iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Sony ZV-1 camera comparison

what’s good guys my name is alek nikiti and you’re watching no limits on channel from russia with love and today we’re comparing the sony zv1 with built-in 24-70 f-180 f 2.8 lens with iphone 13 pro max you know about it let’s go almost a year ago i compared the zv1 with iphone 12 pro max and you can find it below the like button or in the youtube card and now let’s compare 13 pro max and zv1 the size and weight is almost identical 300 grams on the zv1 versus 238 grams on the iphone we have one inch sensor on the zv1 and 0.6 inch sensor on the iphone main camera and also last time i compared the jpegs and now i’m comparing the raws also zv1 has built-in nd filter it’s not variable just one fixed nd and i used it occasionally and for the iphone you need to buy a separate set of nd filters let’s start off with comparing the photo quality of the zv1 at the left 24 millimeter and iphone 13 pro max on the right 1x camera you can see the before and after on both cameras as you can see we can have a lot of detail and information from the shadows when using raw also i’m not comparing the ultra wide angle camera of the iphone with the zv1 because db1 is limited to 24 millimeter on the wide end you can have a look at wide angle adapters for the zv1 but i didn’t use one and i can’t say if it ruins the quality also do not forget that zb1 is a 20 megapixel camera whereas the iphone is 12 megapixel on all three camera modules when we look at 300 percent crop we can see that the zv1 has more detail and less digital sharpening which is good in my

opinion i have to mention that both raws are just great in terms of editing and now we crop in 500 percent and you can definitely see the difference between 20 megapixel on the zv1 and 12 megapixel on the iphone also i didn’t touch the colors so we can see straight away that the z1 is more towards magenta and orange colors and the iphone leaning towards green cyan and yellow colors the natural bokeh is better on the zb1 we have a bigger sensor and f 1.8 on the iphone on the main camera we have f 1.5 but still a pretty tiny sensor that is why we get less natural blur macro shots and close focusing with the zb1 is kind of challenging probably i should have closed the aperture a little bit but i wanted to create some kind of dreamy look but the close-up image quality on the zv1 is kind of so so on the iphone on the other hand we can focus much closer with the ultra wide camera which is great but the quality is still not the best one now let’s move on to 70 millimeter on the zv1 with f 2.8 minimal aperture and 3x telephoto 77 millimeter equivalent on the iphone i can say that i do prefer the zv1 shots because of less digital sharpness and we have more detail in those shots you can see this especially well on this shot with the buildings and trees iphone is just a total noise reduction blurry mass whereas we have some noise of course on the zv1 but still it’s looking much better at least to my eye let’s move on to the selfies as you

can see without portrait mode the iphone is pretty flat and with a portrait mode you have to be really careful because when i was in front of the leaves you can see some artifacts of background separation when i recomposed the shot it became better but still i don’t like the separation near my ears so you gotta be careful with it and now let’s take some portrait shots with my daughter her name is ksusha and on 24 millimeter and 1x camera on the iphone we get kind of similar results but i’m more interested in the portrait mode on the iphone with the portrait mode we see a dramatic difference and the iphone is looking pretty good but still it’s not as sharp and it’s pretty flat in terms of skin i don’t really like it and here is the shot without portrait mode but we still do have some physical blur on the iphone picture and with the portrait mode we get a lot of blur but still i’m not really satisfied with the separation on 70 millimeter and 3x camera on the iphone we get such picture without portrait mode almost no background blur and i’d say the z1 has a touch more noise but also more detail and less digital sharpening of course in the portrait mode iphone did pretty well if you are not pixel peeping you can definitely see that this picture pops out a little

more and now the selfie mode once again without portrait mode it’s a pretty flat picture and with the portrait mode iphone adds a ton of digital sharpening and i look like two years older almost and now let’s move on to night mode and nighttime shooting please read the settings of both cameras will always get much noisier but more detailed picture with the zb1 and much more noise reduced picture pretty soft and flat picture on the iphone 13 pro max and in portrait mode we get even more digital sharpening because the iphone is trying to hide the motion blur from the night mode and long exposure shots i would prefer more noisy picture but with more detail and by the way the noise itself on the zb1 is pretty fine and i like it on 3200 iso we see a ton of noise on the zb1 iphone is doing better in terms of noise reduction but still i do prefer the zb1s picture because it’s not that plasticky and flat and also we have a ton more detail on 70 millimeter and 3x camera we do have some problems with shutter speeds i used one over 50 shutter speed on the zv1 and also the night mode with two or three seconds on the iphone and those cameras are definitely not the best for such low light scenarios especially with those focal ranges with low apertures then i put both cameras onto my tripod and i tried to make

some long exposure shots and probably zv1 is too small and when i was pushing the shutter button i still introduced some motion into the camera that is why i didn’t have a pretty sharp image but if you use a remote controller for instance or if you’ll be a little more careful you can definitely get away with those shots now let’s move on to video shooting both cameras have some issues for instance iphone 13 pro max is over sharpening the picture you can see this on the leaves especially and the z1 is kind of so so in terms of stabilization at first and also it has lower dynamic range if you’re not using something like s-lock 2 which i’ll show you in a minute on 70 millimeter we also get better picture on the zv1 it’s looking more natural and not that digitally sharpened also using the minimal focus and distance in f 1.8 we can get some outstanding shots kind of macro on the zb1 okay guys now we’re using the selfie camera on the iphone and the widest angle on the zv1 also we have steadyshot standard and as well we compare the sound quality of both of those devices so how do you like the footage by the way it’s pp1 movie gamma so it’s right out of camera and i

can see that my sky is a little bit overexposed which is okay and the iphone is doing pretty good i’m just not messing around in the selfie mode with the s-log in terms of microphones i think you got your own conclusions speaking of s-lock this is the s-lock 2 picture without grading i was exposing for the highlights by the way and the minimal iso in s-log 2 and the zv1 is 1000 that is why we get kind of noisy picture especially if you push the shadows and when we crop in we can see that it’s kind of a noisy mess and it’s not that much detail in it but we can use the pp1 movie gamma instead which is a great picture profile for zv1 and i do recommend using this one and look how much more detail we get in those leaves and buildings i do prefer using this profile and it’s better than the iphone’s picture now let’s talk about the stabilization zb1 has two modes the standard mode and the active with a bit of a crop it’s a pretty strong crop to be honest but both of those modes are way way worse than the iphone stabilization which is just through the roof and from another level i shot this handheld and you can see the difference it’s substantial and here is s-lock 2 without grading and with grading as you can see on

those examples s-lock 2 is not the best profile for the zv1 too much noise and noise reduction and probably it’s not even true 4k to my eye but of course it was set to 4k [Music] and here is the prores 422 4k video from the iphone 13 pro max using filmic pro app as you can see if we add some sharpening to sony zv1 it has kind of comparable digital sharpening but it’s too much to my eye on the iphone still and to be honest i don’t see a dramatic difference between progress 422 and the normal hevc recording i even have two separate videos on this topic you can check those out after watching this video in the description below and to be honest it’s not worth it in my opinion [Music] sony’s ev1 is a very strong camera in terms of slow motion you can shoot up to a thousand frames per second here is the shot in 500 frames per second and it’s looking pretty soft but even better to maya than the iphone’s 240 frames per second because the iphones is just too over sharpened then we have 250 frames per second on the zv1 which

is looking pretty decent to my eye and i have to mention that you have around four seconds to shoot this slow motion on the zv1 and you can shoot without limits with full hd up to 120 frames per second which is looking also pretty decent to my eye iphone slow motion is so so now let’s get to shooting video in low light as you can see 640 iso on the zv1 is kind of okay and it’s much better than the iphone because iphone is trying to raise the exposure and then it reduces the noise like tons of noise reduction right here and we almost lose all the detail everything is flat and we have a ton of artifacts as well so here my choice is the zv1 for sure also have to mention that we have much stronger light leaks and flares on the iphone camera look at this light pole and on 70 millimeter with the zp1 we have iso 1250 and still we get kind of decent picture much better than the tele camera of the iphone [Music] well the weather is pretty shitty guys disgusting as you can see i’m right here and probably the lens is already covered with the

raindrops it’s not really weather sealed with a z1 but now you can see how it looks like in low light performance and guys you’d better use the dead cat which is in the box of the zv1 because when it’s windy it’s pretty pretty bad in terms of sound and also if you shoot 4k on the zv1 your screen will be dimmed to a pretty low amount of nits and when you use 1080p and sunny weather mode it’s pretty viewable just keep that in mind because i almost every time shooting 4k only and now some benefits and disadvantages of both cameras on the sony’s ev1 we can stream and it’s a great tool for streaming a lot of my colleagues use this camera for streaming also it’s easier to match the picture quality with your sony cameras it doesn’t have this huge amount of digital sharpening also it’s much better in terms of swivel screen or flip out screen it’s easier to look at when you’re doing something like vlogging and also you can buy any amount of sd cards whereas the iphone is pretty limited on the other hand the iphone has

bigger dynamic range thanks to computational photography and videography it does have 4k60 whereas dv1 is limited to 4k30 also it has 10 bit video versus 8-bit video on the zv1 iphone has 13 millimeter lens ultra wide and the files are pretty much ready for your social network also does have better stabilization as you saw before and sometimes the portrait mode is doing a pretty astonishing job and also iphone is better in terms of display it’s just brighter bigger and better i’m not saying the one is better than the other because it really depends on the circumstances you’re going to use those devices in i’ve compared almost every aspect in my video with 12 promax and this one and now it’s up to you to decide which one is more suitable for you and the final thing that i’d like to talk about is the price the price difference is around 300 dollars and it really depends which iphone

you pick it can be 128 gigs or 256 or one terabyte iphone which is pretty expensive also you have to buy some additional batteries or better power bank for your zv1 and also some sd cards but even though you will definitely save up some cash comparing to the iphone so my suggestion is if you have a pretty good smartphone right now and you want a second camera for your sony camera or just a travel vlogging camera something to carry around with you and you do prefer this look just go for the zv1 and to be honest i really enjoyed using this tiny camera so guys what would you pick sony zv1 or iphone 13 pro max for your personal photo and video needs please share your thoughts in the comment section below also if you did enjoy watching this video please smash the like and subscribe bottles as i say in my videos and hit the notifications bell my name is alek nikitian you’ve been watching no limits on channel warmest hugs from russia see you in the next guys take care bye

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