Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 vs Microsoft Surface Duo

and here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a comparison between the microsoft surface duo on the left and the samsung galaxy z fold 2 on the right now for those of you that have been following my coverage and subscribe you knew this was coming and that’s because i have been reviewing these pretty much at the same time and have had incredibly different experiences with each of them now this is a first generation product that retails for either 14 or 1500 us dollars depending on whether you go with the 128 or 256 gigs of storage the z fold on the other hand comes in at 2 000 us dollars and the only thing you get to choose is essentially the color and possibly uh if you’re willing to wait five weeks the color of the spine with that said they are two of the most compelling devices here in 2022 of the most interesting but i will tell you right here at the top of the video only one of them is worth entertaining in my opinion and that is the galaxy z fold two not only is this a second generation product but it is everything it is supposed to be whereas the surface duo you know is microsoft’s best foot forward here in 2020 and i think it is a really compelling piece of hardware but it leaves so much to be desired that i cannot recommend it to anyone and i’ll get to that through the course of this video so in terms of pricing we got that out of the way let’s talk about hardware i said 128 or 256 gigs of storage 256 here on the right with the z fold too neither of these has storage expansion so keep that in mind so you’re going if you’re going to buy the duo even though i already said i don’t think anyone should of course people still will and go ahead enjoy yourself remember that you may want to pick up the 256 if you feel you need that additional storage next thing i want to talk about processors snapdragon 855 which is last year’s latest and greatest here we’ve got the

865 plus and we have 5g something that is non-existent here on the surface duo so we already know which processor is better but i will say that even though this is the newer processor that does not in any way shape or form drive my reasoning for preferring this phone over this phone and a lot of people will argue this isn’t really a phone first that’s fine you can make that argument if that’s how you’ve justified your use case scenario that’s fine but the majority of people coming to this review know it’s a phone that just happens to be incredibly cool much like this now you wouldn’t make the argument that the fold isn’t the phone so i don’t buy into this hole because it has two screens and it’s designed to multitask it’s not a phone next thing we’re going to talk about displays so we already know that the surface duo is all about having these two displays 5.6 inch amoled display is a little under 2k in resolution the fold on the other hand has this 7.6 inch display which if you were to count the two surface displays as one which you can’t because of that split from the hinge you know microsoft likes to tout that it’s 8.1 inches of real estate well it’s not really 8.1 because there’s nothing you’re going to do that really is going to look good with a split down the center ask anyone who like myself has dual or triple monitor setups you’re never going to want to look at one piece of content spanned across those two screens at least i don’t know anyone that wants to do that there are use case scenarios but the majority of users don’t want to do that here you have one display that spans 7.6 inches yes it’s not the same aspect ratio 4×3 not 4×3 but you do have the benefit of software on the right that can actually create a split in the center of the phone and make this two displays uh

alternatively you can also change the orientation and that also will give you the ability to do many of the things that the split screen you literally have with the duo is capable of i also want to point out a very big difference which is that this device does have a 6.23 inch front display that of course is absent here in fact there is no way to know that you have a notification on this device since there is no front display at all no led light for notifications it does have the peak mode where essentially you know if it’s like this you will see the time date and possibly notifications but i really feel like that is a reach if there ever was one again sticking to hardware so no way to know of any sort of notification and yes everyone can make their arguments that you can wear a watch or have some sort of companion device to let you know and trust me i was doing that from day one when they launched them they’re good to have but i didn’t do it because my phone didn’t have the ability to notify me i did it because it was a better way of addressing notifications than always having a phone out which i think in a lot of situations is just inappropriate dinner meetings those are all good examples now back to the actual devices i talked about processors right and so i’m willing to accept that we’ve got an 855 versus the 865.

not so much so on the 5g side though because at this sort of price point i don’t live in a 5g market but i still think it’s wrong to not have 5g capability on something like this we’ve got it here samsung has made 5g standard now and i think that’s a good thing because there’s only one way to make it affordable and that’s really to start putting it into all of your devices then we get to ram six gigs of ram on this so-called multitasking device whereas here we have 12 gigs of ram now i have to say again i generally wouldn’t be a stickler on the specifications but microsoft is the pc maker they have their whole surface line of computers if you’re really going to pitch this as a multitasking experience that that is its forte at least eight gigs of ram should have been on board i mean the fact that my z flip has the same amount of ram the fact that my note 20 ultra right here has more ram the fact that pretty much no device that i own has six gigs of ram is already an indication that microsoft was taking the apple approach and you know that’s perfectly fine if you are okay with it as a consumer and i do think that’s who this is aimed at i think apple users wanting to cross over are

trying to decide which one’s cooler which one has that hotness factor even if you’re spending the pandemic in your house like i am all of that aside ram should have been greater in this device at its price point if this had been a thousand dollars i could have swallowed these hardware shortcomings next let’s talk since we are already covered processor and ram and internal storage and displays uh by the way on displays i didn’t mention this internal display is 120 hertz here you’re living in a 60 hertz world so that’s another corner that was cut and in 2020 120 hertz has become pretty much standard you can thank apple for that um and it’s not a bad thing i think it’s a good thing so apple gets credit where it’s due but microsoft decided to omit it let’s talk about cameras because that’s another big area of contention a single camera on this duo one camera 11 megapixels it is not good and its practical application is terrible because the only way to get to it is to actually open the device and flip it around otherwise you’re always in selfie mode so by the time you actually get to utilize the camera you probably will have missed the shot you’re trying to take if you’ve heard other reviewers say it it’s because it’s true it’s a very big pain in the ass that on a prototype you know an alpha or beta product i get it but something that’s made it to prime time shouldn’t exist at the very least there should be one camera on the back of this device and then i wouldn’t have anything to talk about i could still comment on camera quality but i wouldn’t be talking about something that is just a tremendous miss there is nobody if you’re willing to make an argument that it’s okay to keep things clean looking in order not to have a camera well then you must not even buy apple products that’s all i’m gonna say about that i mean it’s just it’s ridiculous i can’t pretend it’s not cameras over here samsung isn’t gonna sell you short you’re spending two thousand dollars now i do wish they would have given us all of the goodness from the note 20 ultra line which are really the best cameras available in samsung’s uh wheelhouse but they didn’t do that but

they came very close so we’ve got five cameras in total you heard right five as opposed to one crappy one 10 megapixel here 10 megapixel here and then on the back we have essentially the same cameras you’ll find in the s20 arguably almost the same as the note 20 not note 20 ultra no 8k video recording only 4k but you’ll only find 4k here as well but huge difference besides the fact that you’ve got five cameras samsung learns from their hardware development and generational improvements and one of those big improvements is that now because we have this six point two inch two three inch display and really i assume this will be an update that comes to the first gen as well you can use these higher quality you know wide medium and telephoto 12 megapixel sensors lens pairings as your selfie camera using this display they just didn’t think of it in the first gen now they have and i can tell you right now while the 10 megapixel selfie cutout cameras that are here and here are fine these three blow them away so this already it’s not just about having more cameras or having better cameras but you can actually shoot selfies using the wide medium or telephoto with quality that is stunning when compared side by side with the selfie cameras that you just also happen to have access to in the event you need them now that we’ve talked about cameras let’s talk about battery so both of these have batteries that are split okay because they have two halves here we have 3577 milliamp hours here we have 4500 now what i’ve experienced with both is that battery life is good for both of them neither will get me through an entire day of usage now some fold users have called me a liar and said their fold gets through the whole day well they may not be using the internal display as much as me i think if you’re predominantly using the external display right here then you’ll you’ll probably get through the day with that 4 500 milliamp hour battery however if like me you love using the

tablet part of the fold which is what really makes it unique you’re going to see battery life bottom out it’s just not going to make it through the whole day and i don’t have a big problem with that because can always charge it up right not that big of a deal here on the other hand i was surprised at how well battery management does but that’s not because microsoft is brilliant it’s because when you have this thing closed what’s being utilized nothing zero and when you think about the internal hardware the fact that it doesn’t have nearly like even half of the amount of tech that goes into this phone it makes sense that this thing could do a trickle and well the z fold 2 is just a beast in another league all right so we’ve talked about battery let’s talk about phone quality uh practicality of use okay the earpiece i already mentioned right here you will have to open up the duo to actually take a call you can turn on speakerphone the speaker excuse me the speaker is right here in the top left of the phone it’s awful one speaker mono speaker it doesn’t work in tandem with this that is going to be your speaker right there for speakerphone performance now i haven’t had any problems with making phone calls with this people on the other end haven’t said that i sound like i’m on a tin can so that’s good it’s fine but it’s just fine and maybe that’s why microsoft likes to say we don’t want you to think of this as a phone well that’s because if you think of it as a phone it’s a pretty bad one move over to the z-fold two and with the z-fold two you can obviously take a call like this or you can and you can alternatively of course take a call like this so you have a lot more flexibility and you have the benefit of having stereo speakers when it comes to having any sort of speaker phone forget media playback uh during that call so just again food for thought as an actual

phone now let’s talk about the next thing that i think is critical you know inking doesn’t exist here but it does exist here now this is a big pitch for the durability of this device it’s glass covering plastic here we have you know a substrate with some sort of incredibly thin glass as samsung likes to call it but i’ll still call it plastic with of course glass on the front but we have an all metal build on this device there is a case on this right now leather samsung case but all metal build and just feeling it in hand you feel that okay this feels like a very solid device but admittedly in the favor of the duo a fingernail isn’t going to scratch this screen it’s just not going to happen because it’s glass here a fingernail can scratch the z fold so the duo does get credit for that but when it comes to overall durability neither has an ip rating which means that neither can get wet neither is dust resistant so keep that in mind so all these arguments about durability being in favor of this yes a fingernail will not scratch this but that’s about the only durability that i feel the duo has going for it another thing you should know is that because the duo is so thin which is an accomplishment that microsoft i’ve said over and over again gets credit for i mean literally the thickness of basically the type c port it relies on for charging i do worry that when this is in a pocket it can fit in which by the way it is not pocketable at least in my lifestyle if it is in yours you have a very different wardrobe than i and there’s nothing wrong with that i do worry about flex i do think that i you know in a front pocket if you’re able to get this into your jeans or cargo pants or

whatever if you bend over bend down um any kind of awkward position where it’s gonna wrap around your thigh because this thing is so thin i just worry that it is going to flex with this device the z fold when it’s closed up and you have this in your pocket yes it’s a lot thicker it’s basically the size of two phones sandwiched together with this metal spine but you’re not gonna have to worry about that it may be thick but it’s going to conform to your pocket in fact i found that this phone is more pocket friendly than this gargantuan in all of my pants pretty much and shorts the size of this latest gen even the previous gen the note 10 plus not just the note 20 ultra are so tall and so wide that they always stick out of my pockets this phone because it isn’t as wide is not sticking out go figure so i actually think this is more pocket friendly than even the note 20 ultra so certainly more pocket friendly than this is it thick yes does it do something and deliver an experience that no other phone on earth delivers other than the previous gen fold which doesn’t come close to what this thing is capable of yeah so keep that in mind if pocketability is important to you which i think it has to be for most of us unless you are going to carry this in a bag that’s another thing you have to consider when looking at these two devices not pocketable pocketable and again i know there are people that are saying hey if it’s in my clothes again your wardrobe and mine are not similar i’m not saying that’s a good thing or a bad thing i’m just stating the facts as they exist here in my world this is my world my channel it is what it is you know eat the the finger in the chili if you want now next thing i want to talk about since we’ve covered the majority of the hardware i did mention the terrible speaker here and the fact that multimedia on this is amazing one of the biggest bragging rights of this device is that hinge that allows you to go 365 degrees basically like a lenovo yoga device and it’s a good thing i don’t dislike this in any way okay it’s a good thing but i don’t think it’s a game changer in fact there have been devices like it before maybe not in the

smartphone world but if that’s what undid the water resistance i almost kind of wish that microsoft would have made a single display device um and but where i’m going with this is that yes you can’t bend this back like you can here but that to me is not compelling enough to undo everything i’ve explained to you here and if which i think one of the best ways to use this device is like this well that can be accomplished with the new hinge that samsung employed in flex mode now of course because one is four by three aspect ratio and the other isn’t i don’t have as large a display here as i do here but the reality of it is is that the multi uh the multitasking capability at the end of the day is the same because i can run one app here and one app here will it be as large a display this way no it will not so that goes in the duo’s favor but at the same time this idea that i’m going to use it for like tent mode to consume content i just these screens are not large this whole pitch that these are big displays they’re not once you actually put video on them because they’re 4×3 the video is not going to fill full screen in fact i saw the father of the surface the other day and i could include the video here but i’m not going to because i’m not trying to knock him he’s done you know panos has done an amazing job with the service line but he put up on

twitter or excuse me instagram himself watching a football game in portrait so it took up this much room on the display and then had his fantasy on the left and he was showing this is what the duo can do it can multitask but in reality the father of surface should have known that if he was going to do that this would have been the way to do it because then he would have been in landscape he would have been able to watch the game in as large a format as you could with this and see his fantasy stuff in just as large a format as he could so he wasn’t even using the product correctly and again panos i’m not disrespecting you you’ve done amazing things for the industry they don’t send me anything so i mean it’s not like it matters but the man deserves credit where it’s due but even he doesn’t seem to to use this product right is where i’m getting even though so many users think that you know i don’t understand it it’s time to rethink that so multimedia experience on this device is far superior uh speakers blow the duo out of the water and the screen in here also i have to say is much better it’s higher res than either of these panels and a continuous 7.6 inch display is better than a broken 8.1 inch display okay i don’t there’s no argument to be made there now when it comes to the split screening the spanning all those things outside of microsoft’s 365 suite and yes i’m talking about software now even though i’m not done with hardware there really are far few in

between in terms of applications that you’re going to even be able to utilize to see one instance on one side and another element of it on the other so with outlook you can have your list of emails and then have an email here but i can do that here as well can’t do it in portrait but as soon as i turn to landscape it does the exact same thing so microsoft has not reinvented the wheel in fact the first generation of the fold could do that in fact i’m pretty sure that lg’s uh now in the third generation of dual screen display devices even if it’s janky compared to this uh can do that so there’s that and then you have the problem with the duo that you can’t run two instances in android of the same app so if you wanted to run chrome twice one on each side you couldn’t now you can do that with edge but i can do that here too i can run edge on one side and chrome on the other so again the novelty what makes this unique uh it’s lost really quickly and this idea of the separation of space you better be married to it in a way that’s irrational uh just i’m stating the facts yet again so if you live work and reside in the 365 suite you’re going to take advantage of these but the majority of users don’t now if corporate offices if the nfl is going to say we’re giving this to all of our employees so be it you know i mean that’s fine and that’s what microsoft does with a lot of their products i mean look at the surface great

to deploy for enterprise and this may be the same thing but right now this is being sold as a consumer device and for every person that says to me you don’t get it i’m in the stock market i said it in a previous a previous video i don’t know where you think i come from i don’t know what you think i’ve done with my life but i worked in television and i worked in finance that’s my background and my focus in finance was tech so moving right along if you think that i don’t understand multitasking and having separate displays and the novelty not just novelty but the productivity level it brings i do i have a triple monitor to my left 48 in the middle 227s in portrait on the side you know that allows me to do whatever i need to do literally so i’m all for this concept but the execution on the software side is not i won’t even call it half baked and if we needed to wait till android 11 that’s exactly what should have happened we shouldn’t be sitting here and i shouldn’t have to compare these devices one is ready for prime time the other one is ready to stay inside of microsoft’s headquarters and their r d lab and again i love the way this thing looks but let’s get back to the hardware i already mentioned software issues and the flex mode here by the way which detects when the hinge is actually up gives you in my opinion more functionality than you get out of these two screens because everything that they do with these two screens again can be done with software here on the fold by third-party app manufacturers and samsung themselves and samsung is obviously has a tremendous advantage at this not just because this is the second gen fold but because they’ve been in this business since the beginning microsoft

has come in and out they’ve made their acquisitions nokia wow did that fail windows phone was my first in my opinion legitimate decent smartphone back in the day that i could do tethering and all that but those days are long gone we’re talking about the 2000s now it’s 2020 folks microsoft could have done better than this samsung the only way they’re going to improve this phone is giving us pen input and an ip rating that’s not a lot left and so now i’m back to hardware charging 18 watts quick charging and that’s fine i’m not here to i’m not a stickler on that that’s cool it’s not as fast as i would like here we have 25 okay which also it could have been faster but what this does have that this doesn’t is wireless charging okay power share so i can charge another device with that 4500 milliamp hour combo battery that’s in there this has none of that a lot of this reads this way let’s get on to another thing nfc which to me is not critical but if you like to use nfc for mobile payment this thing is a brick this can do it and again you can make the argument you could be wearing a watch with nfc that’s not what i’m comparing one phone to another so you kind of get the picture here 5g no 5g eight snapdragon 855 snapdra dragon 865 plus with as i just mentioned 5g no nfc nfc no wireless charging wireless charging and power share six gigs of ram 12 gigs of ram one camera that sucks five cameras that the front facing the selfie 10 megapixel cameras are just as good as this single 11 megapixel camera that’s pretty much unusable because of where it’s located uh and the ram difference is huge again 6 versus 12 those just

sound like numbers they’re not try using them the gestures on here novel idea it’s not about a learning curve it’s about being buggy the camera app crashes on the regular apps think you want to close them when you’re just trying to span screen or switch them from one side to the other none of that crap happens here on the right none of it you’ve got a battery on the right that’s a thousand milliamp hours larger you have in my opinion overall construction believe it or not that i’m gonna say is better even though this has glass remember this is a plastic phone covered in glass this is not and i can’t i’m not making an excuse for this display which is plastic with samsung’s glass on it i’m not going to pretend that that’s real glass and give samsung a pat on the back but the overall feel of this device is far more substantial than this device okay and then when it comes again to pocketability as i’ve mentioned this is not gonna fit in at least any person that i know it’s not gonna fit in their pocket this is you know this may be a little bit thick but it’s gonna fit this is super thin but what kind you have to put this in a cargo pocket or you have to have clown pants i don’t know like you know you have to be um into ska i guess i don’t know either way the whole point is is that what am i at now almost 28 minutes we’ve gone over the hardware we’ve gone over the software one thing i didn’t touch on is

usability with the keyboard when you have this open and you bring up the keyboard for a field it populates on one side of the screen and trust me i love swiftkey microsoft bought them that used to be my go-to keyboard but the reality is is that you find yourself then trying to type with one hand on one side of the phone that forces you to do this and then you’re saying to yourself why the hell did i ever buy this thing to begin with if and it’s awkward even in this capacity i mean remember this is still not a normal sized device i mean i didn’t think i’d ever find myself with something more unruly than a note 20 ultra but this is it it really is and that’s with my hands what if you have smaller hands i mean if you have large hands kudos to you you might be able to one hand this thing if you are an nba player but the average person isn’t and that’s what i’m getting at here so just texting on this i found to be a pain in the ass texting here even if it’s open they split screen the keyboard and i’m not saying that can’t be done here it can but the fact that you don’t have a continuous display kind of screws everything up and that pretty much rounds everything out you know uh two thousand dollars here fourteen fifteen hundred here only one of these deserves the money and if we just strip it down from a hardware perspective and r and d there’s no question the margins are less on this device than they are here i mean microsoft is making a killing i don’t know what this costs to

manufacture but i can make a guess and i don’t think it costs more than 600 bucks to make whereas i bet you this costs at least a thousand at least think about that for a moment i mean i’m not taking away from their r and d costs of putting this together and making an amazing hinge i mean that’s what they really get credit for here is an amazing hinge and incredibly thin design but that’s it because the software doesn’t work well i mean they didn’t really think through usability i mean one of the worst parts of this phone is that when you open it up okay when you go to unlock it all of your notifications are in the center of the device in the center of the device on the friggin break how lazy was microsoft not to develop and say we don’t want that to be on the center of the device that’s going to look like we basically just didn’t give a like we gave up guess what folks they did they pushed out something i don’t know why i was excited about it it was intriguing to see the design and the concept come to life but notifications on the hinge seriously you guys didn’t think that putting the notifications on the hinge would make you look like a bunch of schmucks it does it really does so while a lot of credit is due there’s a reason i have so much criticism for this device and i feel badly for anybody that gets this as a gift um i mean it’s not the end of the world it’s a nice toy but nice toy this on the other hand this is what phones are becoming this is the future this will only be the future if microsoft fixes the the hot bag of garbage that they put together

here with it and that’s just the truth so apple users if you’re trying to figure it out figure it out this thing is not the way to go might set look and feel a lot like you know your your old ipad minis shrunken and glued together and even with that nice little logo on the front and clean design it’s it’s adorable but so are other people’s babies right they’re adorable but you don’t take them home with you do you and i love kids don’t get me wrong i think you understand the analogy you know this on the other hand you won’t have regrets about taking it home with you i mean it does everything that the note 20 can do outside of inking but then it gives me a tablet in my pocket and trust me that is beneficial for so many things and i can split screen i can have three things running i won’t be surprised when we get four things running with one ui 3.0 and everything is better about this in every single way not just the hardware not just the cameras usability i mean this is a product ready for prime time this is a product ready as i said to stay inside of redmond that’s where this belongs oh and that odd thing in here a flash what is that even doing here why is there a flash there i don’t think anybody knows what that flash is about what is that flash about i mean like you didn’t need to give us a flash i mean considering you were only willing to give one crappy camera and it’s on the inside of the phone and the premises well you can open it up flip it around then try to frame it if the software permits you to actually use the side you’re trying to uh you really

think we needed a flash i mean seriously seriously anyway hope that sums things up 33 and a half minutes and there are other things i didn’t get into fastest storage on earth is inside this phone not here there are a lot more things i did not get into but in no way shape or form should any of you that value my opinion at least jump into this thing if this is within your budget now if you hate the design of this phone if you think it’s ugly if you think it’s too thick don’t buy it i would completely agree with that it’s completely justifiable of course but if like me the thickness doesn’t bother you because you know the future is in your hand and you want the best of everything samsung’s almost done it here it should have given us better cameras they should have given us 512 gigs of storage they could have even given us expandable storage the s pen technologically not capable yet with that interior substrate but i would make the argument they could have given us and samsung take notes this screen you could have given us a pen for there’s no reason and i won’t be shocked if on the third gen we get a pen just for this screen because this screen is glass so don’t be shocked when the third gen has a pen at least for this side okay and even if they don’t have a place to slot it you know do like the crap they’re doing with the tab s7 plus line just make it separate why not actually let’s see right now i haven’t tested it let’s just see if this even happens okay let’s see right now here we go i haven’t tried it i should have no it doesn’t work surprise surprise but they gotta make that work what like why on earth would you not make it capable just my opinion it’s glass no reason not to at any rate that sums things up one thing i didn’t show you was fingerprint scanner volume rocker right there microphone speaker the actual hinge of course 25 watt charging port another microphone another speaker and your sim slot that’s it but i hope this wraps things up for all of you that are trying to figure it out i know it’s a long video but it’s a pandemic if you’re staying safe you may have run out of things to watch god knows hollywood can’t produce anything for us right now i’m doing my best folks and i had such high hopes for this thing

and it’s so good to see competition it’s so good to see parody it’s so good to see someone else who’s got the money over a trillion dollars in market capitalization to say we can do it better we can give you a new concept that the other manufacturers aren’t thinking of but that’s only if they really can if what they end up delivering is this they can take it back this on the other hand in one generation you could make the argument that samsung has only delivered what should have come out first and while that’s fine and dandy the reality is they could have given us the first gen fold and walked away but they’re fully vested because samsung even though they haven’t been making oled tvs for the last decade they have been making all of the oleds on their smartphones and that’s the way display tech works it starts small and gets larger if you know anything about economies of scale that’s the starting point and this folding display that you see here that’s just starting to become a reality in the television world as well and if you’ve seen recently what they’re doing now with their projectors one company is at the forefront of technological advancement the other is figuring out how they can make as much money as possible with old technology which sounds a lot like apple go figure that sums things up and by the way i love microsoft i’m not interested anyone posts comments that thinks that i’m a

fanboy for one versus the other you’re stupid you’re stupid yeah i’m calling you stupid because that’s just not true i love both of these companies but the products that are sitting here in front of me only one of them is going to get my endorsement and i bought this with my own money bought this with my own money this is going back where it belongs and i guarantee you these things are going to be on clearance just like surface products in general the first gen fold never went on clearance it may still but i doubt it and i highly doubt you’re going to see this thing go on clearance either and there’s a reason microsoft is giving so much or was on pre-orders on trade in value in fact that was one of the reasons i was seriously considering it and that’s why i bought it is because i knew i could trade in my note 9 and get 550 off of this which meant it was only a little over a thousand dollars that seems like a bargain for something that could be the future of both smartphone and mobile computing microsoft’s going to have to prove it by actually delivering something that is exactly that right now this is the future this needs to go back to the drawing board any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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