review Brightin Star 12mm f2

let’s be straightforward for the cash the brightonstar 12 millimeter f2 is a very fascinating lens allowed’s testimonial this fast ultra wide angle hands-on lens for aps-c cameras like sony e-mount fuji x canon m and even micro 4 thirds let’s be actual it’s not that big of a problem to get the focus on such focal size just utilize the emphasis magnification and also maintain the distance from your things as you can see in this example the deepness of field is rather huge also of 2 and 1 meter range from the object and the majority of the moment you’ll be maintaining the focus on an affinity so it’s a wonderful budget plan alternative and as you can see i brought it to armenia simply take a look at this charm what’s heros my name is alek ninkit and also you’re seeing no restrictions on channel as well as another fantastic thing that you can use this lens not just for aps-c electronic cameras but additionally for full-frame cameras like sony a7 iii in 4k with a crop setting very 35 or with the sony a7s3 with a plant in complete hd or with clear image zoom with 1.5 x plant or like i did right below with the sony a74 in 4k 60 which has an obligatory plant in 4k 60. Yeah by the means the brighton celebrity firm also did send me the full framework 50 millimeter f095 lens so review will certainly be stitched on the channel remain tuned and as a disclaimer i have to claim that the company did send me two lenses and i will keep those however this is my very own sincere and also pure opinion can i also claim a pure viewpoint you obtained me men let’s keep going so allow’s begin with the dimension and weight as you can see it’s extremely small and also it considers only 277 grams and also it’s constructed of steel entirely and also really feels truly strong the lens includes two rings the focusing ring as well as the aperture ring they both transform extremely efficiently and also without any clicks which benefits video job as well as likewise the concentrating ring has about 90 levels of rotation certainly this lens doesn’t have any type of weather ceiling so be careful and obviously we do not obtain the weather condition ceiling gasket on the place however the install itself is constructed of steel for those of you men that are interested we have 9 groups as well as 12 components and also the f2 to f22 aperture the filter thread dimension is 62

Millimeter which is good they are not that expensive yet you can not put any adapters to this lens due to the fact that the lens hood is built right into the lens and also it’s made out of steel and also you can not simply attach anything to the front of this lens so you have to buy a 62 millimeter and i do not own any 62 millimeter filters that is why in some examination shots you’ll see some over direct exposure as well as now one of the most essential parts the sharpness information degrees distortion as well as vignette as you can see right here the distortion is truly minimal it’s virtually non-existent which is great the corner intensity is not that excellent at f2 and at f4 it’s getting a lot much better as well as the vignette is pretty solid till f4 as well so individuals maintain that in mind if you want the sharpest edges as well as less vignettes you’ll have to quit down to f4 at the very least and currently allow’s talk bokeh this lens includes a tan bladed aperture which is great and also throughout the daytime we do see a velvety bokeh very wonderful bokeh as well as out of focus histories and also you definitely can get some out of focus backgrounds as you can see right below i’m standing at my arm’s length from the lens

when it pertains to evening time when we see the headlights of autos and overall city lighting we do see some insane points happening with the bokeh as you can see we have some service within those circles onion forms and total not the very best bokeh i’ve seen it’s a lovely average or low-grade performance unfortunately and one more drawback i see is that the light poles as an example they do have some type of glow around those till most likely f4 so you need to keep that in mind and also i believe this lens wouldn’t be ideal for astrophotography due to this issue gamers they are extremely solid at f2 we see type of rainbowy circles everywhere but they do disappear at f 2.8 f4 it’s obtaining far better yet total if you want that look if you want a great deal of gamers in your shots somehow that’s a wonderful choice if you do not desire players it’s not the most effective option so be mindful keeping that and the built-in lens hood which is unattachable is a terrific companion emphasis breathing does exist it’s not crucial and also i’ve seen much even worse outcomes so it’s alright the minimum emphasis and also range is 18 centimeters which is not macro by any ways however it’s greater than all right i assumed it would certainly be also worse however we can get a little close to your subject [Music] the chromatic aberrations are presence at f2 as you can see but they are not as well bad as well as they are nearly absolutely removed with f 2.8 which is great so if you are preparing to fire some branches versus the sky simply close down the aperture to f 2.8 and you’ll be great to go if your electronic camera doesn’t have built-in picture stabilization or ibis system you’ll have some difficulties utilizing this

lens without a doubt as you can see right below with the sony a6300 which has a matching of concerning 18 millimeters complete frame with this lens it’s rather tough to maintain it without anything just holding it portable and also strolling so you need to utilize a gimbal if your electronic camera doesn’t include an ibis system if it does you simply established the focal size by hand and also just live a happy life so men currently it’s time to conclude for the price it’s hard to expect something far better or something unbelievable from this lens we do have a samyang or it’s also called rokinon lens 12 millimeter f2 which used to cost 400 bucks now on b h we can see that it sets you back 230 bucks yet it’s a limited version so later it will keep the price higher much greater and also the brighton celebrity 12 millimeter f2 is only 190 dollars so we don’t have a great deal of options in this rate variety and also this focal length and also illumination to be straightforward as well as if you frantically require a quick ultra broad angle aps-c lens as well as you recognize exactly how to function around those drawbacks of this intense and star lens it’s a decent option not ideal however decent i would certainly offer it most likely a 6.5 out of 10 taking into consideration the cost naturally as well as by the method i will certainly maintain this lens for my sony a6300 due to the fact that i really did not have any type of aps-c ultra wide-angle lenses especially this quick as well as i can see myself using this lens daily so individuals what are your thoughts about this lens please share them in the comment section listed below if you did appreciate this video please smash such and subscribe containers as i see in my videos as well as struck the notices bell my name is choosing cooking area no limitations on network and i see you guys in the next video incidentally below are a few for you to watch following see you men take care bye

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