Sony FX6 First Look

ed here with the electronic absorb as well as today i wished to share a first consider the sony fx6 now when this was first announced by sony this was at the top of my brief list in regards to brand-new equipment for the channel as well as for noticeable factors in regards to function set difficult to beat at its cost point really light-weight under two extra pounds around six thousand us bucks which is pricey however when you look at the entire landscape again this is difficult to match low light efficiency appears to be exceptional from every little thing that i have actually seen certainly dci 4k 60 structures per second 4k 120 1080p at 240 simply like the fx3 that i’m firing on today and the reason that i had sony send this over for testimonial is that i desired to know whether or not when i picked the fx3 which was later on announced did i make the right choice so this has a variable nd filter a 10.2 megapixel sensor it does not fire stills because besides this is a cinema electronic camera and despite the fact that the fx3 is called a cinema video camera it’s still even more of a hybrid it likewise doesn’t shoot dci 4k it likewise doesn’t have a variable nd filter constructed in which is among the bragging civil liberties

that’s unbelievably crucial for numerous people when choosing the fx6 additionally bear in mind the fx6 is nearly completely marketed out as well as there’s an extremely excellent reason it is certainly an outcome of the pandemic supply chains being strangled however it’s additionally due to the fact that this is an extremely desirable item of gear simply like the fx3 that i’m firing on and also of course the a7s3 precedes them all combines basically a lot of the exact same attributes yet like the fx3 no dci 4k no variable nd filter and also the checklist goes on this camera provides a remarkable amount of control but after that when it comes to the menu systems in addition to managing emphasis it does tend to obtain a little extra troublesome than the fx3 or naturally the a7 s3 yet it supplies an attribute established that neither of those video cameras have which’s fairly obvious i suggest no s there’s no sdi on either of the electronic cameras i simply discussed so this is a genuine cinema electronic camera as well as in one of the smallest kind variables that sony has ever before put with each other really i think it is the tiniest specifically given that as long as i love my fx3 it genuinely isn’t uh a you understand cinema video camera at the end of the day due to the fact that it is missing out on

a few of those features that i simply pointed out that specify cinema at its core this is incidentally a netflix approved body so if you intend to movie a series a docudrama a movie as well as have the ability to release that on netflix this cam can do that the glass that i had sony sent over to you recognize essentially evaluate this tools the g master 12 to 24 which is nothing new to me quite a lot the most effective wide-angle zoom glass in the world and also you know i’ll see exactly how it executes on the fx6 the other the tested and also certainly real a bit older g master 16 to 35 both are f 2.8 items of glass and also incidentally if you’re taking a look at the fx6 the kit lens is what i’m filming on now the 28 or excuse me 24 to 105 f4 g series lens which i think is outstanding for both still as well as video but if you’re investing six thousand dollars on the fx6 you might wish to get something a bit better that’s simply my viewpoint there’s nothing incorrect keeping that g collection lens yet there’s a factor it’s the set glass they expect if you’re mosting likely to go hard you’re going to use something else currently this cinema cam is furnished with twin small flash reveal kind a slots that are also sdxc ports remember if you desire the very best efficiency you can leave it you will certainly require to be making use of among these this is a 160 job card they are costly but they deliver the efficiency that you anticipate to get out of a cam such as this or perhaps my fx 3 or the a7s mark 3 or various other

video cameras that sony makes that assistance it this body is climate secured and it’s modular which i really like even though i’ve yet to check it it just makes sense on the best side you can see that sdi out and the mounting point for the grasp the hdmi out right there no chance to link this and also capture straight to an nvme drive yet you do have the capacity obviously to catch raw video through that hdmi port if you so select another thing that signals that this is a movie theater electronic camera identities is the battery i suggest this is just one of the challenges naturally of choosing an a7s iii or an fx3 is that you’re just never ever going to get the runtime on a battery such as this needs to use or naturally the fx9 is the next action up now in regards to controls i think this sustains approximately 8 channels of sound so if you’re doing a program that must likely please your requirements and also as i stated previously this 10.2 megapixel sensor does exceptionally well in low light that is just one of the throwing points and that makes sense nevertheless i imply this is essentially the exact same sensing unit you’re getting with the a7 s3 or fx3 but a real cinema function set which variable nd filter again is going to be beneficial for anybody that is really trying to create a true production allow’s go ahead and also place up a few of again the modular things here that completes the package so the leading handle has all of your video clip control alternatives basically in regards to run as well as gun things you’ve obtained the joystick for the food selection system your zoom control record you have one more hot footwear integrated microphone in the occasion you’re not intending on really

utilizing an xlr i mean i believe it’s truly a back-up at the end of the day however i’ve heard advantages concerning the audio quality see what i did there and after that obviously your screen which is you understand i do not have extremely high expectations for yet they needed to consist of one and also they have now i stated prior to that a person of the important things that is uneasy regarding this camera is the food selection system since i’ve seen what it resembles which seems to be among the drawbacks but i’ll see over the course of utilizing it one of the points i do such as is the top handle i’m similar to on my fx3 it integrates the xlr system so it’s not simply one more handle and i actually like that so there’s the connection factor you go on screw it down and you’re in organization you currently have the integrated mic which once more ought to provide us pretty excellent audio top quality but certainly extra importantly it’s your xlr hub along with your connectivity for your monitor proceed and plug that right into the viewfinder port right there that obtains wired around a little bit of cable television administration that sony has

included into the leading deal with quite uncomplicated nothing insane and after that of course we have the grip now this is one more thing that i desire my fx3 had yet my fx3 has a grip built onto it this does not this is essentially a box in lots of methods and this once more offers you just the same controls generally that you carry the top handle they are reproduced so whether you’re shooting here as this is your point of control as well as stabilization or the hand hold you’re good to go either method so i imply i like that i think it’s smart essentially this ought to just lock on allow me line it up there you go and afterwards you simply need to attach the grasp to the port which i most likely should have done initially but alas not a problem we’re connected incidentally every one of the energetic cooling is right there on the right side of the body of the fx6 currently that we have actually that done let’s proceed and also link the lens i’m mosting likely to choose the the g master 12-24 since that’s primarily what i strategy on testing this with although i will certainly be making use of a few of my very own glass also like my pz28 to 135 i don’t understand that i’ll utilize the kit lens i’m shooting on right currently also much because i simply don’t visualize if i were to acquire a video camera such as this similar to i assume anyone that’s enjoying this video clip currently that wants the fx6 i.

just seem like you understand there’s a factor the 24 to 105 is a set lens i claimed this earlier absolutely nothing incorrect with it yet if you intend to obtain the most out of this video camera that’s a starting factor not a completing line to make sure that basically wraps it up i suggest you see all the the controls in terms of the nd filter you’ve obtained a document switch right here in addition to tally lights around which is another point i truly like about uh the fx 3 as well as that’s mimicing what gets on the fx6 as well as that’s something that’s just a really fundamental expectation with a movie theater video camera the quarter 20 installs live and well throughout this body as well as you recognize just how you’re mosting likely to utilize them is actually approximately you camera battery once more pretty uncomplicated i mean the real run time on this particular uh battery which is the bpu60 i believe is around three hours yet we’re mosting likely to figure out as well as you recognize it’s just a matter of what you intend to really do this has fifty percent cost so you can see that readout right there these batteries are expensive however to be anticipated your power switch over right there proceed as well as power this on yet remember also when this modular movie theater beast is developed up it’s still light-weight compared to much of the competition which’s the charm.

currently this display i assume right now we’re revealing 140 minute run time with a 50 cost at least that’s what the battery was revealing to make sure that offers you a rather good idea of what to expect however the food selection system is where you know i think it’s going to be a little more difficult than exactly how simplified the fx 3 which of training course complied with the a7 s3’s lead has become so we’ll see yet i’m excited to try this out see how it runs and as i pointed out at the beginning of the video determine whether i wind up regretting the reality that i wound up buying the fx3 rather than the fx6 which is extra expensive but likewise a lot even more feature rich if you really did not already recognize that or recognize that as presented via the training course of this video clip as well as if you have actually done any study on this electronic camera that’s additionally glaringly obvious yet once more truly great item of package permanently sold out thrilled to check it out as well as share with every one of you my perceptions after a number of weeks any questions or comments please do not hesitate to publish them hit that like button and also customarily please do not hesitate to subscribe and also please stay risk-free later on.

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