Review – Pitaka Carbon Fiber Cases for iPhone 13 Pro

i got my apple iphone 13 pro a month ago and also as it had actually been a while considering that i purchased a brand-new costs phone i determined to purchase a case i chose the just one i might truly see offered at the time this official silicon one from apple which i paid regarding 50 extra pounds for and also truthfully i have actually simply disliked it ever since i initially place it on the phone firstly i don’t such as how it looks of course it does cover all of the back as well as the sides of the phone but in doing so it includes quite a thick additional covering making what is or else a truly smooth as well as superior looking phone look a bit cumbersome likewise the silicon is a headache when you place this thing in your pocket if i place this in my pants pocket as an example it sort of holds to the within of your pocket making you have to really battle this thing out and also generally pulling your pocket out with it truthfully i think you’re extra likely to drop your phone as a result of this situation than anything else so i was truly happy when my close friends over at pitaka gotten to out and asked if they can send me several of their brand-new iphone 13 cases to attempt out now as ever pitaka have not funded this review they have actually obtained no creative control over it and also have not had exposure of the testimonial prior to me making it live pitaka sent me three situations every one of which are extremely similar looking with

subtle however crucial differences they sent me the mag easy case 2 the mag very easy instance pro and the air instance i’ve invested the last few days examining every one of them with my iphone 13 professional so let’s take a look whatsoever of them in a bit extra information the common link with every one of these situations is the aramid fiber that’s utilized to make them i have actually chatted about aramid fiber in previous videos i have actually done of pataka products because i also have a couple of their apple watch bands as well as an instance for my ipad pro all constructed out of the very same things it’s a fantastic product super strong however likewise remarkably light and also is made use of in the manufacture of things like bulletproof vests and aerospace elements so what you’re getting with every one of these situations is an extremely strong and also durable case in a much lighter as well as thinner shell than you would when contrasted to routine plastic or silicon you also obtain a really comfortable hold with excellent

grasp however without sticking to things like the within of your pocket the air case is the lightest considering in at nine grams however you do have a trade-off in terms of defense for your phone every one of the switches are totally subjected around the side however you are obtaining some protection for the cam lenses because there’s a notch protruding out of the back of the instance here the significant advantage of this situation is simply how smooth and lightweight it is it’s practically like a 2nd skin for your phone if you like the look of the apple iphone 13 pro without a situation connected this is concerning the closest you’re going to get to that with some sort of defense in area genuinely i believe that if you were to drop this on a difficult surface with this case on you would certainly have a fine opportunity of maintaining the sides and also rear of your phone risk-free however the fiber protection is thin without a doubt the thinnest of all these instances are simply 0.55 millimeters of density so if you’re clumsy as well as a person that drops their phone all the time this may not be the one for you it additionally doesn’t support magsafe but it does sustain cordless butting in reality all of these instances fully support cordless billing so that’s good to know then jumping up to the top of the heap in regards to weight you have actually obtained the mag easy instance pro this instance is the closest out of potaka’s offerings to the apple one evaluating about the very same at 29 grams as well as having the very same total type element this case is going to

cover whatever except the display and also it does so in a much thicker method than the air does covering all the side buttons as well as including a little bit of bulk in the procedure pitaka case on the product packaging that this has armed forces quality drop testing which i’ll be honest i’m unsure what that indicates but it does sound great jokes apart i ‘d be a lot more positive in dropping my phone on a hard surface with this case connected than i would certainly with either of the other 2 you’ve obtained a combination of the extremely tough aramid fiber in addition to around protection and also a reinforced frame this situation is actually strong contrasted to the much more versatile feeling of the others this situation additionally has an actually soft microfiber inside which is clearly going to be extra delicate to the glass back of your phone and also as the name recommends is fully magsafe compatible i’ll be sincere it’s my least fave of the three yet that’s only because i’m commonly rather careful with my phone and i ‘d a lot instead have a situation that’s a little bit thinner as well as maintains the overall appearance and also feeling of the phone intact

than a huge bulky situation similar to this however i still prefer it to the apple alternate lastly what i believe is a quite excellent mix of both is this the mag very easy instance ii this supplies protection in all of the same locations as the air instance however it’s both thicker and also much heavier this is 1.4 millimeters thick versus the air which is 0.5 millimeters thick and also is 23 grams rather than the 9 grams of the air but what that additional density as well as weight is getting you is of training course additional protection so again if you’re the kind of person that assumes it’s most likely that you’re mosting likely to drop your phone at some time that added defense could be truly vital to you the back is very similar to the air as well as this is magsafe suitable also so if you’re gotten right into the magsafe ecosystem as well as you intend to have the ability to continue to utilize those features this might be a great case for you so i actually like all of these cases however i do have my very own personal choice i like the air which’s the one that i think i’ll be remaining to utilize progressing followed actually carefully by the mag very easy situation 2 with the mag easy situation pro my least favorite directly yet my reasoning for that is since i’m a quite careful phone owner as well as i don’t.

tend to drop my devices i likewise actually like the form factor of the apple iphone as it is and also i desire to be able to shield this as high as possible whilst keeping that form factor the air is great for me i can throw my phone in my pocket or drop it in the center console of my automobile while i’m driving without bothering with the back or the sides of the gadget being damaged as well as if i wished to shield the screen i ‘d have to buy a display guard for all of these cases anyway so that’s a bit of a moot factor i am really attracted by the mag easy case 2 and also possibly i’ll maintain switching them around a little bit a lot more i like the extra defense that you get with the mag ec instance 2 the air case looks outstanding yet the defense is of course the least out of every one of the instances all of the instances are readily available to acquire currently as well as are offered to cover the complete series of the 13 phones from the mini all the means approximately the professional max with the mag simple situation 2 coming in a number of shades rather than just the black graphite alternative what do you believe could you be tempted by among these cases or do you promise by a different case brand or are you one of those daredevil people that never ever troubles with an instance at all drop me a remark and let’s discuss it and also as ever before if you found this video clip valuable do please consider leaving me a like and also registering for the channel for more web content similar to this in the future see you on the next.

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