Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 Unboxing

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon gen 9. this is powered by intel’s 11th gen processors specifically in this build that lenovo sent over for review we’ve got the core i7 1185 g7 with v pro 16 gigs of ram a 14 inch full hd that is plus so 1920 by 1200 resolution ips panel uh anti-glare touch screen with privacy guard 500 nits is the rating per lenovo a half terabyte nvme drive and it does have a 720p hd webcam that is windows hello compatible of course that means infrared fingerprint reader backlit keyboard and of course wi-fi 6 and bluetooth 5.2 another thing you should know about this two and a half pound ultrabook is that you can also get it with a sim card a nano sim slot if that is something that appeals to you so if you’re looking for 4g or 5g connectivity on the go this may be a great option for you so let’s get it out of the box and this has always been one of lenovo’s really popular machines and for good reason because as i just

stated you’re talking about a two two and a half pound ultrabook that gives you a 14 inch display you can get uhd by the way if that’s what you’re looking for the majority of the builds though of course are the full hd plus as i mentioned 1200p 65 watt charger out of the box i’m not sure exactly what we’ll be seeing on battery life i know what lenovo’s website claims which is over 16 hours if we get 10 to 12 i’ll be very happy let’s go ahead and get rid of this and basically you know this is the ultra book to beat for much of the market i’ve just recently reviewed the vayo z and i do feel like this is a very good counterpoint uh to the vio z very good model to consider similar pricing so for those of you out there who think you know that the vaio pricing is insane well clearly you haven’t been shopping uh business class ultrabooks i almost flipped that like these so move this out of the way there’s going to be some paperwork i’m sure but let’s take a look at this that 65 watt charger i’m assuming is going to charge this up in a little less or a little over one hour so be curious to see what that’s like that’s another element that of course is critical with ultrabooks like this nice that this has touch screen and first thing i’m going to do is take a look around the chassis so we’ve got a type a usb port kensington lock and of course a headphone jack right there headphone and microphone combo we’ve got

some speakers clearly on the bottom towards the front some ventilation in the back uh nothing here except for what appears to be a dual array uh microphone setup and then on the left side that’s where most of the action happens hdmi 2.0 right there another type a usb port and two thunderbolt 4 ports of course you will be charging through the thunderbolt 4 port nothing on the back pretty clean looking and again just a machine that should deliver exactly what you’re looking for if this is what you’re after so again 14 inches really slim bezel we do have a privacy switch right up here physical one so that’s always nice more and more manufacturers are doing that power button is right here let’s see if we have any charge we do the back lighting just came on and speakers of course on the side key travel i think is a little bit less on this than the previous generation but you know from what i can tell seems pretty good um and that is kind of expected with thinkpad obviously so again the privacy guard is on this model so that’s something that you know if you value it it’s here if you don’t need it you don’t need it but what i can tell you already is that it does look pretty nice this ips display let me go ahead and give you a better view of it and at two and a half pounds it’s tough to look for much more power than this it’ll be interesting to see what audio quality is like but build quality seems excellent to me which is not a surprise that’s something the x1 carbon line is known for it’s one of the reasons it’s so popular form factor build quality and the fingerprint scanner i believe is built into the power button this time around and yeah just glass trackpad i mean nothing that you wouldn’t expect nothing out of the ordinary it’s showing four hours of battery life at present of course i don’t believe that that was with brightness all the way up you

can see i just took brightness down to the minimum you can barely you’re just seeing a matte display with a little bit of a reflection of me but if i take it all the way up and i’ll play with power profiles i of course do not think that that is correct it’s going up now it’s at four hours five minutes so realistically we’ll find out what battery life is like but the fit and finish on this again is really nice and you know it’s a matter of what you’re really after the fact that we have touch screen i think is a great benefit that’s something i’ll bring up the vio z again a beautiful machine expensive very similar class but no touch screen compat capability something i wish more manufacturers would do even in business class machines like these we live in a world of touch screens it’s second nature a lot of you will argue why would you want to touch a display and put fingerprints on it you do it with your phone you do it with tablets so as long as you clean up after yourself again i feel like at this point in time when it comes to tech it is natural to presume you have touch screen in fact even on my asus g15 i often find myself going to touch and then say oh yeah wait a minute if only and so it’s nice that on a business machine like this you do have touch screen capability because you never know when you’re going to need it frankly some people may think it’s

always going to be more convenient to use a track pad touch pad but there are certainly instances where you know you want to point something out you want to touch something quicker access you want to show someone something and touch screen is just always nice to have i’d rather have it and not need it than you know the opposite so always i’ll have a touch screen if possible the privacy guard that’s a whole other issue that’s kind of like whether or not you want to go the full hd plus or the uhd and of course again whether or not you want the nano sim slot for wireless connectivity on the go so this model as i mentioned does not have it but i imagine it would live on the left or right side as expected no micro sd card slot here so no card reader but that’s nothing new to this form factor i think it’s great that this has the i o that it does it’s another thing that i would compare and contrast with the vaio z that it really does directly compete with in that that laptop does not have a card reader just like this one that one only has thunderbolt 4 and hdmi this very similarly is thunderbolt for an hdmi but gives you two type a usb ports which may be a difference maker and i’m curious to see what the speakers perform like you don’t expect anything out of machines like this when it comes to speaker performance but it may be

very good so i’m going to test it out and of course follow up with all of you let you know what performance is like but the machine looks nicely make sure i didn’t check if the privacy guard is on you can see they give you very clear instructions that you hit the function button and d in order to enable so right now it’s no longer enabled now it’s enabled so it was enabled through this video so let’s see how much complete the setup get out of here microsoft nobody’s interested in your nonsense right now so right now i’m not sure how much of a difference that’s going to make for you on camera here but screen’s pretty nice i have to say and i do really like the form factor i think this is an ideal machine for a really wide audience of users that are again just looking for something really competent remember the ram is soldered so you know be aware of that the nvme drive as i stated half terabyte in this pre-built model that was sent over you can upgrade that if you so choose and that’s pretty much it iris xe graphics also i believe which means you’re going to be able to do like gaming if that actually

something you’re interested in which is not something you would generally expect again from a business machine but things are changing uh in terms of performance from ultrabooks and what we can do with them so really the most interesting thing to me is going to be battery life and just the keyboard experience the keyboard’s i think fairly well done which is not again a shock with lenovo a little tighter than what you traditionally find on thinkpads but that’s because this is part of a heavy push to give us ultrabooks that are actually enjoyable to use and deliver on all the elements that any user would need not just a business user whether you’re in education any sort of creative field and you want something that’s again really lightweight powerful and premium and that’s why it carries the price point that it does and of course there are sales all the time so when i say it starts at 3000 that will change but uh the x1 carbon uh is generally a pricey machine because there are very few machines that it directly competes with any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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