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welcome to morocco the city of chef xiaowen this is the blue city every little thing is blue here at the buildings the walls even the streets as well as i determined to compare in this gorgeous area the iphone 13 pro max which is serial blue by the method and also dji pocket 2 cam allowed’s go [Songs] what’s good people my name is alek ninkit and you’re enjoying no restrictions on channel from russia with love however today we’re actually in morocco let’s start off with the specs of dji pocket 2. below they get on the screen it’s a rather portable and also really hassle-free tool yet it teems with wonderful modern technology and i really taken pleasure in utilizing it and also i’m sure you recognize the specifications of apple iphone 13 pro max allow’s begin the comparison with 4k 30p on both cams and conventional color on dji or normal color we can quickly see the distinction in colors i do choose the shades of dj but the most significant difference is the developing it’s simply gross on the apple iphone please take notice of which cam and also settings i utilize both on apple iphone and dji we’ll chat regarding stablizing a little bit later however you can

instantly see that it is difficult to hold the horizon leveled with the apple iphone just in your hand the vibrant range in basic shade on dji is less than on the apple iphone thanks to computational videography we integrate 2 shots in the apple iphone with reduced direct exposure and also high exposure as well as get bigger vibrant variety as well as the distinction in vibrant array in such conditions is rather noticeable and also in this shot we can see the biggest difference we have no information on the wall with dji and also a great deal of detail with the apple iphone now let’s have an appearance at sound flares they are sort of identical but dji has the cine-like mode and it’s kind of a reduced account you can color grade the picture later on and improve vibrant variety in this situation i used both the ultra vast camera module on the apple iphone 13 millimeter comparable and also 26 millimeter equal the main camera dji has 20 millimeter electronic camera that’s why we’re jumping backward and forward between ultra broad and white video camera of the iphone to reveal you the distinction i simulate the image from dji it’s a pretty small sensing unit but it gives you a rather nice soft and cool looking picture and also the iphone is truly over sharpened but the iphone additionally has the telephoto component 77 millimeter which is great you can color grade decently like as you want i increased the saturation a great deal and as you can see it’s a rather similar shot but without this gross over sharpening of the iphone and currently among the most

intriguing components the stablizing examination quick strolling and after that running and also as you understand the dji has three axis gimbal as well as iphone is simply wonderful in regards to stabilization yet as you can see it’s extremely hard to hold the horizon leveled and also total shakiness is actually obvious in the apple iphone’s video footage it’s an excellent result for portable shots yet dji one here talking of image high quality i do choose the dji’s picture quality as well as i would like to see this quality in my vlogs comparing to the iphone’s apple iphone is attempting to over sharpen every little thing as well as likewise type of increases the comparison as well as makes everything appear like it’s excessive hdr currently let’s have an appearance at 4k 60 it’s a pretty sharp 4k60 the same intensity as 30 on both gadgets which is wonderful and also here we can see that the car direct exposure is doing very gentle like changes as well as direct exposure with no actions which is likewise extremely nice by the method you can not shoot in 4k 60 in good like shade however as well as you have to stay with typical or normal color also dji pocket 2 has fpv mode and i sort of faked the fpv with my hands with the iphone it’s an excellent thing to have i would certainly utilize this mode a lot if i was making use of the dji pocket 2 daily and one even more fast running test i would favor the dji pocket 2 security for certain however apple iphone is doing not actually bad so guys this is the microphone test of bo fifo 13 professional max and also the pocket 2. Just how do you like the audio 1 2 3 mic check it’s a little gusty here however in general rather alright allow’s see with the backlight circumstance and the wind is sort of strong right here so how did you like the audio and also the footage so individuals currently i’m making use of the microphone of the pocket 2 as well as additionally the ultra broad lens also on the pocket 2 as well as on the iphone 12 pro max let’s examine the audio high quality as well as also the field of view it’s now a little broader as you can see i’m simply holding the phone as well as the pocket also on my extensive arms vlogging the sound of the different microphone system is simply amazing truly not similar even to the iphone audio currently let’s reach shooting inside your home as you can see both gadgets are kind of having a hard time and also having some loud photos however still the dji is doing fine and the ultra vast electronic camera of the apple iphone is really loud and currently let’s take a look at this lovely sundown and also actually i do choose the apple iphone’s picture since we have a lot more vibrant range and also we can see even more detail in the darkness and also in brilliant highlights yet when the sun drops we have a lot worse efficiency of the apple iphone due to the artifacts of stabilization the photo is sort of blurred constantly when the stabilizer is functioning and it’s specifically negative with the ultra vast lens as you can see right here so individuals now it’s low light time the sunlight is down and also i’m making use of the selfie camera of the apple iphone and it’s not the finest selection for capturing in low light obviously but let’s see just how it’s functioning and also the dji is doing okay but overexposes the skies as far as i see and right here

are some cool russian dancings from our group just delight in the beautiful dance i guess by the guys and also i still do choose the dji’s photo top quality in reduced light then we can color grade a little more in this photo this is simply directly out of camera however it’s looking rather great in our really dark reduced light situation we can see grain on the dji’s image it’s type of a layer of grain but we still see a great deal of detail in this shot and in the apple iphone we see a great deal of digital denoising and type of blocks of sound blocks of denoised colors are i do not know just how to describe it but it’s looking very bad especially on the ultra large lens the ultra vast lens is just the complete denoised mast for low light usage only the main lens as well as currently the relocating shots and also right here we see another negative aspect of the iphone is the light leaks as well as kind of reflections of your sensor type of small flies all over the shot you can see those and also they’re really intense as well as very noticable and also truly bothersome as well as the very same artefacts of stabilization are look as well as the ultra large lens is simply gross of program dji is additionally extremely loud however i would definitely choose dji’s picture now let’s take a look at sluggish activity most likely dji is a touch sharper but i wouldn’t use this slow-moving movement on both video cameras it looks like 720p and even 480p so it’s except me now the time lapses and hyper gaps in 1080p both the ultra white as well as the main cam of the iphone are still over honed

which i do not like as well as the dji has built in hyperlapse mode which is great as well as the image is looking quite decent currently let’s speak about the stills 16 megapixel on pocket 2 and also 12 megapixel on the iphone directly away we can see the distinction in vibrant variety because apple iphone is piling a great deal of images as well as we’re improving lead to regards to dynamic range as you can see however these are the jpegs from dji and also you can fire in raw and also edit the pictures later however i presume the dji pocket 2 is not really for photos for a lot of the individuals it’s more of a video tool vlogging device in terms of intensity they are all right iphone is doing a bit better with colorful aberrations as you can see in this shot on his tee shirt and both the ultra broad lens and the white lens of the apple iphone are doing much better in terms of vibrant variety in terms of colors it’s up to you it’s an individual choice i think the apple iphone’s shades are a lot more vivid and also it has a lot extra digital sharpening which i don’t like [Music] in reduced light apple iphone is doing a touch much better with the exception of the flares from the source of lights i dislike those flares please men do something with those and as you can see it suppresses the sound and includes developing and also piles a lots of photos to obtain better results so yeah most likely in low light it’s far better and specifically in this shot with bigger vibrant array we can see that apple iphone preserves a bunch of detail compared to

dji and we had to fire this in raw as well as post process it but i’m uncertain if you would certainly fire entailed with dji pocket 2 and simply spend your time trying to draw something out of this image now let’s speak about 64 megapixel setting versus 16 megapixel on dji left 64 appropriate 16 straight away we do not see any type of distinction when we zoom in we do see the difference yet it’s not that significant obviously the 64 is a touch sharper yet it’s not such as i do not know a load and now let’s contrast to the iphone with 12 megapixel when again we see the distinction in vibrant variety as well as now allow’s zoom in a little bit and here once more we do see that the genuine intensity is better on 64 megapixel on dji yet the total computational digital photography and message handling is doing quite good task with the apple iphone’s picture so individuals allow’s conclude the greatest worry about the pocket 2 contrasted to the iphone is that it’s an added item of gear that you need to carry around as well as make sure that it’s billed and also find out how to collaborate with it after all yet to be straightforward it’s a rather intuitive as well as wonderful interface iphone is easier for busy content as well as i found myself drawing an apple iphone from my pocket to get a shot then a pocket 2 from my various other pocket it’s a great deal of pockets however you obtained me iphone is merely faster it has better larger and brighter screen that assists composing your

shots a lot by the means you can utilize pocket 2 with lightning or type c adapter to utilize your phone as a display and also with the memorandum application yet such configuration is much bulkier in conclusion i do prefer the photo top quality of pocket 2 it’s more filmic looking or motion picture despite the fact that i hate this word apple iphone is truly excellent in computational videography and also hdr like look straight out of video camera yet this over sharpening simply damages everything for me so for prosumers who would edit this contouring color develop this inner like and also make type of a brief docudrama the pocket 2 is a far better selection in my point of view however for rapid and also convenient material iphone 13 professional max is a fantastic tool which is tough to defeat specifically in video if you have different opinion really feel cost-free to share it in the remark area listed below likewise if you did appreciate this video wreck such and subscribe bottles and also the notices bell this was elect me cooking area from russia would love check out morocco and chef xiao and people it’s stunning see you in the following take care bye

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