kind of make it bulletproof right if it’s blue you know that i’m having trouble focusing here of course you know that you’ve got the correct side so let’s go ahead now they claim it’s 40 miles an hour 70 kilometers so a little over 40 miles an hour i’m not sure that it’s 40 miles an hour but it is fairly strong and again for its form factor it is considerably smaller i think this will fit better in a gear bag and it won’t damage anything around it i think that’s important has a little lanyard attachment so just throw the regular filter in here in the event that you’re going to be using you know for the most part the actual sensor cleaning filter now let’s see what else they’ve sent over go ahead and move some of this aside there’s quite a bit of stuff here so we’ve got cleaning kits i’m less interested in the cleaning kits granted nightcore made sure to let me know you will need those cleaning kits let’s look at the camera cleaning pen that seems like something a little bit more interesting because this i feel like is a standalone product not that the others aren’t the sensor cleaning kits are as well but i feel like this is something that people could buy independently and and actually have in their gear bag for obvious reasons uh but it does work like all of these in conjunction with the blower baby i mean that was the premise of nightcore sending this all over i did not ask for all of these things it was basically do i want to review the blower baby and then they were like well in order to review it you need the rest of this stuff so i’m

having trouble pulling this out what did i say about me and packaging reversible magnetic carbon cleaning tip storage compartment for cleaning brushes you may not be able to see that text it’s quite small but i’m pulling it out so again magnetic carbon cleaning tip aha so there you go it pops in magnetically that’s that’s pretty cool if i can get it in focus and you know i used to use devices like this once upon a time it takes a little bit of gall to go onto your sensor and and use something like this on it but if it’s coming from a reputable company and it is actually designed to do the job well it should do the job so we’re going to find out and then on the interior you saw it said that it is storing the brushes so where the knight core branding is is the top side and there you have it so you’ve got a little suite of different tools to use with this device or alternatively the blower baby so because these i do not think fit into this so you do want to have these in conjunction i’m not sure about the color coordinating but pretty sure this just pockets on let’s see indeed it does i may have it upside down that’s very possible but the idea being if you want to clean out crevices in a camera things of that nature you’re going to be able to do that fairly easily using that attachment that incorporates a brush let’s see what the other one it’s a it’s a finer brush than the other so this is you know again for more delicate

contact you’re going to be using this let’s see what the packaging says that would be a good idea right a little bit of instructions in there essentially it just says non-liquid carbon cleaning formula which is what’s attached right now safe to use and environmentally friendly one hand operable brush and blow process which yeah i can see how that would work now let’s go ahead and just take a quick glance at the user manual so basically what i’m seeing here is that they are letting you know that one is a lens cleaning brush the other is a body cleaning brush so these are not something you’re going to use on the sensor you would want to put a brush to a sensor that’s that’s what this is for okay that is the carbon teeny carbon cleaning tip um the lens cleaning brush is the yellow so if you want to just take some dust off your lens that’s what the fine brush is here for and the other is for the camera body so i was kind of already on to that with the rough bristle texture and then they’re just showing of course the ability to i did put this on right surprise surprise to do that so as a little test let’s go ahead and grab my a7r4 which has the zeiss 55 uh f18 still a classic in my opinion this is a great pairing you want to take some beautiful shots and even some solid video you’re gonna do it with this you’re not gonna have a problem so let’s try this right now even though i have the sensor cleaning filter let’s just go ahead and see [Music] not that i have that much dust on here i don’t is the battery dead already nope not yet i gotta say i dig it because it does

really it’s twofold in terms of its operation and how well it’s handling things but let’s get something a little dustier something that’s not as actively used and i’m looking at my gear here to see which is the dusty culprit the a7r ii definitely gets out less than the four but i don’t think it’s going to be that dusty either i don’t think we’re going to find something gross here and you know what it’s not looking too gross but you get the idea it’s pretty straightforward with a device like this you have the ability to clean up your gear and to do it safely i think most importantly remember this is for the sensor you don’t want to use anything else on it and then you’ve got your two attachments one being for the lens and i kind of already dig this quite a bit don’t remember the orientation that these were in there but i mean i could have told you that that was coming that i would forget so i’m not even going to try i will look at the illustration in order to figure out how to pocket them back in it’s not that complicated but you know oh well so we’ve covered all that let’s take a look at the actual sensor cleaning kits and then we’ll call it a day on the night core product line but i think this is really smart you know again i think of like the the other air blowers i have and they’re just not safe to use with camera gear you can use it on external parts but i still would trust a system like this over what i’ve got so they’re saying this is for cleaning ccd and cmos sensors lenses and photo sensitive

parts and they’re also letting you know that you’ve got to store the cleaning fluid in a ventilated area and avoid heat or sunlight so they’re telling you to choose a cleaning area adjust the camera to clean mode take off the lens use a professional air blower they’re talking about theirs to blow the dust away take out a cleaning swab and make the tongue piece from about 60 degree they’re saying use a 60 degree angle cleaning face with the sensor surface gently drag one side to the other uh repeat in the opposite direction using the clean side of the swab fourth is change a new swap to repeat step three until the ccdc most sensor or the lens is clean if stubborn stains remain quickly drip three to four drops all of the sensor cleaning fluid on the newly opened swab and repeat step three within three seconds i’m not going to do this right now but yeah so that’s that’s what you get you get essentially the tool the fluid pretty straightforward i would wear gloves definitely recommend it if you don’t have them you don’t have them and again this is a wet solution which this is really designed for when you know things are as bad as they can possibly get and the same applies to this guy right here they’re calling both uh you know 24 mil full frame sensor cleaning solutions but you can see the length on this is quite a bit more and in the event your camera body is a deeper reach you’re going to appreciate that if you want to stay away from it but pretty much the same instructions that got a little bit ripped uh when i was opening the packaging what did i tell you about my problems with opening packages i told you so i’m not going to even pop these open now and then last but not least is this lens cleaning kit so i’ll try to link them all but again the star of the show is the blower baby

and of course the camera cleaning pen i think these are the two things that are ideal to have in the bag of course always good to have a wet cleaning solution but i have to say if you’re careful you generally probably won’t need that i mean only a few times have i been in a situation where a wet cleaning process is necessary but it does happen so don’t presume that you’re always going to get away with using a blower like this or just a traditional hand pump blower you’re not always going to get away with that there will be circumstances where you’re going to need the wet cleaning kits and that’s why these are good to have but that pretty much rounds it out again i think this is an incredibly useful little product and uh i really dig it definitely differentiates itself from the majority of air blowers that i’ve seen in days past and i’m looking forward to starting to use it on a fairly regular basis this will live in my camera gear bag and travel with my a7r iv so definitely uh interested in putting it to use and eventually coming back to let all of you know if it does the job that nightcore is presenting it capable of any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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