Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Whitestone Dome Screen Protector

and also below with the digital digest and also today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and initial consider the white stone dome glass display guard for the samsung galaxy z layer 2. so for those of you that have actually followed my protection of this beast of a phone you already know that it is quite possibly made and also at 2 000 us bucks you wish to do your ideal to protect it and while you can’t do anything in regards to screen guards on the indoor display you can on the exterior and if you caught my video clip a few days ago regarding both close telephone calls i have actually had with this one unclothing the pocket into the well of my cars and truck in between the seat and also the door which was terrifying likewise at the pet park the pet dog that infamously kicked up rocks and hit the screen despite the fact that this was actually i was on a phone call so this protested my face so technically the rocks strike me in the face as well i wish to do anything i can to protect this as well as the plastic display guards they’re much better than absolutely nothing however it’s time for something that’s better which’s precisely where white

rock is available in so uh at i believe around 50 us bucks i’ll consist of a web link in the description this was just sent over for testimonial by whitestone they’re based out of south korea they additionally consisted of easy uh guards for the electronic camera array on the back also this is a 2 pack i think it’s something like ten bucks these are much easier to set up than any one of whitestone’s typical glass screen security systems although currently they do have a whole brand-new system that i’ll cover in an additional video yet so you recognize essentially you need to make certain you desire to undertake this process i have an installation video for the note 20 ultra take a look at that as well as that’ll give you a concept of whether or not this is something you actually want to obtain entailed with so allow me proceed and also get this open which must open up from the back here i believe there we go i simply butchered that nicely i have a tendency to with these white stone dome boxes as well as i’m not expecting anything brand-new below due to the fact that this unfortunately does not include their new e-jig system which type of makes it turn vital that you don’t have to go via all the motion so the first thing you’re visiting is the uv healing maker currently you wish to ensure that this features prior to you go with all the actions of really setting up the screen protector due to the fact that if this is not functioning after that you can’t cure the screen protector to the phone and also you’ve done all the steps for definitely nothing and once more i state this not due to the fact that these tend to be poor out of the box however if you missed

my previous videos i have actually seen at least one testimonial where a person has actually said they went via all the actions as well as after that sadly the healing machine was faulty so i constantly suggest test this very first before you get involved in any of this as well as the uv treating machine is actually simple it is literally just a uv light panel that you’re mosting likely to essentially once the procedure is finished move over the portions of the gadget in order to make certain that you’ve treated the real display glass guard to the phone itself to make sure that’s the tool features a usb wire to power it no power block you’re going to have to utilize your very own block for that as well as essentially this is all i suggest it’s looking really comparable maybe a little various than past basically what they offer you are every one of things you’re mosting likely to require to clean up the gadget extensively this front display likewise get rid of any dust so stickers isopropyl cleans all that good stuff and afterwards above and past that you can see they’ve got overview stickers dirt absorbers they cover all the bases your lint-free dust-free i ought to say hopefully they’re lint-free wipes and also after that uh lcd display cleansing fabrics basically what i was just describing resembles the isopropyl equivalent and after that you have the actual frame setting up for where you’re going to be going down the device in but allow’s get the paperwork out of there and also this is already so i don’t assume this was ever similar to this in the past they have actually currently pre-installed all the absorption pads below which is wise this is something in the past you need to do on your own in order to make certain no excess liquid in the procedure of applying the fluid to the actual display

you do not have runoff and basically that this soaks up any kind of excess fluid so primarily in right here we have our guarantee information 20 off for the next acquisition some even more stickers for absorption i assume these are to shield the audio speakers and also earpiece you want to ensure no fluid enters those and afterwards these are the glass well is the glass display guard just one in this pack it is not a two pack you know they’ve been doing 2 packs recently a whole lot you can see there is the glass itself so you know the system i’m not going to obtain right into the entire process right here but essentially as soon as you’ve prepped your phone according cleaned it prepped it according to what white stone calls for you’re after that mosting likely to allow me fix the orientation i’m mosting likely to drop it in here you’re mosting likely to set this item as well as if i’m wrong this will be corrected if i do an instructional video once you have your phone in right here i do not desire to actually scrape anything now since i’m doing this purely based upon line of sight but as well as you know what i could wait to be a hundred percent sure because i’m not seeking to damage anything up so i’ll save that for a separate video clip but essentially once you have it in here you then put this over it uh that’s after you’ve done every one of your tidy preparation and also applied the sticker labels to make certain that absolutely nothing hops on or into any kind of gaps that it

shouldn’t and after that you have 2 vials of the fluid that you’re going to utilize in order to adhese the real screen protector and also after that this little person right here basically clasps on uh to the facility of this framework you can see the cutouts for it right there and also so basically once you have that in place you open this up pop it on right here and that will after that drop the fluid onto the display screen you after that need to see to it that you obtain primarily a best circle you want a perfect circle that has no bubbles you do not desire any type of fluid traveling beyond the realm of where it’s expected to be and after that once you’ve got that done you apply the glass screen guard that’s right below as well as it ought to generally fill up in a bubble free fashion the entire display screen of the phone once that’s done after that you carry on to the treating procedure if you have any kind of air bubbles back then you should immediately resolve it then if you do not you’re going to have air bubbles in between the glass and the phone display i’ve never ever experienced sensitivity concerns with any of the white stone dome glass display protectors and also i have actually been utilizing them for several years let’s take an appearance at the very easy peel currently this for the real cam variety really simple it’s practically the opposite of this procedure you’re simply going to actually clean down the camera selection and after that use their dirt elimination stickers that they have right here and after that this is the item of glass that simply befalled that is simply going to stick right on to the camera variety right there and also that’s.

virtually it so this is nowhere near the process of course of the display application as well as completely reason and there’s another one in here despite the fact that this befalled so if you’re searching for display defense i extremely suggest this that is if you want to embark on the actual procedure of application if you believe this is even more than you’re willing to get entailed with after that i do not suggest it because you truly ought to just do this if you’re comfortable with the task watch some youtube videos like the training video that my fiance did that’s on the channel or there are lots of various other youtubers that have covered it uh well as well as if you can adhere to those instructions you’ll bring out a good product a good end is what i ought to state i really did not see exactly how this was going to match the actual mold here however that’s also because i’m a moron and i’ve been trying to stick it in uh with the situation on so that tells you a great deal it’s been a lengthy day folks my pet was bitten by a viper snake the other day but fortunately is uh pleasantly recouping but evidently my mind is still an operate in progress any type of inquiries or comments please feel cost-free to upload them hit that like switch and also as typical please do not hesitate to subscribe and also please stay secure later.

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