Review HP Spectre X360 15t 2021

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share my full review the digitally digested segment for the hp spectre x360 15t now this is the tiger lake which is intel’s 11th gen refresh of processors it launched towards the end of 2020 and that’s when i first started covering it and even here nearly in the middle of 2021 this is still an incredibly competent and compelling two in one option 15.6 inch uhd that is 4k resolution ips panel 16×9 aspect ratio you can also get this in an oled panel if you prefer that now i personally do but if you want to save some money get a little bit more battery life and put any fear of burn in uh to bed this would be the way to go and initially when i got this i said to myself there’s no way i’m going to be able to really tell any of you out there that the ips panel holds any sort of competition against the oled option the good news is it’s pretty good viewing angles are not as good as the oled contrast not as good but these are expected it’s still fairly bright not as bright again as the oled but fairly color accurate i mean this is pretty much a best-in-class ips panel in my opinion touch input is very good you’re not going to have any issues with that at all when it comes to the pen input hp for this spectre refresh did give us a new pen which i think was overdue and it does charge via type c i think it’s a great pen for a free included not really free you are paying for it but included with the package and it is using entry drivers so you are getting the surface pro experience without the surface pro price and i do prefer this pen again over the previous generation that i got with my 13t so intel’s 11th gen 1165 g7 i7 processor is powering this whole experience 16 gigs of ram and a half terabyte nvme i’ll include a link in the description if you’re interested in purchasing this the specific build is currently out of stock but you can still of course find other very similar builds four and a quarter pounds uh pretty solid speaker quality windows hello via its ir webcam top center 720p capability which is good i do wish the webcam was a little bit better but hopefully that’s something we’ll see from manufacturers as time goes on so far i’m yet to test any laptop that has a fantastic webcam so i can’t really give it to hp on this because this is a an industry wide issue it isn’t specific to any manufacturer in particular keyboard is fantastic in fact

hp one of my favorites they’re right there with lenovo i like the key travel i like all of the different keys they give you i love the numerical keypad i’ll tell you right now though if you’re planning on doing heavy 4k video editing or even i mean you can edit 4k video on this as well as of course jump into lightroom or adobe photoshop so for images not a problem either but if you’re going to really be putting this specific model through heavier tasks i would look at the one that comes with the nvidia dedicated gpu that i covered back in 2020 it’s still the current model it hasn’t been replaced yet i do expect a refresh will happen soon but you’re going to want the dedicated gpu for those of you that aren’t looking to do more than really what an ultrabook does but in a larger form factor it doesn’t get as hot gets solid battery life again a very nice display even if you don’t go oled you’re going to get exactly what you want i think this is great for college students i think it’s great for just about everyone this is a real wide appeal machine in my opinion and that’s because it’s large with its 15.6 inch panel uh touch screen of course the two in one is what you’re after right and this this does all of that um you’re not gonna have any problems with that at all uh tent mode uh you know tablet mode this is a little bit heavy at four and a quarter to do tablet mode but it really is a very well-rounded machine build quality is excellent i think the style and design language that they present is also really good you have a fingerprint scanner right there again tough to beat this keyboard the speakers are not out of this world but when it comes to two-in-ones the only one you’ll find with better audio is from lenovo and that’s the yoga series uh that sound bar beats everybody but this has advantages of course as well so first thing i want to do is just point out what you have on the on the machine itself two thunderbolt 4 ports this is also a way if you choose to to charge it but it does come with a 135 watt power

brick with a pin connector that will charge this up in a little less than two hours we have a type a usb port right there and then we have a micro sd card slot uh a lot of people say for storage expansion but realistically this is to read sd cards not expand your storage in my opinion as a photographer that’s what i look for in laptops like this hdmi on the other side and right above it is the proprietary power port as i was mentioning earlier then we have our headphone and microphone combo jack and that’s pretty much it so this is again if you don’t need dedicated graphics if you’re not looking for that experience then you’ll be perfectly satisfied with what this machine has to offer in terms of pricing you’ll also be saving money because of course the dedicated gpu will set you back extra cash but i do recommend as i stated the oled the advantage to this ips panel again is battery life and pricing and not having to worry about burning but i don’t really generally worry about burning these days i feel like at least my experience outside of oled televisions is that they do hold up fairly well despite all the static images that are there that could potentially burn in uh the pen input i mentioned is good is this ideal for digital artists well i feel like that’s a bit of a loaded question you know it sketches well my fiance my other half is the the artist in the family and her experience with these machines is good uh you know it’s not too different a little bit better uh than the 15t again with the dedicated gpu and that’s because we did get a new pen and that

makes a difference updated drivers uh if you go ahead and take a look at her sketch sample which i think is about seven months old now because that was again a different machine than this the experience is fairly similar just a little bit better here but ever so marginally better and what that means is that if you’re an artist you’ll have no problem sketching here being creative taking notes but this isn’t going to replace an artist’s specific machine like something from wacom wacom whatever you want to call it wacom or any other dedicated device that’s really aiming specifically at that niche but it is a two in one which means it is trying to give you the best of both worlds the ram is soldered so keep that in mind uh you do not want to under buy on that because you’re not going to be able to upgrade it you can upgrade the nvme that is the ssd the hard drive that comes here but if you’ve selected the capacity you need you likely won’t need to do that i feel like this is the type of machine you buy you know what you’re you’re looking for make the right decision the first time and you don’t worry about upgrading it or trying to do anything beyond what you’re getting out of the box the trackpad is completely competent but is fairly small and i think if i was going to give one major critique to hp on the 15t line it’s they could make the track pad larger now personally i think it’s fine but i know a lot of you out there are custom track pads that are bigger both in terms of well basically the whole span width and height so if you’re looking for something with a larger trackpad this is not the machine for you but i will

tell you right now completely competent it is glass precision drivers and it works exactly as it should again much like the keyboard i feel the trackpad they’re both very good the keyboard though i think takes the cake i love the led indicator for the mute switch for both speakers and for microphone you don’t have to go and look to see whether or not things are muted you know just by glancing at the keyboard hp is one of the few companies that does this other manufacturers are jumping on board especially in the pandemic realm that we’re all residing in because it’s a no-brainer so many things are being done through zoom skype you need to have a little bit of visual control when it comes to your video conferencing uh so definitely something i think is a necessity and the numpad you know if you need it you need it if you don’t you know you might want to consider a different machine quite frankly i know some of you will be irked by the fact that you know things are offset like the trackpad and the keyboard because of the numpad i’d rather have a numerical pad personally so i don’t take any issue with it now when it comes to the internals you have to remember this is essentially the 13t stuffed into a larger chassis here’s the 13t again with all of the same internals pretty much at least when it comes to processor when it comes to ram not nvme this has a one terabyte nvme and this does have the oled display so what is the difference well because this is a larger body because it has more space more surface area it stays cooler uh and that may matter to you you know when you have something as dense and compact as the 13t which has rolled up the internals of this machine into a much smaller body and is more than a pound less in overall weight because this is four and a quarter and the 13t is a little under three and that’s without the power brick you know there are trade-offs so here this machine will stay cooler on your lap than the 13t or the 14t for that matter 14t being the 3×2 aspect ratio option completely different than this or the 13t because these the 13t and 15t both have 16×9 aspect ratios also beyond it being cooler the fans don’t get particularly loud on this so if that’s another thing you’re worried about that has been answered right now when it

comes to battery life it’s another thing that is fairly good and i think that’s part of the beauty of this machine you’re looking at eight to ten hours at the very least eight and you know if you really try to squeeze things you could get to ten now if you go with the oled version of this you’re gonna be a lot closer to that eight maybe even seven and then you’re flirting with the same battery life as going with the model i mentioned that has the dedicated gpu so that’s all the more argument if you’re willing to get the oled display here again i’m gonna come back and tell you you probably should be getting the one with a dedicated gpu because battery life is almost the same but inherently having that dedicated gpu gives you a lot more power when it comes to video editing and photo editing does it make a world of difference no but it is good to have if you plan on doing those sorts of things now if productivity entertainment like gaming again very light gaming because all we have is iris xe so those are older titles like the ones i have uh already installed here and that i’ve played you know not brand new aaa titles you’re not going to run cyberpunk on this but if you want to play counter strike if you want to play something like rust call of duty world war ii not so great because that is more of a modern title than the two i just mentioned you won’t have any problems at 1080p with low settings which is really nice again on a machine that is fairly large is a two in one and gets solid battery life so with no dedicated gpu most importantly and then the other advantage is pricing this is an incredibly affordable machine when you think of its premium build and that it’s a two in one really tough to beat i mean i think this retails now it was originally about a 1500 machine i think now you could probably find it for around 1 300.

Again check the link uh that i i will include in the description but it’s very hard to beat that and then one of the things i happen to like about hp a lot that i guess a lot of people don’t know and i don’t mention this in all of my videos but i’m mentioning it here is that if you choose to get the extended warranty through them they refund the money unless their policy has changed if you don’t exercise the warranty so if you go ahead and get the three-year extended you know with accidental coverage if you never end up making a claim if the machine never goes back to them they give you the money back now that policy may have changed that’s last i checked which was a few years ago i think it still is the policy and i think it’s a brilliant one if it’s not the policy go ahead and let me know and i stand corrected of course you know i this is a machine that i am reviewing and that obviously is a review unit that’s going back but as usual not paid to do this review uh the only incentive for me is i get to of course play with new tech share it with all of you and in the event you end up using an affiliate link then i see something out of this but that’s about it so really this is all about you know the love of the game if you will and this is one of my favorite two-and-ones uh you know when it comes to two and ones i feel like hp and lenovo are the best options on the market and which one you’re going to pick is really ultimately going to be decided by how they look and what specifically you’re trying to do with the machine in question so again to reiterate this specific 15t is really just an oversized 13t but for many of you the 13t is too small i know many people that will not buy laptops unless they have at least a 15 and a half inch display so this does that accomplishes that goal perfectly the fact that you’ve got thunderbolt 4 i think is great that’s something that i really i mean i gave it up with my asus g15 but i generally speaking wouldn’t do that touch screen as i mentioned is great doesn’t get too hot i mean it can get hot but you’re not going to burn your lap fans are not overly loud audio quality on here is pretty much the same as the previous generation which is a good thing not amazing speakers again not in the yoga realm but good definitely better than 13t and they should be it’s a much bigger piece of hardware again a pound and a quarter more in

weight so some of you ask about the hinges and whether or not they hold up i’ve had no issues you can see no jiggling around but this is really what the spectre lineup is all about you can open this with a single hand but once you get to about midway it will lift the bottom and that’s just a matter of balance i love that we’ve got windows hello hp really made their mark when they introduced the new screen to body ratio at the end of 2019 and incorporated windows hello so even if the webcam isn’t phenomenal the fact that we’ve got one that is ir capable and the bezel is nearly nil is still great this is a modern looking machine again build quality is good even though i went through some build quality issues with the 13t back in 2019 they ended up getting resolved hp was good about it and i was able to straighten things out and with these review units i haven’t had any issues no squeaking no creaking no keys having issues no clicking in the trackpad touchpad that shouldn’t be happening also of course for the webcam there is a privacy switch on the right side of the machine for those of you that are wondering now i mentioned that just in case but again tough not to like this if you know you need more horsepower you already know where to look because if you like this machine it also comes in poseidon blue besides the

nightfall black that you’re looking at here then you already know you can go to the one with the dedicated gpu and the intel h series processor now if you know you want the the more powerful machine not this one but the one with the h-series cpu as well as dedicated nvidia gpu wait a little bit because if you can that is because the machine i reviewed back in 2020 of course is getting somewhat old a refresh should be coming soon and while it won’t destroy the previous gen that i reviewed why not have the latest and greatest now if you can get an amazing deal on the 10th gen intel h series machine that i’m mentioning this but with the h-series cpu then why not i mean again it’s not going to be night and day it’s not like the battery life is going to double and uh you know the gpu capability is going to double either although i have a feeling we’re going to see a good amount of performance uh when we get an 11th gen cpu and 30 series esque gpu in one of these i mean it’s getting to dream machine status but overall really like this and i think anyone who follows my channel knew that would be the case because they already know that i love the 13t the 15t is just a larger version and if that’s what you need it’s hard to really go wrong with this machine again i personally am more of a fan of the poseidon blue than the nightfall black but that’s completely personal some of you probably love uh the copper accents here which are a little bit more rose gold to me than

copper and as i’ve stated you know you’re not going to want to take this apart it’s not practical on any of uh any ultrabooks in my opinion are not really practical i mean lenovo with theirs maybe a little bit more but if you wanted to upgrade the nvme you’re going to have to pull off these rubber strips and then they’re not going to adhese again properly so you’ll end up having to buy a part so get what you need i mean that’s the lesson to be learned here don’t try to cut corners if you know you need a one terabyte nvme get the one terabyte i think hp still caps out at two terabytes on all of these i’m sure at some point that’s going to change but again this runs relatively cool relatively quiet four and a quarter pounds a great display even if you don’t go oled uh eight to ten hours of battery life pen input and what’s not to like and of course again you can charge via type c as well so if you’re traveling and you don’t take that 135 watt quick charge brick you can still use a type c 65 watt one more thing you should know is that with the spectre series it’s kind of been hit or miss about where the pen could be stored you know it does come with a sleeve and you can generate most of them and you can generally put it in a loop there they give you a spot but a lot of people want something incorporated into the machine with the 14t the pen locks on really tightly on the left side of the machine here it’s nowhere near as tight you know it says i can knock it right off so if there’s another thing that hp should improve it’s going to be the magnetic

connection between their new pen and the actual spectre itself so hopefully that’s something they address you know the back on the 13t is a good spot but of course if you forget it’s there and you open it up the pen is going to pop off so that’s not really brilliant but overall i just think that this is one of the best options on the market still here in the middle of 2021 and from a pricing standpoint it’s just i think it’s a value which traditionally the spectre lineup is not about value it’s about being hp’s top of the line consumer product two and one so the fact that it’s now a value i think makes it all the more compelling so i’m a big fan of the 15t kind of like the 13t uh so if you need a desktop replacement this you know probably isn’t the powerhouse that you should be getting but if you know that you’re not going to do anything crazy and you love having two in one you know pen input this is pretty much the machine to beat outside of yoga’s offering lenovo is a little bit heavier so really i would say this competes more directly with the 9i which has a 14 inch display and that machine is completely different in terms of design cues but not that different in terms of hardware a little bit different but they perform incredibly similarly so it’s really in my opinion a matter of pricing and a matter of personal preference with the actual design just know if you really must have best in class audio then you’re going to have to go yoga if the sound quality is not that important then you know the spectre is a really solid option so i mean even the

included nvme benchmarks well so which is not something you necessarily expect in this type of machine so great build quality very aggressive pricing and i don’t think you could have too many complaints again this is a wide net machine this is something that grandparents parents kids everyone can enjoy using it’s a multi-media experience and again i’m shocked that it’s something where i’m willing to forego uh the oled but that’s gonna ultimately also come down to as i’ve stated pricing and whether or not you’re really concerned about burn-in a little more battery life though which i don’t think is a bad thing but the battery life may be negligible at the end of the day since i don’t have the oled version i can’t give you exact numbers but i’m guesstimating based on my experience with the oled version of the 15t that has the nvidia gpu which of course sips more power than this because its processor and dedicated gpu set more power but hopefully this answers your questions whether or not you want to get on board with the 15t in 2021 any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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