Apple TV – 15 More Tips and Tricks

hey there my name’s tom as well as this is proper truthful technology last month i made a video where i showed you 10 suggestions to get the most out of apple tv 4k and i was surprised by the truth that so far over 100 000 of you have enjoyed the video clip there were a bunch of other ideas that i would certainly planned to include because video but i worried it would certainly have been way also long so in this video i’m mosting likely to share 15 more tips and also methods to help you obtain the most out of your apple tv now in 2021 currently just a fast suggestion this puts on the 4k version of apple television although i believe most otherwise every one of these tips will certainly likewise work on apple tv hd if you want that i’m making use of the very first gen apple television 4k which came with the siri remote but everything here will certainly also apply to the most up to date apple television 4k launched in may of 2021 so it does not matter if you’re utilizing gen 1 apple television 4k like me or the newer gen 2. and also simply like last time you might know some or also every one of these ideas however hopefully you find a minimum of a couple of points that you weren’t familiar with so let’s get started tip one what did they claim picture the scene you’re viewing the latest abrasive netflix drama when a main character mumbles a vital item of discussion under their breath you really did not capture it as well as you intend to guarantee you’re not losing out on a crucial story factor however rewinding back to a certain point can be uncomfortable and suppose you still can’t hear it the 2nd time around well what you might do rather is order your siri remote and ask siri what did they state siri will certainly rewind the action back 10 seconds and put subtitles on ensuring that you have the ability to listen to as well as read exactly what was going on note that the captions will only go on for a short duration of time enough time to cover the dialogue that you missed and also a line or more afterwards prior to they switch off once more suggestion 2 use siri to change captions on as well as off this is just one of those why really did not i think about that pointers due to the fact that i ‘d been switching subtitles on and also off the slow way for years by swiping down on the siri remote then going to subtitles and also choosing the ones that i desired yet it’s means easier than that if you just utilize your voice just ask siri just claim turn on subtitles and siri will quickly change them on for you the very same collaborate with changing them off and also if you want a particular language as long as it’s supported simply point out the language when

switching them on and siri will favorably require suggestion 3 use siri to locate your apple iphone if you can not discover your iphone and you do not own an apple look for example your apple tv may well be one of the most practical way for you to attempt and locate it simply ask siri on apple tv where your iphone is and also siri will certainly react by sounding your apple iphone making your iphone release a loud sharp noise assisting you to situate it apple tv doesn’t have full locate my capability at the moment so you can not do this to locate air tags simply yet neither can you view the outcomes on a map but i would not go to all stunned if this capability found its method into a future release of tv os tip 4 picture in picture i’m consisting of photo in picture in this video due to the fact that i believe it’s an actually good attribute it’s simply not really commonly accepted throughout all of the various tv os applications right now which is an embarassment ideally that will change in the future let’s claim that you’re watching online sporting activities yet you want to keep an eye on the sports behind-the-scenes whilst seeing something else open the real-time television application first after that with that playing delicately hold your thumb on the touchpad if you see the icon you can see on screen since implies photo and photo is supported in that application you then delicately swipe approximately pick photo in image and also the video clip will certainly drop down to the lower right of the screen and maintain playing you’re after that free to navigate around apple television in the history and also open up something else whatever you open up will then be the dominant application with the audio playing while your initial application will play video clip just wherever you left the image in image pointer 5 turn off the direct keyboard siri is progressively confirming to be the most effective way to look for

anything utilizing apple tv but there are of training course times where you’re mosting likely to wish to utilize the old-fashioned touchpad on your remote and on-screen keyboard issue is that linear key-board which apple television has actually had for years is quite slow to deal with but the great information is that you can switch it off if you desire go to setups after that basic after that keyboard and pick grid picking vehicle will certainly make apple television select the linear keyboard for touch made it possible for remote as well as the grid for anything else just in instance you’re interested pointer 6 use siri to enjoy real-time tv so long as the pertinent application sustains it you can watch a live tv network straight from the home display utilizing siri for example if i wanted to enjoy bbc2 live below in the uk i ‘d merely state to siri view bbc2 online apple tv will open iplayer and right away leap to the live stream for bbc2 what’s terrific is that this feature is really quick much quicker than closing the application that you’re currently utilizing after that opening up the iplayer app after that finding the appropriate network stream that you want just allow siri do all of it for you rather tip 7 usage siri to open apps i’ll be honest i’ve just made use of siri for a small handful of things on apple tv in the past constantly presuming that siri was way as well limited but i currently realize that you’re really better off utilizing siri to do virtually every little thing that you intend to do in apple television for example if you wish to open netflix just ask siri to open up netflix for you if you after that want to open up the application shop or most likely to settings just ask siri to take you to the appropriate area i’ve seen that the button is practically immediate when contrasted to liquidating of apps as well as opening them up manually so it’s an excellent little suggestion to understand tip 8 seminar space screen mode this is a wonderful idea to understand if

you use or plan to use your apple television in a workplace the apple tv 4k includes a boardroom setting it’s hidden in settings but truly easy to get to you just most likely to setups airplay and also house set then pick conference room display screen with this toggled on when your apple tv enters into display saver mode it will display directions on the display revealing everybody in the space the wi-fi network they require to link to in order to link to the apple television you can even set a personalized message and choose an image meaning you can actually tailor this to your own corporate branding and also make it incredibly easy for personnel or visitors to share content straight to your boardroom apple television tip 9 refine your siri searches i covered browsing for web content utilizing siri in the previous video clip but did you know you can additionally refine your siri searches for example let’s claim that i ask siri to show me comedy motion pictures that’s a quite broad category to pick from but siri will do its ideal and return you some outcomes however i can then state only show me ones from the 90s and also siri will filter its searches appropriately maintain in mind that siri can look by an entire host of things including category subgenres stars years or years so you can see how very easy it is to narrow your outcomes down when you fancy watching something particularly this is a really powerful search feature and also when you get the hang of it you’ll be able to locate exactly what you’re after each and every single time suggestion 10 get siri to only show you totally free material i stated in the previous video that you could

define an application to browse within to help you to discover material that you have actually got cost-free accessibility to as an example asking siri to only show you certain content within netflix but there’s in fact a a lot easier method to do this that permits you to browse extra extensively across all of your applications when searching for something just ask siri to show you cost-free web content so for instance show me complimentary horror motion pictures because apple tv knows which apps you utilize and which apps you have a make up it will only return outcomes that you have the ability to watch without having to pay to purchase or lease them ask siri what to watch we have actually all existed it’s the end of a lengthy day you rest on the sofa and afterwards say for thirty minutes concerning what to watch so why not ask siri what to watch and also let siri deal with the decision-making procedure for you just state what should i watch and also siri will return a variety of feasible outcomes for you to choose from which are typically picked based on popularity and rankings tip 12 offload unused applications the apple tv is exceptional yet also the brand-new variation launched this year still just features 32 or 64 gigs of space so maybe very easy to promptly locate yourself going out you don’t wish to need to be continuously erasing applications so one option is to permit apple tv to unload apps that you’re not using for you immediately this will certainly maintain any info pertaining to the application on your apple television your setups as well as logins that kind of thing it simply eliminates the actual app itself yet will then automatically download and also re-install it if you pick it from the home display at a later on

day idea 13 ask siri about applications and video games it’s simple to fail to remember that past tv and flicks there’s a world of apps as well as video games additionally consisted of within apple tv if you do not find yourself entering into the app shop or the game store all that commonly merely ask siri to show you the most up to date video games or the most recent applications and siri will certainly oblige just like you’re looking for video material you can also use context like asking siri to reveal you the latest auto racing games or the current fitness apps tip 14 maximize the leading rack the leading rack is a little bit like the dock on your ios devices where you can put featured apps what’s cool about the leading shelf in apple tv is that when you float over an application the space above will showcase points like new material or show you web content that you’ve been in the middle of viewing as well as you can leap right back right into seeing it not all applications support this as a matter of fact below in the uk i’ve just taken care of to obtain this to collaborate with netflix prime and also uk tv play yet it’s quite awesome to be able to tailor your leading row to reveal you something extra interesting than just an app logo idea 15 adult controls if you’re a parent with youngsters who can gain access to apple tv you’ll be pleased to know there are a riches of restrictions readily available which you can safeguard with a passcode restricting acquisitions and also leasings limiting the age variety of material that can be checked out choosing what age games can be played and also whether they can be had fun with good friends every one of this and also extra can be controlled by going to setups general limitations after that setting a pin so there you go 15 brand-new apple television pointers as well as techniques that you could not recognize ready to opt for the 11 that i revealed you in the previous video clip so 26 in complete and also by the way if you’ve not already viewed that previous video clip you most definitely ought to i have actually connected it in the description box for this video clip i wish you discovered this video useful if you did do please consider leaving me a like and also registering for my network for more material such as this in the future see you on the next

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