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ed here with the digital digest and also today i wanted to share a fast unboxing and also initial check out the kikka jet follower now if you’re asking yourself why i’m sharing this with all of you it’s because a minimum of for me this is an intriguing product as well as it was sent out over by the maker for review purposes this is in fact the second product i’ve obtained from kika which is a division of feiyutech who for those of you that do not understand produces a wide selection of electronic camera gimbals also actual gimbals with cams constructed in like the feiyu pocket and also currently pocket 2 which i will additionally be covering now this is mosting likely to introduce for under 100 us bucks at the very least that’s what i’ve been informed by the manufacturer as well as this has a broad range of uses four different speeds i think it has a 100 000 rpm electric motor however you can utilize this for virtually anything that you can think about as well as when i state that i plan to use it in a conventional ability a lot like this man right below the opelr dirt weapon however since this is substantially more powerful and i expect it to have much better battery life and also build top quality than the opelr it is extra expensive but i.

currently understand just how well kikka made the k2 percussion massager that i covered this is going to be intriguing so kika claims you can use it for cooling down like a traditional follower an individual follower you can utilize it as a hair dryer you can utilize it for blowing up things like pool floats mattresses as well as then certainly like i just recommended utilizing it for cleaning dirt out of electronic devices that you do not wish to utilize pressed air for due to the fact that compressed air is not suitable and also you can see on the side of the product packaging right below they show it in all of those various abilities loading a bed mattress basically sustaining a fire air conditioning yourself off and after that beyond cleaning a laptop keyboard once more inflating a balloon and afterwards lastly doing some even more gap cleansing that resembles it’s within an engine let’s go on and obtain this thing out of the box it comes in a wide range of colors i did not request a details shade this is just what i got and also rather truthfully once again if this has the same build top quality and overall ability or i need to state if the kika k2 percussion massager is at all indicative of what this is mosting likely to resemble after that it’s mosting likely to be quite awesome as well as i do highly suggest that item once again this is not out yet um the kickstarter isn’t also live very first point you can see that we’re hit with is the kick-up documents the instructions and also uh this is charged by means of a type-c port i see right below number one is the equipment.

indication power switch billing port and all things i basically anticipated we have the text the blowing nozzle and a kind c cable for billing so this is actually green which i don’t understand i kind of thought this was even more of a teal yet so it resembles a forest eco-friendly it is all steel in regards to building already this is emulating the build high quality of the k2 it does resemble it’s grabbing some finger prints look at that little fan there the blades i suggest this is pretty trendy i have to say and let’s simply see right currently great i really did not transform it on to make sure that would certainly be a good area to begin power switch is on the base you can see the type c port we have an environment-friendly light which i’m thinking indicates it is on 4 indications there for complete battery life i imply i already am thrilled with this thing it’s definitely a great deal cooler than the extra-large ancient opelr yet let’s see just how much a lot more effective it is so i’m going to go on as well as simply start it up let’s see if i blow this out of right here great so aha i had it the upside-down so allow’s attempt that once again i was asking yourself why absolutely nothing was moving so air comes in this method it’s pushed out in this way excellent oh yep this makes the opelr appear like a toy and there are a great deal of variations of that opelr so it’s about time another person took it up a notch which’s exactly what the kikka jet follower does so this is a truly amazing product i can already say that without any type of hesitation uh you know for any individual that was taking a look at this when i you recognize initially begun this video clip and said why are you covering this ad it’s since it’s actually valuable which’s what i try to always maintain my content on the channel you understand i get provided a great deal of.

various stuff to cover as you might imagine the property has is constantly what it’s been given that day one when i first began the network which is that i wish to cover things that i locate intriguing which i would in fact desire to see and also be presented to so this is just one of those points you understand the percussion massager i believe a great deal of people might have questioned why that got on my network well i currently utilized percussion massagers among the big flaws with them is just how large as well as heavy they are uh feiyu with their kika k2 generally ruined that issue by making the k2 and also currently with this follower the jet follower i can see just how they’ve primarily knocked opelar and also any other air dusters or personal fans that try to be an all-in-one out of the park so this is rather amazing again i will allow you all recognize when we in fact have the opportunity to obtain among these once more keep in mind the the fan setting up here the generator that you’re looking at is what draws the air in this side strikes it out this should just screw on currently you have the more finite setting so that you can in fact do dusting in the same capacity that the opelr does it is just so much more powerful you understand the opelr is this large awkward piece of plastic as well as it’s not economical this still retails from i assume for sale anywhere from 30 to 60 dollars i know they have a newer version yet i think it has like a vacuum cleaner accessory this just makes it appear like well you fill up in the space this is following degree stuff what feiyu is doing as well as i appreciate devices similar to this since they actually are useful as well as serve a great deal of uses so for cleansing things like sensing units on electronic cameras this is optimal because again many people are mosting likely to.

want to go with the old school air pump i obtain it yet you can make use of something like this as well as particularly when it pertains to such as cleaning up the within a computer you know front components on lenses checks tvs you name it whatever it is this is suitable for cleaning i suggest it’s it’s truly solid there’s no question about it uh the 100 000 rpm electric motor is official i don’t know that it’s you recognize i’m not mosting likely to actually test scores yet when i put it next to the opelar you’ll listen to the opelr’s follower is developed right in there i mean the opelr is tolerable yet this is simply next degree that’s my finest means of placing it now it’ll be interesting to see this is a rubber versatile nozzle which is additionally really wonderful i just wonder just how a lot more expanded this is going to be as well as what run time is mosting likely to be every one of those things it’s simply an interesting little device once again whether you’re utilizing this in its traditional capability which for me largely once more is mosting likely to be for cleaning up electronics which kika feiyu describes as gap cleaning or pumping up i suggest that’s the other thing i truly wonder exactly how this is going going to work as you understand blowing up a bed mattress or let’s state a pool float anything like that but its mobility is what makes it truly unique i imply to be able to take this when traveling with you if you’re camping taking a trip in general not that i’m stating go out as well as do that we are still in a pandemic points are not terrific right now um you understand this will certainly be an excellent fellow traveler it appears whereas the opelr it’s not a great fellow traveler it gets the job done but this once again i’m just actually pleased and also the reality that they have actually obtained shades does not hurt either i assume they have 5.

different colors this is pretty wild so very amazing item uh from kikka again a division of feiyu as well as i just like that they’re continuing to be ingenious as well as take a look at points that are sensible that people are mosting likely to desire as i discussed we have a type a to kind c billing wire right here no actual block to connect to the wall surface so you’re mosting likely to need to locate a source of power to connect this to whether it’s your laptop a battery financial institution or maybe a usb hub it does not truly matter and after that it’s just going to interest see you do have four different levels which i assumption is self-explanatory of the motor so now we’re at max if i drop to the most affordable degree allow’s see what that resembles yes so you’re obtaining a much more limited uh outcome with this so you have 4 levels which i did point out additionally really solid at 3 really cool anyhow um anticipating when this officially launches i will probably have a discount code for you men too i believe i’m unsure about that again it needs to be introducing at some time at the end of august here in 2021 so maintain your eyes tuned or peeled off focused if you have an interest in something similar to this which i am which is why i claimed yes please send it over when i very first checked out it i was like what are they opting for after that when i realized this is to knock um the opelr off the block and after that some to be once again mobile which to me is suitable being able to slip this in an electronic camera bag and take it about is just remarkable and recognize that you can clean up anything along with use it for i hunch personal air conditioning if you want i can currently see one great attribute that they might integrate would certainly be to make it to ensure that it might really stay running instead of you needing to hold it down for pumping up however we’ll see possibly there’s something i don’t recognize i’ve got to review those guidelines really did not think this would certainly review 9 minutes i didn’t assume it would necessarily go over five however this is a truly great product and quite affordable at under 100 us so remain tuned for updates any type of questions or remarks please do not hesitate to publish them at that like switch and customarily please do not hesitate to subscribe and please stay risk-free later on.

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