HP Spectre x360 14t 2 in 1 vs Lenovo YOGA 9i 14 2 in 1 Tiger Lake

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a comparison between the lenovo yoga 9i 14 inch edition on the left and the hp spectre x360 14t on the right now they’re both roughly 1700 us dollars they both have gorgeous displays they both have pen input out of the box they both have great keyboards they both have great track pads and solid battery life as well as best in class wi-fi performance and of course last but not least intel’s 11th gen tiger lake i7 processors driving the experience so what’s not to like really nothing so this video the entire premise is to help you decide which machine is right for you so let’s start off with audio visual performance here we go give this to sea of gem on sync here in sync there we go do me i’m going to stop them both right there because i want you to be able to get a feel for the audio out of each

because one thing i will tell you right now is that while both are fantastic the audio on the lenovo is slightly better and that’s merely engineering and quite frankly the fact that the yoga has that sound bar just like its predecessor it is in my opinion the best sound stage on any laptop but that does not mean that the spectre does not have great audio it does and coming from hp which in my experience is not generally known for great audio performance that’s a big deal especially since the 14t is a brand new addition to the spectre two in one lineup with again that thirteen and a half inch three by two aspect ratio amoled display and you can get this in a traditional ips display as well this is a custom configuration that’s why it is blue i mentioned they’re both roughly seventeen hundred us dollars and i’ll get into all of that as i mentioned later but let’s take a listen now just to the yoga and then just to the hp and by the way volume is 100 as is screen brightness [Music] now let’s listen to that exact same section on the spectre 14t [Music] so you can see the spectre just can’t get as loud or as rich but the audio does not have distortion and it is really loud still for an ultra portable that weighs three pounds and by the way these are both three pounds which is amazing that’s why again this they both really do represent the epitome of ultrabook performance let alone the fact that they’re both two-in-ones with pen input so now let’s move away from that sample and talk about uh the actual quality of the panels themselves you saw video playback they’re both gorgeous but if you prefer the three by two aspect ratio uh with the vertical size increase then obviously the 14t is

going to speak to what you want to purchase because nothing like this has ever been available on the other hand if you don’t care that much about the amoled or 3×2 aspect ratio i’m going to tell you right now you will be equally pleased with the 4k ips 16×9 panel that the yoga sports color fidelity is incredibly good in fact this is one of the few ips panels where i don’t have it side by side with the amoled counterpart and say you know the amoled just blows it out of the water however the amoled does have better color accuracy hp also does give you color profiles out of the box standard with the spectre line and that for me at least is something i do prefer however i would not feel like i was slumming it with the ips panel here as i mentioned both roughly 400 nits of brightness so they’re bright they’re really nice pixel density of course does go to the uhd panel but 3000 by 2000 no slouch but as you probably noticed when playing video we did have letterboxing because again this is not a native 16×9 aspect ratio with uhd resolution so you’re going to have letterboxing do i think that’s a big deal no so now that we’ve gotten the screen quality out of the way and audio quality out of the way let’s talk about the keyboards in my opinion the hp has the better keyboard not just because i prefer it but because it is the better keyboard better key travel the shape of the keys the overall feel the bounce it’s all better in the hp more natural it feels like what a keyboard should that’s not to say that the yoga has a bad keyboard it doesn’t still a very good keyboard just not as good as the hp when we get

to the actual trackpad or touchpad here we’ve got something new that you haven’t seen on any pc very similar of course to what apple employs which is a piece of glass with no mechanical actual actuation but rather haptic feedback to represent the clicking system so is that a good thing i think yes is it necessarily a good first implementation not so much only because of the very thin line nearly impossible i won’t say impossible you can feel it but very hard to detect where the track pad begins and ends so without looking you can feel it but it’s so subtle that in many ways i prefer the larger more traditional trackpad found on the hp and by the way the 14t has the largest touchpad of any of the spectres oddly enough even bigger than its 15t counterpart so remember that both are nice but somehow the spectre is larger also the glass that extends that coordinates with the track pad it’s all one piece of glass it is a fingerprint magnet it does give a premium feel but this all again becomes a matter of personal preference and overall taste in the aesthetic but when it comes to functionality both are very good the feel is more premium on the yoga but as i said not being able to tell where the track pad ends is a pretty big issue another point i wanted to make about the keyboard which i always mention and always will is that i love that hp has dedicated mute buttons that actually have led indicators the camera kill switch also has an led indicator and now actually gives you physical privacy speaking of web cameras both have privacy features we’ve got a physical switch on the yoga but do keep in mind that only the hp is capable of windows hello facial recognition the yoga for some odd reason lenovo continues to omit that from the yoga lineup and i wish they would implement it because these are both top of the line for each respective

manufacturer and it’s almost 2021 farts throw so come on let’s get some true ir capability however that doesn’t mean that either of these webcams are good unfortunately that’s one area neither improved so i think that’s something we will see down the line an improvement in uh the webcam microphone quality because manufacturers have to wake up to that since come on we’ve been in a pandemic this whole year and if anything needs to be better in these laptops especially these two the only thing i’m going to knock webcam performance now with that said that doesn’t mean the mics are bad but the 720p quality has got to go with that out of the way both have fingerprint scanners this one is actually on the keyboard rather than the deck the hb whereas the yoga has it where it always has been i believe this is also splash resistant but please don’t try to get either of these machines wet when i say splash i mean if you have a little bit of water on your hands and you touch this it’s not going to have a problem reading nor will you damage it but do not get these wet they are not water resistant with that said let’s talk about battery life now in my experience both of these very good and that’s the shocking part because traditionally 4k or even 3000 by 2000 did not equate to solid battery life the good news here is that it does you’re looking at roughly the same battery life with both uh takes about a little over an hour to charge to 100 from a completely dead battery and you’re gonna get somewhere between seven and nine even possibly ten hours of battery life depending on your settings and what you’re doing i do generally run the hp and the yoga at roughly 50 brightness but if you really want to get those big beastie battery numbers you’re gonna have to go to battery saver and take it real low just to remind you both of these are at full brightness right now and just to remind you also what they look like when you take it down so 50 this is below 50.

That’s what they look like now on camera this i think still looks brighter but either way you’re not going to be disappointed with either of these so keep that in mind so battery life very good now if you’re pushing these to the max heavy loads you are not trying to save power then you’re going you’re going to be looking at something that would be more traditional to the 4k or nearly 4k resolution which is going to be around six to seven hours that’s still very good considering you can get a lot more out of them if you don’t push them to the limit moving away from battery life let’s talk about the actual processor 1185 g7 1165 g7 intel’s 11th gen tiger lake cpus both significant because even though the 1185 is spec slightly higher clock speed real world performance benchmarking a wash in fact i’ve had this machine out bench this machine now that may have to do with thermals because believe it or not the hp which i did not expect it has been cooler in fact in threshold and throttling tests this machine is able to keep it really for the most part under load to around 80 celsius a little bit higher whereas i’ve seen the yoga spike higher than that so keep that in mind 4k video editing not a problem on either of these photo editing of course also not a problem i do wish that the yoga standard came with a one terabyte nvme drive but then again the spectre is a custom config with its one terabyte uh both have very good nvmes you’re not gonna have any performance uh performance problems at all some best-in-class stuff here wi-fi six chipset also best in class so from a connectivity standpoint both are excellent you don’t have to worry about that at all pan input i’m going to get to in a moment but i want to point out the hp’s pen is not pocketed or garaged like it is on the lenovo so hp has redone the pen it is a significant improvement it charges i’m trying to slide it up via type c right here it doesn’t take long to charge led indicator right here i’ll show you what that looks like i’ve shown this in pretty much every video i’ve done covering the tiger lake refresh amber is when it’s charging white is when it’s completed this does have new drivers performance is better my fiancee who is the artist of the family has stressed that she feels it’s an improvement however i will point out that pen input on both of these while good still is not going to outperform something like the galaxy tab s7 plus so keep that in mind and that is really a good reference point about the fact that windows at least the software in this case sketchbook pro or sketchbook from autodesk still doesn’t provide the best experience that it could so i’m not going to put that on the manufacturers i’m going to put that on the software manufacturers so maybe better

software one day but for now pen input is good but i wouldn’t uh invest in this for professional use that’s not to say that it’s not good enough for some of you but for note taking sketching i think it’s perfectly fine again this is coming from the artist in the family she prefers the tab s7 plus but thinks both of these are marked improvements from their predecessors which she was able to do inking tests on both of fortunately so we do have a solid reference point it is nice that the pen is garaged here however the pen is so small i’m going to show it to you right now that it’s not ideal and just taking a look right here you can see it’s pocketed right at that corner so if i go ahead and just pull it out seeing some of the pet furs plentiful here this is based on wacom wacom drivers which are generally superior however because this is such a thin stylus you’re going to find yourself pinching this thing a much more natural experience with the hp tilt 2.0 both have two buttons but again this just makes me want to replace it so this is kind of great that it docks and charges up to 80 and 15 seconds with those contacts but not so great in that again you are somewhat stuck with a stylus that reminds me of something from 10 years ago now another thing i want to talk about that i do think is important with both of these is practicality i’ve mentioned the tiger lake processor and how good it is for photo and video editing gaming neither of these are gaming laptops obviously they’re ultra books they get great battery life and really don’t show any form of

compromise even pricing by the way this year is softer at least on the hp than it was last year which i think is fantastic but you know when you look at what this both of these machines are capable with the intel iris xe graphics it’s kind of amazing because you are able to game in full hd just about any title with medium to low settings traditionally books like this up until ice lake couldn’t really game at all old stuff sure you wanted to play cs go no problem here you actually can play modern titles uh i’ve got call of duty world war ii on here haven’t tested cyberpunk out yet but i’m not expecting much i am expecting to play uh you know full hd low settings though and get 60 frames uh gta i already tried on both of these that is gta 5 of course full hd low settings 60 frames not a problem on either one so that’s pretty amazing so while you may not be playing cyberpunk at medium older titles we’re talking about a year to two years old you’re not going to have any issues no sweat now the next thing i know everyone wants to know i’ve mentioned thermals let’s talk about besides how hot they get and by the way they both get hot neither will fry an egg so that’s good news but believe it or not the yoga i was shocked by this and i’ve already kind of mentioned that the 14t has better thermals the yoga i have found kicking on fans more often than the 14t now that doesn’t make the 14t perfect the 14t when the fans do kick on make their own kind of sound that i haven’t heard out of any of the other specters so the 13t and 15t do not emit the same sound when they are cooling the machine go figure another thing i want to point out is that with the hp historically you could not run in performance mode without being connected to your 65 watt charger now you can that to

me is pretty important that’s something i wish my ice lake 13t could do that it can’t and by the way that applies to the 15 and 13 inch models as well let’s go ahead and take a look at that pen input because i know some of you or many of you will be curious about that so let’s go ahead did i have sketchbook no i don’t have it on the desktop there but i know it’s installed and i will just show you quickly what that looks like and again i’m impressed i’m not the artist in the family i already stated that but nonetheless it’s something that is standard with this right i mean you can see right here this sketch uh of a facade that the artist as i’ve stated in the family did she was impressed she thought the performance was good and when you look at latency as i draw on this you know it is lagging behind a little bit but that’s pretty much the same experience you’re going to have over here a little bit tighter with the lenovo i would love to tell you that’s because of the processor but it’s not it just it isn’t so you know whichever one you’re writing on i can’t write lefty so it’s like i almost went to go with the hp pen that will not work these are based on uh n trig you’re not gonna have a problem my handwriting was a little worse than lenovo but that’s on me both are really good excuse the scribble but it’s just you know you’re not going to have a problem with writing on these i’m going to call the pen experience a wash a little bit of an edge to the lenovo but that comes at the expense of the inferior stylus so you’re going to probably want to buy a true stylus for this machine but both have some of the best in class pen input you’re going to get out there okay on a two and one in 2020 the end of 2020.

Really 2021. uh do i think they’re ideal again for artists that make their living in sketching or painting digitally no i think that they’re awake wacom products for that purpose for a reason but they are both great at being two-in-ones and that’s exactly what they’re supposed to deliver uh the pen if i didn’t mention already does stick to the hp on the left side of the machine it will stick one closed when open pretty loose but when the lid is closed it’ll stay on there pretty tight and i am happy with that connection and you can also slot it into the sleeve that comes with this machine as well so we’ve gone over display quality the display differences the audio quality the keyboard quality the webcam quality touch or trackpad whatever you want to call it build quality both are excellent i do feel that the yoga feels a little bit more solid but that in no way is a commentary on the spectre not feeling solid i just feel like the spectre has a little bit more of a hollow feel but that could just be in my head in terms of form factor i’m going to say they’re a wash because they will take up the same amount of space in a bag whereas the 13t undercuts both of them even though it only weighs a little bit less than them so you know at the end of the day the only thing left to show you are the i o so let’s get to that if i and also of course two in one commentary so with the yoga nothing to protect the keyboard around it whereas with the spectre we have these four nubs so that when you actually flip the machines into content consumption or a sketch mode like this the keyboard on the left is not protected whereas with the 14t the keyboard will be protected and for some of you that will be a difference maker no question about it it’s really a matter again of personal preference on whether or not you’re concerned about the keyboard deck combo getting scratched up but both have pretty solid hinges a little bit of play but to me this is about as good as it gets when it comes to build quality and if i just see that could have possibly scratched the deck these are review units i’m not trying to send back anything harmed i always take good care of these but now you see the back of each of these machines or bottom and the bottom on the

yoga you’ve got ventilation a little bit of rubber a little bit of rubber same thing here very similar in terms of the bottom of the machines what is very different though the top of the machines and that’s because the yoga does have a leather finish now this isn’t going to collect a lot of fingerprints it can get stained i happen to like it i wasn’t sure about it you know this reminded me of dell oh god how many years ago was it with the leather trim it’s not the first time it’s been and hp still does stuff with leather too and i’ve never been a huge fan of it i have owned machines with leather back in the day but i will say that the yoga does it’s grown on me we’ll just put it at that the beautiful part about the poseidon blue 14t is that it is basically fingerprint free and that’s whether you’ve got clams or you know sand dry hands it doesn’t really matter this thing isn’t going to look gross and dirty whereas if you took a quick look at the bottom of this machine it looks like you know the crime lab could collect 1 million prints not a knock against it just something you should be aware of but really well built i think that both of these machines are examples for everyone to learn from in the business now in terms of i o a type a usb port right there we’ve got two thunderbolt 4 ports uh and a headphone jack you are going to be charging the machine using these thunderbolt 4 ports get that in focus if i can huh so keep that in mind but very limited on the i o keeping it really clean front lip just has the

yoga branding right there and by the way you will have an easier time opening this one-handed for all of you one hand opening testaholics i’ll do that in a moment power button on the right side and then of course the garage pen back here in its slot or garage which is out right now now the 14t on the other hand a little bit more io going for it i prefer it frankly we’ve got a micro sd card slot right there which i wish that the yoga had if there was one thing that i would tell you right now is missing it’s absolutely having some form of card reader and for those of you who think it’s not a necessity as a photographer videographer content creator it’s a must-have for me i want a machine where i don’t have to carry around extra crap this makes a big difference because right now i am recording on a one terabyte sandisk micro sd card so you get the picture we’ve got thunderbolt 4 thunderbolt 4 you are going to charge using one of these two headphone jack nothing on the back of the machine other than ventilation and then a type a usb port on the left side and this is the opportunity to show you where the pen slots on and actually stays on quite well and i do like this it reminds me of surface products and hp kind of has this implemented on the 15t not on the 13t but the 14t is the best example and right now i have to say and i didn’t think i’d say this i do believe the 14t is the best of the

spectre lineup and that’s interesting because it’s also the first time that it’s been offered and usually first gen products don’t take the metal you know they they aren’t the metal winners but i have to say battery life performance the thermals the lack of throttling not complete lack but for the most part really makes the 14t shine especially with that 3000 by 2000 amoled if you want the 3×2 aspect ratio you just will not find a better machine so the one-handed test for those of you that love that crap let’s do it so you’ve got a more defined lip with the yoga which makes the yoga easier to one hand open but once you get to about a 90 degree angle almost there it does start to lift on the bottom you probably saw that the 14t is not going to fare as well almost as well you can see that’s how far we got with the 14t before it was starting to lift but that’s pretty much it you know overall as i stated at the beginning you can’t go wrong with either of these they both have fantastic quad-core processors they both can game in full hd most titles again at low and medium settings 4k video editing i’ve been doing on both no problems at all again a lot of you will say well i should get the 1185 g7 in the yoga because it’s the better processor benchmarking and overall experience speaks to otherwise i generally would say the 1185 is special because you can find the 1165 cpu in budget machines but truth be told as i’ve said over and over again through this video i can’t really tell you that i see any real world performance difference and even in benchmarking they’re so close i’ve seen this machine outperform the yoga on several

occasions and vice versa so that means do not go with the yoga just because it has the 1185 g7 initially i thought that it would inherently make it better the good news is it doesn’t so at the end of the day this really does come down to in my opinion which one you think is the nicer machine and whether or not you prefer having the 3×2 aspect ratio or the 16×9 4k display considering they both have great displays color accuracy is better with the hp but not by enough that i would say hey you shouldn’t be getting the yoga because they’re both i think color critical enough for the majority of users who are in the market for a two in one experience both are incredibly clean again great battery life they’re going to be able to handle anything you throw at them and that’s the beauty of both of these here in late 2020 and going into 2021 i don’t see anything that knocks them off the block from any of the competition so that’s reassuring because there’s always a pitfall by the way both of them have soldered ram so know the build you need and now let’s talk about that because i haven’t this whole time so this was a custom configuration that hp put together for me uh as i mentioned 16 gigs of ram one terabyte nvme it’s not the intel one with the 32 gigs but still very very fast here a half terabyte now lenovo really at this price point

should be giving us all one terabyte but this is a pre-built you can find both of these at best buy not in the poseidon blue i do not recommend the black color on the spectre i’ve never liked it and it’s a fingerprint magnet i would go blue or silver they’re both in my opinion the sharper color and also they just don’t get dirty as quickly because they don’t collect fingerprints again like a crime scene the yoga on the other hand if you want the 4k ips panel and all the bells and whistles in this review unit you have to get the leather i don’t think that is avoidable but if you opt for the full hd version you can of course get the regular metal top uh here you can go ips full hd with the hp both are going to be less expensive both are going to have better battery life so if battery life is more important to you than the resolution offered by either of these do yourself a favor and go full hd you don’t need to have the amoled 3000 by 2000 or the uhd ips panel you can just go full hd you will be happy i’ve seen at least on the yoga what the full hd panel looks like it’s good and i can’t imagine hp’s panel being bad considering uh what i’ve seen out of them in the past so i don’t think you’re going to have problems but again i’m only reviewing 4k and the 3000 by 2000 amoled now pen input you’ve seen it’s good on both some of you will prefer the wacom experience offered by the yoga but i would make the argument as i did

through the course of this video that it’s pretty much a wash and the pricing on these builds again really similar this machine just not in this color retails at best buy your big box store for 1700 if you go with hp and i’ll include links for both of these affiliate links if you want to you know help the channel grow i appreciate it of course as usual this machine will be less expensive direct through hp they have sales all the time that is the benefit of going direct with hp the downside is that the return process the exchange process isn’t the best and that’s not just an hp thing that’s a dell thing that’s a lenovo thing whenever you go direct with manufacturers they’re just a bigger pain in the ass to deal with but again if you want to get the best deal trust me it’s going to be direct that applies to both machines if you want the most flexible return policy which all of us here in america enjoy and if you didn’t know it that’s not something anyone else in the world enjoys somehow we’re entitled to it we have consumer protections that really don’t exist anywhere else in the world then the big box stores are your blessing because they’re i never recommend you buy it to try it don’t do that please it’s bad for all of us we all end up paying for it try to make an educated decision after all what are you watching this video for but if you have anything wrong with the machine it will be very easy to exchange it so if something’s doa or defective on either one of these you know you can just ship it back to best buy they’ll ship out a replacement unit or they’ll

make you reorder it i don’t recommend going into stores but some of you don’t care so you’ll do that either way the point is the process will be easier but you will pay for that convenience so that’s really a decision for you to make i personally last year when i bought my 13t purchased it from best buy went through so many problems with defective units that i then went direct because i didn’t want best buy to want to ban me because of two exchanges so third time was a charm direct from hp thankfully i didn’t have to worry about returning it or exchanging it that doesn’t mean that wouldn’t have been a nightmare too it would have but hp also ended up being a better deal overall i got a two terabyte nvme drive for just a little bit more whereas that’s not a possibility if you’re buying it from best buy i also was able to get the color i preferred and the tilt pen which thankfully has been revised now with the tilt 2.0 big difference both in the pen tip performance and the actual pen itself because there is a flat side to the brand new tilt so keep that in mind even though this one did charge using type c as well so at the end of the day i think it really boils down to since now it should be abundantly clear that you there is nothing that one can do and the other can’t except for at least windows hello um and the fact that one has a different aspect ratio than the other and resolution and panel type when it comes to computing tasks multimedia pen input these both are going to be able to do whatever you need it’s that simple remember they’re not gaming laptops if you want a desktop replacement they can game you’re going to be spending more money and you’re going to be carrying a lot more than three pounds but when it comes to portability and power and flexibility nothing will beat the yoga 9i14 and nothing will beat the 14t from the spectre so i think at the

end of the day it really is just a matter of your preference on design and the screen itself because everything else is just great now for those of you that want to know my opinion which one i would pick i have to say i’ve been really drawn to the yoga the 1185 g7 made me think initially that it was going to be the better of the two but for me the hp 14t is the winner it stays cooler it stays quieter than the yoga now it’s not an extreme difference but it’s a difference even in prepping for this video while this machine was sitting it was idling while it was asleep and one thing i didn’t mention that i plan to and i’m glad i remembered if you’ve made it this far to 33 minutes is that last generation so that was uh you know not the 9i but i’m going to base it off of the 13t and what we have now with the 14t and the c940 the c940 did a better job of battery management when sleeping and waking up it was pretty much flawless whereas hp had a few more hiccups this generation the hp actually is doing a better job when it’s asleep in terms of not trickling that battery too much so there’s no vampire effect going on and the waking up seems to be more seamless as well in fact even when i open them now i don’t think we’re going to see a huge difference but it should be fairly instant on both of them see there you saw the yoga woke up quicker so go figure it’s a little bit wishy-washy but on the battery management side of things the hp it’s a marked improvement from last gen so i’m not here to tell you the hp is is killing the yoga on battery consumption when sleeping or when turned off aka standby but it is a huge improvement from the ice lake generation so this refresh has had a significant improvement in many ways but that’s a key that maybe you didn’t expect lenovo last year i thought had mastered the sleep and wake process and lack of battery consumption this machine pretty much continues in the same footprint but again i’ve seen the fans kick up for no

reason whereas here that really is not happening and i know a lot of you are more worried about fan noise and thermals than anything else considering you already know what you’re getting with that 11th gen i7 quad-core cpu even if this one’s clocked a little bit faster you’re going to get the same capability no matter which machine you buy at any rate hope this review was helpful hope it helped you make a decision that’s one other view i want to give you between the 14t and the 9i14 just so you see it again they’re both literally three pounds but as you can see of course the hp is taller and not as wide and that’s going to be one of those things that helps you make the choice at least they both have great everything and that’s not something i was sure we were going to have after all the 14t is a brand new category for hp and the 9i has a new name but it’s really very much the same i didn’t mean to rhyme except for the leather uh implementation here so as i said at the top of the video time for a little bit of reincorporation you cannot go wrong with either of these but hopefully at this point you now know which is right for you they’re both amazing you won’t be disappointed i can assure you of that i wish i could get one unfortunately these are both going back they’re loners any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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