Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Ghostek Cases

ed here with the electronic absorb and also today i wanted to share a quick unboxing as well as very first take a look at five situations for the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra from ghost technology now these were sent out over for evaluation objectives we have actually got cases virtually suitable every style as well as cost factor i think that the hidden is the least expensive at around 15 or 16 usd and afterwards one of the most expensive is the maritime due to the fact that it’s actually ip68 water-proof 20 feet of deepness it can survive for one hr which is really excellent so if you understand you need that an excellent choice the iron armor i believe is around 26. i think the director 4 is likewise someplace around there so i’m not certain on the atomic slim however i’ll include links in the summary for all of these so let’s proceed as well as begin with the one in the center uh the atomic slim 3 and again these were sent out over for evaluation functions i’m not paid to do any evaluations never ever have actually taken a dollar never ever prepared to that threatens the whole honest procedure of sharing anything with any one of you so this has a clear back aluminum alloy integrate in based upon the packaging that i reviewed earlier as well as clear back benefits those of you that wish to show off what your phone the color pattern of your actual device let’s proceed as well as just pop this in among the important things i already know from having had ghost tech situations in the past which is good is that really easy on the mount side you understand some producers make things a little harder ghost technology is not one of them so silver trim on the switches i believe behaves the clear back if again you wish to show off the shade selection you’ve made behaves to have however you are making a compromise on defense since this is simply plastic yet you do have um i think as i said earlier an aluminum alloy surface around incorporated with polycarbonate or a rubber textured substance so really feels excellent in the hand looks good i like that it’s low profile all the cutouts are as they should be you understand no microphone

restrained no charging port that the ports hampered no speaker restrained so looks good wonderful instance atomic branding right here on the side definitely uh i assume a good selection if again you’re focused on that clear back you’re not mosting likely to have problems with wireless charging as well as it does keep the video camera module recessed for those of you that are anxious let’s proceed and pop this out and also go on to the next one shouldn’t be too hard to pop it out hopefully not wanting to damage anything case or phone there we go virtually lost it let’s take place to the following one so let’s take a look at the hidden 4 now as i discussed the concealed 4 is the least costly of these cases it has a kickstand totally clear essentially a silicone skin is what we’re regarding to see a raised cam lip i really did not show you this on the other situation that we just considered yet really comparable idea uh we do obtain documentation that i have been discussing a little sticker so that’s cool uh not a bad point and also this you called far as expense efficiency is mosting likely to be i think incredibly popular specifically if you respect having a kickstand there you go pop it exactly on you’re good to go now one word uh to those of you if you have actually already acquired instances similar to this in the past these clear silicone skins do tend to obtain dirty so know that all the representation you’re seeing is obviously the actual back of the phone because it is clear the kickstand believe it or otherwise is metal samsung take some notes so if you intend to have something that’s obtained security in addition to a way to see something you have actually got it below i don’t assume that’s mosting likely to function in portrait and also the response is it doesn’t the buttons tactile you recognize they seem like they ought to cutouts once more are

appropriate ghost tech’s been doing this for some time individuals so i’m anticipating good products throughout the board once again i was familiar with them uh from previous purchases before any kind of sort of relationship for an examining process like we’re going via here today so i like this case i indicate at the end of this video i must be able to inform you which is my favorite i can currently inform you that the iron armor over right here is not my style even if i’m not a significant follower of those type of gigantic situations but people who you recognize intend to have from a you know one of the most defense in addition to the ability uh to clip it to their belt you recognize that’s what that’s mosting likely to be ideal matched for allow’s take an appearance at this exec now the officer has a four card removable pocketbook and this does attract me depending upon fit as well as finish because you know it’s something i’ve constantly believed regarding doing but have actually never ever really done currently this is up until now one of the lightest cases of the group in terms of exactly how this detaches i think it just clips precisely yet let’s get the phone in there first once again simple install this is one of the factors that i thought a lot of you would certainly appreciate uh what ghost tech does you understand seems like i caught a lip there we remain in good to go and the other cases i have actually covered so far besides ghost technology are poetic along with pitaka and also certainly samsung’s official sturdy situation and also currently that we have a lot more alternatives that’s why i’m sharing

much more alternatives you recognize it’s a pity ghost technology didn’t get these bent on me earlier it would have served all of us far better because i recognize a great deal of people have actually been looking for instances for a long period of time so the pocketbook section it looks like that’s that’s virtually it you’re mosting likely to drop your cards in there i don’t see any type of way to to really separate yet so as much as four credit score cards as well as i think this device stands out off however i’m not mosting likely to have fun with it buttons again all feel the means they should intermediaries look excellent i like that the s pen on this case is a little less recessed than it is yet you recognize additionally you’re not obtaining as long as husky security as what we’ve taken a look at thus far yet if you’re the kind of person that you recognize does not bring money particularly in a pandemic i imply money is cancer cells regarding i’m worried as a matter of fact i’m not a big fan of cash money also when there are no pandemics in play this is probably mosting likely to appeal to you and also i’m just wanting to see on the packaging it does slide off let’s just take an appearance so raised cam lip they all are safeguarding the electronic camera lip and of course it it does glide off it appears like yep there we go see i can review excellent as well as uh there it is so in the occasion you know you do not want to keep your cards on there you can pop it off and in the event you want them it need to just move right back on you’re not mosting likely to have any kind of issues with wireless billing or anything like that and it’s additionally speaking about a magnetic mount for this so uh most definitely another cool choice for those of you that are interested let’s.

jump on to the maritime now the nautical i think is in fact or you recognize what allow’s save the maritime for last due to the fact that i believe the nautical is the most attractive for me directly currently i’m not basing that on fit as well as surface i’m basing that on what i potentially see as something actually usable you understand you’re mosting likely to the beach when that becomes a thing again a minimum of for me that i believe it’s safe that’s where you understand if i’m going diving something like that having this case on there not because i strategy on taking this underwater and doing things with it however simply having that degree of defense knowing that if it it overdoes i can fetch it with any luck i mean if you’re truly diving 20 feet you’re going to be screwed yet in a swimming pool because environment you know that is where this is going to flourish so you stay in that swimming pool life you’re having your mixed drinks you want defense you want to ensure that if it does enter the swimming pool it’s going to going to exceed the actual ip score of the phone itself this is a wonderful way to do so additionally each time you get your phone damp do keep in mind that although these are rated to obtain wet it is bad for the phones manufacturers do not like to divulge that the fact is it’s never ever great to get these points damp even if they have ip68 scores so the iron armor 3. holster with kickstand this is mosting likely to be the bulkiest of them all and also as i was stating earlier most likely my the very least favorite just because i this is a currently gigantic phone that i’m not aiming to make any kind of larger but for those of you that that isn’t a concern you’re possibly mosting likely to have an interest in this since you do have the capacity to toss one charge card on there which is nice multi-layered non-slip hold the raised video camera lip again the swivel belt clip let’s take a look and also actually the excellent aspect of all of these which i mentioned this is a harder uh situation is simply that they’re not expensive i indicate one of the most pricey is that maritime and once more that’s since it’s for an extremely certain individual so in fact i talked ahead of time since this is better than i anticipated it to be i say that only due to the fact that this seems like a display protector in right here yet does it include a screen guard am i losing my mind did ghost technology do that didn’t yeah so uh there’s a screen guard in below fine i did not see one any type of in any of the others so this is gon na afford you a.

screen protector also which is cool this looks and feels familiar let’s go in advance and also pop it in once more simple on ought to be simple off buttons are responsive whatever is revealed as it needs to be video camera is recessed and also does have that additional lip kickstand let’s see just how this works so similar to the poetic you need to lock this into area yet the good information below is that you can go picture in addition to landscape to ensure that currently in terms of a kickstand attribute is wonderful i’m actually liking this greater than i believed see you’ve obtained ta you understand occasionally you obtained ta closed up as well as check things out prior to you speak there is your credit history card port so pretty slick i really type of like that suggestion in a manner much better because if you recognize that you primarily stick with one bank card that could be all that you need of training course if you lose your phone you lose your credit rating card you know just how that story goes but um those of you that are interested in this already understand that and afterwards when it concerns this guy once more this is the part i have no interest in you understand the day that i begin using holsters please someone inform me to check myself but that’s not a knock you understand if i worked in an area where i required it uh entirely appropriate and you recognize i remember the days where i did utilize something and really did not believe anything of it uh similar to this however we’re going back like twenty years so that’s when i seem like this was still a point however i still see individuals frequently utilizing.

these so it’s still applicable you understand if you operate in construction you don’t need to function in building and construction but there are a lot of fields where you do not desire to have to have it in your pocket and after that with this kind of security you don’t really have to fret about anything striking it because you’ve obtained coverage on all sides currently remember while it remains in the holster you recognize you’re not mosting likely to be able to get access to the charge card port yet that is not a big bargain as well as remember this does also featured the screen protector which is not something i saw with any of the others so appears to be a strong value for what they create right here and also currently last yet not least we’re on to the maritime allow me simply throw this back in as well as this i you understand i marvelled i was not anticipating to actually even provide this an idea meaning the iron shield simply because of its dimension however i need to say also you know if i basically ditch the holster component still a pretty good case right there however last yet not the very least the maritime three so extreme proof so all weather multi-layered non-slip of course hexagon grasp increased video camera lip as well as after that your water tight port seal which we’re gon na see right now so this again for me most compelling simply because as i’ve been discussing if this is something this you recognize is going to provide you an experience you’re not going to obtain with the various other instances so allow me go on and unload that out right there so they’re offering you wipes to in fact clean this out and this advises me of any type of water-proof unit you have for a cam since you have actually got to ensure that no dirt is resting where the seal is actually.

going to happen so they offer you some wipes which is smart there’s their sticker label along with some tabs below for let’s see what does it state remove from the protective movie blah blah blah so you do have guidelines they offer you a lanyard also since this is some genuine deal things right here and then what do we have right here allow’s see so there’s the lanyard we’ll obtain the ghost decal off the beaten track the wipes as i said completely dry and also wet so number one is remove the protective film on the fingerprint recogn alright so as a result of fingerprint recognition that makes good sense step 2 ensure that there is no protector on your phone so by the means compatibility with glass display guards is mosting likely to differ from situation to instance below uh i no longer have a display guard on this phone so just a word uh to those of you that are interested concerning compatibility i can’t speak to that today action 3 placed the phone right into the situation and also seal it using your finger to push the film on the fingerprint recognition location of the top cover to make the movie fit carefully with the phone without bubble so no air bubbles because this is an airtight case that’s rationale as well as 4 add your finger print once more so this is all about simply ensuring that you do not lose your fingerprint they really show the eliminated there so let’s proceed and in fact drop this in and see exactly how things work out now provided i am refraining this for an official seal as you should be if you are going the range with this and you do wish to make certain that there’s no stuff on the phone since that’s rationale below is that if.

you have things on the phone this is just not it’s not going to be a perfect option for you due to the fact that it’s not mosting likely to keep things water tight it simply isn’t mosting likely to occur so ideally i’m doing this correctly i mean this is you recognize an entire nother level of protection as i said i was claiming throughout the course of this entire video clip that you understand this is all kind of easy peasy stuff this is the very first one where they’re in fact offering us a little bit of work because as i have actually mentioned you’re making certain that this is going to be water-proof so let’s see if i’m doing this appropriately ideally hopefully with any luck i’m in fact going to attempt to come in on the side i don’t assume that’s mosting likely to work however so and i do not desire to jeopardize this appears like the method i’ve obtained to come in it needs to begin on that particular side is what it appears like yeah that’s it so begin on the appropriate can be found in on the left now we remain in i think almost appears like it there we go all right so now it remains in once again you intend to you recognize follow their instructions make certain you don’t have any type of hair in the seal if you do you can not actually expect anything and afterwards lastly seal it up and this is just how we’re going to create if i can do it the total insurance coverage that’s mosting likely to secure your phone in there and offer you ip68 ranking that is past the real ip68 score that you currently have and it’s not as poor as i thought it’s really quite simple i most likely made it look a lot more.

Challenging than it is the phone is currently in there of course some plastic on the back here not sure i want to get rid of anything at this factor at this juncture yet this might also be excellent uh for any individual who desires to you recognize take this snorkeling essentially once again another layer of protection and also as you can see right here at the bottom like any kind of weatherproof electronic camera you have your ports sealed so if i can get my nail in there i don’t have extremely lengthy nails this is showing to be much more tough than i anticipated this is the hardest part i’m trying i’m trying i got no nails well they certainly made sure that this point is really sealed in there come on infant well this component i’m not attempting to see if i can rip my finger off yet it really is sealed in there unless that is a lock i do not assume it is so primarily your s pen as well as your billing port are entirely sealed in there which i anticipated however i also expected to be able to open it to show you how to obtain in there however it’s providing me a harder time than typical and also i don’t have a lot on the side of nails so that could be it yet it’s a good thing i mean the truth of the matter is is that if you desire to make sure this point is really secured the truth that i can not open it is an excellent indication.

otherwise accessibility to every little thing else in regards to that need to have gain access to exists and afterwards when it comes to the switches not a problem so which do i think is one of the most compelling well i have actually currently said for me this is the the individual i’m most that appears strange it’s not an individual it’s a case this holds true i’m most curious about just due to the fact that i see it having useful purpose unlike a traditional instance due to the fact that i know once more you wish to go snorkeling you’ve got a way to shield the phone and not stress in terms of all of the other cases that we’ve considered today i in fact believe that my preferred from this group i have to say is in between i’m not going with the covert simply since these clear instances i understand a great deal of individuals enjoy them i liked them until i learned just how filthy they obtain i assume it’s uh probably mosting likely to be this man right below which once more is the atomic slim which’s since you do have a steel construct yes this backing is clear yet the profile is really reduced i like the design i like the trim but you know that understands i mean the exact with the pocketbook is quite amazing also anyway you have actually obtained a whole lot of choices here 19 mins 5 different situations with any luck this gave you understanding right into which one is appropriate for you and once more all various rate points from 15 right approximately 50. this is my favored only due to the fact that as i discussed this does something that no various other case that i’ve touched until now for this phone can do which is provide you real waterproof uh ability that no other cases in this lineup can manage and once more if you need the the truly robust as well as the you understand the capability to clip to the belt best kickstand that was below i directly simulate having a kickstand but it all depends at how much of an expense that’s going to involve the expanding of the phone when it involves making this water resistant that to me is the most outstanding thing of all of these yet there you have it once again ghost technology doing a great job i assume a lot of solid choices and they do have different colors so again examine the web links in the description any type of concerns or remarks please do not hesitate to publish them hit that like switch and also as typical please feel complimentary to subscribe and also please stay risk-free later.

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