FeiyuTech Qing Gimbal

ed right here with the electronic absorb and also today i intended to share a fast unboxing as well as initial check out the feiyu technology ching currently this is not your regular gimbal created to stabilize video clip however rather for pan and tilt control on things like tripods as well as sliders at 650 us bucks it is not economical by any type of means however i likewise am not conscious of any kind of product like this at this rate factor so relying on what you’re trying to find this may be exactly it so this was sent out over for evaluation purposes you can see right here they’re letting you recognize that it has 9 square uh view setting movement time gap quick release plates automobile rotation as well as an intelligent touch display so let’s obtain this thing out of package uh as well as i will certainly restate that i assume it’s 650 us you’ll be hard-pressed to locate a tool similar to this that basically will collaborate with any type of slider or tripod of your picking so documents is the first point that we’re hit with below your guarantee your quick begin guide all that great stuff and also now you’re checking out the real remote control right here basically you can power it on with this switch right below it bills with this usb port which is a mini usb port after that you additionally have a trigger button and after that you have control of your pen and also tilt utilizing these 2 dials it must be fairly smooth appear like a time lapse button right there left wing we have actually obtained quarter 20 installs on the top and base of this bluetooth remote that will wirelessly manage the ching we additionally have a tripod included right here if i can obtain it out of the packaging so if you do not have your very own tripod feiyutech has actually included a reduced profile one great uh yet absolutely not needed yet still a great addition by the way this remote can be actually installed right to the ching if you select to do so so right here’s the actual unit you can see all the usb connectivity there right before you as well as a lock i believe there’s one more lock yep right here on the battery the battery is detachable you can see we have a bubble level right here at the base two brushless electric motors for pan as well as tilt as well as a power switch right here for the battery itself and after that a kind c port on the battery for billing now i do not understand how much time this requires to bill or what battery life is mosting likely to be like yet i anticipate that it will certainly be great uh connectivity is developed particularly to attach to your

camera so you can control your cam of choice since this is not just going to be utilized for pan and also tilt however additionally taking photos in addition to video clip so the suggestion is that it is absolutely a global remote of program getting right into manual setups is an additional story entirely you have a mount point here near the bottom as i discussed you can really screw this exactly on and place it which i’m going to do today as well as we’ll see if this point has a cost we’ve obtained some lug instances there i’m going to look at those in a second allow me proceed and also just place this down right here as well as allow’s have a look at what else we have the fast launch plate to make sure that’s one i believe they provide two so we’ll see that momentarily you’re just going to drop that in there with your camera of choice the payload on this is a little under eight pounds so once again this is truly created for simply concerning anything you could think of this is not a light-weight whatsoever carry case for the real ching itself and after that looks like we have actually obtained an additional pouch right here and also one more fast release so you’ve got that going with you and also allow’s see what’s in the pouch i do not believe there’s anything else in this package so let me simply obtain the box off the beaten track and also let’s concentrate on what is left here so again this is not designed for everyone yet i do think that for those of you that are in the marketplace for something like this you have actually obtained a pretty good option and also when figutec very first revealed this off i knew that there was truly nothing else from a big manufacturer to match it to make sure that’s why i was impressed intrigued appear like something came out of the product packaging there so what do we have we have actually obtained the very first point i’m considering right here is a type c to kind 2 micro usb also known as multi to ensure that’s for sony video cameras we’ve obtained the support for your lens on whatever

cam you do connect right here to support it we’ve obtained another uh type there’s a kind a to a micro usb 3.0 they’re truly trying to suit every little thing understandably usb 2.0 to kind or no resemble to another mini yeah after that we have a type a to kind c and also a type a to mini think it or otherwise still supporting mini i do not think anything on here uses mini usb as well as then this must have appeared of that we’ve got a dc two as well as a half millimeter to two well that states it’s a c to 2 and a half millimeter and afterwards lastly this resembles it’s developed for placing on either of these ends actually so you might screw this on you intend to stick this on a tripod or i imagine you can screw this on to the top of the controller this is extremely similar to the controller that came with the ak-4500 and after that you ought to have the ability to place this when this is out below to the bottom however i do not at the very least myself visualize utilizing this in a traditional tripod or excuse me standard gimbal mode i as i repeated on top of the video clip truly see this being designed specifically to reside on a tripod or slider and after that it gives you that convenience for frying pan and also tilt by means of remote so let’s power this on as well as we have a cost allow’s power this man on this is a touch screen by the means and so it’s revealing full fee right here we have actually got basically a complete cost below yet it’s not showing the battery level on the ching itself to ensure that implies they are not connected uh just so you obtain a quick view at that touch screen it’s offering you essentially the setting in addition to the speed in which the gimbal is mosting likely to turn uh frying pan as well as tilt alternatives if i swipe right we have actually got motor power which you’re going to intend to change if you’re dealing with a heavier haul undoubtedly you need to let the the brushless motors uh that expertise

needs to be in the brushless motors or else it’s not mosting likely to run as preferred uh sensitivity control gimbal uh start initialization remote match now this need to wirelessly combine them up however in the occasion it does not i will directly attach them because i’m presuming that’s what we’re going to need to do it needs to attach does not look like it is though so let’s get the cable television i’m picturing we’ve reached go given that this was mini and this was kind c and there is no well there is connectivity on this side so we will not be using what’s offered for the battery itself so allow’s proceed and also power this down due to the fact that it is not attaching that must do it let’s transform it around as well as let’s find that type c the multi must function since it is primarily the exact same and i’ll power this back on so i’m i have actually gone multi right here i’m gon na proceed as well as exit out of this and go on and link this currently this is saying video camera 2 i’m unsure where we have to precisely connect this however we’re going to discover out because if it does not function wirelessly well this is our other option right so currently that’s powered on as well as allow’s return allow’s attempt remote match currently since it shouldn’t need to look it needs to just link now unless i’m missing out on something i’m still not obtaining anything out of this so maybe i got ta go directly to the battery i’m uncertain i can check paperwork let’s see fast begin guide i’m checking out this off camera so i’m seeing basically whatever except exactly how to attach this obviously and also primarily they note essentially every one of the cables um as well as what they’re utilized for so whether you’re attempting to attach with a panasonic sony whatever it may be the arc fast release plate that i showed you prior to as well as the larger fast release plate so you have that arca swiss i’m not seeing how to connect this to the chain itself so this does not seem to be doing anything and also again this multi port and micro those coincide point this is not obtaining an excellent fit so let me try the various other cable that was included and also if i can’t obtain this going now i make sure that i will i simply don’t intend to take anymore time during the

unboxing so let’s see we’ve got going with the entire inventory once again it’s not that numerous below is the other mini and possibly this is the one that i need as well as perhaps i was attaching it to the wrong real port so allow’s simply see currently this is a complete dimension usb not a kind c this is not going to work obviously well this is a flush fit to make sure that informs me the various other one truly was designed uh for the sony cams am i not did i not line that up no that’s proper now this is the cam one port so i’m not picturing this is the always the method yet if it works terrific alright i went right into the incorrect point there this is also your back switch incidentally on the best side so let’s most likely to remote suit it’s again trying to do a wireless search i’m uncertain why so i’m mosting likely to need to figure this out at some point as i claimed earlier this doesn’t appear to be the way so i had actually hoped but it looks like sadly it’s refraining it as well as i don’t understand why it truly there’s absolutely nothing else below that i’m seeing in the menu the last web page is nearly so i’m not sure let’s try gimbal initialization and also these are all provided as electronic camera ports so now that makes me assume possibly we need to go directly to the battery to ensure that’s the last thing that i’m going to try and also then i am going to officially call this wow that remains in there tight isn’t it so right now it is practical which’s why i can’t really relocate allow’s go around as well as you can actually if i unlock this axi axis now you can see it really stabilizing i don’t recognize how well it’s going to be depicted from a top down sight but i’m mosting likely to attempt to obtain to the kind c port on the battery as well as see if that is where we need to go i mean there’s truly nothing else

area that i can see to attach it so i’m going to proceed and grab what i perform with that cord where we began due to the fact that we’re going to go kind c it’s right here looking all over the area so i didn’t have a terrific fit on this prior to yet allow’s see i suggest it is just a micro usb it just resembles they offered some added clearance on this specifically for sony video cameras as well as then as i pointed out uh there is a port right here so let’s see if i can line that up resembles i got it and also you understand i was under the impression that that is simply the billing port but if it benefits this terrific so remote suit see it’s developing the search again if i transform that off you can see it’s just sort of falling to the side this is why you would certainly wish to secure it simply caught itself this does not seem to be functioning either so i’m not exactly sure i’m going to return to the drawing board see if there’s anything on the internet that i’m missing out on due to the fact that i’m not seeing a method to in fact attach this up forget it as i claimed it matching success so now we are linked so if i disconnect this now provided i have no video camera on board we ought to lastly have capability and also we do stunning all right so it took me over 10 mins or possibly five mins i do not understand specifically however you now can see that i have control of both frying pan and also tilt really cool so i will certainly get a video camera on right here i pledge we will certainly see exactly how this actually operates it does not run in the very same method the ak-4500 finishes with its magic remote where you can transform it left and also right and it’ll follow your movement appears like that would have been user-friendly uh for feiyu to do however nonetheless now a minimum of in this video clip you can see how it functions so you just need to visualize i’ve got a video camera on there once again sub 8 extra pound

payload i do not understand if it’s 7.5 or 7.7 whatever it is i do not remember offhand however then you can once again simply regulate precisely you know essentially you have a robotic camera person and you can oper run this from another location so really great uh it’s additionally gon na interest see what the operating distance on this is since that’s one more thing i think that a lot of people will certainly be interested i indicate what’s the objective of having a robotic video camera person uh unless you know the real distance that you can accomplish yet really great that’s why as quickly as i saw this i recognized i would certainly have a function for it whether you do that’s truly a matter of what you’re trying to fire this is the sluggish mode by the means that was the quick setting and also you can see the distinction right here i’m simply turning and turning and also turning resemble the sluggish mode is much better for me directly it most definitely provides you a more limited control in simply regarding every way so i’m excavating that as well as then we’ve got the real modes below hf and lk i indicate i’m gon na play with this even more and also see what the story is however actually amazing and also uh congratulations to feiyu on producing something unlike virtually anything else on the marketplace any questions or remarks please feel cost-free to publish them strike that like button and customarily please do not hesitate to subscribe as well as please remain safe later on

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