How am I JUST learning these 10 Mac Tips and Tricks?

i’ve recently made a couple of mac tips videos links to both of those in the description of this video but you can never have enough mac tips right so in this video i’m going to share 10 more mac tips with you some of which i had absolutely no idea about before researching for this and they’ve genuinely blown my mind stick around until the end of the video you’re not gonna want to miss any of these okay let’s get into it apple make the best track pads in the game absolutely no question about it whether you’re using one like this on your mac one like this on your magic keyboard or one like this as an external device you can do everything on a trackpad that you can do on a mouse and in general it’s just as easy to use the trackpad as it is to use the mouse you just have to learn some new habits the one thing that by default isn’t easy on a trackpad though is dragging so say here for example i want to drag this finder window around on the screen i have to tap and hold and then use my thumb to kind of move around on the trackpad it’s not ideal thankfully there are a couple of solutions to this open up system preferences and you’d think you’d be going to trackpad right well you’re wrong we’re actually going to go into accessibility then choose pointer

control from this menu here on the left then choose trackpad options tick enable dragging and then choose the option that suits you best if you choose with drag lock that essentially means that you’re going to double tap but hold the second tap down on a window this will then allow you to begin dragging around on the screen and when you tap the trackpad again it will end the drag i prefer three finger drag it’s exactly what it sounds like select something with three fingers on the trackpad and keep those three fingers pressed down then simply move around on the trackpad to drag the item around it takes a little bit of practice and getting used to but it’s insanely easy once you’ve got the knack of this and works extremely well in safari did you know that by pressing command shift and n you can open up a private window now a private window is great because it means that everything that you do on the web from that moment on is private right i mean the clue’s in the name well actually no a private window simply means that your browser won’t store any information about the sites you visit whilst you’re using the private window i’ll let you use your imagination as to what private windows mainly get used for but in terms of privacy while you’re browsing not so much your isp your internet service provider can see a lot of information about you when you’re browsing the web including things like when you go online the equipment you use to get online and more

worryingly everything that you view and do when you’re browsing the web now you might be saying well i don’t look at anything i shouldn’t be looking at online so i don’t care but what about all the personal data that’s being collected about you each and every time you open a web browser on your computer or your phone your digital identity that’s then being sold to companies so that they can profit from you and target you for advertising that’s not something i’m particularly happy with and that’s why i always use a vpn whenever i’m online and the vpn that i use is private internet access or pia the sponsor of today’s video a vpn is a virtual private network when connected to a vpn you can still browse the web just like normal but because the network activity is being rooted via a private server your digital identity is protected think of it kind of like walking into a physical store wearing a disguise not only that any data that you transfer while connected is encrypted so your emails pictures banking details they’re all kept nice and private as they should be and the vpn gives you bonus features beyond security because of pia’s vast global network of servers you can connect to the web via a country other than your own at the click of a button meaning you can bypass geographic restrictions on content like streaming services

or news websites pia have been doing this now for more than 10 years and have more than 15 million satisfied customers worldwide as well as offering 24 7 customer support should you need it although this was genuinely the easiest vpn setup i’ve ever had i downloaded the software input my credentials and that was it i was connected and good to go the vpn just runs automatically in the background whenever i’m using my computer and i can get on with my day knowing that my online activity is private and secure it works on all your devices whether it’s mac windows ios android plus more and the best news is that you as a viewer of proper honest tech get exclusive access to an amazing deal use the link in the description of this video to get an 82 discount on the two year plan plus three months for free that’s like a couple of dollars per month to know that your online activity is secure and private which feels like a no-brainer to me click the link in the description to find out more and thanks again to pia for sponsoring this video you can extract text from within an image on your mac you can do this on your iphone and ipad also apple will be much more vocal about it over on those platforms in referring to it as live text but the function exists here on the mac as well and it’s extremely easy to do here’s a photo

that i’ve got on my desktop and let’s say that i want to copy this street address from the sign here to paste into a document notice that as i move my cursor over the text it changes to a text cursor and i can select the text then command and c to copy it and i can paste it into a note using command v or wherever i might want to paste it notice here on the same sign we’ve got a phone number if i hover my cursor over that my computer recognizes that this is a phone number you can tell because as well as the cursor changing we’ve got this little down arrow icon if i click on that i can create a contact from that number or even make direct contact by calling them on my phone or facetime calling them from my mac if you’re watching this as a mac owner i’m almost certain that you’re already aware that you can change your brightness using these buttons on your keyboard and change your volume using these buttons on your keyboard basic stuff right but watch what happens if i hold the shift and option key while i’m using those buttons you can have much more detailed control over both the brightness and the volume this is great if you find that the difference

between two of the levels is just too much you’ve now got the ability to fine tune these exactly as you like giving you much more nuanced control of both the volume and the brightness if you’re watching a video on your mac say here in youtube for example and you decide that you’d like to have that video playing and visible while you’re working on something else picture in picture is the most effective and easiest way to do this it essentially pulls the picture out of the youtube tab and places it in its own separate window and that window can sit on top of another window like a word document or a spreadsheet so you can work and watch at the same time i don’t really use this feature that much on my 32-inch pro display but here on my laptop this is a game changer to access this function with a video playing here in safari look for either this audio icon here in the relevant tab or this icon up here at the address bar either of them will do right click and choose picture in picture the video will pop out and drop to one corner of the screen you can change that corner by dragging the video around and use the corners of the video to resize it to get it exactly how you’d like it for your screen this is a super quick tip but i’m including it anyway as i think some people will find it really useful tap the f3 button this one here to quickly show you everything

you’ve got open which is handy if you’re working on a smaller screen you can quickly jump between open apps but i’m guessing you knew this already though right but what about this hit command and f3 together and your open apps sweep to the side giving you full visibility of your desktop great if you need to quickly access something there because then when you tap the same buttons again command and f3 your original app sweep right back into view helpful right how many times have you gone to upload an image to a site only to get an error message letting you know that the site only accepts a certain format of image the format that you don’t have maybe you’ve got a png file but the site you’re trying to upload to needs a jpeg it’s annoying right and while there are sites online where you can upload and convert the image for free that’s risky because you’re sharing your image with an unknown third party and it’s honestly more hassle than you need to go through just do this instead in the finder window where your file is located right click and then scroll down to quick actions here select convert image this is currently a jpeg i can change it to a png or heif file and i can choose to keep the image at its original size or make it a different size which is obviously really helpful if you find that the file you’re trying to

upload is too large for example you can make it smaller choose whether or not you’d like to preserve the metadata from the original file and then press the convert button oh and this works with multiple images too even if they’re different formats which is extremely useful i’ve mentioned in another of my videos that i often get calls from my parents for technical support help and i’m always pretty happy to help them out they’re my parents after all but without a doubt the hardest part of the entire process is when they say something like this error message on my screen and i don’t know what error message they’re talking about because i can’t see their screen and they find it too difficult to hold their phone to show me now you might be aware that you can use facetime to share your screen with someone else the problem here is that the person you’re trying to help needs to know how to set up a facetime call with you and how to share their screen with you which some users can find complicated open spotlight search on your mac by pressing command and spacebar and search for screen sharing which you’ll then hit enter to open you’ll then need to input the apple id of the person you’re trying to make a connection with if they don’t know their apple id you’ll need to have them go to system preferences at their end and click on apple id and let you know their email address once you’ve input

that and connected the person at the other end will receive a prompt and be asked if they’d like to give you connection to view their screen only or control their screen once approved the connection is made and in my case as the techie sun i can then administer whatever help my parents need to resolve their issue what i really like about this is that speakers and microphones are automatically enabled at each end so i can hear them and they can hear me you can communicate with each other the entire time i can either talk them through resolving the issue themselves or take control of their computer and fix it for them oh and just a reminder you should never accept a connection request from someone that you don’t know and trust implicitly it’s one thing me connecting to my dad’s computer to help him out with his printer but this kind of connection would also allow a scammer to have full control of your computer so please only ever accept connection requests when you’re 100 certain that it’s legitimate here’s a quick but useful typing tip for you if you need to access an accent character like one of the various different ways that you can type the letter e for example simply press and hold that letter while you’re typing a menu will appear

with all of the different variations of that letter and numbers above them tap the relevant number to select that letter accent and this obviously works with a number of different letters across the keyboard great if you often have to type in different languages or even if you just want to be respectful when replying to someone by ensuring that you type their name out correctly if you click into the menu bar up here at the top right of the screen then click into the sound part of the menu you can choose your output your mac speakers are going to be the defaults but if you’ve got bluetooth headphones or a homepod or some other kind of wireless speaker you could choose that output option here as well but what if you’re like me and you’ve got multiple microphone input options i’ve got the built-in microphone on my macbook but also the microphone that’s built into my logitech webcam press and hold the option key when you tap the sound button and you can choose an input as well as an output i’m not quite sure why apple hide this and insist on using a hack to access it but there you go this last tip is probably my favorite this is system preferences you’ll use this a lot and i refer to it in all of my mac tips videos but some of these options are things that i will simply never need to access language and region for example or printers and scanners i don’t use a printer and i scan with my phone so did you know you can hide these go to view and choose

customize you can then untick anything that you feel that you don’t really need access to cleaning up your system preferences in the process and look if you change your mind or if you need something later on that you’ve hidden just repeat the process and tick the relevant menu option to put it back simple you can even choose whether you’d like to display the options here by category or alphabetically which can make it much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for so there you go 10 more mac tips like i mentioned at the beginning of this video i’ve already made two more videos like this and i’ll link to them in the description of this video so if you appreciate mac tips be sure to check them out i’m also working on another one so i hope you’re enjoying them what about you any mac tips that i’ve not included here that you feel warranted mention drop me a comment and let me know and as ever if you found this video useful do please consider leaving me a like and subscribing to my channel for more content like this in the future see you on the next video

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