Review Sigma 14-24mm DG DN Art Wide Angle Lens e-mount

ed right here with the electronic digest and also today i desire to share my full review the electronically absorbed segment for the sigma 14 to 24 millimeter f 2.8 dg lens for sony full-frame e-mount electronic cameras now this straight takes on the g-master that i covered previously this year but it’s primarily around half of the cost and a lot of you around might be scratching your heads as well as stating why would you consider it well i’ll tell you to stop and also that’s because in my point of view this lens stands right up to the g master and will conserve you a great deal of money so i currently thankfully have the enjoyment of testing much more and also much more sigma items and this is among my favorites um i have actually likewise been assessing the 100 to 400 millimeter lens for full-frame e-mount glass or cams instead and also they both are great however this set is my preferred which’s because once again uh i’m an ultra vast shooter those of you that follow my network recognize that i enjoy it uh architectural shots landscape i suggest i simply like being able to obtain as much in structure as possible with as little distortion as feasible and this lens does exactly that now some will argue that the g master is better as well as you know what for three thousand bucks it better be however i can tell you firsthand from using both of the lenses that i truly do not see any kind of reason to spend the added coin on the g master unless you just wish to stay sony indigenous which’s due to the fact that everything that i’ve shot with this has been excellent as well as at its cost point it’s truly difficult to defeat in terms of restrictions or points that could be testing regarding it uh you know the actual lens element the front component it is bumbus it does extend which coincides specific thing you’ll leave the g master so i really do not see a problem with that said in all today think it or not this is my favored piece of glass i have actually been waiting for something such as this as well as i’m simply thankful that i ultimately got it in my hands from sigma for testimonial it’s been a while but i have actually been incredibly active and also i’m glad that i got an opportunity to use it due to the fact that i’m quite sure this is going to be the following addition to my lens lineup for my full-frame e-mount bodies which provided her only the a7r iv that i mostly shot with it but i additionally utilized it on my a7r ii and also it simply it’s really well balanced

extremely well made as i discussed you recognize virtually uh no distortion i’m not gon na say it’s an excellent lens no piece of electronic devices not to mention glass is ideal yet it is made in japan the build quality is wonderful as well as total efficiency i simply i was surprised because once more this is less a little much less than fifty percent of the rate of the g master choice which uh you recognize is that it has actually been getting so much praise from myself included up until i lastly reached check this out of program you have an emphasis setting switch on there for manual and also automobile in addition to a lock switch the emphasis ring and zoom ring are strong they’re rubber they’re very smooth the body is steel it’s just an actually well-made lens and also as i pointed out made in japan that’s something that sony doesn’t also do any longer certainly sigma is a japanese business so i’m not surprised i have actually been a follower for a long time yet again i have actually had to stick to indigenous sony glass for a very long time because rather honestly that was the most effective alternative but i’m so thankful that sigma stayed in the game and also they have a lot of great lenses a lot of brand-new things incidentally which with any luck i’ll be entering for evaluation soon but this is without any type of doubt my favorite piece of glass from sigma today which’s not to say the 100 to 400 isn’t remarkable it is but i am specifically thinking about this focal range and also with it being as quick as it is as vast as well as flexible i mean you can really do almost anything

with this lens and also that’s why i like it at the very least from my perspective so again i like to fire large this is an ultra broad that is so versatile and once more well made and also you would not anticipate it at that rate so uh some of you what i call this a value lens could think i’m nuts due to the fact that you understand it’s still really pricey but when you believe concerning the 3 thousand buck competition it’s not so expensive as well as uh excuse the cage as well as the deal with as well as the microphone however at the end of the day i did make this look a whole lot extra large than it requires to look uh however this isn’t truly an enchanting pairing uh the a7r iv with this lens now fortunately i did not reach evaluate this thoroughly with the a little with the a7s note iii when it was in residence yet you know the little that i did was also exceptional so whether you’re firing video clip or still you’re not going to be disappointed by the 14 to 24 dg and also i’m simply happy that you understand my connection with sigma is now has actually come to fulfillment because they i imply there are various other makers doing solid things as well uh when it involves sony di but i assume sigma actually is the following finest alternative when you’re looking outside of sony’s native glass i mean once more build quality is exceptional but most notably again the real fidelity appearing of this item of glass is simply wonderful so i can conveniently recommend this to

anybody that’s searching for a 14 to 24 that still maintains that f 2.8 that you’ll discover with the g master check out this initially do yourself a support prior to you run out and spend three thousand dollars despite the fact that uh in my review of the g master i was really positive that it was the best of its kind and it still in numerous means is i would certainly take this in a heart beat this is what i would invest my money on and i likely will be i would love it if sigma would allow me keep it unfortunately that’s not in the cards since as i mentioned through this video i primarily shoot broad a shoot wide angle ultra wide ideally we remain in a pandemic so i’m not taking a trip like i usually would be however if i had actually had this back on the trip that i went on in 2018 oh it would certainly have been a work of art rather i was firing you understand the 16 to 34 35 f4 sony zeiss which this just wipes out given it’s not the same focal range but the quality i mean it really does benefit from the sensing unit inside the a7r4 and also naturally if you’re using it with something that is less megapixel rich like the a7 r2 that i very own or any of the various other bodies also aps-c i mean this is simply an extraordinary lens and it’s on my short listing currently i believed i was in love with the sony 12 20 millimeter g series lens this is the one i would invest my cash on it allows it is slightly hefty because it is extremely well made however once again the equilibrium on this body is excellent the equilibrium on the a7s iii was additionally extremely great i mean this is

again my primary uh dream on my list of glass entering into 2021 i do not require to buy it this moment since i’ll be waiting up until i can in fact do some actual taking a trip however that’s what i wanted for i imply if you intend to fire landscape again those of you that are genuine estate digital photographers this is a best lens for that i’m not claiming you you can not invest less you can but this is truly perfect in regards to high quality and the rate to performance proportion very difficult to defeat what sigma has assembled here as well as again show me a made in japan piece of glass similar to this you can not so kudos to sigma actually satisfied that i got a possibility to spend time with this provided it’s been an overloaded holiday period via this pandemic this was just one of my favorite things to test out and also have fun with because it’s my favorite range as well as god knows that that sony g master is disgustingly valued sigma doing the ideal point uh giving pros as well as hobbies and enthusiasts alike an opportunity to have phenomenal efficiency in a searched for variety that right now was booked specifically uh for the g master in my opinion certainly there’s an f4 variation of that with this array in sony’s schedule yet i would certainly rule out it for a moment over this this is in fact extra portable also if it is very thick as well as again the lens hood being constructed in i truly do not locate being a concern whatsoever it belongs to uh the manufacturing and engineering procedure that everyone who’s making a full-frame piece of glass such as this for email right now uh has to handle this is not a new thing to have an improved uh you understand into assembly lens hood a lot of individuals whine regarding this as well as i scratch my head since i don’t comprehend what they’re expecting you recognize the wheel is not going to be changed this is the means it is for a factor if you wish to have the ability to accomplish a 14 millimeter shot the element has to be

this large uh and once again i’m just happy that i got the opportunity to hang out with it due to the fact that i now understand where my following uh lens purchase or the cash for that lens purchase is mosting likely to be going sigma won me over with this as well as once more if they ‘d let me maintain it that would be terrific that’s simply not the means loners function individuals at any type of rate i wish you taken pleasure in the video clip i recognize i didn’t provide examples however i do not provide commend like this as well often and it has actually made it therefore is sigma uh really an excellent business and also it’s confirmed with products like this as well as maintain your eyes open for the 100 to 400 evaluation that’s coming too i truly like that lens as well it’s a great alternate to the g master however less as this this is actually just amazing and also as i have actually currently specified this is most likely mosting likely to be the next lens i acquired personally for my a7r iv as well as you recognize sony’s got more cams nearby with any luck the a74 which i believe is going to be incredibly prominent i’m not expecting a brand-new r collection up until following year but they do run generally on two year cycles but that a74 is long past due even if we remain in a pandemic so again the sigma 14 to 24 uh f 2.8 dg dn lens in my opinion the most effective wide angle ultra broad angle lens for sony’s complete structure e-mount system right currently much better i’m mosting likely to say than the g master even if it undercuts it so outstanding and executes so carefully to what the g master can any type of concerns or comments about this beast of an ultra vast angle zoom please do not hesitate to publish them hit that like button and also customarily please do not hesitate to subscribe and please remain risk-free later on

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